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  1. What value was selected in the MDA/DH section on the Approach Page? *The FS2Crew Briefing Page*
  2. byork

    Arm Autobrake

    Not a problem. I'll add that in the next update. Best,
  3. byork

    fs2crew 777 no first officer

    Is the FO able to flip any switches? Are you using the stock PMDG panel states? I suggest using them.
  4. I got your support ticket and you'll have to show me via a remote desktop. Best,
  5. byork

    FS2Crew QW787

    It's going to happen, it's just a matter of when. We already have the SOPs written for it and we can interface directly with it without using pop up panels, etc.
  6. byork

    Jetway Bell

    Sounds like a complex audio setup, but glad you figured it out.
  7. byork

    Jetway Bell

    It's best to use the Microsoft Realtek drivers. So you still don't get the Bell sound?
  8. byork

    Flap Issue

    That can't be it, because the FO stows Dial A Flap during his Climb Check which happens after the flaps are up.
  9. Hi Sunny, As per the manual, and as per real life, you need to "announce" verbally the EICAS fuel message. The exact phrases are listed in the manual. That's the trigger for the FO to reconfigure the fuel pumps. It would be bad crew coordination for the FO to just start changing the fuel pumps on his own.
  10. byork

    Jetway Bell

    If you're not hearing the bell, double check your audio setup in Windows. I recall I set the bell sound to come out of the "left surround" channel.
  11. byork

    Jetway Bell

    I don't have the code with me, but I'm trying to recall if the bell sound was ever there in the 737.
  12. byork

    Preflight seems slow

    Could be an issue your system... who knows... thing is you can fast forward the time down by left clicking the time remaining value.
  13. byork

    Saving panel state

    Your voice / button selection should save. The only way it wouldn't save is if FS doesn't shut down cleanly.
  14. Did you download load the latest version of the Maddog aircraft? Try that. The Config Manager is just checking for the existence of that gauge file. It's pretty simple. Are you sure you installed FS2Crew into the main FSX/P3D folder. The FS2Crew installer should auto detect the correct location for you.
  15. Not sure about that, but try opening the FS2Crew Main Panel *after* making the switch.