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  1. How do you like the Thrustmaster TPR pedals? Did you upgrade from anything else? Are they worth the price?
  2. Yep, turns are much quicker than before. The autopilot is a little twitchy for my liking now, at least in the DA62X mod, which is the only plane I've tried since the update. But I imagine twitchiness can be more easily tuned and smoothed than the excessively slow turn rate in the last update.
  3. I've also experienced two CTDs since the USA update, and I only had one other CTD in the entire time since the sim was launched (that was after the update that needed a hotfix due to USB controllers crashing the sim). Before downloading the USA update, I completely emptied the community folder, installed the update, restarted the sim without any mods, then I restarted it again with mods. The first several flights were fine. I didn't add any new mods to the folder, and I flew several great flights over Thanksgiving weekend. Then with no warning, I had a CTD yesterday while sitting on the ground at Tokyo Narita (RJAA) adjusting the G1000 in the DA62X mod. Today, I had another CTD while in the middle of a gradual descent to intercept a localizer in the Cirrus SR22 near MYGF (Grand Bahama Airport). After today's crash, I removed everything from the community folder except the G1000 mod, rebooted my computer, and tried again. I've had no issues so far. So far, the crashes have been random with no discernible cause. I'm using a lower-end graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660)
  4. I'm still enjoying the Turbo Bonanza a lot, and honestly, I don't find the new autopilot to be a deal-breaker. Sure, it turns very slowly, but not so slowly that it's completely unusable. And the pitch control is much quicker than the heading control. It will follow a glideslope with no trouble. It usually doesn't turn fast enough to properly intercept the localizer, but after a few gradual s-shaped turns, it will line itself up nicely.
  5. I'm also finding the Bonanza autopilot to be much better now. If anything, it's a little slow in completing a turn, but that's better than the abrupt banking and pitching with every heading or altitude change in the previous version.
  6. I'm truly enjoying V3. The lower control authority at low airspeeds on final approach is well-tuned. One question for anyone who knows about the real-world turbo kits for the Bonanza: I was surprised to see that the reference cruise data in the PDF Robert included are usually specified at or near wide open throttle. Is it normal to cruise at wide open throttle in the Bonanza? My only real-world experience is in fixed-prop trainer aircraft (Piper Warriors and Archers), where it's standard to reduce the throttle to achieve cruise RPM. Even in a constant speed prop, wouldn't cruising at wide open throttle cause more wear and tear on the engine?
  7. Thank you for this update, Robert. I just tried my first flight with version 3. Everything is working nicely, and the plane flies beautifully. I switch between this mod and the G36 Improvement Project mod. They are both nicely done, but I enjoy the higher cruising speed in the turbo version.
  8. Excellent news! Were you able to adjust the huge amount of power needed to get the plane rolling from a stop in the Asobo version? Even the community mod on the Flight Simulator forum requires near 20% power just to get the plane rolling from a stop. That's better than the ~60% in the stock plane, but still seems suspiciously high. I could be wrong, though, since I've never flown one in real life.
  9. I think that must be correct. I have automixture turned off, and I always adjust mixture manually when I fly the Bonanza G36. When I fly the Baron G58, the mixture levers move, but there is no effect at all, except at cutoff. There is a discussion on the Microsoft Flight Simulator forum where someone pulled the EGT simvars from the Baron and found that moving the mixture lever had no effect on EGT or CHT. I'm guessing that automixture is hard-coded for the Baron. This is apparently also true for the Cirrus SR22 GTS in the Premium Deluxe pack.
  10. I'm just wondering if the latest Covid restrictions in the UK will affect the timeline for shipping new yokes. If so, of course that's understandable, and your health is far more important than a delay in shipping. Best wishes to Chris and everyone in the UK.
  11. Robert, I am having no issues with the liveries for the Turbo Bonanza while running the latest hotfix ( They are all showing up for me. I moved all the contents of my community folder to a different location before installing last week's patch (, and then I moved them back after the installation was successful. I am having none of the issues that many other users have reported. Liveries are working. No crashes.
  12. Good point. I wondered if it might be intentional -- i.e. maybe the Bing maps imagery in the locations where I've flown shows a brownish green water color. I've seen the same color while flying in both the Hawaiian islands (specifically flying between Molokai and Oahu) and the southern Japanese islands. When I checked the Bing satellite imagery for those areas, I found that there isn't much imagery over the open water -- only very close to the shoreline. The imagery that's available near the shoreline doesn't have the brackish green color, though. I also don't recall seeing this color in the first month after the official release. I went back and looked at screenshots I took during flights in Hawaii in early September, and the green color is either entirely absent, or much more subtle. Here's a shot of a flight from Oahu to Molokai on September 9th:
  13. Ever since the Japan update, ocean water has a dirty green appearance when I look directly below the plane. As I look toward the horizon, the color gradually changes from dirty green to a more normal dark blue. Take a look at the photo below for an example of the dirty green hue. This is still true in the latest patch (version Is anyone else experiencing this? I scrolled through the graphics settings options to see if I inadvertently changed something related to water appearance, but I can't find any settings related to water at all.
  14. I'm very much looking forward to this! The current community mod for the DA62 on the flightsimulator forum is a work in progress, and the FADEC implementation requires using F2 and F3 to control the engine power. I will gladly donate for a more polished implementation.
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