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  1. Great question. I am on Steam and stuck with decompression.
  2. Wow thanks Richard. Yes I removed the frame rate cap in NVCP and left Vsync on. Now frame rate capped automatically a few FPS below monitor refresh rate. BUT now no tearing whatsoever when switching views. This is what I was after. I have only had 10 minutes to play with this but I am really impressed now. Looking forward to a long flight tonight.
  3. What a great and timely thread. I have just ungraded my PC this last week. Went from a 9900KS to an AMD 7800X3D. I have had an RTX4090 on the old system for a couple of months. I have an Alienware AW3821 G-sync capable monitor (144Hz). On the old system using FG, tearing was not an issue because I simply could not get the FPS up to the 144Hz limit. However with the new rig I have had a hard time controlling the tearing because in certain circumstances it can achieve FPS at or in excess of 144 (using FG). This is even true in the PMDG 737 at cruise. The first thing I did was cap the frames at 140FPS in NVCP and enable Vsync. This helped slightly but the tearing was still pretty bad. Next capped frames at 120FPS in NVCP and this brought about another improvement but still not very good. Finally capped frames at 90FPS in NVCP and this has made the tearing almost eliminated. Occasionally switching between views you will see a slight tear/ripple through the screen. This caps the MSFS FPS at 45. While this is still good, at 45FPS it does allow some slight artifacts view switching or movement. I was surprised that using NVCP and capping at 140FPS didn't bring me nirvana considering other peoples experiences. Current Settings.............. Driver 535.98 NVCP Cap: 90FPS NVCP Vsync ON NVCP Power Management: Prefer Maximum Performance MSFS AA: TAA MSFS FG: On MSFS: Vsync Off It may be that Frame Generation and V-sync/G-sync are still in their early days and hopefully further improvements will come about. I will continue to tinker and see what happens. I must say that one of the biggest improvements for me in flight simming was the purchase of a G-sync capable monitor. I don't see how I could go back to not having one.
  4. Same here, drives me insane. Looking forward to hearing people’s suggestions. I mainly fly the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320. It will happen 8 out of 10 landings. For me this does not happen when flying less complex aircraft like the C152/C172 etc.
  5. I have not been able to achieve a turnaround flight yet. Can’t enter a Transition Altitude (reverts back to 18000) and like you FMC won’t let me confirm data. I would like to know what I am doing wrong or if it is a bug.
  6. Thank you for all the input provided. That was an excellent video on core parking.
  7. An excellent question mikeymike. After reading all these posts and watching reviews on YouTube, I am still not sure if the 7950x3d will offer any advantage over the 7800x3d. Looking forward to peoples comments.
  8. I am seeing the same. Around 20% even at very light settings. I have optimised the textures following other peoples advice and really this seems to have had negligible positive impact. I really like the feel of the traffic around the airport but for me the FPS cost is too high so I am back to no traffic. Maybe I will upgrade the rig in the first half of next year. If I do I will revisit the traffic then.
  9. I answered the poll pre SU10 beta. Jim has a very good point here, there is something different in the SU10 beta and for me I would have to say it is a step in a positive direction. Cloud depiction is definitely better. It is good to see they are moving forward on this as I felt WX improvement was kind of stalled. Let's hope the improvement continues. I am sure there will always be limitations here. We all want incredible looking clouds but also want stellar performance.
  10. Yes I am definitely seeing an improvement in AA at TAA. Less shimmering. This applies to both DX11 & DX12.
  11. Yes same here no Jetways. I assume from the lack of responses it is not an issue for many people. Not listed as an issue under FAQ on the support section of their website.
  12. I have HDR enabled and a HDR600 monitor. My solution was to set color grading to 0 in the user config and leave eye adaption to 1. At the brightest time of day for me this reduces the difference between outside and the panel. It is the best compromise I have found. Since day 1 they has been so much talk around this subject that I think the only solution is a slider so people can adjust to their liking. We all have different monitors, we all perceive what is close to reality differently. Let us have control over this very important aspect of the simulator. Worth mentioning for me that in Windows 10 I could not find any working solution for HDR. It all looked rubbish. Going to Windows 11 has made this now useable for me. I still think it could be better though.
  13. If I use Dev Mode and enable Nano-VG from the drop down list of options I achieve remarkable performance with the PMDG DC-6. If I don’t use it this way I find the DC-6 unusable. Just a constant stuttering mess.
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