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  1. ... and very talented/friendly he is too!! Note: MSFS doesn't handle Simconnect too well (CTDs) so you'll need to extend the refresh period in LNM from 500ms to 1000ms (I think - from memory) to reduce the load a little.
  2. It's pretty good, IMHO - and being mesh only, not too expensive. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/207445-goosing-about-nz-mesh/ Adam.
  3. The server can be run on the same PC as MSFS, if you want to. Try this one: https://flightsim.to/file/3181/fspm-vfr-map
  4. This mod allows you to have it appear in your in-flight menu/toolbar: https://github.com/bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-little-nav-map BUT ... you'll need to be running LNM in server mode. I can't remember whether you can bind a key to it (I've uninstalled mine). It won't be a default MSFS key, but maybe the mod will allow a binding of some kind. To be honest, LNM has just so much functionality - much of which you simply couldn't do in a tiny pop-up. ALT-TAB is way better. If all you want is a moving map, there are plenty of other mods around that do just that.
  5. Absolutely - yes - switch to the DEV mod, as that's the one that gets daily updates.
  6. I think the next "Experimental" stage of the FBW will be called something else entirely so development on the "current" Experimental version has stopped. I've never played with the wipers in the rain, so will give that a go next time. Do they do anything in any other aircraft?
  7. A few points here ... 1) After editing/saving the Simbrief flight plan are you generating an Online Flight Plan (OFP)? 2) Just checking .. the MCDU accepts IDs, but the EFB only accepts Pilot Names. 3) The "Link MCDU" button isn't operative yet. 4) (Mike) - work on the "Experimental" version has now stopped - all its features were ported over to the Dev version.
  8. I appear to have missing corrupt material/texture files (CEMENTDIRT01) as areas using it are showing pink. The actual file referred to is ASO_CEMENT01_ALBEDO.TIF.DDS. This occurs at a few freeware airports but also with Orbx EGLC - and show all the time/at all distances. Orbx are helping out, but no solution as yet. I've tried: 1) Completely fresh installs of all sceneries and run EGLC with a completely empty Community folder. 2) Deleting caches. 3) Deleting content.xml and the scenery indexes. 4) Multiple reboots/restarts. What's the best procedure to attempt to reinstall these possibly corrupt textures? I'd hate to have to reinstall MSFS totally from scratch. Would it be possible to delete [Core Content/Mandatory Packages] from Content Manager then allow FS to re-download it? Would that replace these files? Adam.
  9. One minor annoyance (which I'm sure will be fixed at some point) is that, unlike in the MCDU, your user name isn't stored in the EFB. Also - I thought there was a move to switch to pilot IDs instead of user names <??>.
  10. You'll need to remove the entries from aircraft.cfg as well.
  11. Go into the aircraft.cfg for each Spitfire variant (and livery) and edit either: isAirTraffic=0 ... or ... atc_parking_types="MIL_COMBAT, MIL_CARGO" Another option is to use [the superb] MSFS Addons Linker and set up a separate preset for all military aircraft. You could then toggle them all off - then toggle only the Spitfire back on - prior to launching the sim. That way, you won't get any other military aircraft showing as AI (regardless of whether you've done the cfg edits for them). However - I have a nasty feeling that Asobo doesn't honour the isAirTraffic setting - and many airports (Asobo or Community) don't set up their parking types/codes correctly. As to the tailwheel bug - that's been reported to FlyingIron, I think. It's because, somewhere or other, the landing gear is defined as tricycle.
  12. It's one of these two: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-get-rid-of-the-spinning-data-loading-indicator-lower-right-in-the-display/396636 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/spinning-disk-write-indicator-or-whatever-it-is-every-one-causes-a-brief-stutter/395671
  13. It could be the fan on your GPU kicking in ... especially if it's in an intensively [object] populated scenario like a busy airport. As you climb out, the load drops so maybe your fan goes inactive again. There are all sorts of free hardware monitoring utilities out there that might show you what's actually going on - with your temperatures and fan speeds.
  14. I don't have the CRJ, but ILS in the DEV version of the FBW A320 is making huge progress. I have no issues with it as regards LOC and G/S. The latest (forked) model has autoland.
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