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  1. Another today but not a scenery. Maybe we will get lucky after all! https://secure.simmarket.com/ermakdesign-life-of-an-airframe-livery-pack-1-for-flythemaddogx.phtml
  2. Would be cool if they did month long giveaways again like last year. I picked up some quality airports that I never would've flown to had it not been for the freebies.
  3. Not sure but the DD version is very nice. Thanks for the HU on this. I've mostly stopped purchases for P3D right now as I'm working on getting a new setup for MSFS and V5 but at this price it's hard to passup a major airport like that. I've been waiting for the price to go down to something reasonable on this.
  4. Well in that case any other recommendations for a throttle/yoke/pedal setup?
  5. I was really hoping to pick up one of these. Does anyone know when they might be back in stock? I'm seeing estimates of weeks to several months on various sites. I'm currently replacing all of my controllers which have started to word not allowed out and building a new PC for MSFS so was hoping sooner rather then later.
  6. Is the performance still rough? Hard to use it at a lot of airports becuase it drops my FPS down to 15 or so while PMDG and usually Aerosoft can hold me steady near 25.
  7. Thanks I'll check those out. I've read some reports that AMD is performing worse than Intel for MSFS but there could be other reasons why. I have some time before I buy anything so it'll give me plenty of time for more reports to come out.
  8. I was holding out for the new cards. Not sure which I was going to get but it'll be a good one.
  9. I guess the next question would be is it worth the $70 extra? Not much difference relatively speaking but if it’s only worth an extra FPS or two than it’s obviously not worth it.
  10. Is the 9900k the best CPU available for flight sim right now? I’m slowly buying parts right now and am waiting until the 3000 series gpus come out before buying the big pieces. That’ll give me time to see what people are saying.
  11. Going for intel. Looking at the asus z490-e board so should be no compatibility issues
  12. Saw it on buildapcsales https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232218 Going for a good mid-top tier build once the new sim comes out. Does this fit the bill? Ram still confuses me a bit but I’m trying to read up.
  13. I’m interested too. I’m slowly starting to piece together a new build as parts go on sale and am unsure which cpu to go with. I have some time to decide since I’m waiting for the 3000 series gpus to come out.
  14. Looks like they're getting close. Top end cards Sept. 17th is the rumor and October for the 3070. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-rtx-3080-ampere-gaming-graphics-cards-launch-rumored-17th-september-rtx-3070-in-october-rtx-3060-in-november/
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