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  1. Can you please post that in our official airline callsigns channel on Discord: https://discord.com/channels/922947931273842689/1065149920144793641
  2. This is going back over 10 years, but looking at their SDK again, all we can read is the Transition Altitude.
  3. FS2Crew NOTAMS for 24 March 2024!!! FS2Crew friends, this weekend we released another round of updates for many of our MSFS products. Happy times! Please use the FS2Crew Product Manager to update your products! The Product Manager will tell you which products needs updating. https://fs2crew.com/downloads/ Change Logs are available here: https://fs2crew.com/fs2crew-change_logs/ The most significant change is the inclusion of our new “livery patcher” tool for owners of the Animated FO version of FS2Crew for the Fenix Airbus. This tool will run silently and deal with the issue some users had who were running 3rd party liveries with “custom cabins”. The Livery Patcher tool allows the animated FO to function perfectly side by side with any liveries that have “custom cabins.” Everything works together in perfect harmony! You can also run the Livery Patcher tool manually. There will be a new brown FS2Crew icon on your desktop you can use to run the tool. Also notable is a new option in the Fenix Airbus that allows users to manually set the takeoff trim during the after start flow, as well as fixed autopilot handing. As mentioned, please see the Change Logs for details. We updated more than just the Fenix. Looking ahead! Animated PMDG 737 FO version (SOP 1): It was sidelined due to the Fenix update, but now we’re back on track. ETA: 1.5 weeks away approximately. Our Animated FO technology is the coolest thing since sliced bread in our view, and we look forward to finally being able to bring this one of a kind tech to the mighty PMDG 737. Our version will work with all PMDG 737 models. If you have any other co-pilot models installed, we suggest you uninstall them now. ATR Version: It's currently in beta testing. Cool thing is we have everyone’s favorite real-world YouTube ATR pilot, Magnar, as an active member of the beta and voice artist team. If sales are good enough for the ATR, we can justify making an animated FO version, and of course we can model Magnar’s likeness, too. PMDG 777 and Animated PMDG 777 First Officer: We’ve received a lot of emails about the 777, and yes, for 100 percent sure we are doing the 777. There will also be an animated FO for the 777. ETA: Asap. A lot rides on when PMDG releases their SDK, but we’re going to start working on the 777 well before PMDG releases it! Discord Support Reminders: Guys, please remember for support, please use our Discord Channel and please post in the appropriate section / product category. It just helps us bring some order to things and it helps use provide better support. Also, prior to posting in Discord, please use the “search” function in the top right hand corner on Discord. Use key words. The search function in Discord is very good, and you’ll probably find the answer to your question has already been discussed. FS2Crew Discord link: https://discord.gg/ZJ4HKx727m New FS2Crew Partners page! We have a new Partners page. If you are selling flight simulator hardware, etc., that would be relevant to our user base, please contact us! We currently have a good deal running with Pimax with a custom coupon code. Check them out! Please note we’re not doing Virtual Airlines anymore as it was too difficult to manage them. They’d come and go and never tell us, and their links would go dead or worse get re-directed to adult websites. Obviously, we can’t have that. https://fs2crew.com/fs2crew-official-partners/ Have a nice weekend! -The FS2Crew Team
  4. It's not technically possible. The product list is fixed.
  5. I've tried the AI copilot in MSFS. He can sorta fly the plane (at least with the default planes), but he's a pretty wild pilot.
  6. It's a nice idea, but we can't make the computer fly the plane (be the PF) on a leg from A to B by itself. We sorta tried it before, but it was highly scripted and everything had to go perfectly to avoid user intervention and our computer PF crashed a lot.
  7. Take a look at the Flight Deck Power up flow in the manual (it's done by you).
  8. I trust you read the manual? https://support.fs2crew.com/manuals/ We modelled this airline to the letter.
  9. Which airport is detected closest? You may need to exclude it.
  10. FS2Crew - Fenix Airbus Update! Yesterday, Fenix released a major update for their mighty MSFS Airbus called "Block 2". If you own the Fenix Airbus, please download Block 2 now. You'll need to have it installed for our upcoming updates to work. So far, the base FS2Crew Fenix version appears to work fine with "Block 2" out of the box. However, we need to update the "FS2Crew Animated FO" expansion pack to support the new "Block 2" update. We're currently working on that update now and will release it asap. One nice thing about Block 2 is that, according to rumor, it makes the autopilot panel accessible to 3rd party developers, such as FS2Crew. No 100 percent promises, but it looks like we should hopefully be able to give you voice control over the Airbus autopilot panel. Before the autopilot panel was not controllable by 3rd party applications. We'll know more today! Thank you! -The FS2Crew Team
  11. Glad you got it sorted. Yes, you need to run the associated FS2Crew crew program too (not just RAAS), to get the TA/TL values automatically fed into RAAS. Cheers,
  12. Please check the Product Manager to ensure you have the latest update. Manuel should have fixed that. The problem was FBW changed the way they handle TA/TL values.
  13. RAAS updated to fix changes made in the FBW host aircraft. Please use the Product Manager to update: https://fs2crew.com/downloads/
  14. Just to update you on this: Yes, FBW changed their code for the Transition Alt Level values. We're working with them on a solution.
  15. Try doing a clean install of the 787 aircraft, and ensure the FMC is completed in full. Cheers,
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