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  1. Hi Ray, The Bonanza mod is a little out of date now and needs some sprucing up especially with the NXi G1000 and other things. At the moment I am very close to finishing a DA62 makeover/flight model mod but if health allows I'll also revisit the Turbo bonanza if there's time, though as pointed out there are now other pay/free versions around. Hope you are well, Robert
  2. Whatever ATC system used, for me it is above all the quality and believability of the voices that counts. Many people knocked the old FSX ATC system but apart from a few syntax and procedural errors it still has the most believable voices. Such things are not that difficult to program but they take a lot of time and patience and you need to hire people with totally authentic voices who understand how to talk in ATC lingo, or you need an AI system that understands the same. It's not just the syntax either, it is also getting the most natural sounding (and suitably lo fi) inflexions, cadences and flow that is important. I've heard a bit of Beyond ATC and to me the voices are still a bit too deadpan and lacking natural cadence. You can spot it a mile off. I still haven't seen in all these many years a single ATC program that demonstrates developers understand and can implement natural sounding voices. I don't think it is that difficult but it requires a lot of care and very long hours of testing.
  3. I think I might have an answer to this oddity. I kept an eye on the (animated) rudder pedals in some GA aircraft. Every now and then they wiggled from side to side, as though my actual yaw controller was vibrating all by itself. After re-calibrating it didn't make much difference. It still occasionally went wild. I'm going to reset the controller in MSFS each time I fly and see what happens. So it is probably not turbulence at all but either something wrong with my rudders/stick yaw controllers, or somehow MSFS is commanding controller wriggles occasionally. If you get what appears to be sudden turbulence even when it is set low, check your rudder pedals in the sim to make sure they are not moving or vibrating by themselves.
  4. Thanks for confirming I wasn't going bonkers. It happened again today, for one flight. I then tried another flight and it was gone. Very strange.
  5. Well maybe it is not just me imagining it. I seem to get it in certain areas but not others.
  6. Thanks. Well it could be a one-off, because after closing the sim down then re-starting it's now back to normal. So maybe it's my end. If no-one else reports it over the next 24hours I'll delete the post.
  7. Is it just me? Since the small update yesterday I'm getting a lot of turbulence with the "Low" setting which used to be virtually zero. In any GA aircraft I'm not only getting quite extreme turbulence but I get it when weather is set to zero clouds and wind, at any time of day, over a completely flat scenery, and also some very wild yawing on the ground as though there were extreme gusts. Before I start ranting 🙂 I want to check whether this is somehow just my end, or do others experience the same thing?
  8. Thanks Ryan. Sorry to hear of your father's illness.
  9. I did not "give up" as your statement says. I have stage 4 cancer and if health ever allows again I would be there seeking to improve things.
  10. Yes Bert. Yaw inertia (MOI) values in yaw tend to need much higher values than either pitch or roll, but you have to be careful not to overdo it as then steering on the ground can become more sluggish to respond so as always it is a compromise between the two.
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