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  1. The FLIGHT dynamic of XP dosen't really surpass P3D with accuracy. Rather it does "feel" more "dynamic", and IMO sometimes, too "dynamic". But the GROUND dynamic of XP is much better than P3D, makes every touchdown much more enjoyable... well, I mean, the ground dynamic of P3D is just.... too bad...
  2. The problem is, if it doesn't "officially supported", there might be limited (or too much) function with it. compare the TrackIR useage in FS9 with TrakcIR interface(NOT the FSUIPC way) and TrackIR useage in FSX with SimConnect, I would say the FS9 one is much better(able to adjust seat and not working with 2D\Spot view) That's what I would request DTG to improve, if they officially support TrackIR, if they don't, who knows how would it works...
  3. I have the same issue someone might posted here or some where else: Engine automaticly shutdown after start for a while and can't get them start again. After some test around, I've found that the problem is the empty "Center tank 2" It seems RFP use this fiction tank to sim the "fuel pipes". That is: engine can only get fuel from this tank, and this C2 tank get fuel from other tanks according to your fuel panel settings. So if something gose wrong with the fuel transfer system (both real and virtual). Once the 152 kg of fuel run out in the C2 tank, you'll flame out, and can't get start. Normally I use FSP to load my plane, seems that's the problem. I got chance to work well, but also chance to fail with the fuel system even when I can comfirm the "real" system set without problem. once enconter this problem, seems I have to reload the airplane and redo all the pre-flight..... I want to know if I can fix it without reload the plane.... But for now I would load my plane's fuel with loader then FSP for Cargo only to see if it works.
  4. Thanks for your reply, but isn't it a E135\145? I do know how to do this for them, I'm asking about E170\190. I'm struggling reading real E170 AOM and FCOM.I mean, my drowsiness. Theses PDFs really make me missing Boeing's CBT program
  5. I know it's tricky for ERJ(145 ect..) to change the center waypoint for PLAN mode on MFD, to check the whole flightplan(especially to check the approche procedure), while it still could be done. But for the E-Jets(170 ect..) after trying and scaning in both Wilco and Real manual. I couldn't find any way to do that. Any ideas?
  6. C2615

    Suggestions for the 777 FS2crew

    I think for most of the users, it would be better to have some selectable options in something like a GUI control panel, to make some slight changes on SOP or CL. that would be much easier than edit an ini file.
  7. Hello there. I just watched the Demo Video and find that the "Before start checklist" "Before take off Checklist" and "approach Checklist" seems something "Old" As I know,based on some AFMs and QRHs from different Airliners and ages, Boeing and many Airliners changed their SOP at about 2005, for the entire Boeing fleet. One of the most obvious modification are the checklist was reformed. So the Checklist along with the SOP from the demo video is not the same as what I know, the new SOP is more like something FS2Crew using in 737NG.....anyway,I think you can get more information about this than I do. Since I also fly the IFLY 737NG, I do want the new SOP for 767 as well because it is intentionally maintaining fleet commonality. I haven't purchase this product yet, Because I wander if there is a future plan for new SOP on LD767. And if it is,as new product or upgrade for this one? THX.
  8. All Right,after a day of studing the VS2013E, I finally have made one by my own, use FSUIPC and works for both FS9 and FSX Uploaded to Library
  9. There are some Utilities for FSX can do such practice (fstakeofftrainer10,FSiPanel,ect..),by simconnect and some of the addon aircraft for FS9 too(PMDG,LDS,ect..) I wander if there is any Utilities for FS9 to fail one for the engine when hit a per-set IAS, use FS9's own failure system or FSUIPC?