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  1. stijnsarah18

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    OK, i am very happy to read this.. just wanted to start my reinstall but this is no solution...?
  2. stijnsarah18

    EZCA crazy camera effect

    Hallo i have the same problem but a reinstall does'nt solve my problem. what did you delete before the reinstall?
  3. stijnsarah18

    FTX global, no object on terrain

    yes version 1.4 and in the ftxcentral 2 is global 'active' tried new install but problem is there again... i posted my problem in the facebook group p3d v2 and v3 with picture. my terrein is just flat like photoscenery
  4. friends, i have a problem with my ftx global. i installed it in the latest p3dv3.2 version but i am having a problem. When i am for exemple on approach to egll 27R i don't see 3d buildings. My terrein is just flat, like photoreal... The sliders of my p3d are maxed out. so what you see is only photoscenery... there are no objects... what would be the problem??? all products are legal, libaries are up to date...
  5. stijnsarah18

    New name/livery TUI

    Arkefly and later jetairfly and the others of the TUI group will Change to TUI Arkefly is now changing, i would like to have the pmdg 737 in the new TUI livery: Can someone make this? Thanx
  6. Pilots i have an I7 4770 K cpu on 4.3 ghz. Would it be a good deal to go to a I7 4790K wich is normal on 4.4 and with overclock to 4.6 or higher? Would that be a good choice or would there be no difference? thanx
  7. stijnsarah18

    Zurich V2 in p3d V3

    For me the solution is not working I copied everything correctely but i do not have the lights...
  8. stijnsarah18

    Zurich V2 in p3d V3

    ok but in fsx you need to add this line: SimObjectPaths.6=Aerosoft\Mega Airport Zurich V2.0\simobjects If you delete this line you do not have runway lights... so in p3dv3 i do not have to do this? i also copy paste thees things but that does not solve the problem....
  9. stijnsarah18

    Zurich V2 in p3d V3

    I know that Zurich V3 is not officially for p3d v3 but i do have one question Can someone help me with this. The scenery is working fine but to get the night lighting working you have to add some line to the main section of the fsx.cfg... Where do i have to add this line in the new p3dv3 cfg file? cause there is no main section in it... Or is there another solution? thanx
  10. stijnsarah18

    QW757 no sid or star in fmc

    Yes, is it due to windows 10? i did not thought that way i sended a reguest to qw, waiting for answer hopefully tomorow. Found a solution....
  11. Pilots I installed qw757 but i do not see any sid or star in the fmc also a reinstall does not slove the problem i am using navdata but also this install does not help i just don't see any sid or star or runway.... can someone help me with this? thanx
  12. stijnsarah18

    DEFAULT ATC volume

    Pilot"s Is there any way to put the default atc volume higher then 100? My sound levers are set to 50 and voice to 100 but i can't hear the atc very well. is there a way to get it above 100?/louder? thanx for the help
  13. Pilots I have this problem for a long time, now i want to know the answer. When i fly the wilco A380 v2 and i want to select an arrival runway/star fsx is crashing... It only happens in the arrival, not on departure (sid) It happens with every airport, every liverie of the plane... every time! also with different flight plans i have the same problem... Can someone help me? is there a fix? i run fsx in admin mode...
  14. stijnsarah18

    Take off, yoke problem pmdg 737 ngx

    The yoke (and airplane) are taking off but less then one second after pulling back the yoke he goes to... let me say the center position (like i am not touching the yoke) So the plane does not climb... only repeating pull back and a little down and pull back... and so on will lift the airplane... So when i pull my yoke back, the yoke in the pmdg goes directly back to the center position (elevator) i hold my yoke fully backward but the yoke of the pmdg goes to center... All settings in fsuipc are ok. i also unplugged my yoke... i only have this in the pmdg 737...
  15. stijnsarah18

    Take off, yoke problem pmdg 737 ngx

    Pilots I have a problem with my pmdg. When i am rolling for take off and the VR call is gone i have to pull my ch yoke to lift. When i pull my yoke it goes always back to 'idle' when i repeatedly pull on the yoke back and forward my planes lifts en in the air the yoke is normal again. After landing, it starts all again... When on the ground the yoke in the 737 ngx goes always back to idle so i am unable to take off normal Can someone help me with this? i am using fsuipc with the ch yoke, all settings in fsx are deleted. thanx