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  1. Nope. I did neither. It told me I was out out of sync,. But I was under It installed small file now and it looks ok. It was installed the whole thing all over again in another folder again But It when I rebooted and I tried again it seemed ok again
  2. I stopped this. It created two folders official and community with in any subfolder I selected. buts its not recognized my old official and community folder.
  3. I saw this update, I went to so I went to store there was no update. I came again to the game, resartarted and then I picked my folders it told me I already have installed there, I then picked my my folder where I have installed my freewares. and linked and its installing there now.
  4. I have just this default airport for LFMN. I did not not spend any money on any payware and I am glad I did that. what am I Missing?
  5. I've been to Maastricht in real life. Been there a few times while working on a project. 🙂
  6. I don't own Navigraph. I am considering it. I have SimplateX for approach plates.
  7. How do I specify the runway in SimBrief? NEVERMIND! I got it. 🙂
  8. Ah! OK. 🙂 Edited to Add: Yes. That was it.. After I turned off. Dev mode, I am able to load the CRJ. Thank You., to you both 🙂
  9. They have to suppress the night lighting in North Korea to make it realistic. 🙂
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