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  1. Someone posted the question over at the LM forum and it appears the thread got deleted. Weird.
  2. Rob Is that problem specific to turbo boost 3.0 or with 2.0 as well? I have a 6600k and was wondering if that was what was causing my blurries as the flight progresses or if I'm just throwing too much at my computer even though I can maintain my monitor refresh rate FPS. My build is only a year old but I've never updated my BIOS mostly because I don't know how.
  3. I have MT6 as well. Does anyone know if UT performs better in V4? I never realized how much of an impact MT6 has so I'll try to do some testing this weekend to see what it does for me.
  4. Here are the few that I know of: Flightbeam PDX FlyTampa LAS and ATL Pacsim RNO LatinVFR BWI TropicalSim ABQ
  5. Thanks. I picked up CLT and GVA yesterday. I wanted CLT eventually so it was hard to pass it up. Especially since I was going to get the imaginesim version then all of a sudden FSDT released this beauty. Then I thought may as well get the only other one I don't own. I managed to pick up all of their airports at huge discounts from various sales and I'm quite happy.
  6. I'm having a similar debate with my 1060. My P3D runs great but I still suffer from shimmering from not being able to run AA at 4x SSAA on my 4k monitor in most situations. With GPU prices as high as they are I was planning on waiting until the next series came out (or black Friday). For me I really want the 1080ti now but it's hard for me to justify the price just to get less shimmering.
  7. Thanks. I gave it a try and I seem to have the same issues with shimmering unless it's 4x SSAA. I wish GPU prices weren't through the roof right now or I would upgrade my 1060 to something that can handle 4x SSAA better.
  8. Thanks. I'm doing some testing now. Do you have everything else on default? I think the only other thing I've changed in the NCP is setting power to prefer max performance.
  9. I thought you had to match SGSS in NI with the in game AA? I read that in threads such as this: Either way I'll give this a try as I'm having similar issues to OP.
  10. Works great in V4. Although it is pretty heavy on the frames (at least for me).
  11. At 40" 4x ssaa does a good job at getting rid of most shimmering. The problem is I can't run it at most airports and have to settle for 8x msaa. Certain airports are worse than others and it's still pretty noticeable but not terrible. There are a few airports that are really bad unless I run ssaa (psp from orbx comes to mind). Keep in mind you will need a good gpu to run ssaa. My 1060 can barely keep up with 4k with ssaa so I may have to upgrade soon.
  12. Try deleting your shaders
  13. This will fill the void the ERJ left when I moved to V4. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.
  14. I've always run at 4096 x 4096 textures but am getting heavy performance hits in the bigger cities at 8x MSAA. Does this setting have any effect on ground textures or is it just for airport textures, etc? I've tried running at 2048 or lower and it could just be placebo but at 4k the ground textures look much better to me. I run ORBX global, vector, and LC if that matters. Does the texture resolution have any noticeable hit on FPS? This is for V4. Thanks!
  15. Wing is creating a Haneda as is another well known developer. FlyTampa abandoned Haneda because of that. Which developer is still kept under wrap but I'm sure there will be an annoucement in the near future.