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  1. Hello, Simbol. I have an idea how to solve the problem of aircraft with flexible wings and it's strobes. But I do not know how to create effects. Can you create an effect with an invisible light source, just a flash? If so, then we can try to attach the effect with the source to the wing , and write to cfg the effect of flash only.
  2. I would like to note for the future. The AI models with a flexible wing (FAIB 747, 767, UTT 787) have nuances in the implementation of the strobe and NAV lights. Namely - the effects are tied in the model to the very edge of the wing. This leads to the fact that the wing partially shields the effect and needs to be made it more powerful. In models with a rigid wing and effects recorded in aircraft.cfg this does not happen. Effects there are usually located a short distance from the edge of the wing and it does not block them. To my great regret, these effects can not be "screwed" to the AI FSPX aircrafts. External lighting in them is organized not by effects, but simply modeled.
  3. Okay! I looked at the edited strobe effects and they look much better. I'm waiting for the Pro-version. Thanks again. Eduard.
  4. This is one of the best add-ons for AI traffic! Strobes cause the same feeling that I experienced watching them at night in the airport. As if someone is waving huge luminous fans. Thank you very much for this. I have one question. Current strobe lights are ideal for medium-sized aircraft (737, 320, Regional Jet, etc.). For GA aircraft it is somewhat intense. Light for large (heavy, with a large wingspan) is not enough light. I suspect that the radius of the effect should be responsible for this. Could you tell me what parameter of the effect needs to be increased, what would the radius of the strobess increase? I want to "light up" my strobes 747, 777, 380, etc. by myself. Thank you. Eduard.
  5. I forgot. Can I add altitude in SID/STAR files as "AT", "ABOVE", "BELOW" and "BETWEEN"?
  6. There is a theoretical question. Is it possible to let the AI traffic in unlisted airstrips? These strips don't have AFCADs and sometimes don't have ICAO/IATA codes. But it may be enough to write data to files taxi_graph.txt, airports.dat and add SID/STARs?
  7. It is not difficult, but time-consuming. Basic "RAW" files quickly compiling with SIDSTAR Converter but then you need to carefully check all the files - the correct runway's numbers, extra/missing the point, legs, etc. Endure to deal with this before the 1.4 ...
  8. Interested such nuance... Numbering runway in new charts may differ from the numbers in the active AFCADs simulator. Does the AIConv checks these AFCADs upon conversion? If not, then you must do it yourself. This is an important condition for the program. Sorry for my language.
  9. A wonderful thing! Allows you to land the aircraft, where this is not possible by default. Arrival of the first aircrafts in Ketchikan rwy 11.
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