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  1. I gotta agree display port image quality is just superior. I quickly went back to my Rift S because I just can't stand the image quality compromise from the Quest 3's Link compression limitations. While the overall view of the VR image is an improvement with a Quest 3 It's like I lost so many pixels and details in the distance. This was using the best Oculus Debug Tool Super sampling and Bitrate options.as well. Threw my Rift S back on its just more of a rich full image. So yea just much better image quality with display port based HMDs for me and you don't have to compensate trying to add more TAA to make up for the Quest 3's Link USB display connection.
  2. Yea I don't want AI Flow messing with my other traffic spawns I'll stick with previous version.
  3. This may be my first FENIX purchase...we'll see
  4. Yea gotta pass on BATC until they implement real VR compatibility.
  5. I'm loving the beta progress so far, but that particular screenshot and weather depiction just looks horrible. The volcanic ash/ demolition clouds just don't mix well with any other cloud types nor formations. I wish MS/Asobo would redo them already.
  6. It's for sure improving, but that AS screenshot looks terrible.
  7. While I enjoy the 170/175 alot, I never cared to buy the 190/195 afterwards because of FSS's slow progress on the 190/195'S VNAV. So looks like no freebie freighter for me😒
  8. Yup the 1080ti is a factory freak of an old GPU, and still manages to somehow survive the latest Nvidia drivers without suffering any real performance loss or "coincidental bricking".🤣 Which headset are you running lately? Still enjoying your G2?
  9. At this point we are only missing trains😛
  10. Pretty much gotta expect it with this combo...🤣😂 2K/4K Resolution A300 Inibuild's KLAX Ultra Clouds FSLTL or FS Traffic
  11. Ground scenery Ease of addon installation via drag n drop community folder Best clouds in any sim Best lighting engine of any sim OOM blurry texture and microstutter free Most optimized native VR experience in any flight sim
  12. Let me clarify....I still prefer hardwired VR over the latest Wireless Quest Air Link tech when it comes to flight/race simming. From my personal experience with all the Quest HMDs the hardwired Rift S just gives a better overall image than what the Quest Link cable can do. While the Quest 3 visuals and fit are much better and an improvement than the Quest 2. I feel the Quest 2 was not the best first impression of VR visuals for you, while most of the hardwired HMDs just give better colors and visuals overall I'd say going Varjo, Somnium VR1 or latest Pimax HMD in the future are surely the way to go for the closest thing you'll get to native 1440p monitor like visuals in a VR HMD. The Quest 3 was my latest HMD purchase and I just don't care for the link cable nor air link visuals even after tweaking Oculus Debug Tool settings. Quickly found myself going back to my hardwired Rift S. Its just a much more rich full overall image as far as sharpness and color. I've been using VR since 2014 and have accumulated the following headsets since. Oculus DK2 Oculus CV1 HTC Vive Rift S Samsung Odyssey Plus Quest 1 Quest 2 Quest 3 HP Reverb G1 HP Reverb G2 Valve Index In 2024 I still prefer my Rift S over my Quest 3, Reverb G2, and Valve Index for MSFS and a couple of other VR titles. It's all up to personal preference on which HMD ticks all your boxes and honestly simply works and gives the most enjoyment The Rift S just checks all my boxes as far as tracking, comfort, visuals.( G2 Reverb and Index have better black colors but have other things I don't like about them) As for why I always end up enjoying the Rift S more, the lower native 1280×1440 resolution just leaves a ton of performance room for some pretty high supersampling which heavily makes up for the lower native resolution. I personally just prefer the way Oculus/ Meta Tool super samples the Rift S's VR image in particular over most. Running 1.4SS in MSFS with in sim 90 TAA gives me a crisp beautiful image in MSFS with enough headroom to run ultra clouds. I'm currently waiting on the Somnium VR1 as my next big VR purchase along with a new PC with the latest Nvidia/Intel combo. So yea I own most major HMDs besides the latest Pimax or Varjo HMDs. Hopefully the Somnium VR1 is the next best HMD for me. Also my ancient 1080ti/8700k setup handles all of my HMDs very well in 2024 for the titles I enjoy. As an older card the 1080ti is still a very powerful factory freak GPU and with 11GB of video ram, it's still a workhorse that can drive most HMDs well and chew through most of the latest pc titles in 2D at the end of the day 😛 So yes my recommendation from your current Quest 2 would be to skip the Quest 3 and go directly to the latest Pimax, Varjo or Somnium VR HMDs, since the future with our current high end hard wired Reverb G2 looks shaky with Windows future updates. All just my personal tastes and opinions from 10 years of being an absolute VR HMD hoarder and addict of course.🍻
  13. I own most of them yet...I just find myself using the Rift S the most.
  14. It's called muscle memory, a decent working human central nervous system can learn to access and use our flight sim hardware peripherals while in VR within a couple weeks of practice/familiarity. If I constantly need to remove my HMD from my face to fiddle with my smartphone or replace my avionics displays with a crappy passthrough displays to see where my hands go then maybe I should just stick to 2D? Muscle memory is an amazing thing, within a couple months I could accurately access every hardware, button, switch and dial within reach of my sim setup while in VR. Every other control is in the virtual cockpit and can be accessed with a VR controller.
  15. Why would I want to ruin my beautiful VR image with a passthrough cut out? Just defeats the purpose of VR for me.
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