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  1. I feel like I'm one of the unfortunate few that gets massive shimmering at some airports with TAA on. It seems very dependent on how airports are made but TAA is unusable for me. The panel ghosting is way more tolerable than the shimmering.
  2. Simbridge had performance issues for a while. No idea if it's been fixed but it's something to look into.
  3. Yup. Just shut down at JFK and had the same thing. Happens at other airports in fog as well.
  4. I find it's incredibly smooth if I can max the FPS at 60 and use vsync in the NCP. Any lower (usually in the mega cities like LHR or with poorly optimized addons) and it stutters obviously but even trying to limit it to a lower setting and changing my monitor refresh rate I would get stutters. 60 is the magic number so yeah about 30 without FG.
  5. Vsync on in the ncp with frames capped at 60 (my monitors refresh rate) is incredibly smooth. Of course it stutters in some big cities when I can’t maintain that but before it would stutter all day. Other vsync options gave me bad screen tearing.
  6. MSFS is in desperate need of a good longhaul plane or two. I've been dying for the PMDG 777 or Aerosoft A330. I wonder how this will be in comparison.
  7. It works pretty good for me but shimmering can be pretty bad at some airports and DLSS is much better. Everything else TAA is great.
  8. So from what I'm gathering someone on a 4090 really won't see much benefit? I usually am on TAA but I get shimmering at some airports. DLSS is better but then I get the weird blurry panels even on quality. No performance difference between either on my setup.
  9. Exactly what worked for me. I had micro stutters before and with this it's perfectly smooth. Of course when I run 400 LOD going into LHR I'm going to drop below 60FPS so I get some stutters but in all but the heaviest airports it runs great.
  10. I had decent performance on approach but as I got closer to landing it tanked. When I parked at the D gates looking at the interior my FPS dropped to around 25. The terminal areas are hard on my system and it's no slouch.
  11. Not OP but I was able to get it smoothed out. I set it to 60 max in NCP and vsync on. The others gave me issues like stuttering or screen tearing. I tried 1 or 2 FPS less, all vsync options in the sim and NCP, changing my settings, you name it and this is the only vsync combo that will give me smoothness. Of course it stutters when I'm in situations that can't handle 60fps but otherwise it's great. I tried setting it to lower refresh rates and locking it but that didn't work. Surprisingly LOD doesn't change much whether at 100 or 400. So for now I'm happy but when I'm in the bigger cities I'll get the occasional stutter when the FPS drops. I wish I could lock it to 50 and set my monitor to 50hz since I can maintain that in all but that heaviest areas but that caused stutters as well. I'm still looking for a gsync monitor but for now I'm happy so I'm in no rush.
  12. Was it the setting your max frames in the ncp to roughly half hour refresh rate that did it?
  13. Interesting. I’ll give it a try and see if dx11 smooths it out.
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