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  1. FWIW, this is what I do on my "low end" system (i-9 9900k, 2080 Super 8gb, 32gb ram, SSD drives, 1080p 24" monitor). I have a mix of Ultra and High settings with a few Mediums sprinkled in, TLOD of 350, OLOD of 100, raster set to 100. Buildings and Trees are on Ultra and I run the TLOD at 350 so I get the maximum draw distance for both, because I can't stand the look or the popping in and out otherwise. I set fps to 30 using NVCP as I found it is both more stable and fluid (smoother, if you will) than using the in game Vsync settings. My result is delightful, very smooth flight, virtually no stutters and an overall pleasing experience. I fly mostly the Vision jet now ( love this plane ) vs. my old and trusty C172 G1000 Nxi. I also do this: at or very near the FAF, I quickly pause the SIM and set TLOD to 100 and then resume my flight to the finish. The result is a continued smooth landing and taxi in to my parking spot without a stuttering mess at more detailed airports. After the flight is complete I reset TLOD to 350 for the next flight. This routine works for me, is easy to do and does not "ruin the immersion" as some.like to say. For MSFS 2024 I really think the SIM should be coded to shift (or adjust) TLOD to do this automatically at lower altitudes. Maybe it's not possible or desirable "on the fly" to do this but it sure seems like a worthy thing to try. Sorry for the long winded post, but you asked. 😊 What it boils down to is each individual has to find settings and a routine that pleases them on their individual system to maximize their enjoyment of the sim. That's all that really matters.
  2. Yeah, glad you saw my post. I had the same issue and that fixed it for me, so happy it helped someone else. Enjoy the changes!
  3. Too bad the finallight.fx filter from Reshade doesn't work with nvidia filters, I have read many recommendations on how it enhances MSFS. I do use Nvidia filters and I'm quite pleased with my setup, but would like to try that finallight filter. Perhaps a version for nvidia will be available sometime.
  4. Ok, I managed to sort this out and it's now working. My problem was editing the ini file with Notepad++, apparently I was using the program without admininstrator rights because when I switched to Wordpad to make the coefficient value changes instead of Notepad and then started the sim everything worked, including the toggle switch. Love the new colors, seeing them in person on my system makes a big difference. Thanks to everyone involved with this, will enjoy it going forward.
  5. Thanks for the tip, I'm looking at this again now to see if I'm doing something wrong with the editing of the .ini file. I'll report back in a little bit with what I find.
  6. Yeah, I'm going to investigate this further today. It ought to be working, but the toggle is doing nothing so I'm at a loss as to why at this point. My keyboard mapping perhaps? Don't know at this point...
  7. File size is 141,608; installation is in my C:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content folder. Yes, and also tried using a different key. It's possible the change is working in the sim and only the toggle key function isn't working with my keyboard, but without the toggle working I can't be sure if the color changes are working or not.
  8. This doesn't seem to be working for me, I see no difference in the sky colors and the toggle key does nothing either. I am able to drop the files in the proper folder without getting any error messages about administrator rights, but nothing is happening. Not sure why it doesn't work for me, I'll try to investigate further later.
  9. Long time to wait... hope to be included in beta testing if they have it.
  10. By lights hack, are you referring to the sky color mod?
  11. Yeah, it was. None of us really understood why it worked the way it did code wise with no apparent fps hit but it was an amazing find. Like others, really curious why it was nerfed. Made no apparent sense when they did it and still doesn't. Are you reading this Asobo? Put it back in as standard code for MSFS 2024!
  12. I don't remember the locations now, but I discovered through testing that tall buildings in the distance appeared at the same distance setting ( 350 vs 400 ), so I settled on the 350. I don't believe anything has changed since I went through the test, but of course some changes may have been made in coding since I did this. At any rate, it still seems to work well so I am happy with it at that setting.
  13. As for me, I simply can't enjoy flying without a TLOD of 350. I have tried to use lower settings, but the excessive popping in/out of scenery, especially buildings at long range and huge swaths of forest depending on where you are flying, just kills it for me. I would rather have a steady frame rate in the low 30's and tolerate the occasional "skip" than deal with the scenery popping. One example: flying in to Honolulu or even Ford Island if in something low and slow, coming around the southwest corner of Oahu, you see Honolulu in the distance and Diamondhead. With low TLOD you'll see Diamondhead all right because terrain is always depicted far out in the sim. As for skyscrapers however, you will see very few at first and as you get closer they start popping in. Just can't stand that... I once posted a long time ago on a thread similar to this one that they could make the TLOD issue less invasive if they would have skyscrapers always appear at long distances like terrain does, even as "sticks" at first, and then gradually fill in the trees , other buildings and objects that appear as one got closer to them. This method would be so much more natural and less noticeable in my opinion and go a long way to mitigating the jarring effect of a low TLOD setting. So, I settle for a high TLOD setting because that is what I find pleasing and acceptable, and have just started a "trick" to help deal with the high setting on approaches and arrival airports. It's a little invasive but seems to help, and that is when I get below a certain altitude I pause the sim, lower the TLOD to about 100, and then finish my flight. Afterwards, I reset to my preferred setting for the next flight. Makes the approach and taxi in a little smoother. As someone else mentioned this is where a dynamic TLOD setting would be great and actually makes a lot of sense. Perhaps having the sim code accomplish this isn't feasible, but I can't imagine why. Anyway, my two cents on the TLOD issue and how I deal with it. We're all different and what is acceptable to one doesn't always apply to someone else. One thing is for sure, I think we all love MSFS for what it is and what it allows us to do, which is to enjoy flying at home virtually. 😊
  14. I've been following this thread with some interest because I've been wondering if I should try some of the very things being discussed here. I am still not sure just what I should actually do in regards to this "new" tech. I now have what amounts to an older system: i9900k, Nvidia 2080 Super 8gb (536.23), 32gb system ram, 24 in 1080p monitor, a 1 tb system SSD and a 3 tb data SSD. I run MSFS at 1920 x 1080 using Dx11 and TAA, with V sync on at 50%.. I'm generally very content with how the SIM runs and looks with settings I am comfortable with. So why change? Well, just wondering if I can improve things a bit with the new software tech available. Based on what I have provided above, what should I change or experiment with, if anything? Thanks...
  15. Well, just to put this out there, I was very surprised finishing a flight yesterday on final about two miles out to suddenly see the terrain in front of me shifting and morphing into sand colored tiles. This continued all the way down to landing, and took place at Dover AFB in the U.S. I have gigabit internet and have never seen this happen before. I have no idea what caused this or if I have done something to facilitate it but I sure hope Asobo is working on a fix for this bug, if that is what this is. Don't want to see more of it, that's for sure.
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