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  1. Just ordered the Oddysey Plus... Been using the rift since 2016... Ill keep this thread updated on my new experience with it using FSX w/Flyinside P3D and XPlane11
  2. blueshark747

    New VR User

    3D Vision for P3D has been broken for a long time...
  3. blueshark747

    Oculus Go and Virtual Desktop

    Don't waste your time...half the games dont work and its not in 3D
  4. blueshark747

    OTT and FlyInside

    You sure?? Like low altitude flying past scenery objects looking left or right and they aren't passing by jerky??? What settings are you using in Flyinside and FSX??? Frame rate lock?
  5. blueshark747

    OTT and FlyInside

    Flyinside has its own pixel/res implementation built in.. independent of OTT. Also how are you running FSXSE/Flyinside without micro judder?? That is the main reason I quit using it
  6. blueshark747

    Finally, people boarding my FSX planes!!

    Tempted but I need reviews for FSX
  7. How is this king of VR when its not even on consumer level availability??
  8. blueshark747

    To 1080 Ti or not ??

    I would def go 1080ti. You need every bit of firepower to run Flyinside with a custom 5K resolution
  9. blueshark747

    Prepar3d V4.1 and VR

    Flyinside released today for P3D V4
  10. blueshark747

    Prepar3d V4.1 and VR

    Where is walking mode?
  11. blueshark747

    Prepar3d V4.1 and VR

    Am I missing something??? Stereo mod runs horrible for me... and that rig in my sig is old. my new setup is Rift headset with GTX 1080 and i7 5820k on Windows 10
  12. blueshark747

    4.1 release notes

    As in good performance in non stereo VR mode right, because Stereo mode still runs like word not allowed for me
  13. blueshark747

    Prepar3d V4.1 and VR

    And your using the Stereo VR mode?????