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  1. Well, I can tell you that in my home town the Bing imagery is about 6 years old, so no, the maps do not get updated monthly.
  2. The Microsoft Store will download updates for your apps automatically if you have this option turned on in settings. If you don't want that to happen, go into settings and disable the option.
  3. Still can't fathom Asobo eliminating the invisible tree mod. Makes no sense why something so beneficial and pleasing to users would be removed, especially when it appeared to have no "harmful" effects.
  4. It's been my experience that the "red line" does not show up on the map when the waypoint in the flight plan is a POI. When the next waypoint is a fix or airport, for example, you'll see the "red line". Also, fyi, if you enable the NAV hold function in the autopilot, the AP will follow your flight plan including the POI's in your flight plan. You just won't see the "red line" on your map. Try it and see if it works that way for you.
  5. Congrats to those who opted in for this test and were accepted. May I suggest when you begin your testing, check out the new POI's, and make sure they show up when flying at a distance from your plane, and not when you are on top of the object. Most everyone knows that many POI's in the previous updates are coded improperly for distance viewing, and to this very date have not been fixed. Let's see if this can be avoided this time. Thanks for your consideration, and enjoy testing the new update!
  6. Running MSFS at 1080P is not the answer to the massive problem introduced with SU3, I assure you. For reference, I have an I9-9900k w/32gb ram and a 2080 Super, installed on a 1tb SSD. I also still have a 1080p monitor that I am perfectly happy with, and I have all of the problems and issues with the off and on low frame rates and stuttering that is being reported by so many. This problem has been caused by Asobo, and only Asobo is going to be able to fix it. I am finding it hard to believe with each passing day that a problem, or bug, if you will, this debilitating has not been isolated and fixed at this point. It has to be embarrassing, frankly for the team, that it was not picked up by QA and somehow slipped out to the masses. While I have not been too affected by some of the other performance or installation issues suffered by some up to this point with the introduction of each new world or SIM updates, this one has left me stunned by it's effect on the SIM. While we can do nothing but wait for a fix, surely they are close to a releasable resolution to this problem. The only thing I don't want to hear is that a fix has been found but we will have to wait for the next SIM update in a month or two to get. That would be unacceptable to everyone, I think.
  7. I have my own vegetation "mod" I've had in place for 3-4 months. It has worked very well for me along with a terrainlod setting of 3.0. The change with this week's update has thrown that off a bit, and I have found my mod works fine with a new terrainlod setting of 3.75. I will of course keep monitoring this in different areas to see if it remains pleasing and satisfactory to me.
  8. Yes, I remember this was mentioned by Seb ( I believe) in the Q & A last month. I think he said something on the order of 4x trees and 2x memory improvement, to be specific, was coming with the DX12 implementation. While that sounds great and hopefully is true, it's beyond me why you would make a code change about 4-6 months before you're going to actually make the switch to DX12, and screw up the sim in the meantime. Would you not wait until you actually make the switchover? I am not an Asobo basher; I love this sim and have been and do enjoy it immensely. Sometimes, though, things they do just makes you shake your head....
  9. You misunderstood my comment: I am saying I don't believe a decision was made at a high level to tank the mod either; simply saying I don't see why a change was implemented that eliminated the effectiveness of the tree lod mod to begin with. With all the issues facing various aspects of the sim, I don't see why tree lod distances was even being messed with at this point.
  10. I am not a proponent of big time conspiracy theories, but I am at a loss to explain why a decision was made at a high level to tank the tree lod workaround that has allowed everyone who wanted it to enjoy it's immersive benefits and what it brings to the table. It costs Asobo nothing for this mod to be used. As you have seen, they have been silent on this issue ( or at least I haven't seen a response on it), as if to say we have no idea how this got into the code and disabled your ability to use this enhancement to tree lod distance. My point: is it possible some rogue programmer sitting at his/her workstation decided to drop a few lines of code into a module they were working on to screw this up just for the fun of it? I know, this conjecture is way out there but the way some of these issues keep popping up in the new updates every time one comes out has to make you think about it. Somehow with quality control being shall we say, a little lax, some head scratching bug finds it's way into each and every update that comes out. Makes you wonder, and makes it all that more imperative that the team implement a beta release version for testing before releasing new updates to a select few beta testers group. I don't really want to think that such a scenario is actually happening here, but it does make one wonder about it...
  11. I fly all over the U.S. mostly. I have always had marshals bring me in to my parking spot, whether it's at a large airport or a small one. Flights the last few days, they are on their lunch break. I have checked my settings, that's not it. I will investigate some more, if I find something I'll post back.
  12. I'm trying to figure this one out: I am no longer seeing any marshals or airport personnel directing me to my parking spot. Haven't seen this before....
  13. Yes, this is a very easy fix to implement. Plus, when the fix from Asobo comes, it will simply overwrite and replace your changed file. Your choice, of course...
  14. Yes, current warts and all I am thoroughly enjoying this SIM. Thank you Asobo/MS! Now, how about putting in a good word to MS bosses about a revival of the Links golf franchise. With today's technology, it would be amazing!
  15. I can confirm an issue with the flap mod causes CTD's. I started by editing the cfg files for the two aircraft I fly most in the main MFS directory. The fix works and I had no problems. After the mod was released I added it to my community folder, returned the two edited files to their original state, and proceeded to load MSFS. Trying to start a flight however, the SIM crashed almost immediately. After several more attempts, I removed the mod and the problem was resolved. There is definitely an issue of some type with the mod.
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