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  1. Yeah, keep flying and enjoying for another 2 years and then save more money to do a big big upgrade! :) For me, more than upgrading the hardware is the pain of reinstalling the P3Dv4 + all the addons and getting them all working properly. This is a real pain. So I hate reinstalls. lot more than rebuilding. If only I could pull out my CPU/MB and memory and reinstall with the i9-9900 + its new MB and latest memory and keep my win 7 and all my current P3D and addon installs. I would upgrade my HW every year.
  2. Present! :) Not been too active! but checks in once in a while!
  3. Hmm... I am excited for this CPU. Its my 3 year turn which means, I feel entitled for a new build for Simming. I try not to build short of 3 years from one PC to another. What I am interested is in how much it can overclock. especially how far we can go on the first 1 or 2 cores only and tone down the other 6 cores to like 4.5Ghz? maybe. or even down to 4.0Ghz. would we then crank up the first 2 core or thread to 5.5Ghz? :) For P3D v4.x that would help. For texture loading we have 6 cores running at 4-4.5Ghz and the first two cores for the primary running at 5.5Ghz? Wouldn't that be better than all 8 cores running at 5Ghz-5.2Ghz?
  4. Manny

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    Lack of white foam waves at around 2K-10K is one of my pet peeves. guess what guys... The initial FSX had this. That was one of the best part of FSX when we went from FS9. the Ocean came alive Then P3d came and added low level water animation... the ocean water heaving which was good for sea planes and boats. But we lost the white foam waves. I do not believe the low level water heaving was worth losing the white foams at altitude.. But the sea plane folks may disagree with me.
  5. Manny

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Anyone tried running this in P3D v4.0 Yes.. I said V4.0 :) anyone?
  6. I am sure the plane will look gorgeous and fly well too.. But I am curious about the completeness of the G1000. If it does not use the Garmin's G1000 Trainer, what is the functional Gap between this G1000 to the Trainer? I'd be interested in that. That would be real useful. Building a G1000 from scratch would take more time and effort than building any GA aircraft. And IT would need to be built as a module so you can use it on many other types of aircrafts to spread the cost of G1000 to other aircrafts.
  7. Manny

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    This is one of my favorite GA aircraft from F1. The only issue I have is, I am still on P3D V4.0 :) I have no interest to patch it up this stage.. not sure if it will work with 4.0
  8. Manny

    Pan Am TV show?

    I believe those same gorgeous flight attendants are still there working not yet retired. They are using those carts as their walkers! Tsk Tsk.. OK I stole that joke.. it is not my original! Sue me! :)
  9. Manny

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    IF he was a mechanic for that aircraft, then that would be a no brainier for him.. he would have total access to start and shutdown aircraft without a pilot I would think. Correct me If I am wrong. IF he is any other type ground staff, he would have to read up on manuals. At least the engine start up buttonology. Taxing and taking off ... fairly simple...Actual throttling all the way and then lifting off? gutsy for a person who may have never done it before... but if he had a few hours of a Cessna flight training..then that would give him the confidence too. No need for a Flight sim. Flight sim is a nice to have thing. But certainly helpful.
  10. Manny

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    Its quite simple really. Flight sim is like reading the manual of an aircraft and getting to know the aircraft... It's a tool. if you are dedicated you can read the start engine procedure from a training manual and start the plane and lift off and fly around. Simulators are another tool. Nothing more to it than that. Just having the sim would not teach a person how to start the engine and fly.. you have to read manuals for sure. Manuals and instructions are equally important as simulators. The fact he worked at the airport and ground managing this specific aircraft did more to his knowledge and confidence than FSX or P3D Sim I would think
  11. Manny

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Thanks for that feedback Bert I probably would have to fix the Active sky (not a big deal). But then I would need the get the new version of the EZDOK. This would require some work getting it installed and fixing each types of aircrafts all over again. I've been looking a the Madog MD80. Thats tempting...that requires the .1 update. :)
  12. Manny

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I am on 4.0 The greatest P3D upgrade ever! Skipped .1 update Skipped .2 update Skipping .3 update. Not into VC. I fall horribly sick in VC. Keeping my stable P3D 4.0 and no addon that is only compatible wtih 4.0+ has tempted me so far. :) :)
  13. Manny

    Good flying books recommendations?

    I would concur with all the folks who recommended "Stick and Rudder" by Wolfgang Langewiesche But if you have graduated from basic stick and rudder and gotten into IFR. there is only 1 book. "Instrument Pilot flight training manual" by Ralph Butcher This book costs around $65 or so..not the outrageous price you see there. But I see you get a used book for 45$ grab it if you are into IFR. This is different from all the 101 IFR books out there (like Jeppesen, rod Macordo..etc etc) that teaches you the theoretical procedure of IFR flying. The The FAA Instrument book is a good book to get for the theory stuff. Butcher's books is about HOW TO FLY IFR. There is no other book like this I know of. Butcher is the IFR equivalent of Wolfgang for Stick and Rudder. The 3rd book I would suggest for PPLs is this "The killing zone.. How and Why Pilots die". This is my bed time book. Not any religious text. this is more valuable than any religious text. Here is a simple statistical truth. A new pilot with a fresh license after 70 hrs of flight is a much safer pilot than 130 hr experienced pilot. It would take close to 200+hrs of experience for a pilot to be come close to a 70 hr noob pilot.
  14. To all the "Angry folks" Don't buy it if its not worth it for you. But stop being a winging jerk. Y'all are really annoying cause you sound like entitled idiots. We are not entitled to anything.. I too wanted something else.. Multi PC set up where I could build a better cockpit.