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  1. Hi Jim, I'm starting to get duplicate e-mails again. This time for posts in the PMDG 777 forum. I received 6 identical e-mails just a second ago. Can please have a look again? thanks, Maarten
  2. Hi José, There's a description in the readme file. You have to enable the PFD popup through the FMC menu. Some people suffer from CTD's when the popup is used. Maarten
  3. Nope, something went wrong when you installed the latest accusim update. Maarten
  4. Hi Ian, The A2A aircraft are working fine now. Check the A2A_Accusim.dll file in the Gauges subfolder of where you installed the A2A aircraft. The 'Date modified' for this file should be 10-12-2017. Maarten
  5. Hi Ian, There's an update for ASP4. Go to the HiFi website for the download. Maarten
  6. Hi Pierre, LM made some SimConnect changes affecting ground handling (actually they fixed a bug left over from FSX days). Some developers had a workaround for this bug, that they now need to remove. A2A did this quickly. Maarten
  7. There's an update for the A2A aircraft: https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=57819&sid=c390119714ed1d5f0d6091a9f3285fa0 Maarten
  8. mawibo


    Hi Scott, The manual is not quite up to date unfortunately. You can look in the change log (Home|About|Change log) for descriptions of recent features. The 'speaking' map is actually the RAAS simulation which was added in version 5.9.6403.476. thanks, Maarten
  9. It's St. Maarten, not St. Marteen. Just like my name. Maarten
  10. Hi Stan, Just move your mouse over the prepar3d.exe file in Windows Explorer and it will show you the version number. Maarten
  11. Hi JD, It's most likely photoreal scenery around Twentynine Palms (KTNP). The KTNP airport itself is defined in [P3Dv4 installation folder]\scenery\0202\scenery\APX17190.bgl, layer 0202 Base. Maarten
  12. Hi cmpbellsjc, I stand corrected. It turned out that fsAerodata had overwritten my default scenery\0302\scenery\APX26190.bgl file. The original file indeed shows 36L and 36R, where the default 36L is the current 36C. Your description of the cause of the issue is spot on. Maarten
  13. Hi Jim, The problem seems to be solved: since you made the change, I am no longer receiving multiple e-mails for the same post. thanks, Maarten
  14. Sorry, but that's not true. As you can see in the image I posted above, the default .bgl file has 36C and 36R. Maarten
  15. The download may contain both versions, but they are actually 2 different planes. When you install the aircraft you have to select the P3D version you plan to use. As far as I know, QW does not plan for a 32-bit P3D version and, as I said before, the 64-bit version will not work in P3D v3.4. The 32-bit FSX version could theoretically be made to work in P3Dv3.4, but I don't think it's on their plans. Maarten
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