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  1. Sad! I am so sorry!
  2. Yes.. I have this. Every time I buy a new video card, I throw away the oldest and keep the last two video cards and then keep adding monitors.. I currently have 4 monitors on 1 card and 2 more in another... I could still add 2 more Manny
  3. Fly Tampa's OMDB Dubai with Night environment of Dubai. Amazing flying at Dusk!
  4. I'd like PMDG to run their gauge on a second PC, so I can provide screens for their FMC, the MFD, PFD, Engine gauge etc. 🙂 Manny
  5. That link just has a photo of DFW... nothing on the scenry
  6. I am so glad PMDG is working on aircrafts for new MSFS2020. Without PMDG MSFS2020 is Meah (I would never give up on P3Dv4+
  7. I hate these long haul flights in economy. I recently flew emirates from Dubai to Dallas. 17.5 hours? Sheesh... I just about died. Their business on their 777 is 2+4+2 is awful too. ..I would think. I've flown Cathay pacific Hongkong to NY in their 777 with its 1+2+1 seating in business which is also close to 17 hours and that was good.
  8. How about FSX Water? Nothing more.,.,. Just give me my FSX Water and get rid of the P3D Water.. I want the ocean to look good and real from 3000 feet... I con't care for the bobbing of the ocean riding a boat.. If I wanted that, I would look for a boat simulator. and maybe a better Night lighting? Something close to X-Plane.
  9. Manny

    Bye-bye P3D...

    Rob, Have't you run into the wall of max USB Drives? I have... and I doubht if I have as many as yours. Hmmmmmmmmm Manny
  10. I got started with this when I started with FS9... Its still very good. http://www.navfltsm.addr.com/ndb-nav-adf-1.htm
  11. I bought FB's KPDX and the airport is good but disappointed the bridges are missing when approaching to land on KPDX. I loved the FS9 KPDX and the environment done by FlightZone02 folks... I forget his name now. He gave us not just KPDX but also 4 other smaller airports and the entire zone around KPDX. I got this working in P3D to some extent but when FB's KPDX was announced, I got the KPDX and removed the FZ02 and now I have just the airport KPDX and nothing else... I got spoilt by FZ02. I love FB's KDEN!
  12. When is the second Alpha? I too am on Win 7.
  13. I don't mind paying all over for PMDG in the MS2020. They are so worth it! I can't wait for one of their 737,777 or their 747 for MS2020 Manny
  14. I am using Thai Creations KNVT (Katmandu) and it works awesome.. Love the airport.,
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