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  1. Hi Jorge, I don't think that's the cause of the issue. P3D is starting, but then dissapears. This means that the association between .fxml files and P3D is already there. Maarten
  2. Hi, Does the P3D icon appear on the task bar when you double click on the .fxml file? If so, Shift + right click on the icon and select 'Restore' or 'Maximize'. That might help. Maarten
  3. Hi Barry, SLX did not actually hang, but I'm afraid your laptop (i5 M520@2.4GHz) is just too slow to finish the database creation process within a reasonable time. On my machine (i7 6700K) it takes 10 minutes to process 387 scenery layers with 28690 scenery .bgl files. On your machine it will probably take more than 2 hours to finish with just 168 scenery layers and 18930 .bgl files. I noticed that saving the airports to the database took 4 minutes and 6 seconds on your machine; on my machine it takes just 4 seconds and that's really strange. Another part of the problem is that you only have 2GByte of RAM on your laptop and Windows is probably paging memory to the hard disk a lot. 2Gbyte is also not enough to run Window+FSX+SLX at the same time. I'm afraid you won't have much fun running SLX on your laptop. thanks, Maarten
  4. FSX-MS

    Hi, If hou have any questions about SimLauncherX, please let me know (my e-mail address is on the front page of the user guide). SimLauncherX also has its own forum here on Avsim. Maarten P.S. SimLauncherX also includes a flight recorder
  5. FSX-MS

    You can use my free SimLauncherX application to assign any installed aircraft variation to your "fleet", position each of them wherever you like using the interactive map and show them within the simulator. Just as with WAMA, you can "leave" your current aircraft, "walk" over to another fleet aircraft and enter that one using the in-sim menu. Excuse the blatant plug. Maarten
  6. Hi Prithvi, There are indeed no events fired for button clicks on the CDU. The 777 does however report the actual CDU screen data. The information is missing in the SDK, but it works exactly the same as with the 737 NGX: the screen data is reported in SimConnect client data areas with the IDs PMDG_777X_CDU_0, PMDG_777X_CDU_1 and PMDG_777X_CDU_2. An explanation of how the screen data is structured and how to request the NGX screen data can be found here. Just replace the NGX client data area ID (PMDG_NGX_CDU_0 or PMDG_NGX_CDU_1) with one of the above IDs for the 777. Hope this helps, Maarten.
  7. Hi Martin, The ActtiveSky aloft altitudes (in ft) are: 3000, 6000, 9000, 12000, 18000, 24000, 30000, 34000, 39000, 44000, 49000, 56000 That's 12 altitudes, but I've only ever seen the first 9 of them in the current_wx_snaphot.txt file. Maarten
  8. Hi Matthieu, Can you please send me the [Documents]\SimLauncherX\SimLauncherX.log file? Without the log file I have no idea what's causing this issue on your machine. The menu is created using SimConnect, so it has nothing to do with the dll/exe.xml file. thanks, Maarten
  9. Hi Clive, One more remark: before cloning, uninstall your P3D Client and reinstall after you have the new SSD up and running. This prevents activation issues. Maarten
  10. Hi Clive, When you buy a new SSD, you can clone your existing SSD to the new one. Most SSD brands have a tool to do just that. After cloning your current drive, you change the drive letter of the new one to equal the drive letter of your current one, and there's no need to reinstall anything. Maarten
  11. Hi Vilhelm, What do you mean by 'the airplane crashes'? Did you check the altitude of the flight before you launched it? thanks, Maarten
  12. Hi V. Disable 'Show auto save flights' on the Flight ribbon tab. thanks, Maarten P.S.: please be a little more polite next time and write your first name in full
  13. Please follow the forum rule. thanks, Maarten
  14. Hi Patrice, Sorry for the late response. Creating a third simulator platform (FSX-SE next to FSX and Prepar3D) is not feasible at the moment unfortunately. I would have to change an enormous amount of code. Maybe some day in the future. As a workaround, I suggest you do the following:set things up for FSX first and exit SLX backup the [Documents]\SimLauncherX\SimLauncherX.FSX.settings.txt file and the [Documents]\SimLauncherX\SimLauncherX.Profiles.xml file to another folder (let's say [Documents]\SimLauncherX\FSX delete the above files start SLX again, set things up for FSX-SE and exit SLX backup the above files again to a new folder (let's say [Documents]\SimLauncherX\FSX-SE create two batch files (let's say slx-fsx.bat and slx-fsx-se.bat). Each of those batch files copies the 2 files from one of the above folders to the [Documents]\SimLauncherX folder and then starts SLX I fixed the bug that prevented the selected profile to turn green in the Profiles window (thanks for reporting the issue!) I have now classified airports as large (largest runway >= 9800ft), small (largest runway <= 2600ft) and medium (all others). The map icons are sized accordingly. I increased the default tooltip show duration for map symbols to 10 seconds. This duration is now also configurable in the Global Settings|General dialog. I will release a new version soon (I just need to fix a couple of other bugs). thanks, Maarten
  15. Hi Patrice, Unfortunately I cannot find anything strange in your log file apart from the fact that selecting the Airports window has not been logged, apparently because SLX is too busy doing something else. I tried over and over again, but I cannot reproduce it. Here's a couple of other things you can try: - clear the map cache (Map window, Navigation ribbon tab, Map group, 'Clear cache' button) and try again - disable all map symbols on the Navigation, Simulator, Overlays and Online tabs and try again - rebuild the database (Home|Rebuild all) and try again - complete reinstall: uninstall using Control Panel, delete the SLX installation folder, open the log file, look for the User.config file and the Isolated storage folder and delete both, delete all files in the [Documents]\SimLauncherX folder (except for the SimLauncherX.lic file I sent you after you donated) and finally install the latest version. thanks, Maarten