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  1. Awesome, thank you very much for the spreadsheet.
  2. No Ian I don’t use g-sync. Still waiting on stock to buy a capable monitor. Will be interested to hear what you find with the earlier driver though.
  3. I was really hoping this had been addressed. This issue has been with me for the last couple of updates. It used to be relatively smooth in tuns and panning, now this micro stuttering.
  4. Yes I am spending a lot more time back in P3D. In fact just purchased the FSL A3XX and enjoying it very much. For me you can’t beat P3D for simulated airliner flying with PMDG, FSL etc. The complex aircraft and the accurate weather along with other mature add ons bring me a sense of immersion. What I miss in the approach is that wonderful scenery that MSFS has to offer. I look forward to the day when I can enjoy the level of PMDG, FSL and the others in a visual environment like MSFS has to offer. I really hope this is achievable. For now I will enjoy both sims for what they have to offer and wait until I can have all in one sim.
  5. Look I don’t know what you problem is. I can see from the testing that I have done that the 3090 makes sense in both MSFS and P3D. You keep telling everyone what they should do like you are some amazing guru. You need to get over it and respect that some people want the 3090 for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you simply have 3090 envy?
  6. Excellent point Ian. Have my eye on the new Dell Alienware 38’ curved. Hopefully this would play nicely in both MSFS and P3D. I see from previous posts you have a lot of knowledge on G-Sync. Should the sim fall in the 25 - 30 FPS area would I still expect smoothness?
  7. Glad to hear you are now enjoying your 3090 skipping. I picked up one earlier this week after much deliberation. That is a hefty price tag to pay for a graphics card. I considered waiting for the 3080ti but in the end caved in and went with the 3090. I had a 1080ti for nearly 4 years and I hope the 3090 will future proof me as much as possible for VR etc. Also in the future I will move to a 38” ultra wide or 4K monitor so I think every bit of horsepower will help. I also lock my monitor at 30hz (3440 x 1440) and performance is good in MSFS at ultra settings. Very smooth apart from the occasional pauses that still plague the sim. I feel these have gotten worse with recent updates. Flying in MSFS at night on ultra settings in dense city areas still pushes the card up to 75 - 80%. So I am not convinced the 3090 is an overkill. On a side note in P3D at 4 x SSAA the card will still max out at some airports at night with dynamic lighting. Most I can get away with 4 x SSAA and some even 8 x SSAA. Having 8 x SSAA at night in the FSL Airbus is a very beautiful thing. To fly into most airports at night at min 4 x SSAA for me personally makes the 3090 worthwhile.
  8. Can you try binding “cockpit view reset” (sorry not at PC so may be called slightly different) to the same switch as your preferred cockpit view. This used to solve the issue for me. However since the last patch I have some other issue going on related to the zoom level I use (60). ‘This solution was originally supplied by Sartanius on the MSFS Forums.
  9. Yes have sometimes encountered this. Never found a way to stop this without exiting the sim. I have found when this happened I had depressed the key for a reasonable time to move the heading bug in excess of 100 degrees. Now I do this in shorter bursts and that appears to eliminate the issue.
  10. Rich there is more conventional pause commands that you can assign to the keyboard. Go into your keyboard bindings and search pause. When you see them it will make sense. These will act like pause as we were used to except the sound will remain active.
  11. You can assign a pseudo autopilot to the C152 by editing the autopilot line in the “systems.cfg”. You then use the assigned keyboard controls to control the autopilot. I have only used the basics, heading and altitude control. I really enjoy the C152 and doing this (although not realistic) lets me set up a flight and divert my attention to other things.
  12. Thank you DRF30q. This is really good. Learnt to fly in the C152 and still occasionally rent one. This is a very plausible representation.
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