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  1. Hi, I have solved my problem - two hat switches in ChasePlane. You need a paid version of FSUIP. Program both controller hat switches as buttons and assign a key press. The typical buttons are 32=0deg, 34=90deg, 36=180deg and 38=360. Than look at your FSUIPC.ini file and you will see sequential numbers for the buttons you just programmed. Now there are buttons for a diagonal movement: 33=45deg; 35=135deg; 37=225deg and 39=315deg. These buttons I copied/ pasted and edited in the FSUIPC.ini file, e.g. 45 degree movement or button # 33: is button press 32 and 34 simultaneous and that's why there are two entries in the .ini file. Here is the pertinant info of my FSUIPC.ini: [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 0=R2,32,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 1=R2,33,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 2=R2,33,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 3=R2,34,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 4=R2,35,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 5=R2,35,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 6=R2,36,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 7=R2,37,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 8=R2,37,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 9=R2,38,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 10=R2,39,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 11=R2,39,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 12=R3,32,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 13=R3,34,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 14=R3,36,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 15=R3,38,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 16=R3,33,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 17=R3,33,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 18=R3,35,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 19=R3,35,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 20=R3,37,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 21=R3,37,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 22=R3,39,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 23=R3,39,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 24=P3,4,K51,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+3}- 25=P3,9,K50,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+2}- 26=P2,2,K49,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+1}- 27=P2,1,K51,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+3}- 28=P2,0,K50,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+2}- 29=P3,2,K49,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+1}- R2 is a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and R3 is TM Airbus Side stick. Ctl+D/H/K/F are hat switch commands to ChasePlane. Alt+1/2/3 from both controllers I use for "toggle view in/out", previous view and next view in ChasePlane. It all works very well and is not hard to program. I hope this helps Brgds Juergen Mader
  2. Hi, In order to make the flight experience more realistic I have (or will have) flight controls for Boeing aircraft (from Honeycomb - Yoke and Throttle Quadrant) as well as Airbus aircraft (from ThrustMaster - Sidestick and Throttle Quadrant). Now the problem arises that ChasePlane only recognizes one control unit to assign buttons to, so at the moment I use a ThrustMaster joystick to control views (inside / outside) and a hatswitch for pan. If I fly a Boeing aircraft I use the joystick/sidestick to control ChasePlane and a Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke to control the aircraft. There is a post "2 hat switches in Chase Plane", but no end results. Has anyone solved this problem? Thank you very much for your response Juergen Mader
  3. I found the adjustment: Press Shift+2 (2D panel view) and it's the UP and DOWN ARROW on the radar panel (actually pretty prominent). OR, in the VCP the radar panel with the UP and DOWN ARROW is just above the thrust levers (might have to zoom in)
  4. Hi, Can someone tell me if there is a way to adjust the map range in the A72 500 and if yes "Where is the switch/dial located". There are 2 posts on this topic. the first one just says "he found it" and that's it, the other one refers to the "Shift+2" menu or just above the throttles for the switch/dial location. I can't find it Thanks for help
  5. Hi, Same behavior here. I have attached some screenshots to show the pop up from chaseplane: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/58V054 I had Chaseplane removed from Old Prop and it is installed in Orbx Central. All cameras seem to work fine as well as joystick and keyboard assignment. Thanks for response
  6. Hi, This is my first attempt with FS2Crew and I need some help. As per manual: "Make sure there are FS2Crew entries on it. If not, you forgot to Enable FS2Crew via the FS2Crew NGXu Configurator or you have a write permission issue"; There is NO FS2Crew entry in the panel.cfg file - I have FS2Crew enabled with the configurator (green), also the System Check shows everything OK - also the SEC panel appears with the assigned hot key. I tried a flight and everything seems to be in order. What should the entry look like in the CFG file? Thanks for help
  7. Hi, Thanks Keven for reply. Does anyone use "vJoy" and is interested in shareing what's involved to making it work? Anyone useing a Saitek X52 Professional and a Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke and has both working with ChasePlane? Thanks for help
  8. Hi Ernie, It sounds like you have or had a similar situation. Did you contact Keven Menard? Thanks
  9. Hi, Anyone have any suggestions how to solve this issue. At present I have to use the sidestick (for ChasePlane) as well as the yoke (for A/C control).So these items take up a lot of desk space! I have also sent an e-mail to ChasePlane with no reply. Thanks for help / reply
  10. Hi, I received my Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls / Yoke and I am trying to integrate it with ChasePlane. I have installed a Saitek X52 Professional HOTAS and used the side-stick POV for (P0 - tilt up, P180 - tilt down, P270 - pan left & P90 - pan right); the B5 button for (Toggle IN/Out Camera) and the buttons B22 / B20 button for (Previous Preset / Next/Preset). Is there a way to save this assignment/profile for flying with the side-stick (Airbus) and loading a different assignment/profile for the Alpha Yoke when I fly a Boeing aircraft. Thanks for answer and help
  11. Kyle, Is there a description of the rainmaker function somewhere, where I can read up on it? Thanks for answer
  12. Hi Oliver, I will certainly take a look at the Lorby_Si documentation and try the tool myself and thank you for the many helpful tips. I actually performed some of these futile add_ons already (FlyTampa Tampa and Las Vegas, Aerosoft Mega Airport EDDF and EGLL as well as Airport LSZH and EDDN). However, I will see what happens when updates are available; btw these airports are all made for P3Dv4. And itsjase, I will correct my misspelled DUBAI airport. Thanks
  13. Hi, How are the "Rainmaker" and the "Cockpit Shake" enabled/disabled in the aircraft?
  14. Oliver, Does your tool also work with 3rd party airports e.g. FlyTampa Las Vegas or Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt? Thanks
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