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Found 556 results

  1. September 19, 1924: They awoke to rain storm with heavy wind that blew in the windows of there hotel, the airfield looked like it had been turned into a lake but despite that they were in the air by late morning bound for Love Field in Dallas, Texas, where they were met by another large crowd, all wanting to shake the hand and talk to the airmen. That evening there was another banquet where they were given more unexpected gifts from the citizens of Dallas. October 21, 2017: For the next leg I will be using the 747-200. First flying in 1969, The 747 was the first wide body jet and it held the record for passenger capacity record for 37 years. With its distinctive hump upper deck one of the most recognizable aircraft. Boeing predicted that supersonic aircraft would soon make it obsolete and predicted it would sell only 400 but it exceeded all expectations and so far over 1500 have been built and more are still on order. The model I am using is by CLS/JustFlight and is one of my favorites but wish they would upgrade it to P3D V4 soon. The weather for the flight was cloudy, 14 knot winds with overcast at 6500 feet and a temperature of 23C/73F. I ended up climbing up to 12000 feet to stay above the clouds. Love Field Airport in Dallas had an even lower cloud level, since I did not want to take any chances with such a large aircraft I did something I have not done on this trip so far, I contacted air traffic control and requested an ILS approach into Love Field. I made a safe landing after flying the 184 nm in 50 minutes. I know did more pics than normal but I could not help myself, here they are: Ready for takeoff. Just enough runway. Climbing out of Muskogee. Selfie! Geting above the clouds. Cruising. Lots of clouds. Glamour Shots. On Final into Love Field. Landed. September 20, 1924: They left Dallas with enough fuel to fly 645 miles to El Paso, Texas but oil pump problems on Boston II forced them to land a Sweetwater, Texas. Although there landing was unexpected the personnel at the airport rustled up a picnic lunch for them. October 21, 2017: For the next leg I will be using the SOCATA TB-10 Tobago. The Socata TB is a series of single engine aircraft by French aircraft company SOCATA. Widely used training and touring aircraft and are often used for instrument training. They are defined by their superior fit and finish and interior size at the expense of performance. About 2150 were built between 1975 and 2007. The model I am using is by JustFlight is nice. Weather for takeoff was ok, 10 knot winds with a few clouds at 6000 feet and a temperature of 28C/82F. They flight to Sweetwater was uneventful, flying at 4000 feet at a fairly leisurely pace, the 184 nm flight took 1.7 hours. Here are the pics; Ready to go. Climbing out of Dallas. Heading west. Starting to rain. Greener than I expected. Glamour shots! Destination in sight! Secured. Thanks for reading ATB.
  2. Simaddons has a sale at the moment, up to 50% off on some Canadian scenery bundles for both P3D and FSX
  3. Hi All, Second question of the day. Once installed with a new graphics card, how easy is it to get P3D to connect to 3 monitors and display the standard front facing cockpit views? I've read all sorts of things like Triple Head required - I have no idea what this means. I may as well ask another question also - is there a good G430W add-on for P3D. Rocky114B
  4. Hi Folks, Just transferred over to P3D V3 from FSX and looking for some good UK scenery and airport files. I have the FSX versions of VFR photographic scenery and UK2000 airports, but not too sure if I can use these directly with P3d v3, and if so with the install pick up I'm using P3D and not FSX. Any help and advice - much appreciated. Rocky 114B
  5. ------------------------------------------------- URP v1.1 for P3D v4 RELEASED ------------------------------------------------- So under the shadow of new (and maybe "fake") PTA Tool for v4, we are releasing URP v1.1 for v4. Prithvisagar Shivaraman did 90% of the job, converted the shaders and developed the tool, so you should thank him with a round of applause. I just tested the tool and visuals, and did some advising, honestly I had the time only for that, due to known reasons. ------------- IMPORTANT --------------- - The urp-p3dv4.exe should be used to configure URP, located in "Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\URP v1.1 for P3D v4" - urp-p3dv4.exe can also be accessed from Start Menu as URP v1.1 for P3D v4.0, or via the desktop icon. - URP is now located in Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\URP v1.1 for P3D v4, and it will act as P3D ADDON, no files will be overwritten whatsoever! - Install ReShade separately! URP ReShade presets and custom files are included in this pack! -------------------------------------------- The pack includes: - A Configurator tool, which allows you to properly install and apply URP. - URP sky textures, completely reworked for v1.1 - Three variants of URP Sun glow mods from URP v0.9 - Two ReShade presets (Cold and Warm) -------------------------------------------- *** IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES, VISIT TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION ON THE WEBSITE WITH MAJORITY OF ISSUES COVERED! ***
  6. Hello Guys and Girls, Recently I upgraded to P3D Version 4.1. However, this is accompanied by some massive fps drops. They are in the VC and in the locked spot outside vieuw. They drop from 70/80+ to 7 and lower. I have an GTX1050, i7-4790 and 16Gig's of RAM. I've tried a full reinstall, also I've tried multiple PTA presets and all the sliders to the minimum settings. Nothing works. Anyone who can help me? Greetings, Erik Schlijper
  7. I just finished reinstalling and updating my entire PMDG suite (737,747,777) and have noticed a weird visual 'glitch'. When I look over the nose in the VC from the captain side, there is a weird greyish texture anomaly in the bottom left side of the glass that looks like a clip or something. Can anyone confirm they have this too? What is that?
  8. I'm pleased to announce the Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch for Flight Sim is now available! We're proud to offer you the same level of quality for the entire Prepar3d, Flight Simulator and X-Plane platforms! Now compatible with the latest Garmin GTN Trainer v6.41 with Visual Approach Assistant, the products come with unique graphics technologies: HDPI 32bits RGBA bitmaps for unmatched visuals*, highly optimized code for near zero impact to the FPS, and in-sim live settings: no aircraft or sim reload! Pushing the envelop higher, the Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch for Flight Sim offers lags-free touchscreen experience, reactive CDI and Autopilot links, exports the active waypoints to any third party GPS/EFIS using the standard FS GPS has backend. Both products also come super-charged with tons of customization options for panel integration, hardware interface and keyboard shortcuts. They also now offer custom variables to help integration with third party XML gauges with our GPS. Our Flight Simulator version is compatible with the entire flight simulator family for a unique price: P3D 4, P3D 3, P3D 2, P3D 1, FSX-SE, FSX, FS9* And one last thing: To further thank you for your continuing support for the last 15 years, we're offering additional 10% discount to all Reality XP customers until November 30th, 2017!* Fly Yours Today! * FS-SDK limits: 15bits colours aka 'colour banding' / FSX (Acc/Sp2) and FS9 (Sp1) * Coupon available at front page.
  9. Hello fellow simmers Just a short 1h flight between San Juan (Spain, LESO) and Valence Chabeuil (France, LFLU) As I wanted a bit of Rock'n Roll during approach, I found a breezy METAR : LFLU 061430Z AUTO 35025G40KT 9999 FEW062 17/03 Q1019 LESO, the cute scenery by Simzaleak (but really heavy FPS-wise) Very short take-off with those 2 powerful PT6 and one notch of flaps The BTZ SID is basically a slow right turn above the ocean which ends when crossing BTZ above the coast End of the SID above Biarritz Fast cruise above Southern France with 30-40 kts of tailwind for an average of 300 kts GS. The GTN750 indicates a 2000 ft descent to reach our SID entry point MTL at 5 000 ft. Throttle back, nose down, we gently go down following the Vallée de l'Ardèche, to reach the Vallée du Rhône near Montélimar. Heading North having crossed the Rhône, right above MTL The approach to Valence is beautiful between the Massif Central on the Left (West) and the Vercors and Alps on the right (East). FreemeshX provides a great amount of details. I did the whole approach with this Hawker 800 in my 6 coming from Saudi Arabia. With a ~30 kts front wind I was able to take the first left exit and avoid this jet a go-around.
  10. Hi all, We've just released TerraFlora 1.2! As always, thanks very much for all of your support. It's because of your feedback that we've been able to create this update! You'll be happy to know that a documentation PDF has now been added, but you can see all changes and added features here: New Features: – Added multiple variants for Fall colouring. – Most broadleaf species now have at least two colour variants to reduce the ‘solid carpet’ effect. This means that were a single species is annotated, you will now see colour variants of that species. This is only apparent in Fall and is quite subtle. – Added Red Maples – We had several requests to add missing Red Maples. We’ve added these as a Fall variant (see above) but their placement is quite sparse reflecting the real world as near as we can. – Acacias reworked: The acacia texture has been completely replaced with a new version and the original canopy plane reinstated. – Documentation PDF added (by popular demand) Here are some shots for you:
  11. I usually fly my PMDG 737 and 777, every now and then it would be nice to jump in a Military jet, since moving over from FSXSE where I had a few, like just flights Tornado GR1, was thinking about Skunk Works Tornado, wondered if anyone had it in P3D and how she handles or any other Military bird that works in P3D. To be honest i'm happy with my 737 and A2A 182 but would be a nice change now and then to blast a Mil around. Of course, I've tried the ones that came with P3D curious as to anything else people use, and how they perform in P3D V4.1 Thanks.
  12. Hello all, I was suffering from Crash to Desktops prior to V4.1 being released after installing new scenery, basically P3D would crash on loading a new scenario. From following some threads on the Prepar3D Support Forum it transpired to be due to the AddOn XML document. The work around suggested on the forum was to de activate the Add On XML document and add the scenery manually to the Scenery Library. This is what I did and managed to get P3D working again prior to the release of V4.1. The issue was to be rectified in the release of V4.1 according to Lockheed Martin on their Support Forum. I am just wondering if anybody knows how to re activate the AddOn XML document so that when you start Prepar3D you get the box that pops up asking if you want to enable the add on. I’ve installed some scenery now I’ve updated to V4.1 and don’t appear to get asked this, I have to add the scenery manually to the Scenery Library. I’ve tried at getting it back to how it was done prior to this but can’t seem to get it to work. Would uninstalling the Client & Content then re installing these components solve this? Many Thanks, Jonathan.
  13. Hey, Just purchased the product, and installed it, but I'm having a bit of trouble accessing it. It says in the manual that configuration appears under the "add-ons" tab, but I'm not seeing any Reality-XP or GTN options there. I thought I had the product installed, but so far no go. Now, I to have the GNS 430 installed on many aircraft. Does this new product conflict with the 430? Are there additional steps I need to perform in order to install this into FSX?
  14. I got orbx global base but after I fly away form the airport thr ground starts to get blurry and buildings dont spawn. Please can you help me with this issue. Thanks
  15. Post your PTA Presets Here. No off Topic Thank you. Please add Pictures and any Links of a location of the Preset. This is a Comunity guide only, and a proper place for all our Presets with personal opinions and recommendations thank you. Hope you agree that it would be helpful to have a place for our community presets without going off topic, Thanks. Will kick off with a preset I'm currently using and happy with until my own is ready. Thank you. Just took a quick flight across England East-West starting at EGNM.Pilot Pete PTA Preset More recent than the last one I found from his youtube channel, must say really like this one. My PC ain't the best but until I upgrade will do for now and looks pretty good with his Preset, which he seems to upgrade regularly so sure after PTA for 4.1 he's probably working on a new one. Like most, I'm working on my own too, but this one is Topline IMO, realistic look. Of course everyone to there own choices, but hey he certainly knows his stuff, respect man. Used with FTX Global Base Pack, open LC Europe, ORBX England, AS, and Rex
  16. Hi, quick note to let you know v2.3.4 is now live! You can now use the Settings Panel | Check Updates button, and get the release notes and download the installer. In short: New: Support for Prepar3D v4.1 New: Link Simulator GPS Waypoints option synchronizes GNS route to FS GPS/EFIS. New: Use Legacy Mouse Knobs option offers left+right+middle buttons control. New: Adjust Brightness option to change per-instance bezel brightness in the cockpit. New: Offset Brightness option to change per-instance screen brightness in the cockpit. New: Panel Assistant 'scale' factor to change popup windows default size. Here are some notes about the new features: - new per-instance settings to adjust the brightness of the bezel, and to offset the brightness of the screen independently. Some VC are not natively designed for the GNS V2 gauge, and these settings helps the gauge look and feel. "per-instance" means you can set these up for a gauge in the VC, set these up differently for another gauge in the VC, and again for any other popup window! It is quite flexible! - 'scaling' option in the assistant when creating popup windows. Although it might not be useful as-is for the GNS V2, it is paramount when trying to stack 2x GTN 750 on a small monitor. Since we've been adding this option to the GTN, we've also added it to the GNS V2! The assistant let's you choose 1:1, ¾, ½ and ¼ scales.
  17. Hi, is it possible to make a backup of my current Saitek X55 bindings in P3D, I intermittently lose them for no apparent reason. Its quite a pain to have to reprogram them all in again. Thank you for any help you can give me. Barry
  18. For users considering P3Dv4.1, I can confirm that LINDA 3.0.3 is compatible when used with FSUIPC 5.121b and compatible aircraft. A2A C172 and C182 owners should note that there is an issue with the steering tiller not working on the ground. Other aircraft tested (ie. default B58 and F35A and PMDG737NGX) work fine. Please report any issues with LINDA here.
  19. I can load any airport in P3D but one HDAM. When I select the airport P3D loads to 37% and stays there. This happens with the default and freeware scenery.
  20. Is there a Traffic Add-on for P3D V4, than one can just install without having to do a lot of tweaks? I am not that computer savvy when it comes to the real technical stuff. Would like to have a good add on that I can just install and use. Thank you
  21. Hi Everyone, I am an old enthusiast of flight sim for more than a decade (coming from FS2000/2002). I have started training to become a real life pilot (as a hobby), but for now I mainly continue to be passionate to learn from the community and spend a few hours during nights and weekends doing my airliner flights on my PC. Lately, I have been flying in FSX:SE (moved from retail FSX), mostly with PMDG 737NGX and Aerosoft Airbus family. I am the type of person that take time to read the manuals, watch several tutorials and truly learn how to fly these jets. I do my flights offline, but following real airline routes/schedules and in order to reach a high level of realism, I have tons of addons in FSX:SE. My setup is pretty stable and performance is good as my PC is relatively new and high-end. This weekend I attended the Flight Sim 2017 event in UK and between FSFX Packages and Dovetail presentations, to my surprise, I found myself lagging behind the community in terms of platform. I discovered that the vast majority of the audience has already moved to Prepar3d or X-Plane 11. Therefore, having considered moving to Prepar3D before, this realisation made me rethink and research again. Therefore, I would really appreciate some expert advice from people who has already done this switch, considering all the doubts and costs involved. My simple question is, is it worthy to move to P3D v4 from a "stable" FSX:SE setup with ton of addons and without being "hardcore" user (not VA member / weekends flyer)? My main points of doubt are the following: Moving from FSX:SE to Prepar3d v4 will cost me almost $500 USD between license and new addons (list below). Prepar3d has this policy that new versions cost a new license and I fear (a lot) having to pay for another license and worst, paying for addons upgrades every 2 or 3 years, when I have my current setup for FSX for a long time. I discarded X-Plane 11 as option, as it seems a very good 'out of the box' platform, but focused on GA and with very few addons (particularly from those I already own and usually fly with). Addons I currently use in FSX:SE (impact of switching to P3D v4): Aerosoft - A320 Family (FREE but, will need to wait for v4) PMDG - 737 NGX (PAY $90, need to buy a entire new version for P3D) FS2Crew 2 Reboot NGX (PAY $35, need an upgrade) ORBX - FTX Global Base (FREE) FSFX Packages - Chaseplane (FREE) FSPassengers X (PAY, will take months to be ready for v4, probably move to FSCaptain as it is free upgrade) HiFi Simulations - Active Sky Next (PAY $30, need to buy newer version AS4 for v4) Navigraph - FMS Data Manager (FREE) Pete Dowson - FSUIPC 4 (PAY $44, need to buy new version 5) Pointsoft - ProATC/X (FREE) REX Simulations - Texture Direct HD w/ Soft Clouds (FREE) REX Simulations - Worldwide Airports HD (FREE, but in development) A2A Accu-Feel v2 (PAY, still in development but need to buy a new version) My Traffic 6 (Not sure, probably would buy Ultimate Traffic Live for another $45) Navigraph - FMS Data Manager (FREE) FS Genesis - World Terrain Mesh for FSX (Not sure, probably would go for FreeMeshX or FS Global Ultimate Mesh for another $85) Really appreciate some opinions if the (high) cost/benefit would be acceptable/worthy. I understand 64-bit would be a new world, but I am afraid if I should not wait and check 1-2yrs down the road if FSW or X-Plane take off and then move to a next-gen plataform, considering that based on everything I've read so far (please correct me if I am wrong here), P3D would give me a much similar experience to my current setup in FSX:SE? Many Thanks!
  22. P3D

    Departing KDEN at night showing off v4's awesome lighting!
  23. Hello all... I am able to upload a flight plan into the NGX via Simbrief without issue. However, I am having trouble with uploading the wind uplink from Simbrief. I am using P3Dv4. Can anyone point me in the right direction and explain how and when it should be useful? Thank you. Brad Zimmer