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  1. ohsirus

    iFly 737 for P3D V4 Released!

    Bryan, Is this Font Fix included with your latest PMDG offerings?
  2. ohsirus

    OCT 31 2018: V2.5 Released

    You rock Bryan!! I was getting worried on future purchases as 4K Res is rapidly becoming common.
  3. ohsirus

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Sorry, but that sounds soo funny.
  4. ohsirus

    FS2Crew control panel resize

    250% (Recommended) 3840x2160
  5. ohsirus

    FS2Crew control panel resize

    Thanks, Just bought it the other day and can't use it.
  6. ohsirus

    FS2Crew control panel resize

    Any chance of the ifly p3d version getting the font fix?
  7. ohsirus

    My 1st VR Flight!!!

    Check out Aerofly FS2
  8. ohsirus

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    Whatever the case, it won't be free and it won't be soon.
  9. Not all XP11 program run under Linux. So Buyer Beware.
  10. Yes, Life is smoother under XP11.
  11. ohsirus

    Aerofly Goes Vulkan!

    Crazy Smooth Performance and Visuals are stunning. Looks so real.
  12. ohsirus

    Please close my account

    Can I have your loot?
  13. ohsirus

    pc rebooting

    https://www.andrewmunsell.com/blog/oculus-rift-bug-power-plan-configuration/ Was/is my issue
  14. ohsirus

    Laminar Research FlightSimExpo 2018

    Way to go LR!