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  1. Hi Harry I would be very interested to hear what the outcome of this is. I have exactly the same issue at DD KSEA. Any AI aircraft landing on 16C or 16R will not taxi to parking. They just sit on the runway or at a taxiway until they time out. I am also using AIM-OCI and have the AI limit capped to 50 in FSUIPC. A quick slew around shows approx 30 AI aircraft at the airport. I headed over to the DD forum but could not find anything specifically relating to this. I can work parking spots in the ADE but nothing more advanced yet. Regards, Michael
  2. Thank you for the heads up on that. The WT3 developer takes his work seriously. Really looking forward to the release of this.
  3. One thing I was a little disappointed in was the fact that it didn't sound like there was a proper fix for seeing the lights through the clouds in any reasonable time frame. Ben explained that it was hard to get the drawing order correct and I don't feel this was properly addressed in the session. Along with the weather I think this is another area that really deserves attention now. I hope the is something more positive going to happen with this.
  4. Wow that it pretty impressive. Thanks for showing.
  5. Hi Richard I was a long time user of FSX and P3D flying the PMDG NGX. When XP11 was released I decided to investigate further and purchased a copy. On quite a few occasions I decided it was't for me and went back to P3D only to find myself firing up XP11 again. Something kept pulling me back even with the numerous warts it has. The Zibo mod 737-800 is still really a work in progress. If you plan to spend some time on it you need to do so with an open mind that it is still evolving. I find it is still very buggy regarding FMC & Autothrottle. I can't replicate a flight similar to the NGX experience yet. However what Zibo has done with this is amazing and he is continually respond to users feedback and fine tuning this aircraft. I think it has a lot of potential and every week gets closer to being really usable. The sound pack is FMOD by Audiobird. If you go to http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/308-xp11-general-discussion/ and pinned at the top of the page is all the information regarding the Zibo 737. On the very first page is the information regarding downloads and sound packs. For realistic ground scenery there is Ortho4XP. If you search "Sesquashtoo" posts on the Avsim Forum he is very knowledgable about setting this up. I have done a corridor from KLAX to KSFO and it is just amazing, I can't stop flying it. Even some of the out of the box XP11 scenery can be very good, but some can be very ordinary. Downloading HDMesh V3 makes a huge difference in mesh and Land Class. For weather this is another area where XP11 really sucks. My current solution is xEnviro but it is not like AS16. It appears the core weather functionality of XP11 makes it harder to achieve the same level of realism that you can in P3D. Saying that I have seen some pretty amazing sights with xEnviro (even better than AS16) but not consistently. I hope HiIF do make it to XP11 and see what they can bring to the table. I see you are a Beta Tester for them so what a great opportunity. Also xEnviro should have V1.07 out soon and it will be interesting to see what improvements this brings. Even with all it warts I have to say that the most realistic flights I have done in a desktop simulator have been in XP11 and by a fair margin over P3D even when it was looking it best (apart from clouds). It took me a while to get to the point where I had a simulator that I found acceptable but I finally did. I think that XP11 has huge potential and hope that the Zibo 737-800 continues to evolve to the point where it can be considered as a usable aircraft for VA and online flights etc. I would welcome a PMDG or similar quality 737NG to the platform but the Zibo 737-800 is what we have at the moment. If you do take the time to try the Zibo 737 I will be very interested to hear your thoughts.
  6. I have both the FF757 AND FF 767. They are both really good aircraft to fly. This is coming from many years of flying the PMDG NGX in FSX and P3D. System depth is not quite the same and accuracy may not be 100% but it is good. I get as much enjoyment flying these 2 aircraft as I do the NGX. In some ways more and some ways less but the overall experience is great. Now I bought the 757 first because it was a later design from FF and while it is currently only a compatibility update for XP 11 it will have a full work over to make use of the new XP 11 functionality. I bought the 767 because I needed an aircraft to do some flights for my VA (BA Virtual). Being an older design from FF I thought I would enjoy this aircraft less than the 757. However for me it is the opposite. For me I find it handles better in XP 11 than the 757. In fact I think it is an amazing aircraft for the price. There are some YouTube videos of both models and well worth a look. I assume you have also checked out their forums. IMO I can't see how anyone could be disappointed with either the FF757 or 767.
  7. Great news thank you. Looking forward to using the Full Dynamics again.
  8. I think the AS Buses are exceptional value for what they offer. Yes not as in-depth and not quite as polished as the PMDG offering bit not bad at all for the price. I am more than happy to pay for the upgrade. The great news is that not only is it becoming V4 compatible but getting later tech from their A330 development. Not sure how people expect these businesses to remain viable and develop new products for us if they don't charge for their work. Really looking forward to the release of this.
  9. Great news to see this is going to be fixed. Also as Captain K stated any improvement to loading times on the Ortho would be most welcome.
  10. Same issue also. Really disappointed. In V3 I refresh at 30Hz, vsync on, frames unlimited. This gives me a very smooth stutter free flight. Frame rate barely nudges of 30. With these settings the stuttering on V4 is dreadful. As Warbirds said lowering the settings does not resolve this. My frame rate counter can go down to 20 and up to 40. Locking the frame rate at 30 helps but it is still not as smooth as V3. My GPU is just idling along as is the CPU. 6700K @ 4.7, 32GB Ram, 1080ti. I would like to think there is a solution for this.
  11. Hi Cellinsky As it appears you are a current user of FSGRW in Xplane, can you provide some more specific feedback on the product. I am specifically interested in how it smooths out the weather changes. The is from a cloud, wind, pressure point of view. Thanks Michael
  12. Thanks for the feedback Paraffin. I can understand your frustration with lack of manual weather adjustment given the type of flying you prefer. I fly mainly airliner flights so this is not as big an issue for me. If they do introduce historical weather than that is all I would need for those occasions when I did not want to use real time weather. However FSGRW has got me interested. While I like good visuals, smooth weather interpolation is even more important to me. I see in another post that you have had limited exposure to it. I will do some more investigation on it. Thanks Michael
  13. Thanks for your response Mitch. I appreciate your input. I agree 5 secs pause is a small price to pay for what you see visually. You are an awesome resource to have in the forums Mitch. Thanks for your patience with all of us newcomers to the world of Orhto. Michael
  14. Yes I understand that core sim structure is holding back what Developers can possibly deliver. I guess when or if REX or whoever bring a product for Xplane it will be interesting to see what they can achieve given what LR has provided them to work with. I hear so many mixed reports about XEnviro. I am not expecting an Active Sky visual equivalent but quite a few people are disappointed in the products ability to provide accurate winds. I will look at 1.07 when it's released, let the dust settle and see what the general consensus is then. If REX coming to Xplane does eventuate I guess a product would be a while in development so will probably cave in a purchase a solution.
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