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  1. Hi ?, I found the cause of the issue (at least for my setup). It's caused by MyTraffic: there's a ...\MyTraffic\Scenery\BR2_EETN.BGL file that contains the old frequencies. I found out using the simple airport scanner by ScruffyDuck. I hope this is the cause of the issue in your case as well. Maarten
  2. Hi Tom, The Lorby-Si Addon Manager can certainly do that (just like my own SimLauncherX application), but the question is if it can fix the situation where Marco has ended up in. It's at least worth a try. Maarten
  3. Hi Marco, Grayed out sceneries in the Scenery Library within the sim are sceneries that are installed using the add-on.xml method; they cannot be moved around. I do not like this method at all, it's complex and confusing for many users and it's completely unnecessary in my opinion: the old scenery.cfg method was just fine and must be used by some scenery developers anyway because of the layering issue you just ran in to. I'm afraid it's not an easy task to solve your issue if you do not understand how the add-on.xml method works (which is understandable). The best thing to do (apart from uninstalling and reinstalling everything) is to uninstall all your add-on scenery, delete the %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg file, run and close the sim (this will create a new scenery.cfg file) and install your add-on scenery again. Maarten
  4. Hi ?, I just checked within the sim and not only does the flight planner use the 'old' frequencies, but the sim itself as well. I have no idea where these frequencies come from. My own SimLauncherX application only finds the 'new' frequencies. Maybe there's a navaid cache somewhere. Otherwise we can ask Hervé if he knows how this is possible. Maarten
  5. Hi ?, I can confirm that the updated APX54100.bgl file contains the correct frequencies of 108.3 MHz and 109.3 MHz. Could it be the case that you have add-on scenery installed for Tallinn? The navaid updates from Hervé Sors only update the stock navaids. Navaids contained in scenery with a higher priority in you scenery library are not affected. Maarten
  6. Hi Kjell, There's a tutorial 1.5. You can download it from the PMDG website in the Downloads section. Maarten
  7. Hi Maurice, The client is sending a 'ping' message to the server every 2 seconds. If the server does not receive a 'ping' message within a time period of 5 seconds, it reports the connection as lost. Maybe you client and/or server is too busy doing something else. Maarten
  8. Hi Dan, I was talking about a symbolic link for a user created folder or a folder created by an application and that works perfectly fine. Moving the complete Documents folder is common practice as well as long as you do it as described by the link I provided: it's an OS feature. Relocating the ProgramData is something completely different, not an OS feature, and indeed not recommended. Maarten
  9. Hi ?, I don't know what you mean by 'libraries', but if you want to move the '[Document]\Prepar3D v3/4 files' folder to another drive, you can create a symbolic link to a folder on another drive or move the complete documents folder to another drive. Maarten
  10. Hi Maurice, The network settings become visible once the simulator installation folder is recognized as a remote folder: it must either start with \\ or the folder must be located on a drive that is mapped to a network folder. If cannot get it to work, please send me the log file again. Remember that it is nearly impossible for me to diagnose anything without a log file. thanks, Maarten
  11. Hi ?, If you don't know what an .fxml is, then that's not the cause of the problem. An .fxml file is a saved flight/scenario. If you double click an .fxml file, it will start P3D and load this saved flight. I suggest you uninstall your P3Dv4 client from the control panel, download the latest client installer from you LM account (if you haven't already done so) and install that. If that does not work, I suggest you go to the official P3D forum and post your issue there. Maarten
  12. Rolling back your NVIDIA driver does not help?
  13. Do you have any add-ons installed and if so, are you sure they are all 64-bit compatible? You could try to disable all your add-ons and then enable them one by one to find the culprit. Maarten
  14. Hi Rick, You can also use my SimLauncherX application for a one click solution to remove the FS9 models and insert a [Radios] section if needed (see page 2 of this thread). FS9 models might cause P3Dv4 to crash and without a [Radios] section the AI aircraft will not respond to ATC. thanks, Maarten
  15. Hi, Do you have a P3D icon on the taskbar? If so, try Shift+right click on the icon and select 'restore' or 'maximize'. Maarten