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  1. So i got it working after 4.2 upgrade...AWESOME. Appreciate the help hunker down to reinstall the goodies Thanks Steve
  2. Thanks for quick replies. Might I inquire what you mean by Native VR. New to this, Thanks again Steve
  3. Thanks for the replys.... I got Steam and Steamvr working now... Still working on integration with prepar3d. what is the proper way to start programs maybe i am not doing right sequence. Thanks in advance Steve
  4. Guess i should tell you where i am.... im stuck in a stone room i can see Prepar3d on a pane on a wall in one the rooms 2D and cannot figure out for the life of me how to resolve this. I read almost every post here, Downloaded Flyinside P3d4 but it does not recognize Odyssey also downloaded Steam and SteamVR it doesn't recognize Odyssey so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Steve
  5. Hello are there any checklists to follow in accomplishing this? Thanks in advance, Steve
  6. KMSY payware....

    Glenn Johnson has a version i use even in Prepar3d 4.1 seems to work just fine. You can find it here in the library. Many other Southwest friendly airports also Steve
  7. Well the black plague issue is curable. Looked at prescribed method of turning off and limiting addon method to certain important addons ( UTLIVE, SODE....) and not scenery seems to have brought the exterernal textures back to flight simming life PMDG, Default aircraft (all of them), even Carenado wasnt immune. But glad to report all is well again. Thanks for stopping me from reinstalling everything one more time Very appreciated forum indeed, Steve
  8. All i can ask is there a cure for this black plague i am experiencing? Now all aircraft are just black textures. Thanks in advance so disheartening Steve
  9. Litttle help needed...

    Hey thanks... yes to doing the protocols ie...shader cash, rebuilding config. I failed doing upgrade version of version 4.1. So bit bullet did a full reinstall . I have a few more tricks up my selve.. I'll let you know if anything brings aircraft textures back to life. But I just thought of something. The aircraft affected were also redone for rain on windshield effect in 4.1. I wonder if when I updated sims graphics to rex textures, or fsfx precipfx maybe knocked something loose. But I'm sure many more than just myself would have this problem Thanks Steve
  10. Litttle help needed...

    Thanks for the reply, but it did not achieve desired results. In fact as i look over the aircraft inventory all the fs9 type airplanes (supplied with latest P3DV410 build) are black textured. IDK Thanks for suggestion Steve
  11. I opened P3DV410 and i have it setup to start from the Scenario page. The Problem, My default plane (Beech350) is just black textures. It started with the Default Jet the Iris F-22 Raptor after a few flights on newly installed Prepar3d suddenly the exterior textures went black. After trying to troubleshoot, i switched to the Beech 350 and everything was okay and now even this plane exterior texture are black. I noticed also PMDG planes were skeletons in the options menu. Any one seen this? Removed Ezdok deleted shaders still same problem 6700K, EVGA 1080 classifieds multiscreen(3) sim works great I dont get this anomaly. Thanks Steve
  12. P3D v4 Won't Start

    My problems normally start as an update is about to be released. Great info to update all elements FSDT, ORBX and such. Thanks again Steve
  13. P3D v4 Won't Start

    Mine was as simple as Starting Prepar3d without Simstarter after removing the Prepar3d config. almost back to normal. Update Steve
  14. P3D v4 Won't Start

    wow... I just took a break for a couple days and now Prepar3d wont start here also.... Simstarter just had an update Trying to figure this out. Up until break i flew almost everyday in last two months. Good Luck Steve
  15. P3D v4 SLI

    May i ask found it where? Thanks in advance Steve