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  1. Hey… I rename the G1000 mod to 01G1000 because Msfs2020 load mods alphabetically. so in my community folder 01G1000 GPS mod is first loaded. 02G3000 GPS mod …. 03G3000 road mod… 04GX….. i haven’t had a problem using this method hope it helps Steve
  2. Thanks for the reminder... that worked But another item showed up... Marketplace is greyed out What up wit dat? Thanks for any insight Steve
  3. Hey back after a month or so in real world, did latest update but noticed all golf courses stadiums arenas, ect.... are missing and the msfs world has changed. Did updates cause this much mayheim??? thanks great to be back Steve
  4. First Thank You for this very annoying to have to reach out of home cockpit to press the space bar to talk with P2A. Any chance to upload it to Avsim ?? Not a member of xplane and the link you posted just takes me to my Onedrive account I didn't realize I had. Very Appreciated Steve
  5. So i guess you passed your check ride with a Better then OK landing rating. Congrats Your buying this round 🍻 Steve
  6. As Brunner Owners we are a quiet bunch... but there is no going back once you have had the experience, could be answer why were not so talkative too busy flying. Did 25 years with saitek yokes and rudders, the last 2 years have been a blast with the CLS-E Yoke and Rudder Pedals. Took simming to a new level especially if your pedals start rumbling cause your overspeeding the aircraft your flying. Yea, there are adjustments you need to do but this setup gave me as close to real life experience as i'm going to afford. So i did it right with Brunner. One thing when dealing with companies abroad, they take longer vacations than us stateside, sure it is true around the holidays. Be patient Well worth the investment Steve
  7. Fly in the Tropics is the best way to turn the Snow off YMMV Cheers jealous of you updated and installed in 15 minutes.... Folks 2 gigs to go
  8. For the record... correct me if I’m wrong. MS add on Linker does not touch or modify anything to do with any add on. it’s purpose is to organize your addon freely in folder and subfolders in your folder of choice - will create links in the community folder. There is no need to move files in and out of the folder. - very easy to activate/deactivate groups of addons (single click) - lets you save presets of addons - lets you rename addons (link will be automatically updated) - lets you add / update / remove addons FYI. Cheers
  9. I just did update... Definitely liveries 1.24G of them, each plane (Deluxe for me.) But also, I always press start menu before update and go to Microsoft store app and the update today was for Mixed Reality Port for VR. Don't see the connection but they you are. YMMV Steve
  10. If you think there is a problem. Delete the folder inside Official folder so the game recognizes it needs to be redownload. That's what I did works like a champ. Cheers Steve
  11. Thanks for the replies... Its working but not after the initial fix. In the ingame content folder, it showed the M20R up to date and installed but it really wasn't ( this being after I reapplied the update and restarted.) Upon examining, its folder was missing items. So I deleted the M20R folder in the Official Folder, redownloaded, installed and restarted picked M20R loaded up sim at departure airport but no electronics. So upon another restart this time emptying the community folder (whether it matter or not, wanted a clean restart) It worked. We been doing this for over a many moons now I've learned just to march forward with restarts I agree heck even Flightsim.co offers this as an option if you sign into their site. Saves a lot of tracking downloaded sceneries and liveries down, that just updated.👍 Thanks. after a couple adjustments the restart went as planned. Thanks Again Steve Now if I just had a nickel for every flyboy that told me to reboot.... I'd be a rich guy j/k 🤣
  12. Hey Thanks for the reply... I had this update in my content area, and now after d/ling 870ish megs it broke my M20R. I'll restart again, I got the update a week ago... flew great. Made the mistake thinking Carenado added to this Great aircraft... This will teach me to update just because i see one...smh Hopes dashed Thanks again Steve
  13. New update or am i just slow?? Cheers Steve
  14. Early Christmas Present..... Cheers
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