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  1. Very sad news. I hope Tom got to read all the messages posted here by members ,and took some comfort from them. I know that we can sometimes be an argumentative and hot headed bunch , but a lot of warmth and kindness was expressed in those posts ,a lot of decency and the noble side of what it is to be human was shown. Goodbye Tom. Andrew.
  2. None! But did build an airfix beaufighter that melted after it was left on top of a living room heater. Droopy rockets I seem to remember was one outcome. Cheers Flightless Andy
  3. Excellent ! cheers from up here to you down there. Andy
  4. Thought I would try this ,but I don't have visual flight scenery ,I only have default plus FSGlobal . Shard displays OK ,but on a sightseeing tour I found it to be positioned in the middle of the Thames. If this Shard not meant for the default and only VF then no problem ,I am just fiddling about on a grotty, boring, grey and cheerless Christmas eve. HO HO! aNDY :Cuppa:
  5. As we are discussing Thrustmaster sticks ,I will just chip in and say I use there basic HOTAS X (works with 9 as well) Obviously nothing as fancy the Warthog ,but as a basic stick in the thirty quid dept it the best I have used in this range . Andy
  6. As you had no reply's to your fine freeware offer, I just wanted to say well done. A very generous gesture. Its not for me personally (heavy stuff usually) But good freeware people who take the time and trouble to better our hobby deserve thanks. SO! Thanks Andy
  7. Hello AllI have had a similar problem with AVG Free.I use a free texture converter(from IFDG)and i have used it for ages with no detrimental effects on my computer,but AVG kept detecting a Trojan in it.(sorry tech term)Anyway long story short i am back using it again with no problems.cheers Andy
  8. >Hi >what helps a bit for me is disabeling lots of scenery in parts>of the world I'm actually not flying. Using the program>'filemon' I learned that FS is loading most of all scenery>over and over again, while running FS. So disabeling unused>scenery gives a bit more cpu cylcles for my actual flying. As>a sideeffect it seems that loadingtimes are a bit shorter to.>You might try the small utility 'scenery manager 1.4'>Herman>>PS: although I've a pretty good computer my loadingtimes are>still about 1-1,5 minute...Hello HermanI also tried this,but could detect no real increase in performance.May try it again though.cheers Andy
  9. >Flying freight out of PANC 15:00Z tonight I was treated to>one heck of a terrific light show on take off and climb! >Caught me totally off guard. :-jumpy >>Very, VERY nice touch, FS9! >Surprised you haven't seen it before Chuck.But your post reminds me of something,i am sure there is a rumour about shooting stars also to be seen in FS9 ans i am also sure there is a shooting star file in the effects folder,but i have yet to see any in flight.Has anyone out there ever seen the mythical shooting stars?cheers Andy
  10. >I used this utility and it cleaned up my AI showing on the>aircraft selection menu. >>But to speed up loading, I moved all my unused add-on aircraft>to another folder and only put the one I am going to fly in>the FS9aircraft folder for each flight. I didn't move any of>the default aircraft because they are used for AI. I am at the>create flight screen in less than 10 seconds now and the>actual flight loads in about 15 seconds. >dolph>HelloI tried doing this as well,but i did have some problems with FS trying to load aircraft(presumably default)that where missing and also of course the default flight if its saved with a plane thats been put in the hanger(what i called storage folder with great originality)these situations would cause the one and only "Flight simulator has encountered a problem you stupid clod where have my aircraft gone"and close.cheers AndyPS I E spell what a great little program.Nothing fancy just does what it says on the tin.
  11. >Hello Chuck>I have E-mailed Glen about the alt gauge.I will let you know>if i hear anything.>Cheers AndyHello ChuckGlenn was kind enough to reply to my query and this is what he said........Andy, This gauge uses a module provided by Doug Dawson to allow XML coders the ability to tap into Direct Sound. That's where the problem lies since my other gauges are silent. My only suggestion is to move the AltitudeAlerter1.wav file into the Sound folder of FS. The AltAlert_sound.ini file would have to be changed accordingly to point to this new location. This is just a stab in the dark. But, for some reason, the gauge is not finding the WAV file when the panel is loaded; therefore it does not play. You may also D/L Dawson's module and read how it works. That may give you an idea of what is wrong in your case. That file is dsd_xml_sound3_v37. Regards, Glenn I am afraid i am none the wiser,but as i don't want to pester the mani shall leave it at that unless of course either yourself or anybody else on the forums has any further ideas.cheers Andy
  12. Hello ChuckI have E-mailed Glen about the alt gauge.I will let you know if i hear anything.Cheers Andy
  13. ChuckI have just read your post about the fun and games you had with the CHProducts thingy.I FEEL YOUR PAIN.In the past i have had similar experiences ie your sim runs smoothly and well for ages and then out of the blue a bout of tweaking madness strikes and you mess and tinker and even tinker and mess and lo an behold the next time you try to load the sim and it won't or you load it and it crashes AGGH! Hope you get it sorted.cheers Andy
  14. >Yes, I do, Andy. Did you see my post this morning on>CHProducts Control Manager? Most times I feel we do much more>tweaking and far less flying!Hello ChuckI have to admit i don't do that much tweaking anymore,but i also don't have many addons.I like to keep things simple and by doing that hopefully keeping the dreaded CTD at bay.(Haven't had any for a long time now).ADD ONSActiveskyFSGlobal SEADDON SCENERY Severn road bridge.Thats it.PS My latest attempts to get the altitude alerter to work failed so it looks like goodbye to that one.cheers Andy
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