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  1. robert young

    Realair License Reset

    I have just finished re-activating several people. Half of them offered incomplete info, or wanted free gifts which it is not my liberty to give because there are other authors involved. I am now up to date with responses. Thanks for your patience. Ian, thanks for your kind post which is appreciated. Obviously I have considered the re-distribution idea, but it is not quite as simple as it first appears and I am not at liberty to go into the details. Thanks again for your encouraging post. Meanwhile the RealAir website appears to have been hacked and I'm trying to sort it out. Kind Regards, Rob
  2. robert young

    Realair License Reset

    We haven't stung anyone. Please do not exaggerate. Currently I have a few people in the queue for reactivation. Many contact without any note of which email address they registered to and some also used a different name with no other info, making it difficult to trace their orders. Others offer very little information. If you are stuck please email with at least some relevant info and I will try to sort it out. Thanks.
  3. robert young

    Realair License Reset

    Hello, Apologies that email response is not what it use to be. I am a little ill at the moment but do try to catch up every few days. I have been resetting many activations for many months but not at the frequency that used to be. Regarding activations, the person who pledged to remove the activation necessity after we closed seems to have disappeared, together with the code that can remove it. I'm therefore stuck for the time being with having to manually re-activate. We did allow a very generous number of installs, and far more than almost all other activation-based developers. I will sort out whatever small queue there is sometime this weekend. Thanks for your patience. Rob Young
  4. robert young

    Night is dark, landing lights barely visible

    If your runways have dark textures that affects the ability of landing lights to show on the ground. The lighter the runway the more light gets reflected.
  5. robert young

    Reshade+Master effects installation guidance please

    Hi Jim, Thanks very much for this info. I'm not sure what is meant by symbolic links but I'll try to work it out from your description. There are a few Youtube videos but the tutorial types are not connected with FSX specifically. The reshade menu does come up but no split screen occurs and no param values show, so there is something wrong in the way I have installed Master effects etc. Maybe I'll try reshade 2.0.3 as you suggest. Thanks again for taking the trouble.
  6. Would some kind soul please help me out installing Reshade and Master Effects? Step by exact Step would be an advantage! I've downloaded the latest Reshade and Master Effects. I have a 64 bit system running and (obviously) 32 bit FSX, so placed the 32 bit dxgi.dll labelled as DX10 compatible. I am running DX10 mode with DX10 fixer, ReShade.fx and MasterEffect.h are in the FSX main folder. I have the Master effects folder within the main FSX folder and that folder contains another folder. I have opened the MasterEffect.h file and assigned scroll lock ley (0x91) to enable effects but nothing is happening, nor is the screen splitting. When I start FSX I get a reashade welcome screen superimposed on the FSX screen. I cannot get the screen to split even though it is enabled in the MasterEffect.h file (zero changed to 1). I have a feeling the Reshade welcome screen/continue/tutorial etc etc should not be present if Master Effects is also running. Would someone be kind enough to take me through, In EXACT and excruciating detail (!!) precisely each step of installation and implementation. I just cannot get this to work. I have seen some tutorials but they are not FSX-specific. If someone could help me out they would make my day. Thank you.
  7. Thank you Steve. Nice quick reply. Appreciated!
  8. Hi Steve (if you are here), Sorry to trouble you but I cannot update DX10 Fixer because I cannot find it anywhere! On your blog you invite customers to email you "at yahoo" but I cannot find any email address on your blog. I have an order keycode but I cannot find it on Flightsim Store and your product does not seem to be listed there. If I try FastSpring it takes me to the vendor portal. The only other page I can find is your fast spring product page but that has no link to support or a re-download or update. It is just for purchasing. I have sent you a PM with my order number. I'd be grateful if you could let me have a link to version 3.2 (or latest version). Thank you.
  9. Always enjoyed your shots HL. You've got a great knack of capturing landscapes and excellent views.
  10. robert young

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    Thank you Stephen. You have always been a civilised and warm influence on this forum. I'm sure you have had your frustrating moments at Avsim but you have always come across as human and tolerant. Thanks too for all the nice comments above yours. Flight simulation is one of hundreds of pastimes, passions and interests that absorb us. Yet you cannot be part of any business which exists for many years without being both rewarded by the advantages it brings and at the same time eventually reaching the limit of expended energy that cannot go on indefinitely. Any business that exists for as long as RealAir will have its limits. Age, personal circumstances and the desire to move on in a different direction will always be an increasing influence on the outcome. I do appreciate the frustration expressed by many posts here who are coming up with ideas about how to proceed. Please do not assume we haven't thought about this ourselves! We've had many emails telling us how we should handle this. We "should have a last minute sale, a closing down fest", etc. The fact is we have reached the point where we cannot maintain the current level of either development or support ad infinitum. So it is better that we shut down rather than drag on for the sake of sales and end up not being capable of supporting new customers, or fail to provide updates at a rate that customers would expect. At any given point we are still committed to supporting current customers and we intend to do that. A reasonable time needs to elapse between closing and being still committed to the necessary support that needs to be in place. We cannot just sell, sell, sell and then abandon customers. So we have closed the shop and will be around for time enough to ensure that current customers are decently served. Regarding the future, we are talking to various organisations who have expressed a keen interest in taking over our products and business. This has come as a bit of surprise because we did not presume it. Until or unless a positive outcome emerges, we cannot give any more information. Thanks for your good wishes and very kind messages which I truly appreciate. All the best, Rob - RealAir
  11. robert young

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    Just email me!
  12. robert young

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    We have closed only the shop, not the support. I do not understand what you think the problem is. You have the product and you can use it. If you lose it for some reason, email me and I will provide you with a new installer. If you run out of installs, I will renew it. Can I politely ask you to read what has already be said on the thread?
  13. robert young

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    I have asked Sean to remove the activation/protection function. He is in control of it. Thanks for your kind comments.
  14. robert young

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    Thanks everyone for the kind words which are appreciated. My special thanks Ryan, for your generous testing and support over many years. Also special thanks to Rob Ainscough whose constant encouragement and support helped us move over to P3d.