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  1. Hello, I managed to make the EOX Sentinel-2 Cloudless map work for FSEarthTiles 🙂 What you need to do: Step 1: a) Open "FSEarthTiles.ini" b) Copy and paste that under your sources [Service5] ServiceName = Sentinel 2 Cloudless map ServiceCodeing = zyx ServiceUrl = https://a.tiles.maps.eox.at/wmts/1.0.0/s2cloudless-2019_3857/default/GoogleMapsCompatible/%s.jpg Referer = https://a.tiles.maps.eox.at UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0 ServerVariations = a,b,c,d c) Rename your Service Number according to your file For me it's Service5 but for you it may be different so rename it so that it follows your current sources Referer and UserAgent are optional, you can disable them by commenting them using "#". I have noted no difference with or without these lines Step 2: IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW IT IT WON'T WORK a) Open "TileCodeingScript.cs" (in the FSEarthTiles folder) with notepad b) Locate the lines: else if (EarthCommon.StringCompare(iUseCode, "zxy")) { Int64 vServiceZ = EarthMath.cLevel0CodeDeep - iAreaCodeLevel; Int64 vServiceX = iAreaCodeX; Int64 vServiceY = iAreaCodeY; //vResultCode = "&x=" + vServiceX.ToString() + "&y=" + vServiceY.ToString() + "&z=" + vServiceZ.ToString(); vResultCode=vServiceZ.ToString() + "//" + vServiceX.ToString() + "//" + vServiceY.ToString(); } c) Now after these lines copy and paste the following lines : else if (EarthCommon.StringCompare(iUseCode, "zyx")) { Int64 vServiceZ = EarthMath.cLevel0CodeDeep - iAreaCodeLevel; Int64 vServiceX = iAreaCodeY; Int64 vServiceY = iAreaCodeX; //vResultCode = "&x=" + vServiceX.ToString() + "&y=" + vServiceY.ToString() + "&z=" + vServiceZ.ToString(); vResultCode=vServiceZ.ToString() + "//" + vServiceX.ToString() + "//" + vServiceY.ToString(); } Like so : For People who want to know why the second step: -Why do we have to do this? -Because, the source link is like this : https://a.tiles.maps.eox.at/.../ZoomLevel/Latitude/Longitude If you think of a grid you have X = longitude and Y = latitude Now FSEarthtiles must read the link and that's what the ServiceCodeing is for: By putting zxy, FSEarthtiles will read the ZoomLevel, the Longitude and the Latitude in THAT order. You see the problem? FSEarthTiles reads Longitude where the Latitude is in the link so X and Y are inversed. Because there was no "zyx" read mode I had to implement it myself by just copying the "zxy" elif instruction and just inverse X and Y. Maybe there is a smarter way to do it directly in the FSEarthTiles.ini file but I don't know. And that's it ! :) I like the EOX map more than google and bing because even if the max zoom is something like 4m/pixel it gives -a cloudless map -more vivid and beautiful colors than Google and Bing in my opinion
  2. Ok so here's my problem. the Turkish 77 screenshots were taken with 16gb ram and my old motherboard. the British airways screenshots are taken after my motherboard and ram upgrade giving me 32gb ram. the same setting and the same cfg config were used on both flights. its really frustrating because i cannot get rid of the blurries. ive verified and reinstalled all orbx products at least twice now, ive done a full reinstall of windows, if done the terrain.cfg trick ive deleted my scenery.cfg and p3d.cfg to allow my p3d to create new ones and still nothing. im literally begging for help now lol. on my old motherboard i was getting between 20 and 25fps over London. with my new ram and motherboard dim getting around 30. so its not as if im getting any lag or stutter. my autogen doesnt have an issue keeping up with me, the tile below me in the a319 is crisp and how it should be but all surrounding tiles are blurry. i have the purge tile setting in the cfg set to default 16 in both flight also.
  3. This is the support page for SXAD's KAMA for FSX, FSX SE, Prepar3d v2, v3 and v4. Currently this airport is available from Simmarket: http://secure.simmarket.com/sxairportdesign-rick-husband-amarillo-international-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml And Justflight: https://www.justflight.com/product/sxad-kama-amarillo-airport
  4. Hi! I would like to inform a tool than I am using a few months and I am loving. This is SimToolKitPro an EFB with a lot of funcionality and FREE. See below First Look and what the new version v0.6 bring to us. First Look: SimToolKitPro v0.5.61 IMHO I consider better than ProjectFly. https://simtoolkitpro.co.uk/ Enjoy!
  5. harrison


    I currently have my sim on a SSD and my orbx on a normal hard drive. But my autogen is really slow at loading in. Do you think if I buy a new ssd to fit both my sim and scenery on it my autogen will load in faster? Thanks
  6. Hi, i am having a bit of trouble getting good sunset textures with my addons... Does anyone know how to get the perfect sunset colors with the addons im using? https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdwkbzmxtigtqzx/sunset.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/246hi1h245qz48q/sunset2.jpg?dl=0 As u can see on the pictures.. It's pretty dull... Addons: Activesky + ASCA ENVTEX/SHADE Thank you! ❤️ Stay healthy folks. /Araxxos
  7. Hi All, I purchased, downloaded and installed FlyTampa's St. Maarten V1.8, took off from FLL and flew 3 hours only to approach a bumpy, jagged TNCM. Yes, I should have tested the scenery prior to taking off, but chose to trust its compatibility. Has anyone installed this scenery into P3D V3? The installer picked the right folder and everything however, the scenery looks to have chunks of land poking out from the runway, and the overall landscape is not as it should be. It seems as if other people are having the same issue (per youtube comments). Also, the uninstall of the scenery is loading but not completing the process (i run an administrator). Anyone else having this issue? If so, did they find a remedy? Any help would be greatly appreciated, was one of my favorite sceneries in FSX. All the best, HM Amazing what a simple restart, reinstall can do. I jumped the gun on this post. apologies. feel free to delete.
  8. Hey Pilots, Can't remember what last was installed on my Sim, but load time has increased significantly... (in excess of 3-4 minutes)...I mean flash page only. Once I choose vehicle, APT all good. Terrain loads blazing fast. Just initial load.I searched forums but nothing exactly the same. I believe last thing I installed was CYUL but I don't think that has anything to do with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, I recently downloaded milviz F-4E with ADV and Tacpack, whenever i try to start the aircraft from cold and dark using the GPU it won't spool up eventhough i already press "Signal External Airflow" under Milviz F-4E Addons tab. Also when i switch to Ready to Fly mode, the throttle are locked and it won't move at all. I Already tried it on Prepar3D V3 and V4, the results from both sim are same, do i really need to install VRS Tacpack for it to be working properly? Thank you.
  10. Hello dear friends of the Avsim community. I would like to point out that the FSX version and the P3Dv4.5 version of the Chevrolet Suburban have been available on the Bahrometrix download page since last weekend. I posted a corresponding contribution here at the forum under General Freeware Discussion:
  11. Come with me on my P51 flights around scenic North America This flight takes me across Utah over Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley making my way into Colorado
  12. Hello, My fps are between 3 and 7 from yesterday, and before my fps were at around at least 30. I really don't know what could be the problem. I installed all over again my simulator today, at the beginning it was working very good (between 25 and 50 fps), and suddenly it dropped to between 3 and 7 like yesterday. I am desperate and I really don't know what to do, so if someone could help me it would be great. I have GTX 1070ti, with 16GB of RAM and I7 last generation. The Addons I have: ORBX products ChasePlane GSX Tomato Reshade FSUIPC Active Sky PMDG (B737) I have tried to open the simulator after each install of one addon, and I haven't found which one may have caused that problem. I installed last FSUIPC, but it worked fine after opening the simulator, and after 5 minutes the fps dropped. I tried removing FSUIPC but didn't change anything Hope someone know something about this issue. Thank you very much in advance.
  13. Hi all! I purchased REX Essentials Plus OD a few months ago for FSX. I upgraded to P3D yesterday, purchased the REX Access Rights for P3D (5 bucks), got charged on my card for it, but according to the program, I haven't bought it and can't activate it. I have the latest version and hit the restore button under Backup/Restore Configuration, but it still says, "P3D not activated." Is there anybody who knows anything about this or who I can contact at REX? Or better yet, is there anybody from REX here on the forums? It's really annoying, mainly because I got charged for something I apparently never bought. Thanks.
  14. I know there are a lot of VAS topics started in the forum about the T7 but it was in my interest to start a fresh one because the others are not FULLY quite my question/comments B) I am currently at CRZ (FL360) after leaving a default airport (Perth) with normal autogen and normal complexity..I only have FTX Global Base 1.3 installed and all my Vector entries are unchecked in my scenery library a long with all airports except the one I am flying into (as always when flying the T7). I left the airport with about 1.6GBs remaining and all was good...half way into my journey now, I have less than half of that. **warning big picture** http://i.imgur.com/EycHfVy.jpgre I am flying into Flytampa's Athens and I could be possibly hit with an OOM and all I have are default everything expect Global and the T7. From take-off to CRZ in the middle of Saudi Arabia where it is literally all dessert how can I leak almost 1GB - 9hrs in? I thought I loaded almost everything in Perth. Can someone break down why it keeps going less and less and less.....I have BELOW moderate settings, and I'm on a good system as well (4790k@4.6 & GTX980). I have more then compensated my sliders/scenery to just fly this thing without always having to worry about an OOM. I never would of thought being almost all default would ever still risk getting slammed with an OOM. comments, questions, concerns gentlemen?
  15. I just built a new machine for Xplane and P3d. Now want to upgrade from my GTX770 to a better GPU. Should i take the TitanX or the GTX 980Ti? Is the TitanX worthe the 300€+?
  16. Night Environment Benelux v1.71 Released! Night Environment Benelux, our first region and the one that started it all is finally getting a face lift from Aerosoft, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards; including... Read more here
  17. Hey guys. I used to have fsx (cd version) installed. I uninstalled it when I got p3d 2.5. I also bought Flightsim Estonia's migration tool to help with addons. Now I want to install fsx again on a 2nd harddrive alongside p3d. However, when I start the installation I only get an option to repair or uninstall the preexisting version of fsx. However, I dont have fsx installed... I made a thread at flightsim estonia - you can find it here: http://board.flightsim.ee/discussion/479/answered-install-fsx-after-p3d-and-migration-tool#Item_9 They havent been able to help me solve this issue yet, and so I turn to the broader avsim public to see if it might give me a solution. I really want to get back in fsx to fly my lovely Concord *crossing fingers*
  18. Hey, Just wondering if the 747-4x FSX edition is able to be transferred over to P3D, and how I would do it. Cheers
  19. when i manually enter fuel my ZFW changes and flips about. For example the correct one will be 209.1 kgs which then changes to 180kgs or something like that. I get around this by entering another random fuel level so the corrcect ZFW comes back then I re enter the desired fuel from my flight plan. Has anyone noticed this behaviour? (P3D 3.1). If it helps I use a 777 startup panel state of '777 short' but with zero payload and 17% fuel saved
  20. Hi, Has anyone tried installing Traffic 360 into P3D 2.5? On their site it says it's compatible with FSX and P3D v1, but no mention of v2. Does anything need to be added to the .cfg file to get it running or any other changes need to be made? Thanks, Steve
  21. Hello all, I would like your opinions on a graphics card for P3D that will best suite my rig. My current setup is as follows: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k @4.0Ghz (NOT willing to overclock) GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290 (NOT X) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Power Supply: 800w The case has got room for a full sized GPU With P3D I use: All PMDG's Aerosoft A318-A321 Payware scenery for most popular airports (EGLL KJFK CYYZ) With my current GPU while flying into the airports listed above^ in the Aerosoft A321 I get about 15-20fps. 15-20fps I can deal with, but it is when I step into the PMDG 737 that I get frames in the 10-16fps range. I have all the drivers for my GPU, and have tweaked P3D (Which has helped some), and I have the latest updates/patches to P3D. I think it might be time to retire this card. I was thinking something along the lines of an EVGA 970? If there is anyone reading this with this current card that sims on P3D, I would greatly appreciate a response. I don't really want to go above $450 CAD. Thanks for your help. -Thomas
  22. So I was doing a flight from KSAT to KPHX and the flight plan took me over El Paso in Texas. And what I noticed with GEX World P3D and UTX 2.0 USA installed is just how absolutely dreadful Mexico looked as I was flying near the border. There was absolutely NOTHING south of the border. All the detailed Vector and Landclass data just ceased to be. Now obviously I know that is going to happen since everything south of the border is just default P3D/FSX scenery and is not being handled by GEX or UTX other than GEX providing textures for the Landclass data. My question is this. As I own GEX World P3D (I own FTX Global also. Not using currently) which does all the texture and night lighting for the world, I know the TEXTURES of Mexico, Baja California and South America as well as all the tropics should be taken care of. What I want to know is are there any landclass products out there that can make central and south America come alive? I saw Cloud9 has their XClass series but without ANY screen shots or any videos to make a judgement I am reluctant to even spend the 10 bucks to find out. SceneryTech seems to be another Landclass solution but they handle Central America in their United States product and I am afraid this will damage all the awesome work UTX 2.0 USA does on their citytech engine and their own coastal and port city landclass as well as rivers, steams and lakes data. Is there anything else out there that can make those regions not look like they were constructed for a 2006 flight simulator? Now Flight1 has UTX Tropical America and Caribbean but I am afraid of it as does not list P3D specifically as being compatible. It does appear in the GEX World P3D interface a plug-in module so maybe it works without problem? Here's the break down: Top Layer - UTX 2.0 USA - Vector Product covering USA. If I want better Vector I need a Vector product for Central and South America. Doesn't appear to be much out there. UTX Tropical seems to cover Mexico, Central America and the Caribbeans now that I am looking. This feels like the best solution as it should plug in with the Gex World Interface. Middle Layer - ????? - Landclass Data. UTX 2.0 USA seems to provided updated Landclass data for the US only, obviously. We need a product for Central and South America here that can make cities appears where they belong, forests where they belong and make mountains look like mountains. This is the goal of this post. UTX Tropical America and Caribbean would take care of this problem? Bottom Layer - GEX World P3D - Terrain Texture. GEX World P3D is handling all texture processing like a good $130 program should.
  23. Hello, I have been searching for a good CRJ addon for P3D, and my searching has come to no avail thus far. My first question I guess is, is there a way to get the default CRJ-700 from fsx into P3D without having fsx on your PC? I know there is a CRJ in P3D, yet it is only for AI purposes I guessed after I reviewed its .cfg files. My second question is more for aerosoft than the general public, and if you have any information it would be greatly appreciated (I've been waiting for this for 6 months now, LOL). When is/is the Aerosoft CRJ-700X ever going to get released? Also, is that aircraft even going to be compatible with P3D because the description on their website is slightly vague on the subject (when I say compatible I mean with P3D V2.X), and when I asked them directly they wouldn't answer the question saying it was still in "development" which gives me a little hope. Furthermore, I understand Aerosoft and DA have made a CRJ-700/900/1000 model, yet I haven't heard the best reviews on that aircraft, in fact I haven't heard any good reviews on the aircraft so I have chosen to not get that addon. If you have the CRJ from Aerosoft/DA and you like it; please tell me. Thank you all for considering my questions. The only reason I ask such menial questions, forgive me for doing so, is because I am relatively new to P3D, I am a rather young pilot, and the fact that I do not know personally, a single person who uses P3D. sincerely, Paul Robbins.
  24. Hi all Putting this one out at the same time as writing to developer. Super Traffic board is a great addon, but since installing it I am having a little frustration with startup. I use SIMStarter NG and when I start a saved scenario (this one a Twin Otter on Stand One at Innsbruck) the Virtual Cockpit loads and the addon scenery for Innsbruck fine - after about 10 secs it jumps to the first AI Aircraft - on switching back to the Twotter the Innsbruck scenery loads very slowly and then in the wrong order so houses float in the air - the jump to the AI seems to disrupt scenery loading - anyone any ideas. Everything all the latest version including P3d 3.4 (latest Hotfix). Skow
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