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  1. Didn't we already solve this via the support tickets (the engine 2 shutdown). The auto thrust I have no idea about.. that's not FS2Crew.
  2. Is this file present on your system: C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\gauges\FS2CrewAirbusLabs64.gau
  3. Just an update to this.... it appears to be write permission issue. As a general rule of thumb, you should never install P3D or FSX to the default install location (Program Files). It's always good to select a different location outside of Program Files. Microsoft is sensitive about the Program Files folder. Cheers,
  4. Version 1.1 Final has a new config option 'not' to press the ND button. It works fine so long as the ECL is in the one of the MFDs. I'll ask the QW programmer if there's any way we can close the ECL panel another way. Cheers,
  5. Send me a support ticket via: www.fs2crew.com
  6. You need to shut the whole sim down. Also ensure you're using the Left FMC. Cheers,
  7. Are you using the latest version of FS2Crew for the Lab? Is you anti-virus excluding the P3D folder to ensure your anti-virus didn't eat any FS2Crew files? Best,
  8. So this is what the QW 787 aircraft programmer said: I think your user may have a misunderstanding regarding the displays. See the chart below. What your user is referring to as the CDU is the Lower Display. The Lower display is split between the Capt, and FO side. The Left side is the Capt Side, the right side is the FO Side. Each side has its own control panel. If you look at the red rectangle you’ll see the ‘CHKL’ button. When the CHKL button is selected on the right side of the lower display, the CDU is replaced with the ECL. When the lower display is not in full map mode, anything on the right side of the lower display is the FO’s, anything on the left side is the Capts. The behavior your user is describing is correct and is inline with how we said it would work in my mail to you on 4/25. I’m repeating the described sequence below. 1) Check if the FO's checklist is already open, if so just send the inputs wherever it is open. 2) If it’s not open, but the Eicas screen is on the FO's side, it opens the checklist on the FO's side of the Lower display. 3) If the Eicas is not on the FO side, then it will open the checklist on the left side of the FO’s Inboard display. So if the checklist is already open in another position (either the right side of the First Officers inboard, or the right side of the Lower display the inputs will still be received).
  9. I'll ask the QW 787 aircraft programmers if there is anything they can do. I'm limited by what their SDK can do. Cheers,
  10. The only way you could do that would be to edit the DLL.xml. But I still don't see the point in temporarily disabling it. If you don't want to use a UGCX function on a flight or leg, etc, just don't trigger it. Cheers,
  11. I'm not sure what's happening with your setup, but when I fire the available command (from essentially what is the QW SDK) to open the ECL, it opens in the FO's MFD, exactly where it should.
  12. It really sounds like an issue with P3D v5. Other than ensure you have the latest video drives, all I can suggest is you ask Lockheed Martin about this one.
  13. Disable it how? You need trigger the action in UGCX, so if you don't want something to happen, don't trigger it. Unless I'm missing something 🙂
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