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  1. Wasn't the A310 supposed to be in this update? Or am I confused. (Again)
  2. The initial download version did it to me. Didn't DL the SP1 Beta.
  3. I had this happen the first time I flew the 310, so I put it back in the hangar for a while. Activated the AP just after takeoff and I was dead within about 10 seconds.Tried it again yesterday and it was fine...
  4. Where? I don't think I've seen that. All I see is the wind arrow...
  5. Wish somebody would come out with a program that would allow RC to work with MSFS, like they did with XP11. I have used FSHud twice so far and both times I got halfway through the flight and ATC forgot about me. Never heard another word from them, although I could hear them talking to other aircraft. I'll try it again tomorrow, but so far I'm not impressed...
  6. It shouldn't be. IMHO, this is taking reality a bit too far. IRL, (at least in the Air Force, where I come from) the Mechanics take care of this kind of stuff... And if your system went dry in just 5 hours you have a serious leak somewhere! Check the outside of the aircraft for a big red streak!!
  7. Successfully purchased but haven't gotten a DL link yet, either on the site or by email...
  8. I'm home with Pneumonia. Is that OK? 😄
  9. Well, if that doesn't figure, I don't know what does...
  10. For me, the greater simplicity of this sort of offering makes up for my lack of training and experience as a professional pilot. I can hop into something like the Phenom or the CJ4 and know pretty much what I am doing. That's also why I use the GTN750. Although I'm sure there are functions that would be useful that I'm not using, I can do everything I need to do to get from point A to point B in an enjoyable and timely manner. Good enough for me!!
  11. Sorry, but I don't use the glass in the panel. I always use the TDS GTN750 on a separate tablet.
  12. Just got it. Test flight was nice. A lot of inop switches, but that's fine for me, I am not the study sim type... I agree that the price should have been a bit less, but I figured, what the hell! Russ
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