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  1. Yay!! I do love a success story!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  2. Absolutely - yes! Check how much space you have on D:\. If you're running short, then Addons Linker will allow you to place addons anywhere you like - a separate drive with more free space etc.
  3. Check if what you have in 😄 is just a symbolic link to the actual/physical location of the Community folder (which may in fact be in D).
  4. Save yourself a whole heap of trouble and try Addons Linker 😉
  5. No idea! But my guess would be either EXternal or EXtended <??>.
  6. Glad you got it sorted. The EX1 axis is what I have in AAOs (for the people that use AAOs).
  7. Lorby's Axis and Ohs (AAO) - payware but well worth it!
  8. Sadly ... not all. There appear to be a few "rogue" biomes that are 4x the realistic height. Apart from that, it's a great add-on!
  9. I have the Wilga (I love it) - well worth grabbing! If you haven't already got it, FSDT are discounting GSX Pro. I got suckered in ... and am amazed at what it can do. I wouldn't normally have considered buying it!
  10. To help Tom out, I've uploaded one of his images: It appears to be VH-CAC, which isn't correct (it's assigned to a Wirraway) ... so I suspect it's a fictional livery <??> by KAZHOL Air Design. The Avsim library appears to have it: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=five+star+737&CatID=root&Go=Search I can't do the livery myself, but hope there's someone out there that might like to have go!
  11. Could you copy/paste the URL to that page when you're there? I can't get to it at all. FS2004 to MSFS is nigh on impossible - the models are totally different. Also - we're talking about iFly to PMDG - yet more (huge) differences. Most modelers would probably start totally from scratch. Do you have any links to the aircraft/livery in Real Life?
  12. It says it's offline :((( Sorry ... IMHO Flight1 lost the plot many moons ago. Trying to do *anything* with a Flight1 product or livery is nigh on impossible. I think you're on a wild goose chase ...:(((
  13. I'm not entirely sure whether they're "duplicated" (ie. exist in both caches). It may be worth asking Derekhe (the dev). Either way, I don't think I've noticed any significant gains.
  14. I've been using the Enhancer since it was released and have tried various combinations over the months. I think the Enhancer instructions say that it's OK to use the FS rolling cache, providing you clear it if you switch map provider (from Bing, to Google or Apple etc.). As the Enhancer modifies your hosts file, I think all *tiles* are pulled from the designated provider, leaving the MSFS cache to do just the PG. Just my guess. I always have PG enabled and run the Enhancer along with a fairly moderate MSFS cache (16GB). I do get the occasional CTD, but I put that down to some experimental setting I've been trying in Enhancer. Once both caches have been cleared, all returns to normal. In general, I think the Enhancer (Pro) is a great tool - my only reservation is that different [geographical] areas often require different map providers for best results. There doesn't seem to be a definitive chart for this, so it's largely trial and error. I tend to fly in one area as much as I can (as I also have Reshade tweaks that match each).
  15. Have you tried the bush strip test yet? Another thing to try is to change your default avatar(s) in options.
  16. Heh! Do you have any airport addons (GSX etc.) running? May be airport related if it's happening for all aircraft - does it happen with bush strips?
  17. Is it one of the ground handlers taking a free ride in the jump seat?
  18. I would strongly recommend Lorby's Axis and Ohs (AAO). It allows customisation and fine tuning of all inputs - on a per aircraft (or per livery) basis.
  19. The MSFS GUI is totally insane: 1/10 for useability, IMHO. I've occasionally been dumped onto the runway as well - and I'm pretty sure I was doing it [correctly] the same as always. The time of day thing also happens to me occasionally - even though I'm doing the procedure correctly.
  20. Thanks! I may give it a whirl ...
  21. Are all the "tweaks" reversible? eg. Does it make any registry changes that can't be undone?
  22. I hate to say this ... but I think you may have the wrong end of the stick! I did a lot of research on this problem a fair few months ago - and the most convincing (and very technical) explanation was that the MS servers are often to blame. Basically, it appears they do not negotiate packets (or acknowledgements) correctly - especially when overloaded. Improving your ISP throughput can often make this *worse* - and many people found that (counter-intuitively) manually throttling your Internet speed helped - possibly because the MS servers don't need to renegotiate quite as many lost packets. I think the Map Enhancer helps with this problem as it accesses the map servers directly - especially if you use Google or Apple servers ... but that's my guess. I don't think it's because your ISP is throttling MSFS but not the Enhancer. If you use any bandwidth throughput utility, then you should be able to test this. I've been using the Enhancer (paid) for a long time now - and very rarely get these bandwidth errors. Pre Enhancer, I used to get them annoyingly frequently.
  23. Have you done all the usual black magic/dances? Clearing rolling cache etc.? I've been an FSLTL user from day one have yet to have a CTD that I could attribute to FSLTL - even when used at busy airports and/or with dozens of addons. This includes the most recent FSLTL injector updates. I'd go with the faulty AFCAD theory - or a combination of other addon clashes unrelated to FSLTL itself.
  24. That's worth repeating here (thanks) - it's the best way of doing it IMHO.
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