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  1. Confirm re-naming the DLL solved it for you. You shouldn't have to do that.
  2. Please add that to our airline request channel in Discord.
  3. The product manager should auto create its own desktop short cut icon.
  4. What happens if you run the audio test?
  5. Please send us a support ticket via: www.fs2crew.com We'll try to help you.
  6. If it just happened out of the blue, try re-installing UGCX. And try at a different airport.
  7. She's in Beta, gentlemen...
  8. Please add that on our Discord callsign request list. Cheers,
  9. If the license trips, send us a support ticket via: www.fs2crew.com We can reset your license. Best,
  10. We don't technically support the Training version, but is there no "enable" FS2Crew button on the control panel? It would just be a matter of adding the FS2Crew entries to the panel.cfg file for the Training version. But no guarantees it'll work properly since the Training version would be rather different from the normal product.
  11. Please send me a support ticket via: www.fs2crew.com Let me know the version # you are running.
  12. It's back up. We had to take it off line for a few hours to make some improvements.
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