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  1. I'm not absolutely sure but I am guessing you might be able to create trim in the flight_model.cfg of any aircraft that does not already have trim. Trim as a flight model function is probably separate from actually having a physical trimmer both visually in the exterior and interior 3d model in MSFS - but I can't test this as I don't have an addon product that doesn't have trim by default. Have a look in one of these 2 sections in the flight_model.cfg: In the AERODYNAMICS section there is an entry for all aircraft that have a trim function: elevator_trim_neutral = x (where x is the default value - usually positive but might occasionally be negative) In the FLIGHT_TUNING section is this: elevator_trim_effectiveness = x (where x is usually a positive value between typically 0.5 and 2.0 You could try inserting these entries and experiment with values. It might work - or might not! If you are flying a mod or addon and it is permanently sinking even at cruise speeds but your other aircraft fly normally then I would guess that it is not connected with your controller but with the mod or addon itself. It is possible that the addon's trim is poorly set, or not sufficiently powerful, or it could be that the C of G settings at the top section of the flight_model.cfg are also not ideal. Longitudinal C of G values are extremely sensitive to value changes. Even a decimal point change can sometimes make the aircraft do very strange things, so - BEFORE YOU TRY ANY TWEAKS, make sure you make a backup copy of all flies you are editing. Hope this is useful. Cheers, Robert
  2. That suspension "product" appears to be a quick tweak to a couple of cfg files. It's the sort of thing countless freeware modders have done for many years. Looking at the pictures I'm guessing this was a couple of hours work. The average complete aircraft or substantial overhaul of an existing one can take from weeks to months to a year or two. I really do think vendors should stop shoving any old product on their virtual shelves before assessing whether the customer is getting something worthwhile. Some third party sellers only need to post three or so products up to earn what one developer will earn from one product that took over a year to produce. It takes about 20 minutes to post a product on a re-seller's website. But many re-sellers post hundreds of products. It's all about total sales. While they do have a large bandwidth bill and probably a few support staff, 30% commission on hundreds of products is a lot of income.
  3. Thanks for the info about the Aerosoft product Alan. I hadn't been aware of it. It looks graphically far better quality than Condor 2 and the exterior glider modelling looks to be top notch. I notice the scenery seems to lack mountains (it looks pretty flat) which is a pity as slope lift is as important as thermal lift. The release is scheduled for late May but given there is only one preview video and no interior shots that seems to point to a lot to achieve in a short time. I do use Condor 2 but the total lack of AI (as far as I am aware) plus the incredibly primitive scenery, rather poor cloud visuals and aircraft exteriors and interiors that look like something out of a windows 95 game from 15+ years ago, puts me right off an otherwise promising sim. There is huge potential for a high quality glider in MS 2020 and I hope that Asobo is working on one, as their 3d modelling and aircraft texturing is also of a high standard. Cheers.
  4. Due to illness it was delayed. But I'm on the last lap now and it shouldn't be too long.
  5. I'm aware of the two gliders currently available. One has a yaw string that works but the gauges are somewhat rudimentary. The other one doesn't appear to have a yaw string though maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see one. Both gliders don't seem to have much adverse yaw which is quite essential when simulating a glider. I'm looking for a 3d modeller who can offer a high quality interior and exterior with excellent gauges. I realise this would take a lot of work 😉
  6. Hello, Health and time allowing, I would love to team up with someone to produce a high quality glider, with a decent yaw string, proper adverse yaw and a well crafted model and excellent interior which together evoke an immersive and atmospheric gliding experience. FS2020 has some wonderful landscapes for gliding heaven except for the missing thermals but they will no doubt emerge in the future. There is already some ridge lift. If anyone feels they have the 3d modelling skills and is interested, please send me a message and we can discuss the possibility. Thank you. Robert
  7. I don't do them now but used to. I agree the most stressful part of spinning is the recovery - especially when you can so easily hit VNE if you delay recovery after stick forward and opposite rudder. When I learned to glide back in the early 1980s spinning was I believe a compulsory part of solo training, as was a downwind landing. Some gliders get frightening close to VNE during the recovery. But whether in a powered or gliding aircraft, I quickly learned that getting a proper spin required some very assertive control. Most aircraft will not spin fully unless you vigorously make them do so. If you don't they tend to do a half rotation or extended wing drop, or they do a half spin followed by a steep spiral, which is the pattern of nearly all low and slow accidents, particularly in the pattern/circuit.
  8. Although intentional stalls and spins are not strictly allowed in the real aircraft, the point of a simulation is that you can practice these things in order to train for when it does happen accidently. The Turbo Bonanza mod WILL spin very easily, but you can't do it by being so gentle with the controls (no offense intended). You need to trim up a bit, then pull the stick back vigorously at or near the stall and as soon as the nose drops and one or other wing drops you need to apply FULL rudder in the direction of roll, then keep the stick back but centre it roll-wise and keep the rudder fully deflected. It will then enter and sustain a proper spin (not a spiral dive). The spin will recover by centering or pushing the stick forward and applying FULL opposite rudder. All these movements have to be assertive as nearly all GA aircraft like the Bonanza are designed to mush stall. You have to really screw up to get an unintentional spin (or do the classic low and slow from base leg to final, but usually that will be an incipient spin with the nose sharply dropping into an irrecoverable dive (yikes!). It will also stall more vigorously if (again) you are a bit more assertive with the controls.
  9. Thanks for the kind and encouraging replies. Regarding the subject of frustration and Asobo updates, to be fair they have left most flight models alone recently, although I still think the autopilots need some work, especially concerning heading and ILS, and the Bonanza V3 has survived pretty well intact despite several major Asobo updates over the past few months, so I am not so worried about it as I was previously. I recognise that some updates will have glitches here and there - but personally I am not really keen to release anything until I have thoroughly checked it myself and am reasonably convinced it won't need constant updates in the future. I think the key here is also getting very detailed feedback from beta testers (You do not need hundreds of testers even for a complete aircraft or scenery, you just need a few who are thorough in their testing).
  10. Hello all, Sorry about my absence lately. It is almost solely health related. Without going into detail I'm pleased to say I am feeling a little better lately, and for the first time in many weeks I fired up FS 2020 and loaded my DA62 mod. It is working well with the current Asobo update but there are a few details which are proving hard to get perfect. If I can fix these stand-out issues I might be able to release quite soon, if my health holds up. I could release it right now but I want it to be as good as it can be, the principle aspects of the mod being a complete overhaul of the flight model and engine, which as you may know, is by default grossly underpowered - at least when taking off. That is completely solved now. I will try to get a current version out to my fantastic testing colleagues and we'll see what they have to say before I commit to a release. Thanks so much for your interest. Robert
  11. Hello everyone, I'm sorry I have not been around lately. I am keen to finish the DA62 makeover. Unfortunately I have been ill and completely unable to do the final lap in finishing the project. I would prefer to keep details private, but I can say that I do get occasional days where I feel better. I shall try to use those days to finish off the job, health allowing. In fact the project was extremely close to finished until a couple of months ago when for some reason the NAV displays showed the wrong way around after an Asobo update. I could not find the source of this glitch, but I think I have done so now. Apart from that all that needs to be done is to finish the documentation which I am not sure I have the energy to complete, so it might be possible to release in the near future with reduced info. I don't like to do this as I think documentation is important, but if everyone can be tolerant of this, it might bring the release forward a little. Thanks for your interest. Robert
  12. Yep. Another delay to the DA62 makeover release owing to this (yet another) inexplicable change by Asobo. I do wish they would leave things alone and concentrate on proper fixes instead of messing up 3rd party stuff every single time they do an update. Swapping the references in the panel cfg swaps the gauges back to the right way round - but they don't work that way.
  13. No that is not true, Someone posted that the Turbo mod is broken. I can't see much difference. It still flies as it should and the lighting issues that poster referred to are non existent in the test I've done. If anyone else sees any actual issues then please let me know, but so far I have not seen any problems. The update has somewhat improved the autopilot from the previous update but not by much. The final heading capture is still too slow, but that is no fault of my mod which had a virtually flawless a/p until Asobo started tinkering with it.
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