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  1. Have you played with the monitor/colour settings in the nVidia Control Panel at all (clutching at straws here!)? Have you run any of the Re-shade style utils in the past? It may be that one of the DLL files is still active in P3D root.
  2. Hmmmm ... that should have got you back to normal (!), Try my latest preset - see if that helps: Adam.
  3. Is this with PTA 2.61? Any other post-processing things running - like Reshade etc.? One way to cure it is to uninstall then reinstall the P3D *client*. You'll need to re-apply any cloud or ground textures you may have changed, but everything else in P3D should be untouched (aircraft, scenery etc.). It sounds drastic, but it doesn't really take that long. Adam.
  4. Great to hear from you Matt - and the reassurance(s). Since when has getting [even slightly] drunk become such a crime? If I were there, I'd say "have one on me!". I don't care whose money it is. It's none of my (or anyone else's) business. Adam. EDIT: I'm not a moderator but I am the OP ... and asked a genuine question. I kind of resent this question of mine being hijacked by personal innuendo.
  5. i think that was a good while ago - at least I hope so! A person's health has always got to be more important than simming. I'm hoping PTA isn't going to get lost in all this Mettar Sim hullabaloo.
  6. It's been a fair while since Matt posted here. I realise he has other projects on the go, but I'm wondering whether PTA will continue to be developed/supported, as I've invested a great deal of time and effort in getting the best out of it - and sharing my presets. 1) P3Dv4.3 due out soon. Is there a new PTA planned to coincide with its release? Typically, PTA needs to be recoded for each P3D update and there's usually a delay. 2) I get really annoyed by the online activation thing. There are times when my Internet is down and I want to use the down time by working on a new preset. This online activation "feature" is just daft. I don't mind it calling home when running (for updates etc.) but to prevent me using a program when offline ... [sigh]. 3) There are a few competing products now. Without going into a feature-by-feature comparison, I think it's fair to say that if PTA remains stagnant it will simply die. Would Matt or some other high-ranking PTA person please respond? Adam.
  7. Adamski_NZ


    I think the simplest solution is to uninstall then reinstall the P3D *Client*. You may need to reapply any cloud, sky or ground textures (REX or whatever you've used) - so make a note of what your texture sets (or themes) are before the P3D update. The client reinstall won't touch anything else - so all your add-ons, aircraft etc. should remain. Then try a fresh install of PTA. It should prompt you to create a backup of the shaders folder. It may even do it automatically (it's been ages, so I can't remember). See how you get on! Adam.
  8. It's called "Aircraft VC lighting and saturation" and controls the lighting independently of any terrain lighting tweaks. Adam.
  9. I wish I could take credit for it. It's 99% down to the amazing photoreal tiles from ORBX. Tim Harris has a knack of creating the most amazing sea tiles. YMUI is freeware, BTW! The 1% from me is just choosing the right time of day and angle! Adam.
  10. Announcement - new preset: adam_261_03 - for PTA 2.61 (P3Dv4) or PTA 2.60 (P3Dv3). Some P3D aircraft models (JF Dove/Heron, Aerosoft/Octopus An-2) have buggy dynamic lighting values set on some textures. To get around this, 261_03 comes in two variations: with or without the two aircraft lighting tweaks. If you have lighting anomalies on other aircraft exteriors, try using adam_pta261_03_vc_off. Note that HDR values are different for each variation. This preset was tested mainly with the recently released REX Skyforce3D, though it should work with all other texture/weather systems. Changes from Adam 26_02 ======================= Nothing major - just minor tweaks. For those interested in my PTA reincarnations, the link is: Adam.
  11. I'll nail my colours to the PTA mast! I've tried most of the free equivalents and, IMHO, they don't *quite* cut it. I've used PTA since it was first released (first freeware then payware) and maybe I've just got used to it. I find it powerful and very flexible - and have been able to get some great results with it. The new REX offerings will replace many of the PTA functions ... but not *all* - particularly in respect of tweaking shadows, contrast and saturation individually - for sky, terrain, water or aircraft (inside and out). Take a look at my PTA presets page (new preset imminent!): Adam.
  12. Adamski_NZ

    ---- User Manual ----

    I'll reiterate what a huge fan of Chaseplane I am! I've used all the other camera utilities at some stage - and Chaseplane is 100x better than all of them put together. It really is a slick little utility and, for all its power, very easy to use.
  13. After loading each preset, are you Applying it? You should get some messages at the bottom of the PTA window saying "cache cleared" etc. etc. Adam.
  14. Adamski_NZ

    Clouds are too bright

    Not good! :-( Try my preset - see if it makes any difference: Make sure you set P3D's HDR values to those recommended for each preset (Adam_26_02 expects Brightness:0.80, Bloom:0, Saturation:0.88). Some presets may set these for you automatically (mine doesn't). Adam.
  15. Thanks for the compliment! I've I'm having similar/terrible problems with various aircraft/vendors when Aircraft Lighting (VC or external) options are checked in PTA. In some cases (eg Aerosoft An-2), part of the model accepts lighting and part does not. The "workaround" is to uncheck both options in PTA - but that's a real shame as I often use those settings to get good VC lighting and to tone down over-bright (white) aircraft. I've looked some of the problem aircraft models in ModelConverterX and I must say I'm far from impressed. "Inconsistent" is about the kindest thing I can say. Adam.