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  1. I keep checking that page too ... but the problem is that it can appear to be OK there, but two minutes later there's another outage. Either that, or the page isn't truly reflecting the state of MSFS connections. I'm thinking of gathering contributors for a class action, as MSFS+XBox is simply "not fit for the purpose" (or "not of marketable quality").
  2. Well ... I hate to say it, but I'm STILL getting frequent disconnects ON EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT. This has been going on for over two months now. Will they ever sort this mess out? And YES ... I've tried all the known tricks/hacks. This is a Microsoft SERVER issue ... and nothing you do locally will have any effect (other than a coincidental/random/temporary placebo improvement).
  3. I have the 247 - and like it a lot. Sure. it's older etc. etc. but it's well done. I quite like the way the way the startup procedures are done externally but, more often than not, I get too impatient and go for a simpler "fly now" aircraft. I don't have the Electra (which is why I posted this topic) ... wondering which one to buy. I went for the Beech because it was half the price! Hi Naki!! I'd guess that around 90% of all my aircraft (payware and freeware) fall into that bracket! I often look in my "hangar" and wonder which ones should get the chop, but always chicken out! I'm still holding out for the A2A offerings - as well as a *decent* DC-3.
  4. Many thanks! That's how I had it set up. *However* - it works great when I do a runway start, but goes a bit weird (though not consistently repeatable) after a cold & dark start. I'm thinking something isn't being properly initialised - though all *looks* OK at the time. Also - I think repeated re-selections of the various nav mode switch combinations just confuse the a/p even further. I'm following a rather complex route out of NZQN to NZDN and it's followed it perfectly so far (from a runway start). More testing follows!
  5. I'm enjoying the aircraft, but Is the autopilot in the Beechcraft Model 18 shonky or what??? At the moment, it doesn't work (at all) with my PMS50. Even with all my PMS50 addons disabled (I use the Linker), I'm finding it works sometimes, but sometimes not. 1) Altitude and Pitch modes work fine. 2) Heading mode works fine. 3) Following the GPS route via the GNS and corresponding mode selector (the one behind the mixture levers) works in VOR mode but doesn't seem to work consistently/reliably in NAV mode. Obviously I'm not expecting full ILS/autoland functions (!!) but following a simple GPS route should work OK <??>. Any hints, anyone? BTW - I've followed the procedures in this video but still get varied results:
  6. I realise that 😉 ... I posted the link just to illustrate how high the pilots sits in RL!
  7. Very nice!! Thanks! I may just bite the Asobo bullet ... UPDATE: Oooops! That was a little too easy! I really think Marketplace shouldn't be *that* streamlined 😉 Off to windy Welly I go!
  8. Not only that, he knows very little about the real Electra. For instance - he says that the pilot eyepoint is way too high (and that the pilot must be around 8ft tall). This video shows the differences between the two aircraft in RL: Notice that he says the cockpit is very cramped - and that his head is right up to the ceiling (he was even thinking of removing some of the padding).
  9. These two aircraft are relatively similar. Which do people prefer? 1) Aeroplane Heaven Electra 10A (approx $32 US) 2) Carenado (MSFS) Beechcraft 18 (approx $15 US) The Electra is twice the price of the Beech ... but is it twice as good? The visuals look good on both, but how do the systems and flight models compare?
  10. You need to turn "Menu animations" to ON, apparently (not a feature I generally have enabled). How on earth this got past beta testing defeats me.
  11. I have pretty well the same setup: FB NZAA, Orbx Auckland Cityscape and NZ Mesh. I also use the Linker. I also have a whole raft of NZ-related payware/freeware and don't see these trees. A few things to try: 1) Delete the content.xml. 2) Delete the scenery cache. Both of those will create new/fresh files on restart. 3) Delete the scenery index files (Filelist000xxxx.dat). The files are in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SceneryIndexes (for MS Store) 4) If you use the GoogleMap tiles replacer, set it back to MSFS and do steps 1) and 2). Failing all that, try a reinstall of NZAA and NZ Mesh.
  12. I think your best bet is to add an external USB HD and move as much as you can to it, then use [the excellent] Addons Linker to manage things.
  13. Wow! I didn't even know this map existed!! I turned on the TELEX option - and bingo!!! Didn't even need to be logged in with Vatsim or similar. I showed up on the map fine! Many thanks!
  14. I have multiple controller settings defined in MSFS - based on whether the aircraft needs specific binds (like reverser or tiller). Does FS Flightcontrol allow you to load corresponding MSFS *controller* profiles when selecting an FS Flightcontrol aircraft/profile? I think X-Plane allows you to bind specific controller settings on a per-aircraft basis - it'd be great to have this facility in MSFS.
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