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  1. Did they seriously put it out as a new purchase to be made even if I have the v4 version?
  2. +1 It has to do with a corrupted preference file saved some where in the pc, but i cannnot find it. If found and deleted then it would be regenereted ans should solve the problem. The matter is: where is it?
  3. Hi guys, after a few monthes with p3d 4.1 I've decided to switch off the dinamic lights in the p3d menu. I'm very happy with this as I can fly with SSAA at 4x without any performance issue and with my gpu not going up to 100% but at a stedy 50%. The problem is that after this I have no light that illuminates the ground... I mean: the cockpit is ok but the landing, taxi and rwy turn lights do not illuminate the terrain... I'm flying the 777
  4. Hi I have a quick question: I've purchased real traffic a few months ago and the price was 9,9 dollars for the subscription. Now it is 60 dollars : 600% more Why?
  5. Here's a video where I share my settings aand a few considerations about the latest build of the A320-X by FSLABS on P3D 4.1. I hope you like it!
  6. I've made some test and no matter what PTA is installed or not there are some problems in the FMC letters. The problem is present when using high-resolution virtual cockpit texture, low resolution cockpit model and low-resolution virtual cockpit display combination in the Performance Settings of the PMDG Operation Center.
  7. Well , this happens only on the FMC and the other parts looks crispy clear!
  8. Hi all, testing at night the 737-800 in LGAV by Flytampa in p3d v4 with dynamic lights on I've noticed something wired as if the lights layers was misaligned when using the pedestal panel light (the one that also illuminates the FMC keys.
  9. Before i downloaded latest version from the link in you vatsim post..... and it didn't work. Now I've downloaded version 361763 from avsim, reinstalled and now (something wasn't done before) it has created the p3d database. Now it has updated to latest version and finally works!
  10. HI Maartin I've been using your simlauncherX for a while then i just stopped. A few days ago I decided to reinstall it (in the mena time I've changed PC) but I've a strange issue: When I launch it after the initial setup (simulator choice, weather addon choice) when the main window is opened i cannot left click in any button of the simlauncherx main window. The cursor moves and the button tool tips apper when the arrow is pointing on something but if i click nothing happens. Right click works. Any idea? Thanks!
  11. Well, it's finished enough but not totally worth the money. Yes it is the only bus on the market that deserves the "complex" adjective. Pmdg 777 was more finished when it came out , cheaper and the only 777 around. No failure generator. No features list on the fslab forum, no features list with the product and no features list of the pro versuon, big problems with the reading capability of lcd screens if you do not use at least x4 sparse grid super sample and you know how hard this hit the performance. There are a few problems with the external model and repaints, the graphics of the VC is not top quality and the guys from fslab are not that kind (my experience). By the way it was ready for release but a little more transparency would have been appreciated and also a few bucks to pay...
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