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  1. I hate to say this, but one of the crucial questions in the poll should be *Which version of P3D are you using?*. What works for one doesn't necessarily work on the other ... Adam.
  2. Ignoring the trolls for a minute, I'd just like to say that I followed the instructions here and from the PIREP page - and have my old favourite NGX working happily in P3Dv5 HF1. Quite easy and straightforward. At the end of the base install procedure PMDG Ops centre fires up and patches your 737. I've only tried a few simple test runs so far - with no fancy panel state setups or FMS programming, but it all *appears* to be working. I understand there may be issues - and that PMDG's stance (quite rightly) is "do at your own risk" but, I'd say "give it a whirl". I love my NGX and, expensive as they are, love PMDG products - so will probably buy the NGXu after it's patched to v5.
  3. Thanks (emailed you back). I found a mistake in cloud.fx (as generated by Envshade). I have my shadows back!! I've contacted Maxime ... The good news is that this brings back cloud shadows to the EA mode as well (see below): I looked up full moon date/time for my area and set P3D to it. I have a perfect moon - with or without enhanced atmospherics.
  4. I can understand your frustration (!!) - but I thought we generally try to help each other on these forums 😉
  5. That's precisely why I bought it LOL!!! I've been posting on the Envtex forum myself - but Maxime has said he has some issues to deal with right at the moment, so won't be responding quite as quickly as he would have liked. I'm hoping this isn't anything to do with the virus or associated tragedy. As a matter of interest - are you seeing cloud shadows in non-EA mode? I'm not! Adam.
  6. Brave man, Gerard!!! Many thanks - I'll be looking forward to the results of your research! I'm hoping the devs will come up with some fixes/mods of their own soon.
  7. I don't have v4 on my system any more - though I'm sure I have plenty of shaders backups stashed away somewhere. I did a file compare with the default v5 and the ones Envshade changes: loads of additions/changes (understandably) but I wouldn't know where to start!
  8. Ahah! Our posts crossed! Yes - I tried in either mode - and also after a complete reinstall (as kindly suggested by TOGA). Still no luck though 😞.
  9. Thanks, Gerard .... I could have sworn I'd tried with it maxed out to the right as well - it seemed the most obvious thing to try first (!). I'll give it another go. How do you mean "EnvShade is 2 presets"? ... maybe I'm missing something blindingly obvious (not unknown!!). Unless you mean "High Quality" and "High Performance"? Difficult to find any information at all, these days, about Tomatoshade. Let's hope!!! I've more or less given up on PTA 😞 Adam.
  10. Hi Gerard! I'm not getting much of a response from the TOGA forums, so I thought I'd ask here 😉 I'm on P3Dv5 HF1 and Envshade Initially, I was quite pleased - but on closer inspection, it turns out that it's totally killed my cloud shadows - and terrain lighting looks pretty dull. No amount of tweaking in Envshade brings them back to life. Here's a fairly untweaked vew (in legacy non-EA mode): .. and here's what Envshade gives me (yes, I've reloaded shaders etc.): Do they work for you? Adam.
  11. The best outcome (in my view) is that LM creates a sim where we don't *need* add-ons like PTA or TomatoShade. Adam.
  12. All it [usually] means is that the certificate hasn't been updated. You might want to "risk it" and add it as an exception. However - for a site that's selling PAYWARE I think it's a little shoddy, to say the least.
  13. I'm beginning to suspect that it's just the one texture (palm trees) in the ORBX LIBS that might be the problem. Nick in the ORBX forums has isolated it, I think. All we have to do now is to see if I can find out whose job it is to sort out! ORBX devs are a friendly and supportive bunch, so I'm hopeful we'll find a fix. Adam.
  14. I wondered whether it was specifically a PTA issue, so tried it with Tomatoshade. Same problem. So ... it's either a generic P3D problem or HD Trees.
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