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  1. I have to admit I agree with you. I’ve also enjoyed the past year of simming without many issues. I was initially blown away by the increased performance of SU5 (and even forgave some of the extra CTDs I was getting), but now that I’ve spent more time looking out of the window the visuals are really disappointing. The trees, previously, were one of the biggest differentiators between this and other sims, but now they’re barely better than P3D or XPlane, except close-up. The blurriness of the ground textures (especially further away) makes the whole VFR experience a lot less enjoyable than it was - I’m hoping that it is a bandwidth issue (due to the increased demand on their servers right now), so I’m willing to wait and see on that front, but the clouds — even in HDR — are seriously less impressive than they were. If they weren’t already planning to revisit the visuals for PC users after this release (they have said several times that they are considering it) I hope that the reaction in all of the forums to this update will make them reconsider their next steps. I should add, in all fairness, that my experience of the flight handling, low level turbulence and additional shaking effects on takeoff/landing seem to be a big step forward on the previous updates, and I am enjoying that aspect of it. (Interestingly not all runways seem equally ‘bumpy’, and it’s only on the smaller asphalt/concrete ones that I’ve experienced it). Jorg, Seb etc are good people, with good intentions. They’ve already achieved so much with this platform, and we should give them the opportunity to reflect and fix these issues before we sharpen our pitchforks 😄
  2. @Bandyka - I just checked my Windows display settings and Nvidia control panel, and while my monitor claims to support 10-bit color, the dropdown is limited to 8-bit and is disabled. Am I missing something?
  3. I'm interested to see how it goes for you. But I thought I should point out that the thing bloom helps with is exactly the above — makes it so that you don't want to look directly at the sun, which of course you wouldn't do in real life either. MSFS is the first game I've played where I get a sense of brightness like I would in real life. Flying in the Piper Arrow once, the sun was low directly in front of my windshield, and I saw barely anything out of the window. I had one of those jaw dropping moments, when I lowered the sunshades, and could suddenly make out the landscape again (with a less intense sun) exactly as I would expect in real life. I think a sunglasses mode (like in XP) would be really helpful in the sim.
  4. Yup. The change they mentioned was already part of SU5 (just different to the earlier beta versions).
  5. @Alvega - see johnnycaptain’s reply two posts above yours.
  6. Oh wow. Ok - it’s good enough as it is for me right now 😄 But thanks a lot for the link all the same.
  7. You hinted earlier you could help with the setup of the color profile. Rec2020 means nothing to me I’m afraid. What do I need to set up?
  8. It's a consequence of their optimizations from what I understand. By not drawing the objects out of view around you, it then has to draw them as you pan, causing the stutters. It's a trade-off. Stutters all the time, or only when you look around. Outside of big cities (on a high-end computer admittedly) I don't experience any stutters while panning. Personally I'm ok with it, because I now get 60fps while looking ahead when landing at La Guardia or Newark, which I never could have dreamed of before.
  9. I haven't seen that yet. I'll have a look again tonight. I sadly have only the poor man's version of HDR (HDR400) so the effect isn't as big as I've seen in your screenshots, but it's still definitely an improvement on the default.
  10. Once you load the sim, just go to the top of graphics settings in options. The HDR option is near the top. Just turn it on and you’re good to go.
  11. I tried using MSFS in HDR mode on my monitor for the first time yesterday (no idea why it took so long, but anyway), and I found that the eye adaptation appears to be designed for that, rather than regular (SDR?) screens. Looking inside/outside of the cockpit resulted in a much quicker change, and while looking out at a very bright scene, the cockpit didn't fade to darkness like it used to... I was still able to see everything inside in a much more believable way. It was enough to satisfy me, at least. YMMV
  12. Do you have any mods at all left in your community folder? I had the same issue after moving most of mine out. I found a pesky tree fix mod still in there alongside the already-updated commercial airport scenery. Once I removed that, and rebooted, it worked fine. Loading times went from infinite to about 15 seconds (!)
  13. The last version of FS I had before 2020 was FS2004, where GSX wasn’t even available (although I did have AES at the time). I’m also really looking forward to finally being able to get my hands on this. Keep up the good work!
  14. The event itself does come with an excellent (if a little unoptimized) scenery for KOSH. You have to be registered on PilotEdge to get it, but they offer a 5 hour free trial for anyone interested. I took part last night along with about 50 other pilots on the Fisk Arrival (with 30+ more pilots on the ground or departing the airport). Being controlled by the real Oshkosh controllers, having them tell you to rock your wings and then guide you into a landing on the colored dots is an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. Highly recommended!
  15. Is this with Navigraph data or are you using the stock MSFS navdata?
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