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  1. Hi Michael, A whole lot has changed over the last 2 years and I do not have this issue. Can you please send me a log file again? thanks, Maarten Update 2017-5-25: issue is fixed; I need to fix another issue with flight plans not showing the departure and destination airport on startup and then I will release a new version.
  2. Hi Mark, Which program is generating this message? Did you manually type the error message in your post or did you copy and paste it? The reason I ask is because the correct folder should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\PMDG\PMDG 777X". Maarten
  3. Hi Mark, As Kyle said: did you run the sim again after you reinstalled the 777 and did you activate the 777 when you tried to use it? Do you perhaps have 'Hide extensions for known file types' turned on in your Windows Explorer settings? If so, type 'File Explorer Options' in Window search (or open Windows Explorer and select File|Options), select the View tab and uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types'. After that, try to find the 777X_Options.ini file again. You can also go to Windows Explorer, select the Prepar3D installation folder and type '777X_Options.ini' in the search box next to the address bar. Maarten
  4. Hi Michael, A new version is now available that should fix the issue. thanks, Maarten
  5. Hi Mark, I don't understand what you mean by I'm going to: Lockheed Martin>Prepar3d... Is that the folder where Prepar3D is installed on your machine? Furthermore: it's not the 'PMDG\PMDG77X' subfolder where you have to look, but the ' PMDG\PMDG 777X' subfolder. if there's no 777X_Options.ini file in the ' PMDG\PMDG 777X' subfolder of your Prepar3D installation folder (which is very unlikely), you will have to reinstall the 777 I'm afraid. Maarten
  6. Hi Mark, The 777X_Options.ini file is not in the SDK subfolder. The 777X_Options.ini file can be found in the '[Sim installation folder]\PMDG\PMDG 777X' folder. Within this 777X_Options.ini file there is a [SDK] section, and within this section you have to set the EnableDataBroadcast key to 1: ... [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 ... Maarten
  7. Hi Michael, I have fixed that, a new version will be released asap. Just as a suggestion: you can also plan your route in SLX (using the Find button on the ribbon e.g.), add a SID and/or STAR, click on Copy (also in the Route group on the ribbon), click on SimBrief and paste the route in the Route box of SimBrief (departure and arrival airports are already set when using the link from SLX). thanks, Maarten P.S.: .pln files indeed do not support SIDs and STARs
  8. HI Michael, It's fixed. I will release a new version asap. It was not a SimConnect issue per sé: it was introduced when I added the flight time to the flights in the Flights window and the SimConnect handler could no longer find the proper location to set the location of the (user) aircraft. thanks, Maarten
  9. Issue has been solved with a new release on May 11. Maarten
  10. Hi Michael, I have released a new version and the issue should be solved. thanks, Maarten
  11. Hi Michael, I found and fixed the issue. I will release a new version asap. Sorry for the numerous bugs in the last couple of releases: I'm redesigning the application to be able to support new simulators: FSW, P3Dv4, X-Plane, ... thanks, Maarten
  12. Hi Michael, I will look into that. Are you using Airac data? thanks, Maarten
  13. Hi ?, Please follow the forum rule and sign your post with your real name. I checked just a second ago and it works just fine. When you minimize SLX, SLX stops processing the user aircraft and AI aircraft data to reduce the CPU load (you can't see anything anyway when the window is minimized). When you restore the window, SLX starts a request for data again. It might take a little while before FSX responds and SLX can update the map (depending on how busy FSX is and depending on the number of active AI aircraft). Cycling the 'User aircraft' button and/or the 'AI Traffic' button and/or zooming in and out might help refresh the map. If you are still convinced it's not working on your machine, please send me the log file ([Documents]\SimLauncherX\SimLauncherX.log) while FSX is still running and after you have minimized and restored the SLX window. thanks, Maarten
  14. Hi Gino, I don't know what vatsim post you are talking about and 361763 is not a version number but a number AVSIM attached to my upload, but I'm glad it's working again for you. thanks, Maarten
  15. Hi Gino, It means that the startup process did not completely finish. Please send me the log file ([Documents]\SimLauncherX\SimLauncherX.log). You can find my e-mail address on the front page of the user guide. thanks, Maarten