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  1. If I can find the time I'll try to add button control, but finding time is very tough! Cheers,
  2. Hi, Is this for the Legacy version or Reboot? I'm guessing Reboot. Why are you clicking the MFD? To open the Main Panel, tou need to assign a key to AUTOFEATHER ARM/OFF. I suggest using the "N" key. Please check the manuals again at: Also ensure you enabled FS2Crew via the Maddog Load Manager. There's a screen shot in the FAQs thread and our manual. Best,
  3. It will still how you what the speech system detects. However, the system will not "act" on what speech is detected. So all is good.
  4. I just double checked Hard and Soft Mute. Both worked for me. The "M" symbol appeared on the FS2Crew Display panel. For Hard Mute, I pressed HM on the Main Panel. For Soft Mute, I held down the left control key.
  5. Hi guys, 1. The MD82 is not a Dash 8. Each version is modeled on one airline's SOPs. Turboprops by their nature are more involved than jets. They're usually much less automated, so there's an appearance of greater work load. In my view the Maddog is actually more advanced than the Dash 8. It has FO takeoff's, which are unique. 2. Mute button I'll check, but I tested it in development and it worked then. If it somehow got broken, I'll fix it. 3. After selecting your audio device on the Config Panel, you need to press "HS" on the FS2Crew Main panel. That's the same as every FS2Crew. 4. Panel opening on 2nd monitor. Not really sure I follow. The position is predefined in the panel.cfg file like any other FS window. If you know how to edit panel.cfg files, you can change the default window position to any place you like. 5. The GUI was redone and re-textured. In fact, it was done by Steffano, one of the dev's for the Maddog aircraft. I'm not really sure what more I can say about the GUI, other than it does the job. Best,
  6. FORUM BANNERS: You may direct link to these forum signature banners. They conform to Avsim size limits. FS2CREW MADDOGX REBOOT "LINE PILOT" FORUM SIGNATURE: DIRECT LINK:
  7. [22 Feb 2018] The new Leonardo Maddog X, one of the best FS aircraft in history that is on par with the PMDG aircraft in our view, is now fully supported by FS2Crew. The product supports, in one single package, for one price, FSX through P3D V4. We put a lot of work into Reboot. We updated a lot of the internals, tweaked the GUI and worked closely with the Maddog developer so we could support some of the new features in the Maddog X, such as Dial-A-Flap. This is a VERY complex plane, and working closely with the Maddog developer was absolutely integral to getting it done properly. Working with Dial-A-Flap was especially complex, but we did it! The Maddog is one of our best FS2Crew's ever, and it has one of the best voice sets we've ever done. Enjoy it!
  8. Change Log: Note: All updates are built into the main installer only. To obtain the update, login to your FS2Crew account, click "Completed Orders", redownload and re-install. There is no need to uninstall the old version first. V1.2 (Feb 22, 2018) -Manual updated and FO Takeoff Procedure fixed. V1.1 (Feb 21, 2018) -Sound issue with headset fixed. V1.0 (Feb 20, 2018) -Public Release.
  9. Thanks for the report. This was a bug in the manual and code. We changed the system from the "old" version for FO Takeoffs. In Reboot, there's no longer any switch on the Config Panel for FO Takeoffs. Instead, when you line up for takeoff, simply engage TOGA and speak "Takeoff Your Controls" or "Takeoff you have control". That phrase is the trigger to put the simulation into First Officer takeoff mode, and the rest is as per the manual. Remember: the FO may not be able to control pitch well, so be prepared to help him fly a bit. Version 1.2 is now on the server.
  10. There's a Cheat Sheet here that summarizes everything in a couple pages:
  11. Hi Jeff, Due to time constraints, button control will not be happening. The Maddog will be voice control only I'm afraid. Best,
  12. Just a small update: V1.1 is on the server. It corrects a small issue associated with audio playing through your headset. To obtain the update, login to your account, click Completed Orders, re-download and re-install. Best,
  13. Okay, I just fixed this... V1.1 is on the server now.
  14. I can reproduce this now. I'll fix it immediately. Thanks for the report.
  15. I'll put the answer on our Facebook page later :-)