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  1. One main programmer, and a couple sub-contractors and other people for the models.
  2. byork

    Yaw Damper

    That's because your IRS isn't aligned.
  3. I'm pretty sure the issue is with your hardware setup, especially since you said it worked before. Tripe check again your mixture assignment, and double check FSUIPC if you're using it too. You could also test with your hardware disabled.
  4. byork

    fs2crew voice control not working

    I think you need to manually add the "exclude" folder, but that varies with the anti-virus program. I use Microsoft Defender that comes with Win 10. Never had any issues with it. You an also try to uninstall and re-install the product. Also, are you able to run the Voice Training? Please try training your voice and see if it even works. That you can run Button Control means things are working generally. I'm wondering if something is wrong with the speech system on your computer.
  5. byork

    fs2crew voice control not working

    Hmmm, that's very strange, one I haven't seen before. The black rectangle means the FS2Crew gauge did not load. Is your anti-virus set to "exclude" the FS folder? Sometimes anti-virus programs have a way of nuking required files.
  6. Hahaha... we're going for the FS record for longest product in development. My UGCX programmer promised me the final issues would be wrapped up by the end of the month. But everytime we think we have all the issues solved, we find another one 🙂 This stuff is very complex!
  7. byork

    Fs2crew voice command Microphone

    You don't need noise cancelling. USB are best and you can pick up one for around $20. I use the Microsoft USB headset.
  8. Hi Torsten, Are you saying it exactly like this (from the manual): Trigger key phrase is “ALTITUDE”. Example: “ALTITUDE SEVEN THOUSAND / ALTITUDE FLIGHT LEVEL NINE ZERO”. Ensure this phrase is said clearly and distinctly from the previously spoken heading value. Remember you can always say "SET AND CHECKED" if you get stuck.
  9. byork

    FS2CREW flaps problem

    To confirm this is an Aerosoft update issue, what do you see in the "Green Bar" when you call for flaps? I just want to ensure the system isn't hearing "flaps full".
  10. byork

    PMDG MD11 FS2Crew for P3D V4

    You'd need to ask PMDG. Contrary to what some people think, porting to 64 bits involves more than just pressing a button 🙂 It would be nice if it was the easy 🙂
  11. byork

    Yaw Damper

    I spoke to the iFly developer... he said what you described is a new bug in the iFly itself... they'll fix it in their next update. Good news is they're aware of it and they'll fix it. Cheers,
  12. byork

    Main Panel not opening

    Glad you got it sorted!
  13. byork

    Main Panel not opening

    And make sure your anti-virus is excluding the FS folder. A couple other people today said their Main Panel stopped opening, so I'm wondering if an anti-virus update from some company nuked a critical file.
  14. byork

    Yaw Damper

    The FS2Crew FO wouldn't "turn off" the yaw damper. The Yaw damper is turning off by itself. I've emailed the iFly developer. Maybe he has an idea. In the meantime, just turn the Yaw Damper back on manually.
  15. Your anti-virus (via an update) could have nuked something. Ensure your anti-virus is set to exclude the FS folder, then re-install FS2Crew. Also, NGX Reboot has a "system check" in the Config Manger. See what that says. Also ensure "Autofeather Arm / Off" is assigned. Use the "N" key for that to toggle open/close the FS2Crew Main Panel.