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  1. Apart from adding Dynamic lights which I don;t use, anything else they have added?
  2. Gran Turismo Sport came out this week. I was going to take a break from Flight simming for a change ...which I usually do when the GT franchise comes out. But GT just has its new Coke moment! Ha HA! They ripped the main meat and potatoes of the game and built a series from just its trimmings. Amazon reviews Why do successful Franchise rip what they do best and try something totally offbase? Ace Combat did that once and almost destroyed their franchise too, now they are returning to the old ways and trying to climb back up. GT has completely lost it as well
  3. Roger that. Thanks Karl.
  4. does this work with P3Dv4.0? or Do I need to the client update to 4.1?
  5. Thank you hi flyer. Much appreciate it. Yeah..there is nothing much to see there Thank you. Unless some add on I am interested in forces me to upgrade, I am not.. LM hit it out of the park at 4.0 so that would be hard to match. This is a technical upgrade so Its ok I guess.. I am not complaining. I still love myP3Dv4! Nothing comes close.
  6. Ah... ok Not anywhere close to FSM eh? :) this is an technical update... I hope the 787 does not require this update.. otherwise I would have to update the client..
  7. I am waiting for someone to post a you tube video of the rain effect on VC. If its not good.. I am not updating the client either! :)
  8. Thank you. Simbol.
  9. I don't intend to download content... Just the client. So that would mean, I do not get the rain effect on those basic aircrafts. the Q. is, Am I completely not bringing in the new rain drops feature if aircraft add on vendors give us an update if I only update the client? Except for this raindrop effect I could skip this update for now. I'll wait for the next one. Until any new addons I purchase insists I have the latest client.
  10. thanks Mark.. I got you. I stil have v3 so I can do the same.. Except... where from do you take the static aircrafts to place them at the airports? If you are using the UT Traffic files, how do you make them appear as object within Instant scenery. To my knowledge Instant scenery does not have a bunch of airliner objects.
  11. I left the aircraft sitting at the airport and went to sleep and in the morning I noticed every single slot at the airport had an aircraft... But If I reset the UTLive, all them would disappear. LOL :) BTW.. Is instant scenery (from Flight1?) P3Dv4 compatible? and where from did you get the aircraft (Static)? I don;t mind doing this
  12. I checked out France VFR..they do have a tool (AGX) there as well...but Orbx is left out from the list Only LM can rein these guys and solve this issue.
  13. the title of the thread is not great! :)
  14. I just created a thread (feature request). :) Please add your comments/ or other ideas to solve this issue
  15. anyone recall this issue that if you install these sceneries (Orbx and Earthsimulations and VFR Scenery) they overwrite the files within the p3d folder \autogen? default.xml AutogenDescriptions.spb Materials.spb RoofDescriptions.spb So after each addon install it messes up the autogens of the previous installed addons. Was this problem ever solved? Did P3Dv4's file structure changes help solve this issue? If not what is the solution? Earthsimulation once gave a solution for this issue (above link on merging the autogen files) would that work now for P3Dv4? (the file download link don't work anymore. its dead)