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  1. How is it printed in the manual?
  2. That's weird. You can try this method to manually train "on". But realistically, you shouldn't have to do that, since you said it was working fine before and only started when you switched to P3D V4. Long shot: Try going into your P3D V4 Options - Sound menu. Ensure "voice capture device" is set to default.
  3. Does your model have "autostart" enabled as an option. It's an equipment option. Ensure you have it. Cheers,
  4. Hi Rick, That download didn't work. Please resend.
  5. What part of the states are you from? Try saying "on" with like a Chicago accent. Speak as clearly as you can, like a newscaster. Generally with standard American accidents, you should be getting near perfect speech recognition results. I get around 95 percent accuracy.
  6. Hi Rune, Thank you for the kind words. I'd love to do Button for the Maddog, but the big problem is time. There isn't enough of it :-)
  7. Sorry, we follow PMDG generally, and until they start releasing heavy jets into X-Plane, then we're sticking with FSX and P3D. We're just the little fish who follow the big fish :-)
  8. Glad you got it sorted!
  9. You mean it says in "Standby"?
  10. That's good. I use "N" for "Autofeather Arm Off". Works for me.
  11. Hi James, Try deleting your "Voice Profile" on the Speech Recognizer Control Page, then creating a new one and re-training your voice. Cheers,
  12. Glad it's sorted! Yes, the Change Log is here: It supersedes the PDF manual.
  13. Please start checking the FAQs: Can you open the FS2Crew Main Panel via the "Vehicles -> Instruments" menu? If you see just a black rectangle, it means the gauge didn't load. Again, see the FAQs. Cheers,
  14. Thanks for the report, will check that out and add to SP1.
  15. Please open the PMDG 737's panel.cfg file with Notepad. Do you see FS2Crew entries on the panel.cfg file? Try assigning "N" to Autofeather Arm/ Off. If using Reboot, try the "System Check" feature in the Config Manager. Best,