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  1. b1bmsgt

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    But, at the time, it was wonderful!!!
  2. b1bmsgt

    Chaseplane worth it?

    Yes, it is worth it!! I too used EZDok as it was pretty much the only game in town, and I also found it buggy and, really, a pain in the #@$! After using Chaseplane for a few minutes I could tell that it was the way to go. Uninstalled EZDok and have never looked back. Russ
  3. b1bmsgt

    QW787 in 4.3

    I can't get the nosewheel steering to work properly with my rudder pedals. No matter what I do in fsuipc, the nose wheel turns opposite of the way it should. Anyone else seeing this? Russ
  4. Hi! I have searched for this, but haven't found a satisfactory answer... I would love to use X-Plane 11 more, but I can't figure out how to adjust the cockpit shadows so that I can actually see my panels through them! I found references to adjusting the Gamma in XP10, but nothing about XP11. I can't possibly be the only one with this problem, but I can't find a mention of it. Can anyone shed a little light (pun intended!) on this subject?? Thanks! Russ
  5. b1bmsgt

    Carenado 390 Premier IA

    That's what I do and the Premier starts for me every time. Now, if I could just get the JustFlight Arrow to start... Russ
  6. b1bmsgt

    Carenado 390 Premier IA

    Page 8 of the Normal Procedures manual pretty much covers it as well. The Premier is quite simple, actually, compared to some. Russ
  7. b1bmsgt

    Carenado 390 Premier IA

    Are you looking for info on the avionics, or just basic get-it-started stuff? Russ
  8. b1bmsgt

    F1 GTN 750 unresposive - GRRRRRRR!!

    Sorry. If you look at the panel folders of aircraft with several different models, you will find that some of them may have just a panel.cfg in them. If you open the panel.cfg, you will find an entry like this: [fltsim] alias=\Carenado 390_Premier_IA\panel This was the from the panel.cfg of the Carenado 390 Premier 1A Lite version. When you load this aircraft, it will use the panel from the mentioned aircraft. When I used the lite aircraft this way, the GTN would freeze up after a few seconds. Once I copied all of the panel files from the non-lite version to the lite version, including the panel.cfg,, It worked fine. Russ
  9. b1bmsgt

    F1 GTN 750 unresposive - GRRRRRRR!!

    FWIW, I had something similar in the past that seemed to happen when the panel was aliased from another model, in my case the Carenado Premier. Once I copied the complete panel to the aliased model, everything worked fine, and I haven't had any more problems as long as I follow the same procedure. Might be worth checking if this is the case with yours... Russ
  10. b1bmsgt

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    If it's installed correctly, you'll find it under "Vehicle/Instrument Panel". It will be listed exactly as you put it in the "Window=" entry. I use it in the VC, and I also use Chaseplane. No problems whatsoever, although I don't have the FSLabs A320, and I haven't tried it with the PMDG 737. I'll do that, and give an update, but it works great with everything else I put it in. -Update: Just tried it with the PMDG 737. Used Window 22, and it is listed OK in the above mentioned menu. Works fine with the aircraft, but you need the hydraulics powered up before you can use the turn feature, which isn't the case with some of the less sophisticated aircraft I have used it on. Hope this helps! Russ
  11. b1bmsgt

    speakers and Headset

    Excellent! Thank you!! Russ
  12. b1bmsgt

    speakers and Headset

    Might we ask how you did it, in case we want to do it too? Russ
  13. b1bmsgt

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    The only RW experience I have is 35 hours in the Cherokee 140 from 1975... but... I have the VFlyteAir Original Cherokee 140 in XP, and I can't for the life of me land it without bouncing all over the place. I don't remember ever having trouble in the real thing planting it on the ground... Just sayin" Russ
  14. b1bmsgt

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    For a long time I said that if I could only get the GTN750 and Radar Contact ATC in XPlane, I would give it a real tryout. I use both of them extensively in P3D and really can't get along without them. Well, a couple of weeks ago I came across a little addon called RC4toXPX. This is a LUA script that basically fools RC into thinking that XP is P3D or FSX. Right around the same time I became aware of the fact that Reality XP has a version of the GTN for XP!! Got them both running now in XP11 and it's great! I have been using XP a lot more and like it more every day! There are a lot of free addons available that really enhance it, so I am also having a great time exploring those. I haven't opened P3D in quite a few days, although I will never abandon it completely. It's just so much fun to have a new world to explore!! Russ
  15. b1bmsgt

    Which version should I buy?

    I'm using UT Live with P3Dv4.2... Russ