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  1. PLEASE... When you get a problem fixed, please let everyone else know what you did to fix it in case someone else has the same problem! Thanks!
  2. I saw where it said it was slow, but didn't realize they meant THAT slow! Wow! Russ
  3. I didn't know that! It does seem to have sped up some since my original post. Thanks for the info!! Russ
  4. Just make a second XP installation and play with the beta in that one , leaving your 11.41 untouched... Russ
  5. This is funny, because I have noticed a definite drop in frame rate from b3 to b4... Russ
  6. Sorry. Thought you might have had early access like some others. No problemo! Russ
  7. Is 1.8 going to be compatible with P3D v5? Russ
  8. On the caution panel there is a message "nosewheel steering off" or something similar. When you depress the tiller this message should go away. Then it should work with your rudder pedals, joystick twist grip, or whatever you use normally to steer with...
  9. I was wondering about that... I've never used plane maker: Do you have to do this for each individual aircraft, or can you do it one time for everything? Thanks!! Russ
  10. Does anyone know how to turn off the wingtip vortices? They aren't very realistic, to say the least... Russ
  11. Oh, I didn't think that at all! Hope you get it straightened out!! Russ
  12. It's not. I tried it and can't get the thing started without it bursting into flames!! Never saw the dangler, though... Russ
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