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  1. Did anyone ever come to a consensus on whether or not freemesh is useful in v5? My SSD is starting to run low on space with v4 still installed so if i could avoid having to use freemesh that would help.
  2. I posted a thread a while back and the developer responded and is the last response.
  3. Does anyone have a comparison to FSDT original ORD and Flytampa MDW? Both are pretty old so I wonder if they're worth replacing.
  4. Any chance you could take a look into the trojan in the files from this thread?
  5. Simmarket responded quickly but now I'm waiting on the developer. It has been about 24 hours so hopefully I hear back soon.
  6. I also created a ticket on the above site. I’ll advise when I get a response.
  7. Simmarket support forwarded my ticket to the developer so we’ll see.
  8. The announced updates like 2 years ago before they disappeared. They do good work but I'll believe it when I see it.
  9. I emailed simmarket support on the installer. I didn't know where else to email since their website doesn't exist anymore.
  10. I've never had this before but after the latest version update I got an alert from Windows Defender about a trojan. Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D!ml Anyone else noticed this?
  11. Here's to hoping. V5 is installed with some already compatible scenery. None of my planes are so I'm just waiting for more installers to get released as I slowly install things. Guess I'll have to get the NGXu if I want that plane. Or just fly the word not allowed out of whatever installer gets released first.
  12. I really hope the hotfix makes the game usable for me and my 1060.
  13. Out of all of mine it's by far the worst. I only have the Aerosoft busses, CRJ, PMDG 777/37, and CS 757. It's a good 25% worse than the rest. I only use it flying into smaller airports now. I also run on a 1060 and 6600k so my system is a bit older.
  14. Anyone happen to do a comparison with FreeMesh? Have it downloaded but have held off installing anything other than FSDT/FB airports since I don't have a compatible addon plane yet anyway.
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