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  1. I just saw this too. Can't believe this is the way. I would even go for a slight fee for upgrade.
  2. Wow, RIP Matt. Used to watch his YouTube videos all the time.
  3. Nothing is ever overpriced in the world of Flightsims. I know people who spend 20 bucks on trees.
  4. X-plane is not going anywhere or slowing down, Jeezus both sims are in double digit versions now.
  5. Love your youtube videos Osidian!
  6. FLyinside is finally offering a demo..sweet.
  7. It would be great if they said they would offer free upgrades thru P3D v5.
  8. My guess is a pro-model at $139.00 and a Lite-version for $39.00 since consoles will be part of the equation now.
  9. The joke will be in every one when PMDG has a falling out with MS licensing fees and shifts focus.
  10. I've been part of Nvidia's Geforce Now (Cloud Gaming) for over a year now and I love it. It is the next evolution of gaming.
  11. I'm just happy the slapped the "Simulator" tag to it.
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