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  1. Agreed, but if XP or P3D were to come out with similar scenery graphics, I would definitely re-visit them... Russ
  2. It's just a left over behavior from FSX. It should pass with time... Russ
  3. I was just going to suggest the same thing! I had 3 24" monitors for a long time, running with triple head to go. Loved it, but decided to replace it with a 35" curved monitor. (Couldn't afford the 49". Some day...) Anyway, one thing I didn't even realize was that the three monitors were sucking away my frame rates! When I put on the single monitor, they shot way up! Not sure why I never thought of that... Long story somewhat shorter... From my experience above, I believe you would indeed be better off with the single 49" curved monitor!
  4. I'll second that. I got tired of jumping through the upgrade hoops at the MS Store, trying to figure out just the right combination of stuff to get it to work. Took the loss and re-purchased the game on Steam. The WU the other day was my first upgrade with the Steam version. One click and it was done! Can't say enough good things about it! Russ
  5. Hi! I have searched for this, but haven't found any reference to it (or maybe I didn't hit upon the magic combination of search terms) so perhaps someone can help me. I recently got fed up with the P.I.T.A. upgrading method of the MS store, deleted MSFS and repurchased it through Steam. Download went smoothly, and when I ran the game it had me sign in using my MS account. My same old gamertag shows up when I run the game, but my Carenado aircraft that I purchased in the old MS Store version do not show up as purchased, either in the Marketplace or in my hangar. Since I am signed in under my MS account, I would have thought it would have a record of my purchase and they would be there in the game, but they are not. Sooooo... Does anyone know if there is a method of restoring these purchases to my new install? Thank you! Russ
  6. I bet companies that sell popcorn must love game forums...
  7. I played MSFS a couple of times today with SU5 and it worked great. Tried to play again tonight and now it loads into the Microsoft store. Once there, I can't get it to do anything. It seems like it wants me to install a Gaming Services update, but when I do nothing happens. I see a lot of HDD activity, but no visible results on screen. Any ideas, anyone? Has this happened to anyone else tonight? Russ
  8. I use the Microsoft wireless controller (i actually have three of them!) Works good with the drone camera. It uses bluetooth with a little dongle that you put in one of your USB ports. About $50 on ebay or Amazon.
  9. I guess I copied it from his/her quote of your post. Sorry about that! I have to look a little closer, I guess. Thanks for the point-out!
  10. At the end of the day, though, it's all the reviewers opinion, which may end up being different from yours or mine. How many movie reviewers have panned movies that you ended up loving? In my case... probably most of them! I have flown the Virtualcol offerings in FSX and P3D for quite a few years . Yes, they are somewhat basic, but, to me, that helps to compensate for my lack of years of training and experience as an airline pilot. I find them fun to fly, for the most part, including the MSFS one. Sure there are some bugs, but nothing I can't live with. All in all, I like it. If someone doesn't, that's cool, but it doesn't mean that someone else shouldn't... Just MHO, of course... Hey Chock! Did you get this one??
  11. Strangely enough,the last flight I made in MSFS the other day was from KGON to KBID in the Carenado Seneca. I remember thinking that the default scenery was a little bland. This will make a nice change!
  12. I use it this way on two small Lenovo tablets and my ipad,which, of course, are touch screens. Buttons on the 750 work ok via touch.
  13. I loved Virtualcol in FSX/P3D! (Hi, Chock!!) Great aircraft for us simpletons who don't have years of training and experience as airline pilots! Just wish they would do the ERJ's as well Russ
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