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  1. Hi Mark, It's just a limit in the software. We can't "read" the position of the various buttons very well like we can in the PMDGs. Cheers,
  2. When you click "Train Profile", you should be presented with a new pop-up dialogue with instructions You then read that script to train your voice. You're not seeing that?
  3. byork

    Asian FO - Before Takeoff Checklist

    Probably just a mistake made by the voice artist. There are 1000s of recordings, and it's easy to make a mistake when recording. We'll check it out. Cheers,
  4. Oh, that should make the profile default.
  5. byork

    FO approaching minimums callout

    Correct, no option to disable it. In a future update, we can add an option to disable it for you. Best,
  6. byork

    FO approaching minimums callout

    I don't think the FS2Crew FO calls out 50 feet. Are you sure that's not coming from somewhere else? At any rate, there is no way to disable the selective FS2Crew callouts directly.
  7. Hi Aloysio, In the RAAS menu in the Addons menu, go to the Profiles menu and select "link to current model". Cheers,
  8. byork

    No Audio

    There are other audio engines out there. Thing is I never have a problem with dropped audio, nor do the 99 percent of our user base. On my computer, I can pull out my USB headset, then plug it back in and the audio will still be there. It's strange, computers don't uniformly act the same way. Early you mentioned you lost your audio totally, but then fixed it by updating your Nvidia drivers. Can you revert to the original Microsoft audio drivers. Also, check your power settings... ensure your USB ports aren't going to sleep.
  9. byork

    No Audio

    We're using the Microsoft XACT audio system. That system does not like it when you start pulling chords while the system is running.
  10. byork

    747 support 64 bit version

    Hi Gus, Yes, the 747 QOTS II version of FS2Crew supports FSX through P3D V4 out of the box. So no problems for you there. We couldn't put the 64 bit logo on the box because FSX is not 64 bits.
  11. byork

    How to update?

    Hi Michael, I responded to your Support Ticket. You created an FS2Crew account using an email address that is different than your main email address. That's why you couldn't log into your account. Try logging in using your other gmail address. Cheers,