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  1. Thank you, bling! I completely missed that email, and I saw no reference to it anywhere. Purchased! Russ
  2. I purchased the XP11 version of the 737 in 2020, but I can't figure out how to get my discount for the XP12 one. Can anyone enlighten me on this? I see no mention of it on the buy page, and it doesn't automatically apply the discount when you go to buy it...
  3. Check to see if your aircraft has a control for the nav source. That will override the choice you make in the 750... Russ
  4. When I go to the Marketplace, I see the newest items, but when I get to the end and click to see all of the items, nothing shows up. Does anyone know how to make this stuff show up? (This has never worked for me. I'm just getting around to asking about it now...) Thanks. Russ
  5. The Mooney is the only one showing a price. The others direct you to the Marketplace...
  6. Mine is KENV-KSLC. KENV (Wendover Utah, USA) is the site of my flight test center, as it's out in the middle of nowhere. (Edwards AFB was already taken by some Air Force... 😁) Whenever I get a new aircraft I'll have it delivered to Wendover and run test flights, culminating in the hop to KSLC. Very cool scenery!
  7. Hmmm, I'll have to try it again, because in the past every time I turned on the AP I was dead soon after...😮
  8. I just flew the vFlyteAir Grumman Tiger in 12 without any problems. Great little airplane. Always wanted to fly a real one, but had to settle for Cherokees... Russ
  9. Like many others, i had made the move to MSFS (I was actually a beta tester) and didn't touch XP11 for a year or more. I picked up XP12 when it went early access, but didn't do too much with it. I could see some definite improvements over 11, but nothing really blew me away. Then I saw a Youtube video that mentioned Sim Heaven's X-World scenery enhancement. I had never heard of it before, but, since it was free, I figured what is there to lose. Loaded it up and proceeded to be very impressed! It was kinda like back in the FS9 days when I discovered Ruud Faber's FScene! This, coupled with XP12's general improvements in weather and lighting, it was darn close to MSFS level, as far as I was concerned. The final selling point was the fact that I could once again use my favorite airliners, the X-craft ERJ's! Haven't touched MSFS now for at least two weeks! I'll probably use it for VFR and stick with XP12 for airliner flights. Russ
  10. Isn't he the one that took like 7-8 years to finish the Aerosoft CRJ for FSX/P3D?
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