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  1. No thanks... reminds me of the Flight engine and I disliked that look immensely.
  2. BaronKen

    Flight Sim World Enters Phase 2 Of Development

    Cryss, please explain what the long term goal "improve the look of the world" actually means in regards to future scenery changes that are in the works.
  3. BaronKen

    Aerofly: Encouraging news

    Love this sim and it's potential...
  4. BaronKen

    Community Update #2 Announced

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with this and put in a request as well over at DTG. This is badly needed IMO; 40 mile vis is a little much, the 10 mile vis setting needs work (just not correct or realistic looking). Adding a 20/30 or even a 25 would help a great deal. Eventually I guess the goal is a whole new weather system but in the meantime a couple of extra vis settings to the existing system would be great.
  5. BaronKen

    FSW - Quality Of Life Update Planned This Week

    Thanks for the update info!
  6. BaronKen

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    We'll have to see if DTG updated vector data in FSW over FSX default; if they did not then let's hope ORBX continues it's partnership with DTG so Vector and OLC NA and OLC Europe become available as addon's for FSW. If they do not, then perhaps UTX will become available as an addon for DTW at some point.
  7. BaronKen


    Need to see more screenshots, but solely based on those viewed so far, FSW will need ORBX Vector and OLC for starters. I sincerely hope that ORBX will be supporting FSW after early access, and not just be providing Global textures for the FSW base. Speaking of screenshots, it's been a week since the announcement, and my understanding is FSW is set for release on the 18th. I hope that more shots and perhaps a video or two are coming soon from DTG...
  8. BaronKen

    FSW Free for Flight School Users

    Thank you, nice gesture and very much appreciated!
  9. BaronKen

    Aerofly FS 2: Update thread

    Yeah, it's pretty spectacular scenery... just like Utah really is! :)
  10. BaronKen

    DTG Flight Simulator News Thread [Officia]

    Most people waiting for this sim probably do not question the delays per se... that happens a lot in software development as we all know, and is actually a good thing in a lot of cases for a lot of reasons. The real question in my mind is why has there not been a single screenshot of any kind released to preview just what's coming, especially for a sim that was slated to be released last year? Very odd, and has fueled the disappointment some are showing here. Nevertheless, still watching and waiting to see just what DTG has up their sleeve... holding out hope it's all been worth the wait.
  11. BaronKen

    DTG Flight Simulator News Thread [Officia]

    Thanks for the update; hope this means information will be forthcoming sometime in the next couple of weeks... :)
  12. BaronKen

    Update From the Dovetail Games Flight Team

    Welcome Aimee, we are looking forward to real news about DFS soon.
  13. BaronKen

    New region on final: sneak peak!

    Just my guess, but the last update appeared to enhance the textures in those two states. If you look at the map closely in Nav mode you can see the slightly increased resolution in both states, and if you do some flights I believe you will see the difference. Now, it's possible those area's were already enhanced and I simply missed noticing. That's why I am calling it a guess. Hopefully we'll find out soon. 😀
  14. BaronKen

    New region on final: sneak peak!

    Colorado and Utah