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  1. Hi, Yes, you are correct. I was having a senior moment apparently. Sorry about giving misleading information. Maarten
  2. Just go to one of the resellers (links are on the HiFi-simulation site) and select the upgrade version in stead of the full version. The discount does indeed not apply if you purchased ASN via Steam. Maarten
  3. Hi, If you have ASN for P3D, the upgrade to ASP4 is free; if you have ASN for FSX, you can upgrade with a discount. Maarten
  4. Hi, Check your %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 folder for any backups of the scenery.cfg file. If you do not have any backup file you can add your addon sceneries through the scenery library menu within the simulator. Maarten
  5. Hi Peter, I have two airports for Johannesburg: FAOR (Johannesburg Intl) and FAGM (Rand). Remember that a developer of AI traffic must work with the default airports and cannot assume that people have add-ons for the new airports. AI flight plans for airports that do not exist in the simulator will not be used by that particular simulator. Another option for this developer would be to include basic scenery (visuals and navigation data) for these new airports and include DeleteAirport records for the runways of the old airports. It's not very likely that you can persuade a developer of add-on AI Traffic to do that. EDIT: MyTraffic has flight plans for FADN, FAJS, FAOR and FALE. Apparently MyTraffic choose to include flight plans for airports that do not exist by default. Maarten
  6. Hi Peter, Default P3Dv4 has FADN (Durban Intl), but no FAJS nor FALE. I do have FALE, but it's added by fsAerodata (no visuals, only navigation data). Maarten
  7. Hi, SimLauncherX has now been whitelisted by AVAST. thanks, Maarten
  8. Hi Les, FSX aircraft are not necessarily compatible with P3Dv4, but textures work just the same as they did in FSX and P3D < 4. If you now how to modify a texture in FSX, you can modify P3Dv4 aircraft textures in the same way. Maarten
  9. Hi Howard, Use Google translate if needed. Maarten
  10. Hi Les, It's not a goed idea to install P3D in the root folder of your C: drive. You better uninstall and install P3D in it's own folder. This is not only true for P3D, but for any software you install. Maarten
  11. Hi ??, First of all, please comply with the forum rule and sign your post with your real name. The troubleshooting section in the user guide does include a suggestion to delete all files in the [Documents]\SimLauncherX folder. To set an airport as departure/destination airport for a flight plan, you can select the airport from the dropdown list in the flight plans window; once the dropdown list is open, you can start typing the ICAO code select an airport in the Airports window or on the map and select 'Set as departure/destination airport' from the context menu select an airport in the Airports window or on the map and drag the airport over the departure/destination part of the flight plan. To create a flight plan with a certain departure airport, select the airport in the Airports window or on the map and select 'Create new flight plan' from the context menu. It all seems very user friendly to me. I don't know why you think that the flight plan route goes through your 'planes current (random) position', but neither the position of the selected flight nor the position of the user aircraft within the simulator has any influence on the route of the flight plan. When you create a new flight plan, both the departure and destination airports will initially be set to the airport closest to the position of the selected flight. You will not be able to save a flight plan if this flight plan contains errors. Organising the launch entries works just the way it does because it's a third party component. Most users seem to be perfectly happy with the user friendliness of my application. I do not exclude the possibility that I made a mistake somewhere, but a user error, a misconfigured/misbehaving OS or a hardware problem can also cause these kinds of crashes. If you want me to diagnose the problem, you do need to send me the [Documents]\SimLauncherX\SimLauncherX.log file. Without a log file I cannot diagnose anything. Once I have a log file and I can pinpoint the cause of the error/crash, I will most likely fix it within a couple of days or even within a couple of hours and that's not something most (payware) developers will do for you. Maarten P.S.: what version of SLX are you running? The latest one or the version from the library? The library version is quite old.
  12. Hi Jeganathan, Nope. The local= setting refers to a folder that has a Scenery and a Texture folder. The simulator processes the files in these two subfolders. You can only use the root folder if you put all the .bgl and texture files in these two subfolders. I strongly advice you create subfolders for each individual scenery (each with their own Scenery and Texture subfolders) and add a scenery layer for each of these sceneries to the scenery.cfg file. Maarten
  13. Hi Jeganathan, Installation in P3Dv4 can be done in exactly the same way as in FSX. Although there is no 'Addon Scenery' subfolder in the main P3D folder, you can create one yourself. There's no need however to use the 'Addon Scenery' folder, you can use any other folder you like (even on another drive) as long as you point the Local= setting for the scenery layer in the scenery.cfg file to the location where you have installed your scenery. You can also use the new method based on add-on.xml files. If you search the forum for 'add-on.xml', you will find plenty information about how to do this. Maarten
  14. Hi Jeff, The [fltsim.x] sections for aircraft variations with an FS9 model are removed. Using File Explorer you can search for all aircraft.cfg.slx.bak files to find the aircraft.cfg files that have been changed. In the next version I will add an option to list all aircraft variations that have been removed (by comparing the actual aircraft.cfg file with the aircraft.cfg.slx.bak files). AI aircraft that are active can be found in the Aircraft window (first select 'AI aircraft' on the ribbon and then filter the list by setting 'True' in the filter of the 'IsAI' column). thanks, Maarten
  15. Hi Jeff, It took a little bit longer than I thought, but a new version is now available. Please select 'Fix AI aircraft' again and rebuild the database (aircraft only) afterwards. Maarten