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  1. OK.. I am on this again and I need some help. Any help would be appreciated. :) I started REX (no AS) and I then started P3Dv4 and am at DFW 1) How do I tell that REX is even connected to P3D? 2) In the sim, i the menu weather, it says I have selected "Fair Weather". 3) the REX says "Weather on standby". 4) Even though I am at DFW.. the aircraft icon on the REX Weather map shows I am somewhere in Kansas 5) I am looking out the window in my house, its cold and gloomy..But ther sim says I have nice weather at DFW. Obviously its the standarrd "fair weather" of the sim that is in effect. REX is is not connected.
  2. OK.. I had my flight sim on first before REX. This time I started REX and then the P3D and I see clouds However, in "Follow Aircraft" setting, I seee the aircraft icon on REX Map at Seattle when I am actually flying around Pago Pago. Hmmm...
  3. I am running Active Sky (after turning off the REX Weather engine) and I get my clouds back and then I kill the REX thingi within task manager and it makes no difference on my sim Not sure if this REX is doing anything at all. I must be doing something wrong.
  4. I don't know what I am doing.. or what I am supposed to do. I installed it... now what? Do I have to have this running all the time? (I am supposed to and then minimize./..which I have done) or is it only to install the theme? found the manual. Need to read it I am in PAgp pago. Usually there is bad weather here. Without Active sky running All I get is clean sky and no clouds. weather Engine status = Weater on Standby with Active sky I see clouds. Hmmm........... PS: I have "Enable REX Sky Force Weather Engine turned on
  5. Yup. It just did. What I want to know is, is it compatible with the first 4.0 release? I don't have the latest P3Dv4 patch installed.. Downloading it.
  6. My water cooler pump stopped working once and it would not boot up.. the PC shuts down every time I tried starting the PC. The ASUS MB would not let it run. I am not sure if its the MB or the CPU that senses the water cooler pump was not working.
  7. Is Orbx surrendering to VFR France methods? I hope they do. Even if they are not willing to work with VFR France... VFR France method is superior to Orbx. so surrendering to them ain't all that bad. One of the most annoying thing is Orbx not working with VFR France and hurting us simmers. Shame on Orbx. All they had to do was, with work with them on the autogen merge stuff.. IT would have been a win win for all, Quite often, the best parts of Orbx scenery is when they use photoscenery textures with their own autogen placements.
  8. Does the Saitek Panels with the 6 pack instruments work on this yet? Have they fixed that issue ?
  9. Apart from adding Dynamic lights which I don;t use, anything else they have added?
  10. Gran Turismo Sport came out this week. I was going to take a break from Flight simming for a change ...which I usually do when the GT franchise comes out. But GT just has its new Coke moment! Ha HA! They ripped the main meat and potatoes of the game and built a series from just its trimmings. Amazon reviews Why do successful Franchise rip what they do best and try something totally offbase? Ace Combat did that once and almost destroyed their franchise too, now they are returning to the old ways and trying to climb back up. GT has completely lost it as well
  11. Roger that. Thanks Karl.
  12. does this work with P3Dv4.0? or Do I need to the client update to 4.1?
  13. Thank you hi flyer. Much appreciate it. Yeah..there is nothing much to see there Thank you. Unless some add on I am interested in forces me to upgrade, I am not.. LM hit it out of the park at 4.0 so that would be hard to match. This is a technical upgrade so Its ok I guess.. I am not complaining. I still love myP3Dv4! Nothing comes close.
  14. Ah... ok Not anywhere close to FSM eh? :) this is an technical update... I hope the 787 does not require this update.. otherwise I would have to update the client..