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  1. I am waiting for these two aircrafts. the 747 and the 777. What happened to them.
  2. I am surprised no one has told you this. You Invest to learn the 737 and you have 737, 777 and the 747 all study level aircrafts in one go with slight variations. The Fenix A320 Then the Leonardo MadDog M82 Then If you have time (This is much Harder to fly. You have to manage the power ) the CRJ700 As to your second Q. The Sids and Stars. The the ATC Default doesn't help you with any of these flight plans. The default ATC uses the flight path of the Default flight plan and all these 4 uses the its own flight plan. I generally match the default flight plan as close to these 4 aircraft flight plan as much as possible.
  3. IT does not even compare or come close to what the PMDG 737 (or the 777 or the 747) or let me speculate the Airbus A320 or the Leonardo 82. To the comparison of the Seminole or the FSX version of whatcumeigt call it, their twin. Its a bout the same. I stand by it! I have flown quite a few twins in real life to start with Piper Seneca.
  4. Exactly! why bring the C310 when the OP is talking about Airliners?
  5. For heavens sakes its not even a Turbo Prop! Sigh!
  6. I am trying to understand the DIFFERENT in the sim! IS all! Its an insult to the likes on PMDG 737 to compare something as mundane as the 310 to the 737. Whenever there is a discussion on Airliner, there comes a few people, who quietly sneaks in the C310 in. 🙂
  7. That has to do with the Simulated Pilot? 🙂
  8. What is wrong with the Seminole or the Duke! That was not simulated? The onus is on you sir! To prove that the C310 is simulating something as good as the PMDG 737?
  9. Exactly! Normal Asperated Engines! What is the one extra tech that is in C310?
  10. Educate me please! What is there in a C310! that is not in A Seminole or a Duke?
  11. Comparing the PMDG 737 release to the C310? You must be kidding me!
  12. Yes I got it. I installed and it doesn't work. I went back to its payware version of Orbix. It stays and stays when I go to KBUR. I have to kill the Fsim session.
  13. Yes. Its much smaller than VIPD but what the heck to take off its ok. Its a Single runway airport. I Bogut it just for VIPD and VQPR.
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