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  1. HoratioWondersocks

    DEFAULT ATC volume

    Hello Its often a matter of adjusting your other sound settings. For instance if your engine/environment settings are also very high,reduce them right down. Leave your ATC at 100 if that's what you want.n When you next start your sim (your engine/environment sounds will be very low)adjust your main volume(leave the volume controls within the sim that you have adjusted as I describe above alone) via keyboard or on your speakers or both ,turn right up so the engines are at a decent level and you should find your ATC is much louder(can be to loud sometimes) Andy
  2. HoratioWondersocks

    throttle problem

    Now it's very interesting that this topic has come up.Last night the same thing happened to me. And guess what....it was just as you describe I had my ATh turned on whilst on ground. And me a long time simmer OH the shame! Andy PS as soon as I disconnected the autothrottle ,'ordinary' throttle control resumed. My excuse...I was using the Alain Capt panel(md11) which is fairly complex and I've not used in ages. Uh hum!
  3. HoratioWondersocks

    Cant click on anything in VC during flight

    Yes I recognise this glitchet . I don't have any PMDG product's ,but I do have posky 777s and there VC. If zoomed out to far switches etc become unclickable. Cheers Andy.
  4. HoratioWondersocks

    Menu home page bleed

    I would like to. But I don't no how to. Cheers Andy
  5. HoratioWondersocks

    Menu home page bleed

    Hello If select the Menu option from the home page ,I get the menu options OK ,but the home page partially bleeds through those menu options. It doesn't prevent you selecting options ,but it looks very poor. Andy
  6. HoratioWondersocks

    Please help trying to run Fs9 in Windows 8.1

    Also when you have toggled as mentioned above, go to 'views' and uncheck full screen option. This will ensure that when you next start up you will be in windowed mode ,and your aircraft will be visible in all there glory in the selection screen. You can also deselect open in full screen mode via your fs9 cfg as well . Andy
  7. HoratioWondersocks

    File Library

    Got it Jim. Thanks a lot. Cheer's Andy
  8. HoratioWondersocks

    File Library

    If you know were the FL has gone ,please let us know. Cheers HWs OK I get it.Sites up the jibbly at the moment. A.
  9. HoratioWondersocks

    Airport sceneries question.

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. Thanks John for explanation of how FSnav does some of its business. As I am a bear of very little brain I will ignore any attempt to fiddle with it. Cheers Andy
  10. HoratioWondersocks

    Airport sceneries question.

    Already on my way to addiction Ian. I bought a new PC about six months ago ,and for the first time in ten years or so I can run add-on airports as smoothly as the defaults and some of these are tremendous. However!!! I am having one or two problems i.e. In FSNav for instance I may get dual runways or runways marked as ILS equipped in FSNav but as not in FS9 itself ,this sort of thing .One addon displays a runway as present in FSNav but it is in fact a taxiway. These issues are minor irritant's rather than anything major ,so not a real worry, but it would be nice not to have them . Anyways cheers Andy Jim! Thanks my add-ons are already above the defaults. PS most of my new add-on airports run without the for mentioned issues .Which is good.
  11. HoratioWondersocks

    Airport sceneries question.

    Hello If i install freeware airport sceneries, should i disable the default equivalents.? Cheers Andy
  12. HoratioWondersocks

    Fuelloader program irritating problem

    Now that's a good idea,although I think I may? have solved the problem ,but can't really explain how. The fuel pump idea is the best possible cause I have heard so far,although I wasn't aware of one in my vicinity. Thanks to all Andy
  13. HoratioWondersocks

    Fuelloader program irritating problem

    Thanks. But I checked that option and unlimited fuel is not selected.(yes we do get that choice in Fs9) Cheers Andy
  14. HoratioWondersocks

    Fuelloader program irritating problem

    update! cant refuel manually in the default manner either. Aircraft will only load with 100% fuel. please help. going nuts going to sleep as well goodnight. cheers Andy
  15. Hello All for years now I have used the very useful little program 'Fuel loader' (available here at Avsim) but it has developed a problem...its this.... Every time I use the program to fuel up my aircraft ...an example the default is 100% and I want 70% I input the 70 % and it remains at that figure for a few seconds ,but then reverts back to 100% Nothing I have tried will stop this irritating behaviour. I have tried unin/rein the prog...no joy. I have tried system restore........no joy. I have deleted the cfg and let fs9 build a new one .No joy I have tried the fs9 registry reset just in case ......No joy. I reset the assignments to default..........No bugg==ing God damn joy. Any ideas gratefully received. Andy