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  1. Hello, I just bought and installed 22109-UGCX. I started FSX and received the following message: "Ultimate Ground Crew X: The scenery index MUST BE CREATED because it doesn't exists". The UGCX Log file is: ------------------------ INITIALIZATING FS MODULE ------------------------ It's a supported Flight Simulator: [10]... Hooking to the Flight Simulator's MAIN window procedure... Registering CUSTOM windows messages... Reading the INITIALIZATION file... Getting the FSX.CFG (or PREPAR3D.CFG) and CAMERAS.CFG files paths... Reading settings from the FSX.CFG or PREPAR3D.CFG file located here: C:\Users\brouw\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.CFG Verifying the UGCX SimObject's Path entry in the FSX.CFG or PREPAR3D.CFG file... Reading and updating the CAMERAS.CFG file located here: [C:\Users\brouw\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Cameras.CFG] The Flight Simulator's frame rate LIMIT is 40 fps... Creating our timer... Current language ID: [409] Current sound pack: US Retrieving UGCX module's version... Running UGCX module's version: Version: Attempting to connect to the Flight Simulator... CONNECTED! to Flight Simulator... Mapping Flight Simulator's events... Setting up data definitions... Registering delayed events... Registering 3D models LVARs into the simulation... Initializating scenery reader system... Can you pls. help me setting up UGCX? Regards, Paul
  2. Paulbr

    Dark panels

    In the meantime I re-installed PMDG 777 and the problem was solved. Thanks for your help. Paul Brouwer
  3. Paulbr

    Dark panels

    Hello, When I start PMDG 777 all my panels in VC are black, some have shadows. Cockpit view is normal. Can anyone pls. help me with this? Regards, Paul
  4. Paulbr

    Activate ATC

    Hello, Can anybody pls. tell me how to activate ATC in the PMDG 777? Tnx. Paul
  5. Hi Owen, In the meantime I opened a ticket via the official PMDG Support desk and the problem has been solved after uninstalling and re-installing FSX and PMDG747-400X. Regards, Paul
  6. Hi Owen, Tnx for helping me. I purchased PMDG B747 very recently. So I followed your instructions: Uninstalled the PMDG B747, runned the registry cleaner CCleaner and re-installed without any service packs. Nevertheless, after starting FSX still the same: No Add-ons. Are there any other ideas? Regards, Paul
  7. Hello, I installed PMDG747-400X and the FSX 2.10 update (PMDG747_400_FSX_2.10_Update_Setup.exe) afterwards. When I start FSX and select one of the 747-400s there is no "Add-ons" for PMDG in the Menu Bar. So no options to select. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thx, Paul
  8. No, FSX doesn't use any commands starting with TAB
  9. Hello, I defined for all doors keyboard commands for the 747-400X. With APU GEN 1 and 2 on AVAIL the following keyboard commands don't work: For all passengers 747-400: All Upper deck with Tab + D, Upper deck L with Tab + S and Upper deck R with Tab + T. For 747-400F: Loader nose with Tab + 3, Loader Forward R with Tab + 4, Loader After R with Tab + 5, Loader After L with Tab + 6, Entry doors Upper with Tab + 8 and Entry doors UR with Tab + O. Can anyone please advise me how to make this work? Paul
  10. Well, I followed your instructions. What do you mean with paste the route to simroutes and enter the route in your instruction Just enter the dep/arr and the route then click generate route? Where to enter the route?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I will follow your instructions.
  12. Hello, I just bought 747-400X and I wonder how to convert FSX Flightplanner files to PMDG flight plans. Any ideas? Best regards, Paul
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