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  1. Amazing isn't it? Now if we could only get some sort of visual multiplayer shared cockpit avatars, shoot even just a little bobble head with movement simulation would be immersive.
  2. Leap Motion user here, no idea where you are getting this $270 leap motion controller thing at? This is all you need and its $90. https://www.robotshop.com/en/leap-motion-controller.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlO_Y6diR6QIVy5yzCh0IBgAWEAQYASABEgLvEvD_BwE So that's $490 for the leap motion and the Rift S.
  3. Now switch for me until FS2020 releases, I'm far to invested in FSX addon wise.
  4. Wow you guys really love that bird huh?
  5. I would rather wait and have them do it fully implemented and correctly, P3D VR is garbage
  6. Speaking of helicopters I have yet to experience the DodoSim 206. I was told it was the best physics as far as helicopter simulation.
  7. Christmas 2020 would be a home run!
  8. I use Cessna Pro Pedals. Takes a while to dial in and get right as far as deadzone but once you find the sweetspot they work great and just add another level of immersion to flight simming.
  9. Just found this beautiful model thanks alot! As you can see this is a huge improvement over what I've been using in my videos😂 Def expect your vehicle in my my future videos I'll give you a big shout out also!🍻
  10. 😂..oh dear....why? I didn't feel like laughing hard today🍻
  11. Says pretty much a whole bunch of nothing.....
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