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  1. SSAA basically "render" the view in higher resolution for AA, which costs more computing power. MSAA will try not to all rendering,but just some step, so saved power, but might got error. I think the best way is just try yourself and balance the visual/FPS as your own preference.
  2. Just BTW my steam-purchased XP11 requires no reinstall at all, all I need to do is start backed up steam from new computer, it'll repair itself, locate my copied game lib, and XP11 need no repair at all, and all add-ons only need re-activation once in game (mostly is SASL activation window), and even all the joysticks works without need to re calibration, totally fluent transfer from windows7 into windows11 on a totally new hardware (except all my 6 joysticks). I'm not a coder but wonder why the hill any software would need to be install/uninstall/reinstall like FSX/P3D and some of their add-ons to start with...such unnecessary complexity...
  3. There is no After Takeoff Checklist on new Airbus SOP after Nov.2021
  4. The only thing I ended up kept from P3Dv4 on old rig is the scenery database scanned by LNM, now I only have v5 installed on new rig, but whenever I want see if I did have a nice freeware airport that was around back in v4 days, I'll check the LNM's v4 map and located it from my backup folder and add it to my v5 scenery. Mots of the time they just works great. Also some livery and aircraft.cfg also works by paste it into v5, although the aircraft itself have been reinstalled.
  5. AFAIK the VNAV in RXP750 is a fixed angle reference, you can input an angle to follow, along with waypoint altitude constraint , it'll give you TOD, BOD and VS required information, but not directly hooked to AP (at least not in my aircraft collections)
  6. I wonder if IRL A306/310 SOP/NCL have been updated along with other Airbus fleet in 2022 (the "No After-takeoff" one)
  7. I haven't made my mind yet, I have eyes on Nimbus BN2 for a while, but since it was XP11 only so I hold on that, then I heard Thranda are making BN2 for XP12 and I Just got their C337 so I know it will be great, I didn't expect They came out almost the same time with same price😂. From wiki the difference with BN2A and BN2B is "soundproofing and increased landing wight and other minor modifications." doesn't seems important on this one. Nah, I'm not hurry, I'll be busy for a while with C337 and also CowanSim's B222 and H125 I just got with nice discount.
  8. You don't have to load a flightplan into the aircraft to fly it, but you must have a plan for your flight in your mind even just with stick and rudder. 737 or any modern airliner handles quite different from a single engine prop, the weight, the jet power, and the way it build to minimize drag means they are very slippery compare to a C172, if you take off, climb can normally up to 5~10 degree angle, but if you try to turn back and descent on the same angle, you have no chance to slow it down. I also would recommend Zibo737 rather than default one, yes the stock plane is "simplified", but that actually mean you have less tool to works with, Boeing didn't make the actual airplane more complicate to just let real pilot miserable, so a proper simulated one actually make more sense to fly.
  9. IMO they are "high-end" add-ons can be compare to things from like Toliss, rotate, FJS etc. both visually and systemwise. Of course not without bugs just like others. While I think 2 things stands out for me : 1.Autoflight seems a bit slippy, like over shot speed quite few knots when starting/leveling off from climb/descend, and can't quite hit descend profile, but I'm not sure if it's the actual behavior from 70's AP. (That's how they were in XP11, not yet try the XP12 beta) 2. Can't pop-out MCDU nor support add-ons like WebFMC, while almost all other aircraft from P3D or XP can do at least one so I can move them into my dedicated touchscreen
  10. Isn't them free update then? I got XP11 version long before....
  11. Didn't see it's this soon (I basically given up), and didn't see it would came with Beluga. But it's still in Beta, so I might wait a while.
  12. One good thing for saitek pedal is it have straight face in front, so it can easily put against something... try that with TFRP.... I just get a small carpet for my computer desk area...
  13. Hi, when on my old system, I use a MMJoy16 USB input with encoder, and set to 40ms timer, it'll skip some(many) steps when rotation fast(normal speed when you use them actually), but for my FPS it's about what I could get, and LINDA is also happy with it. I have built my new system and FPS grow much higher, now if it's FSUIPC direct input or in other sims like X-Plane, I can set the timer to 20ms or even 0 to get much less skips, and that makes large input much easier, however, when using with LINDA, such fast input will cause input lag, LINDA seems can't handle all the fast input, but instead of skip some in between, it'll lag them behind, and execute all of them with much slower pace. For example if I want set HDG from 360 to 090, in the past with 40ms cut, I'll have to rotate like 10 times on my HDG rotory, while every lap should be 24 click. but it'll stop right when I stop, so I can at least get to 090 precisely. But when I set lower cut in the firmware of Mjoy, all input is jammed into LINDA, so I rotated the knob and get 090 reading, I stop rotation, then LINDA will still output all the rest stroke, and only stop when reached like 130+ or something. Even without rotor, I noticed the same behavior when I press one button manually really quick as well Anyway I can reduce the lag inside LINDA? I know the software must run at some speed, so at least can I make it "skip" fast input so it can stop where I stop, rather than lag behind? Thanks!
  14. Nothing I'm aware, Except the PET and OPT came from Boeing.... Many old consumer available calculator relay on FPPM data, but since 747-8 Boeing no longer provide FPPM, all is in their PET software, and that dataset is much harder for a normal developer to come by and redeveloped on....
  15. I see tons of default GPS/Procedure improvement but I don't care as I almost exclusively fly aircraft with it's own navigation system (FMS, GTN750,CIVA, or just Standard radio...) I probability will wait to see it stable (some HF maybe?), or even just bypass it...
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