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  1. Hello, How can I see the lights on the cockpit at night like in the attached picture? No matter how many lights I turn on, there's only darkness
  2. I use the default live weather, the cloud is injected normally in the first few hours, but after a few hours, I don't see the cloud, is there a way to solve this problem completely? I also informed msfs team about this problem, but there is no answer
  3. Ahh thanks! but no Asian or Russian?
  4. Hello, I plan to purchase PMDG 777 FS2CREW for P3Dv5. but how many crew accents exist in FS2CREW for PMDG 777?
  5. I wonder if the DME mark is implemented in the PMDG 777 as a amber phrase when the DME signal is not received as in the real 777 attach a pic= https://ibb.co/k805w4r
  6. In p3d, there is no usable a340, so I using bbs a340. But if there are people who still use blackbox widebody products in p3d. Does the path contain a your Prepar3d/BlackBox Simulation\Airbus A330 Family= "panel.ini" file? 답글
  7. In order to set it as cold and dark in the manual, It currently contains the following line regarding Cold and Dark: //panelstate=coldanddark.pnl Remove the // so it should only read: panelstate=coldanddark.pnl There is a content like this, but qw787.cfg of my Prepar3D v5\QualityWings does not contain //panelstate=coldandark.pnl, but it disappeared as it was updated?
  8. Hello, I don't have RAAS at pmdg 737ngxu, but do I have to buy a separate RAAS Pro version? For PMDG 777, RAAS is basically provided.In case of 737, there is no RAAS setting list in my P3Dv5 Add-ons list...
  9. Hello!,I clicked the map control handle of pmdg 777 in p3dv5 night mode Is this switch not working yet? I thought there was a seat or some reflection effect because it was a light, but only the lights turned on without any effect
  10. I use Prepar 3d v5 and captain sim 767 ii, But I press the test button, I still get the color test on the display but no aural warning, In the case of PMDG 777, activate WXR in the EFIS Panel first and then press Test, an audible no aural warning, but in the case of Captain sim 767, there is no warning sound whether the procedure is wrong. https://imgur.com/a/1um0I8b
  11. The problem was that my p3dv5 setting was too low. p3dv5- World sets all values to high, so it's resolved 🙂
  12. Hello, I bought wsss a while ago. I started at gate C19. Looking at the screenshot, there is no boarding gate and only JETWAY appears. Is there a solution? Only gates C and D do not show the boarding bridge I using p3d v5
  13. But if you look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxgybcpsTk8&t=187s from 03:10, you can see that he's changing the theme of Full Dynamic.
  14. Hello, I'm using P3D V5.2 HF1 and I am using both ENVSHADE and ENVTEX. My question is that I want to change the theme from full dynamic in active sky cloud art, but it doesn't change as the phrase "This they can't be edited". Of course, I remember that it was possible to change the theme of full dynamic one day...Is there a solution? it is related to about Envshade and Envtex?
  15. Hello, I was flying near Oita (RJFO) in Japan and witnessed a shocking situation, ground road traffic was floating in the air, the simulation I use is the p3dv5 version. Is this a bug? Is there any way to solve this phenomenon?
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