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  1. Hi, The same thing happens to me! It took quite a while before I figured out the trick with ctrll+alt+del! Regards.
  2. Hi, I had yesterday a CTD when I went, for the first time, to begin a flight in Leknes Airport (ENLK). I didn't have a CTD for ages, and I have no idea what could have caused it. So I disabled a few add-ons (some Norwegian scenarios, basically), and the second time that I tried all worked fine! Regards.
  3. Hi, everyone, Downloading now (a bit slow). By the way, do you know what are the 5 hand-crafted airports of this update? Regards and good flight!
  4. Hi, I use REX, but I didn’t notice anything wrong. Although the textures of the terrain on some parts of Europe are terrible (for instance, in the french Alps). Regards.
  5. Thank you! I was a little surprised, because I'm not in the Beta. Regards.
  6. Hi, everyone, I've just received an update (655,78 MB). No idea what is this. Anyone has got it? Thank you
  7. Hi, Anyone knows where is the list of cities and other things of this update? Thank you in advance. PS. I imagine that some of them will collide with third party add-ons.
  8. Thank you, SamYeager, for your help. I think I'll wait till the official update! Regards.
  9. Thank you, bobcat999, for your help. Regards.
  10. Hi, everyone, This update: (beta), is for anyone? I mean... I'm not enrolled at any beta and I didn't receive any update either (I'm in Can you clarify this for me, please? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi, everybody! Downloading now (València, Spain, 19:00 h) Regards
  12. Hi, Nothing here either (València, Spain 17:35). Regards
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