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  1. Firstly - a HUGE thank you for this scenery. It's an absolute joy! A few scenery developers (now and in the past) have used some sort of a mini Control Panel to make manipulating these BGLs easier. It'd be handy for NZCH as well!
  2. I'm confused about this. I'm not saying it's not true - but I just did a flight from NZQN using REX Weather and got decent/realistic snow coverage. Or is it that you're saying it's not *natively* displayed correctly (and there we need 3rd party addons to make it happen <??>. That's OK - you're lucky it wasn't a No.2 LOL!
  3. Congrats to Sergio for making the well-deserved transition from freeware contributor to full developer. So many of us enjoyed his freeware NZMF - and it's great to see such talent put to good use! He was always helpful and courteous. NZMF has always been the "Jewel in the Crown" for NZ scenery (if not the whole world, IMHO) so I expect/hope sales will go through the roof!
  4. Try this one: https://dispatch.simbrief.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-- Or this one: https://dispatch.simbrief.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 Click on `Save Airframe` so then it will be added to your airframes list on Simbrief.
  5. I think I see your problem: your ALT airport (KAUS) is too far away - and loading the required fuel (with 68 PX) makes you over MTOW. Try Waco (KCNW) or reduce the PAX. Here's my Simbrief plan: https://tinyurl.com/Simbrief-planL-KAXH-KDAL It gives me a trim of 1.8UP ... which made my ATR take off like a rocket - about 2/3 of the way down the runway! I think I'm out of ideas now!
  6. Great - I'll give it a go! Do you know you can share Simbrief plans? Not sure where - but next time you edit a flight, have a dig around the GUI - it's there somewhere!
  7. It'd help if you told us which update you mean (regular or beta, MS Store, Steam or XBox).
  8. Simbrief plan details please!! We really need to see how much fuel/baggage you're taking off with. As to the toe brakes - just check the see if they're as they should be in the MSFS Axis screens. EDIT: I just set up a flight plan KAXH-KATL at 3pm and 36deg C. I got T/O trim calculated at 1.4UP. Weather clear 2kts wind ... and had no problems. You're not taking off downwind are you ???
  9. Could you give details of your Simbrief plan + time of day and OAT? Are you setting the WEIGHT section in the MCDU? Are your toe brakes properly calibrated? Maybe they're slightly on.
  10. That would depend on the loading - based on whatever load set in Simbrief. I'm lazy - and use the "Set TO Trim" function from the pad. Another thought ... are you confirming the T/O data in the PERF section on the MFD?
  11. I replicated your flight as far as I could: KAXH to KHDC (Hammond), using Simbrief for the flight plan and payload etc. All imported OK and I took off (Live Weather) at around 11am local with no problem. Trim was 1.3 UP and I used 1 notch flap. Throttle in the default/flight and Power Management to TO then CLB (after 500ft). No problem at all ... lifted off at around 3/4 of the runway length. Gust lock off? Condition levers to AUTO? All your PERF and WEIGHT values set correctly in the MCDU? I can't think of anything else!
  12. Great - thanks for that .. I'll give it a go! @AJZip ... I thought that after gear up, you switch to "CLB" (not "MCT").
  13. What's the airport/runway you're trying (I'd like to give it a go)? Any trim or flaps on take-off?"
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