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  1. Yeah you're right. I wasn't thinking this morning. Just did a test flight and it happened again about 50 out. But, the IF had a speed restriction this time so it slowed to 205 instead of vref. Once I passed 10k it went back up to 240 before finally setting vref speed once passing the IF about 20nm out. Oddly enough I did another flight where I forgot to set the approach vref speed in the fmc and it descended like normal. Once I realized I forgot it at about 10k and put it in it immediately tried slowing to 140 again. Another thing that keeps happening is for some reason the spoilers won't deploy. I make sure they're armed but for some reason they don't deploy on landing and it dings me some points in my APL score.
  2. I’ll mess around with it later to see if I can get a stall to develop and report back.
  3. Normally yes. But I catch it before it gets to that point. Obviously no flaps yet.
  4. For some reason I can't get the vnav descent to work properly. Not too long after starting the descent the speed target drops to my vref speed even with the fmc programmed correctly even though I'm still something like 80nm out. I have to manually override the speed on descent. It's almost as if it's skipping the waypoints in between and going directly to the speed that's in the fmc at the IF on the ILS. Is this a known bug or am I just missing something? I've triple checked everything and there shouldn't be any issues. No other plane has this issue for me. edit: should specify I’m on the beta right now so not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  5. I've been away for a bit but between the new beta and this tool things are incredibly smooth. My hardware is no slouch but around heavier airports I'd get a lot of stuttering. My only issue is on approach I get a lot of terrain popping now as the TLOD goes down which isn't unexpected. I'm testing out different values to find a compromise. 50 may be a bit too low for visuals.
  6. Funny you ask because I just joined SA. I like apl but the schedule generator drives me nuts. It gets tiring refreshing it 100 times to find a schedule I like instead of an airport I’ve flown to dozens of times before. Kind of want to just pick my own routes at this point. It was fun earning for new licenses and such early but after a certain point when you have them all It’s meh. I do miss time acceleration in apl for cruise when I’m short on time.
  7. I do. I typically change after a couple of weeks for variety.
  8. I wish we could exclude certain airports from the schedule. There have been times I’ve refreshed it 100 times because I kept getting airports that I just don’t want to fly to. I try to fly only to places with scenery that I own or has a decent freeware available to download.
  9. I’ve put in a suggestion to stop the penalty for pausing. Sometimes the sim gets wonky and I have to disable then enable online functionality again to cure some stutters and I get dinged for pausing the sim. Really annoying if you need to chance a setting to lose points.
  10. My assistance settings didn’t change this startup so maybe that got fixed?
  11. Finally got around to trying this and my temps went from mid 70s to high 50s/low 60s. A pretty significant reduction. My cinnebench score went up a few hundred points so I'm sure there's a small performance gain in there somewhere as well. Using -30. Haven't tried anything beyond that yet but things are stable so far.
  12. Oh word not allowed you’re right. I didn’t notice that the first time.
  13. One of the updates for me reset all of my settings. Was really annoying to go through all of them to try to remember what I had before. At least this one doesn’t take very long to change back.
  14. I am on 12 and use a 4090. With FG it’s ok fps wise but my monitor doesn’t go below 60hz so even with gsync I still get micro stutters. Above that it works great if I can maintain it but obviously not going to happen at jfk with ai traffic.
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