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  1. Well, not quite. Since making the change locally, I have noticed a visual few side effects as well, such as the line through the horizon turning white in some situations (becoming much more noticeable than before) as well as what I can only describe as a lighthouse light effect on the clouds at sunrise (and possible sunset, although I didn't see it) where the rising sun shines an orange search light on clouds on the horizon until the sun has risen properly. As Biology has already mentioned, there are various other changes likely needed to the atmospheric model related to light scattering, especially around sunset and sunrise, to get the desired results in all situations.
  2. I would say that this is the only tweak we'll need in the exe for MSFS (and I share your pain about tweaks needed in previous FS versions), but one other tweak I might consider if anyone ever figures it out, is how to extend the live weather draw distance back to the original 600km distance that we had at launch (to ensure higher level clouds drawn to the horizon). I'd happily make that change, if there's were an easy way to implement it.
  3. ...And visually a no-brainer. It's a (subjective) massive improvement to the skyscape.
  4. I'm also on the latest beta, and was able to make the change successfully to my MS Store bought version. (I used the trick of enabling Dev mode in the simulator, clicking "Open Project" from the dev menubar and then copying the FlightSimulator.exe file within that dialogue to somewhere else, to make a backup, and apply the change). I'm using it in conjunction with the Xbox app, which I noticed afterwards gives me easy access to the exe file in C:\Xbox Games. The daytime colours are also improved, and I'm not sure if it's a placebo effect, but I have also noticed some other improvements (I always had some weird artefacting when passing through clouds that had multiple layers of clouds behind them - the clouds would have a weird overlapping effect in some instances). I spent last night flying through a lot of different clouds (both live weather and different weather themes) but the artefacts were gone.
  5. I didn’t see any night pics for the product anywhere so thought I’d provide one here for Boston: (Sorry about the quality. I’ve got an HDR monitor so took the photos with my phone)
  6. It's a shame he didn't show the night lighting, but I have to say I'd agree with his opinion on it. Like I said before, I'm really happy with it, and while I can't speak so much for the other cities, Boston is really spot on. And the PBR/reflective materials on buildings like the Hancock Tower look really good. Also, while not on-topic, I'd have to agree with him regarding the latest update that I got yesterday — my performance has tanked since then across the whole sim (also out in the sticks over Kentucky, Indiana). Really not sure what happened, but it was clearly more than just a navdata update.
  7. I bought it through the marketplace, so I'm afraid I can't see how the files are stored, but presumably it's as easy as uninstalling in the Content Manager? (he said, hopefully 😉)
  8. I bought this last week. I've not checked out LA or Miami yet, but Philadelphia and Boston looked great. My system tends to struggle a bit with Fly Tampa's KBOS, and with this city scenery added, I didn't notice any difference (i.e. it didn't make it any worse), but the buildings look great, and blend in well with the surrounding photogrammetry buildings (and I'm a stickler for that, because I hate it when you see obviously 3D rendered buildings next to otherwise photorealistic scenery, like the whole of Hudson Yards in the sim in NYC). Also, the night lighting is far superior to that of default photogrammetry. I'm a happy customer.
  9. Ha! Good timing, I guess. You're welcome (and sorry to hear about your motherboard)
  10. I had the same question this week. You may have resolved your issue already, but for those who haven't, the answer is that you can set it up by: Creating custom "Client Events" in Spad.next to map the H:events from the Vision Jet, by following the video below. The specific H:events that you need for the checklist wheel and press are as follows: H:checklist_scroll_down H:checklist_scroll_up H:checklist_checklist_select
  11. I just voted too. That real world comparison shot that you added on the MSFS forums thread was very impressive. (I may have to give XP12 a try what with the atmospherics and the automatic ortho these days 😉)
  12. I recall an interview with the development team behind FS2004 (so, a couple of years ago 😉) and specifically I think it was an oceanographer and someone else who deals with atmospheric science. They were mentioning how they were approached by the then ACES team to see if they could work with them to help improve the ocean colours and atmosphere behaviour in the then-upcoming simulator. I recall the oceanographer saying that she was very surprised to find herself working on such a project, and the guy responsible for the atmosphere going into great detail about how they modelled it so that you would get appropriate sunsets in different regions of the planet, at different times of the year. It's a shame all of that hard work was lost afterwards.
  13. I'm in the Beta, and after this update my logbook hours reset to zero, but more annoyingly the toolbar menu doesn't work anymore - It's simply vanished. Anyone else seeing that?
  14. True, but the point I’m trying by to make is that what we had originally was far superior to what we have now. Maybe less performant, they’d know better what the overall impact was, based on the platform in its current state, but visually so much more satisfying.
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