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  1. sluihn

    Lionheart Lear 24B

    this is on page 6 or 7 "I posted this elsewhere, thought I'd share it here too. Install specs for the GTN750 in the new blank space, using the [Vcockpit06] section in panel.cfg...  To install the 750 so it's at it's proper proportions (and center it in the panel space), I used: gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 90, 109, 846, 801, UNIT1.VC If you want it to fill the spot & don't mind the gauge being stretched horizontally, use: gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 90, 109, 1011, 801, UNIT1.VC The space isn't perfect for the 750, might be better suited to the 650. 750 is a little too tall for the spot." Thanks Jimmy I've been looking for this also... oh and thanks flibinite... awesome Steve
  2. Good find.. but i am trying to understand that folder C:\Windows\WinSXS at least on my computer is over ten gigs you just deleted the whole thing? Thanks steve
  3. sluihn

    777 Airway Intercept?

    Hey just spit balling here... the manual was written when??? and the current/ updated navigation cycle the FMC uses sometimes changes navaids names, locations... so to get the PMDG example to work I would at least get the old/same navigation cycle the navaids refer to in the example you trying to replicate and experience. When was PMDG 777 released, manual written, probably in that time frame hope this helps steve
  4. Like the west coast and i mean west of Mississippi river... almost everywhere to the west i can not start a flight. I have all orbx and high quality airports..... the truth being. I believe one night after couple post work sodas (wink) i found a program that i was able to turn off sceneries and since most of my flights are on east coast and Caribbean i thought hey lets save resources and not load half of the scenery i have. The results have been great but now i cant figure out which program i used to get these results. I use Simstarter and also use AddonOrganizer but cant figure out which one gave me the option. any thoughts would be great ie... the problem i'm having if i start at say klax ksan klas ect.. prepar3d v4_2 will load the scenery and then five or so seconds after loaded and visually i can see a gate Prepar3d shuts down no error no warning i get my home screen like i just started my computer... weird again any thoughts would be appreciated I've verified all files via FTX i tried to rebuild Scenery config Think it is Prepar3d's way of saying update to 4.3 but 4.2 is working so well right now Thanks in advance Steve
  5. sluihn

    wx locked out

    Appreciate the comment Al ... i uninstalled and reinstalled WXradar and it works like it was intended. Thanks for the help Steve
  6. sluihn

    wx locked out

    Hello.. i think i updated something and now when i start Prepar3d an error message appears and say default kingair wx locked out which i didnt care but started the Lear35a and i got same message any way to repair? Thanks Steve Prepar3d v4.2
  7. sluihn

    Feedback from networked users

    Omg what is with win 10 and what they doing to networked systems. Every update I am losing more functionality in network it seems. First home group is gone.. Spent hours last update to reestablish connections. had to get in car drive to lake to get away from it. will it ever end rant over steve
  8. sluihn

    Lear ?

    Hey Bert Thanks didn't know 750 would fit but that is awesome. I always see you helping people around here though the years just wanted to say Thanks its great to come to this community and experience such comradery. off to adjust configuration Thanks again Steve
  9. sluihn

    Lear ?

    How can one install 650 and wxradar into avionics Rolodex and remove old gps? Hope it is possible, Truely enjoying flying this jet. Excellence excelled. thanks in advance Steve
  10. sluihn

    Install into bespoke addon folder?

    Hello this a favorite jet , glad it is back with updates it flies Awesome. Thanks in advance and Thanks for the FREE update!!! Steve
  11. So i got it working after 4.2 upgrade...AWESOME. Appreciate the help hunker down to reinstall the goodies Thanks Steve
  12. Thanks for quick replies. Might I inquire what you mean by Native VR. New to this, Thanks again Steve
  13. Thanks for the replys.... I got Steam and Steamvr working now... Still working on integration with prepar3d. what is the proper way to start programs maybe i am not doing right sequence. Thanks in advance Steve
  14. Guess i should tell you where i am.... im stuck in a stone room i can see Prepar3d on a pane on a wall in one the rooms 2D and cannot figure out for the life of me how to resolve this. I read almost every post here, Downloaded Flyinside P3d4 but it does not recognize Odyssey also downloaded Steam and SteamVR it doesn't recognize Odyssey so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Steve
  15. Hello are there any checklists to follow in accomplishing this? Thanks in advance, Steve