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  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! 👍 😋 Adam.
  2. I wonder whether it's worth re-writing in something other than Delphi? C++ or something? Adam.
  3. This is the best I could do ... still white, though! The contrails don't appear to be affected by any ambient light (moonlight or whatever). A minor P3D shortcoming, I suspect. This was with Tomato-Shade. Maybe reducing particle size and rain/snow transparency has some effect, but I doubt it. Adam.
  4. I'll have a go and see what I get! I'll try in Tomato-Shade as well. Adam.
  5. Adamski_NZ

    Chaseplane worth it?

    As far as I remember, most of the effects in EZCA were "fake" - in that they were all randomly generated by a series of "oscillators". Maybe this changed in later versions <?>. Chaseplane has a full range of effects, but they're correctly linked to aircraft or environment dynamics. It's actually a lot simpler to set up, IMHO, as all you need to do is adjust the magnitude of the effect. As regards mapping of keys in Chaseplane, I find the problem isn't so much in Chaseplane itself but in the general shortage of available mappings in P3D - and that my P3D often loses all its mappings and I either have to reload them or re-do them from scratch. IMHO, there's something still a little shonky about P3D's controls setup. Adam.
  6. Adamski_NZ

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    Couldn't agree more. If you're happy with saying "it's just a sim", we'd be stuck with this: (Apologies to Mark - the original poster of this wonderful pic!). Adam.
  7. Adamski_NZ

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    +1 I spend a lot of time tweaking PTA (or Tomato-Shade) so need to check what happens with all the major sky/cloud injectors (REX, ActiveSky etc.) across all weather conditions. *Occasionally* you get a realistic-looking formation but, more often than not, the result is pretty dire. Adam.
  8. Adamski_NZ

    PTA and Tomato Shade

    If you feel like giving TS a try, then you could give my TS preset (25_01) a whirl. I tried to make it mimic my last PTA preset (262_01): That way you can compare the two - and revert to your current PTA favourite if you like. Don't forget to make a copy of your current PTA-specific Shaders_HLSL folder before you start! Here are a couple of TS shots (that don't look too different to my PTA ones). Neither of them use the aircraft reflections functions: Adam.
  9. Adamski_NZ

    PTA and Tomato Shade

    I tend to agree! I've left the reflections functions of TS well alone (I didn't like the way it messed with the .mdl files anyway). That said, TS in "regular" mode does everything [else] that PTA does, with a few extras. I would *absolutely NOT* recommend importing an existing PTA profile though. Some tweak names have changed names and you may be missing key entries. I was able to keep both apps open simultaneously (but only applying TS) and manually checking/copying values from PTA to TS. The beauty of PTA is that you have those preview shots that help you remember which tweak does what. No such help in TS, so I wonder how non-PTA users get on. If you're already familiar with PTA, it won't take you that long. It's not altogether clear whether Matt will continue to support PTA (it's gone dormant), but at least it looks like TS is being actively worked on, so I'm hedging my bets in case I'm forced to swap horses! Adam.
  10. Adamski_NZ

    PTA and Tomato Shade

    I see Tomato-Shade has been updated to 2.6 ... does anyone know what was added/fixed? TIA. Adam.
  11. Do they change at full moon/no moon?
  12. It'll be in Objects Lighting ... then tweak the *Diffuse sunlight* value ... Adam.
  13. Adamski_NZ

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    I hate to say this ... but ... P3D has the worst cloud rendering code of any of the more recent sims. It's so bad that no amount of putting lipstick on it - regardless of what add-on you use - will hide the fact that basic maths is all wrong. I could add that water rendering is just as bad. I've used all the utilities produced by AS and REX - and have spent countless hours tweaking, with PTA, ReShade and (lately) Tomato-Shade. Occasionally, I get the odd realistic/attractive set of clouds - but, more often than not, I get some cheesy effect that destroys all immersion. I honestly think it was better in FS2004 and FEX (Flight Environment X). IMHO, LM have done nothing to address these issues apart from minor tweaks that haven't touched the underlying coding. Whether this will change with a possible implementation of PBR lighting, who knows? You only have to look at the lighting in XP11 (and AFS2) to see that *it can be done*. Adam.
  14. Adamski_NZ

    Tomatoshade v25, Reflection maker Problem

    I also suffered the loss of some of my shiny/chrome liveries, so disabled the aircraft dynamic lighting functions in Tomato-Shade and happily use all the other features. Is there a way of enabling the reflection features for specific aircraft [only] without knobbling all the other aircraft/liveries? Even though I only applied the Reflection Maker to one or two aircraft, enabling the option in TS appears to be a global thing. I suspect it may be unavoidable <?>. Adam.
  15. Adamski_NZ

    Anyone tried the Lancaster B Mk.I for P3D v4.3

    I agree. A2A/Accusim aircraft are another level altogether. The AH Lancaster is certainly no A2A B-17 ... but ... you get what you pay for and the Lancaster is still hugely enjoyable. Whilst it may be missing the *additional* features of A2A aircraft - what it has, it does well. External modelling is good and the VC as well up to the latest AH/JF standards. Nothing leaps out at you as being below par in any way. Overall, I'd say it's a commendable effort from AH and worth it! Adam.