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  1. Xbox Insider Hub doesn't work for me either; never has. All I ever get when trying to run it is an error message... I run Win 10 Version 1909 Build 18363.xxx
  2. I think one question may have been "straightened out" and a few high level clouds have that "wispy" look some have been searching for.... 😉
  3. Nothing wrong with the tree sizes in any of the screenshots, especially the one of the C172 in the first screenshot. Trees look natural and correctly sized to me. I guess I'm not seeing what an individual or two are complaining about, and we will have to agree to disagree on the subject. Nothing to see here Asobo, move along and keep up the good work. 😀
  4. More interesting info, as always. Love the shot of Lake Lucerne, have been fortunate enough to travel there so really enjoyed that shot. Also enjoyed the first shot of the Cessna with flaps down on taxiway, (a little close to the edge there... 😉) can't tell if it's early morning or late evening but the atmosphere is enticing... Finally, Closed Beta in July, there's some exciting news for everyone!
  5. Another nice update with a few eye popping screenshots... especially enjoyed the one of Hidden Lake in GNP. Spectacular mountain scenery...
  6. How about west to Honolulu? 😉
  7. Once more, fantastic screenshots to drool over. In the shot of the Cessna just after a rain shower, I swear I could smell the wet concrete and feel the humidity standing next to the plane... 🙂
  8. Thanks for your input. I assure you I've uninstalled everything multiple times and reinstalled them to no avail. I simply can't get in and cannot find any help on the web that explains what the problem is and how to fix it, as everything I have tried doesn't work. That's why I wondered if you have to have your account name added to some database that will approve your sign in. It's a mystery to me, I have no problem tracking down errors and fixing them but this one has me stumped, and I don't what else to do about it. I don't think I've missed an email invite to the Alpha but really wanted to check the Insider Hub to make sure. It just isn't happening though...
  9. My 1050Ti 4gb does seem to fall right on the edge of the 'recommended' spec, but does meet the requirement. It will do until I'm ready to upgrade to a new system, which I will do at some point when I'm ready. I don't want to buy a new computer just to run a game. (Though to be honest I probably would if I had to! 😊)
  10. Thanks for posting that; the support team sent me a link to that site but somehow I missed that MFS was available to test for... After running the test it shows that my system can run the sim; as I suspected only my CPU fails to meet the recommended spec but does meet the minimum requirement. Since I will be running the sim at 1080p I think I will probably be more than satisfied with how it runs and looks until I'm ready to buy a new system at a later date. Thanks again! Now if I could just get that invite... 😉
  11. I sent an email to the flight sim team about whether my older CPU would work or not; I got back a generic reply stating they couldn't assess individual systems. SMH because I didn't ask for that. The bottom line is everyone wondering about how MFS will run on their systems or about particular older components will simply have to wait until (a) you get an invite (unlikely) or (b) an open beta or early access or (c) MFS comes out for sale. I guess I will wait, see how or if MFS will run on my PC, and then upgrade if necessary at a future date. All I can do...
  12. Xbox insider hub just will not work for me, I have tried everything recommended multiple times. Does anyone know if your name has to be listed or added to some site database before the sign in procedure will work? I do not have an xbox, but do own Forza Horizon 4 for PC that I bought from the Microsoft store.
  13. I don't know... my system is pretty long in the tooth now but still works great. Most of my specs fall in the recommended area except bandwidth ( I have Gigabit Fiber, so I'm more than OK there), video card is a 1050TI 4Gb, I have 16Gb ram, but unfortunately my CPU is an i7-3820 @ 3.6ghz. I really thought that would not be a problem but now I'm wondering if the sim will not run or install because my CPU falls below the minimum spec. I'm more than ok with running the sim at 2K, so thought I would be fine with my "old" PC until I'm ready to upgrade. Now I'm not sure...
  14. Anyone have problems getting the Xbox Insider Hub to work? I have installed this app multiple times and it never lets me sign in; all I get is an error message. I have tried all of the "fixes" posted on various MS sites and none work. I don't currently have an invite but apparently even if I did I would not be able to access the alpha d/l because of this problem. I've been wondering if the Insider Hub doesn't work for me because I haven't been added to some list on the site. Any ideas?
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