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  1. I just went through this week or so ago... reboot computer.... open and log in to microsoft store leave minimized open xbox app log out and log back in .... start msfs2020 not run as administer also make sure when running msfs2020.. in taskbar under properties Run As Admin is not checked.... open Msfs2020 through app is how I broke the curse of buying through MP... only took 5 hours to figure out Once I purchased I reset run to admin back in place important with all the 3rd party apps i run. But wow. Was ready to throw msfs2020 in the toilet I truly believe Microsoft has only hurt themselves with this bs.. because me .... this is last Microsoft product I will buy. Ymmv Cheers
  2. Haven't had a chance to try newer version... wil try that out after Game 7 NHL playoffs tonight. Go Canes!!!!!
  3. I'll confirm with AAO and streamdeck my sim just crashes if SD is activated before I start Msfs2020 and have to be sitting in cockpit of desired aircraft before activating SD for use. Adobe needs to fix these kinds of crashes. Others like rex weather all create same crash This before and after msfs uodates.
  4. There was an update for me today.. the g1000 nxi updated and I had a scenery update also. Not 26 gig s.. makes sure it is pointed st the right folder especially if you installed on another drive... cheers
  5. Oh my Flight'n God.... you have changed my sim for ever and my experience. Fluid flight simming is possible, I've been as frustrated the past year with an well updated computer and samsung 55 4k pulling my hair out (what little i have) But NOW.... FLUID FLIGHT like i envied on those youtuber videos. I Thank You!!!!!!! Steve
  6. The Simmarket app does not run in the background like orbx. Just open... browse... buy...update.... rinse and repeat when you want the latest. And then close the App that easy. For many simmarket has been a great service.. i can even still to this day download any FS2004/FS9 add ons i bought no extra charge... if i ever wanted to go back in time. YMMV Steve
  7. https://www.simflight.com/2022/03/20/drzewiecki-design-washington-landmarks-msfs-update-v1-2/
  8. Also developer just released version 1.2 for washington scenery. Might help with fps. Good Luck Steve
  9. Fsdreamteam updated the mesh I believe a week or more ago. Make sure you run their updater to get the latest. Peace Steve
  10. i believe Bean is saying now available?? on Market Place... why because it is DX-12 compatible, not that has anything to do with it Steve
  11. Also after restart there are going to be stutters until video dx files rebuild themselves Steve
  12. Before starting Msfs2020, always after driver update or service one open you pc folder right click on 😄 drive or your windows drive goto properties and clean up drive. This will clear the files that may conflict with the newly installed. Also clear trash folders and anything that may take resources away from flight sim. Ymmv Steve
  13. Hope you enjoy as much as I do... solidly made. Did you spruge for the rudder pedal.... Great combo. Enjoy Steve my wife, i think understood... jury's out
  14. This is interesting.... the image that is presented in the menu when you pop pick a plane and a location is updated to include my neighborhood but in the sim it is not present.... bummer. Ymmv Blue skies up
  15. I just ordered a Bravo throttle from Sportys and it arrived this morning. I had a Great Experience in this transaction and throttle arrived a day early. Props to Sportys Steve
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