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  1. It's more of an old school traditional yoke/analog/CRT display aircraft compared to the more modern flight stick/full digital automated /LCD Airbus 318+ series . It was still technically advanced for it's era, but something a little more early feeling than the common A320.
  2. Trust me, there are times where I was grateful for the same. Then I purchased the Bredok 737 and VirtualcoL E Jets for MSFS and I realized I can no longer enjoy an aircraft and simply ignore the bad visuals that the functionality would substitute for.🤣😂
  3. Id take Aerobask over anything from Eaglesoft and Carenado, but can only dream for now. Maybe one day they’ll change their minds and jump in MSFS addon production.
  4. No Eaglesoft had overpriced sub quality visuals even for FSX era visuals. No thanks!
  5. Keeping my eyes peeled for these two releasing one day.. https://fselite.net/content/a-freeware-bombardier-challenger-300-is-in-development-for-msfs/ https://fselite.net/content/cockspur-announces-citation-510-mustang-for-msfs/
  6. I'm not touching the Marketplace for the following reasons 1. Encrypted files...one of the best things about purchasing payware addons is the multitude of free mods that are produced for these addons on flightsim.to. Why would I automatically alienate myself from freeware mods and even product improvement fixes/patches submitted by other simmers before the actual product's dev's acknowledge and issue hotfix patches? 2. Delayed hotfix/patch updates.....There are no perfect bug/issue free version 1.0 product releases that don't need anything. So if I'm buying a product, expecting initial bugs and quirks that need to be addressed(pretty much the accurate history and experience of all of these payware aircraft releases lately) I don't want to wait weeks for initial hotfix patches I want to be able to access to the patch/download from the devs ASAP. 3. There have been numerous issues regarding all Marketplace DLC content being mysteriously and abruptly removed from folks content storage. A one or two instance incident wouldn't bother me as much, but unfortunately it's a common reoccurring issue causing customers tons of grief and frustration.
  7. Wow right on!🍻 I’ve been boating and fishing on the Chesapeake/Solomons Island since a kid.
  8. Where can I grab this toolkit? Will it work alongside Oculus Debug Tool? I’m on a Rift S also.
  9. For a 2 year release MSFS is an extremely versatile piece of tech with land sea and air. I’m amazed by something everytime I fire it up. Heres one more.. Some deep gorge creek scenery work a dev came up with, can you imagine the terrain and landscapes when we start getting proper river ravine elevation added?😍 https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxLJk78MpyQpZyuPkvXLheh-mKrK3Q4y6B
  10. MSFS Boat Wake https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxRU5_-WtVgixuDW8AeOmK-KKnzyGvPoLi
  11. This is MSFS water in 7 knots winds. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxHnuaTOstc5v4pEkxWIbXsv8qFnBrlgoH
  12. It was kinda a joke as such a traditional forum format is still proven to be suitable, easy to read/navigate and quite effective 20+ years later. Of course some chose to skip the humor and have it land directly into feelings. I mean no one is trying to replace nor discredit the glory days of IRCs, MUDs, FUDs phpBBs and multi display fat back CRT flight sim setups. Technology has simply advanced over the decades and I'm quite grateful for such🤣😂
  13. Huh? What does MSFS need to improve at FL350? Are we enjoying the same sim here? The atmospheric visuals in MSFS are absolutely gorgeous and unmatched even at FL350 especially after SU9. The cloud, haze, fog, shadow cast on terrain looks even more realistic with 3D depth. It makes the prior sim platforms look completely bland and unrealistic in comparison.
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