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  1. I actually find it's harder to sync all scenery/navaid/navdata to a given time than just the most recent one, That's when I sold to navigraph....
  2. Navigraph is interesting case for "subscription based", For FMS database, you can subscript for 28day update, but you can also buy one data, or just quite your subscription and still able use it indefinitely after downloaded. so that's not what I'll call the modern gaming cancer type of subscription mode. But as for charts, I believe you have to keep subscription and only have access to the latest set? then that's the "malignant" one IMO....
  3. Not be mean to them, but the fact is they are the slowest among all add-ons I have bought. The only aircraft I still keep on XP11 is FJS 732/727, along with Felis154 which is now for free and no longer under development, and iniSim A310 which they said won't be upgraded to XP12.
  4. Technically it works just fine as any 2 axis input device, it's just feel kinda wrong. And saitek yoke don't even have FFB, so C* FBW system works just fine. I mostly fly Boeing on my desktop with a side stick, so anyway.... I fly on stick from like 13yo, and only got feeling on a yoke like 10 years later, it did take me like half an hour to get the feeling right especially for aileron, as your hands move up/down for that rather than left/right. But after that, even if I haven't play on yoke for years, this familiar section never needed again when I got another chance to touch a yoke.
  5. That's good to know, but still, good promise at best. I can only believe when it actually came out (video on beta looks good, but still have problems ofc as it's beta). That's why I'm "optimistic suspicion"
  6. My old one with win7 on “unsupported“ hardware have problem wake up after sleep, so basically always on, for like 5 years. before that I use sleep a lot. Now with new win11 rig I sleep almost every night, but shut down mostly at Sunday night (and the "quick start" or something like that to make shutdown works more like sleep thing have been disabled in regedit)
  7. I have mixed experience with FF and for 777v2 I'll put in optimistic suspicion IMO. Implant tons of features is different from implant them right, and in some case for their 757/767, they didn't even get some of the basic normal operation stuff right, that get quite annoying very fast. AFAIK some of their "immersive" part is not optional on 757/767, for example I have to be in loading config to change fuel/load, I can't use the XP default one and can't set it quickly with engine running, it's extremely annoying when I try to do some test flight, or pick up a flight after CTD. Their 764 is a disaster. When I point out some of their data is different from FCOM, they react like "So you got a FCOM? Can you send us a copy?"...So yeah... how they have done that....
  8. So, a week in with daily flight on new profile, normal start/shut down cycle, not yet a CTD with 3.0.7rc1 I think it's case closed, the cause was my profile which somewhere somehow corrupted I guess. Thanks @albar965 for help.
  9. 737's yoke is spring and hydraulically loaded, so it's quite fixed. Other types with aerodynamic load might vary bit more, but it should have some range to be "acceptable" I guess.
  10. Looks good, but not good enough (yet) to convert me to buy another MD11 then...
  11. I have running a new profile for 3 days and it crashed middle of flight in the 3rd flight with no obvious input. However this time it's APPHang, not the same crash AppName littlenavmap.exe AppVersion ProcessId 0x4128 StartTime 0x1daa2105f59b022 TerminationTime 7 ExeFileName N:\FS\N\LNM3\littlenavmap.exe ReportId 3598748c-7a54-4f57-a438-3bf8787e263b PackageFullName PackageRelativeAppId HangType Unknown When I restarted the LNM and try to reconnect it, I got same hang again, every time. Then this lead to me to find my Little Xpconnect is still 1.2.0 beta, rather than 1.2.1, so I'll try update that and see what happens. And probably I'll close and start LNM realistically, rather than stress test it by left open overnight.
  12. Another crash for the same flight, with NOAA weather off, I'll try new profile tomorrow then... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UKDEgeND1m5iWhpHUBNB4oHrajm5-ARE/view?usp=sharing
  13. Ok, yet another same crash in 3.0.7rc1, so it's not fixed... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-eNrEgd5Uiv7iZWdg-UL1QJl2BznMTno/view?usp=sharing Now running without NOAA weather, see what would do.
  14. Sitrep: after fly a 2hr leg in XP12 and let LNM 3.0.7rc1 running at the background with my OLD profile (NOAA download on), it's still there after 12hrs, looking good while I can't confirm it's totally fixed as it could hold this long (but unlikely)in the old version
  15. Thank, I got a hang up when exiting P3Dv5 with this version and old profile, flight itself goes ok. One of the thing I'd like to ask is if it can auto-save the flight-plan and flight path in certain time interval? since once I got a crash I loose all the progress I tracked, that's kinda the most annoying to me, more than the crash itself... I have left LNM run for overnight without connected in sim in 3.0.6 with a new profile, that look good then.
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