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  1. It is also now working for me. Dave, thanks again for your effort dealing with this. Great product support!!
  2. Hey Dave, per your direction I just sent you an email with my license key. Thanks.
  3. OK, I tried rebooting my PC and I also rebooted my internet modem and WiFi router. But that didn't fix it. Dave, I have been installing all of your beta releases. And for me this problem started right after I installed Public Beta 2n. So I got Beta 2m out of the recycle bin and reinstalled it. But that didn't fix it either. I had this problem once before, and the last time it happened I just restarted P2ATC and the problem went away. But now its been almost 2 days and I am still having this problem. This is really frustrating, and I don't know what else to try. Would hate to end my relationship with P2ATC this way as up to now I have really enjoyed using the program. If anyone else with this problem finds a solution please post it here. Thanks.
  4. Dave, thanks. I guess I am one of the unlucky few users that are having this problem. Any suggestions? My internet connection is good, and I haven't changed anything with internet settings on my end. So I have no clue what could be causing it.
  5. When I said "same here" I meant that I am also not able to connect to the remote server. I have had this problem before, just not for this long.
  6. I appreciate all of the details from RSR on the visuals. But I am alot more interested in the flight model and ground handling. I realize these are more subjective and harder to portray visually in a forum like this, but I am really looking forward to hearing about what the beta testers think about the flight model.
  7. Update. Restarted my computer, launched P2ATC, and it loaded normally with no error messages. Must have just been a temporary server glitch.
  8. I have the full version. I launched P2ATC today, and I got an error message that says "Unable to initiate session with License Server. Please check your internet connection and security settings to be sure P2ATC has access to the web." I have internet access, and I haven't changed any of my security settings. I have never seen this in almost a year of using P2ATC.
  9. I tried launching P2ATC/MSFS again and then validating and filing a flight plan without actually starting the flight. I then went into the P2ATC COM1 and COM2 control panels, and I was able to raise the green bar with the Up and Dn buttons.
  10. I am running public beta 1a. My ATC voices were not very loud, so I went into the P2A config menu and changed them all from 75% (default) to 100%. This helped, but the ATC voices were still not as loud as the pilot voices. I went into the P2A COM Frequency menu, and there is a menu for setting volume via mute, up, or down buttons with a green bar at the bottom. The green bar was at about 75%. I clicked the volume up and down buttons, but the green bar never moves. If it matters, I did all of this during a flight with an active flight plan.
  11. Whenever I go into General Options > Misc > Pilot Avatar and hover my mouse over one of the options (Default, Pilot 1, Pilot 2, etc.) I used to get a preview on the right side under "Description" of what that avatar looks like. But now when I hover over an option nothing happens. This also applies to other options. It used to give me a description of the option when I hovered over it, but now I don't see that. This started after SU7, but it may not be a bug. It could just be something I inadvertently changed in my settings. Is anybody else seeing this? Thanks.
  12. Just Flight just released updates for their Arrow, Turbo Arrow, and Warrior II. Kinda odd to me that they released these the day before SU7, but glad to see them nonetheless.
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