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  1. Again 120hz refresh rate doesn’t mean anything in MSFS. It will never reach that type of fps in VR to take advantage of 120hz refresh rate. A wider FOV and higher native image resolution than the Index is a plus though. As well as Pimax level specs from a company with better customer service and support than Pimax...well? Wait this is still HTC we are talking about here...their customer support isn’t too far above Pimax’s either.🤣
  2. Nothing involving a flight sim’s depth and playability is ever “too silly”. Total immersion and freedom is key...no matter how the “serious study level simmer Avsim purist fun police feel”
  3. Not using MSFS again until they fix the awful terrain morphing before one’s eyes. Certainly don’t want to invest in payware being laid on top of vanilla sim issues while they are constantly pushing patches and updates. Especially concerning base scenery/terrain mechanics where the payware devs will most likely also have to patch/update their product in continuity with Asobo’s. However it’s very early in the sim and I do appreciate such a huge 3rd party addon push at this stage but the vanilla sim is still on shaky grounds for me to want to spend money on payware layers. Hopefully most issues in vanilla MSFS will be ironed out in another 6 months to a year.
  4. No Reshade for VR, but ENB can certainly be configured to work.
  5. I absolutely love the Bombardier Global Express and Northrop Grumman E-11A. Hopefully we'll see them in MSFS one day.
  6. This doesn’t even make any sense and is completely false...😒
  7. Here’s an old good read. This 355 for sale was prime example of such. They ripped the owner to shreds for his DIY modifications🤣 https://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/threads/1995-ferrari-355-berlinetta-35k-miles.430911/ https://rennlist.com/forums/vehicle-marketplace-old/836789-1995-ferrari-355-berlinetta-37k-miles-48-000-a.html
  8. There are still times in FSX/P3D for me that look better than MSFS. There are also times/conditions where MSFS can look just as washed out and bland as XP11. I still love the colors and atmospheric mood of FSX/P3D and imo MSFS doesn't replace any of the prior sims. They are all just have a different character depending on what I'm in the mood for. Indeed REX and ORBX products have shined the FSX/P3D platform up really nice over the past decade.
  9. This is avsim....no prior sim was ever enjoyable and attractive before MSFS. Users installed, loaded and have flown FSX P3D and XP11 for years with huge frowns and depression. No one actually enjoyed those sims at all and spending thousands of dollars in payware addons and hardware for them was done out of pure misery. @MattNischan Yup the F355s costly "mandatory engine out" maintenance service intimidated tons of potential used market buyers. Even after they have become more and more affordable to purchase outright, that has been the biggest turn off with the F355. @styckxGorgeous paintwork on the Legacy!🍻
  10. Can already be done with Oculus software virtual sticky windows which works great and tons better than WMR follow me method
  11. I love the Lancair Legacy and still fly it often in FSX. The 400HP version is one hell of a climber.
  12. Gonna download the new driver tonight. Fingers crossed it out performs ole faithful...
  13. There are a ton of simmers in this same very limbo. Luckily for me VR still makes the older sims look just as great visually. Can't go wrong with stereoscopic 3D no matter how outdated the visuals are. So for me VR keeps me visually appeased to the point I can still enjoy the older sims. I say take a month or two off man, rebuild the passion for flight simming. Watch tons of aviation and travel videos, jot down trips you want to take and places you want to explore, or a certain aircraft you really want to put super focus and training into.(Well as far as MSFS's aircraft selection will let you 🤣) Anything to build the anticipation for coming back to your sim setup and being immersed again.🍻
  14. I have the same feelings...there is something keeping me from buying payware for MSFS for now. Agreed there are tons and tons of new sceneries popping up everyday but it's just not that feeling of "OMG WANT NOW" as it were with prior sims..
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