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  1. Please see this thread. The issue is the current Config Manager is not adding the FS2Crew entries to the new Sharklets's panel.cfg file.
  2. If you're getting a CTD, it probably means you messed up the panel.cfg. We've tested the Sharklets version with FS2Crew FSLabs by manually pasting the FS2Crew panel.cfg entries ourselves... it works fine so long as you don't make a mistake. Cheers,
  3. I'm looking at the Button Control code now... We're reading the flap position to distinguish between flap 8 and 20. When did this start happening? You've had the product since January. Did this just happen recently?
  4. You probably messed up the panel.cfg. The issue is the new Sharklet models use a new panel.cfg that isn't detected by our Config Manager because it's a new new folder. Accordingly, FS2Crew isn't added to those panel.cfg. Let us update that.
  5. Is FS2Crew on the Panel.cfg for the Sharklets version? Go to the Vehicles -> Instrument Panel option in P3D.... Do you even see FS2Crew entries there? If not, it means FS2Crew is not even on the panel.cfg file.
  6. If the tug is flipping your plane, ensure the chocks are out and the parking brake is off. You could also use 'freeze mode'. Cheers,
  7. To confirm, you have selected "Distance mode" in Pushback Express, right? That's what you mean by auto right?
  8. I am the support 😉 I don't think we received a ticket.
  9. Hmmm, well never say never with software. I'll ask the 717 developers if they can reproduce it.
  10. I doubt it's the 717 that's the issue. If P3D hangs on loading and its RAAS related it would be because you're running the old 32 bit version of the Microsoft Access Database engine in 64 bit P3D v5. This usually occurs with people who, for whatever reason, continue to run very old versions of Office on Windows. That's the only way we know that RAAS can hang P3D 64 bits. Solution is to uninstall the 32 bit version of the Microsoft Access Database Engine. Cheers,
  11. Hi Chris, Based on the code, FS2Crew will remove the chocks (which automatically disconnects all ground equipment at the same time), at the end of the Before Start Procedure. FS2Crew shouldn't remove the chocks if the Air Start or GPU is connected. However, with the recent PMDG 777 update, I think we lost our ability to read if the GPU or Air Start cart are connected. And that would explain your issue. I'll check this out. Thanks for the report. Cheers,
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