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  1. I just put them on differet SSD (btw it takes me quite some effort to put my years old win7 into nvme SSD), and select the boot device from motherborad option. The windows' own boot manager system doesn't works for me at all. My laptop is on i5 and 1050 with 16G ram, not a heavy lifter for me, P3D runs on it, but it's just runs (Havent make a full flight on it for years).
  2. I'm also on WIN7, Most noticable thing is FSLabs A320 won't work on it anymore. I have port most element from another install on my WIN10 laptop so I now have a hybird version that works with PBR, but witout S8 FMGS. I could image I'd not able to get the sharklet and 64bit Concorde. Also no luck with XP on Vulkan(OPGL works fine with FF350&FJS727 etc then). and of course MSFS. ASP3D,PMDG, QW,CS,Feelther etc... works fine on 4.5HF3 then. One terrifying thing is on their product page there is no offical support on win7, so they might drop it anytime without any announcement, just like FSL, while most of them I'd be fine just stick with current version, I was worried on PMDG as I can't roll back version easily with their update method as others. I have win10 installed on same computer though, but never use it over like one day. I don't have issue with win10, as I'm mostly happy with it on my laotop, it's just I can't get rid my current system with all things there, which just happens to be a win7. If I have to make a clean install, I wouldn't stick with win7, I don't have any particular liaison with a clean sheet win7
  3. I just had an approach with similar result as Stu, it says me 2.48 dot LOW but I'm not, actually from my view and confirmed by the Graph I was a little bit high on last 500 feet, I'll send you a email with last approach and the report.
  4. In China, the High speed railway simply outcompete air trave in short distance. it's called "3 hour kill zoom" by us airline guys. Basiclly, if the rail trave time is less than 3 hour, even with similar price, people will prefer high speed rail. factor in the commute to station/airport time, and waiting time, plus possible weather issue, railway is even faster. And if both airline and rail line were between same cities, guess who would lower more price to stay?
  5. I used to had simular outcome every now and then even after check that switch, it turns out to be some soldering issue inside it's connecting between it's little motherborad and usb wire, after resolder it out, it now works without any issue
  6. The 787 commands all speed constraints in LEGS page as "at or below", unlike 737 which can be set with suffix as "A" or "B". true IRL.
  7. As I could recall, C172's checklist says "(lean if above 2000ft)" after that line. Maybe some plane just assume flat land T/O and not add that on. Haven't have my hand on 172 or so for quite while, so I might remenber it wrong, or it's just our 172, as different operator would develope their own checklist. Some item on airliner fleet checklist also not "suit" for every conditions, like Fuel pumps...OFF for 737 shutdown, but it could be on for APU operation, so you could deviate the checklist, but these step should be in your Amplified or Supplementary Procedures.
  8. works great, but it still gives me the FPS decease as soon as AI starting to approach.....
  9. The first joystick part reminds a quote from my instructor: "Given a banana, monkey can fly better than you!" (yeah, sure, not to me. of course, LOL)
  10. I didn't have a video right on my hand, but I just did such kind of approach on LICR RWY33 few days ago. Here is some screenshot but not much then.. I just put two 4.2nm circle over the LICR33 and LICR15, to give me some view on my protection areal. and simply work my way down visually and manually, nothing extraordinary
  11. I have same issue here, as I mostly fly heavy jets and rudders are mostly only for cross wind TO/LD, I can leave with that, not much accurate control are needed. I tried all kinds of lubrication in different location, doesn't help much. To be fair I used to use saitek pedal, they are equally bad at this part.
  12. I would say Yes. I have been participated in our company's SOP compile(while for 737), It's specially emphasize by our chief pilot the "standard way" of circling is only used for a "standard" 180 turn around, and it's a guideline at best. Even for this "procedure", for example, in our SOP, the timing for base turn is described as a auxiliary means, we actually recommended to put the 4.2nm or whatever the FIX page (or FIX INFO for bus), and "the task for pilots are to keep airplane trajectory inside the defined protected zone, rather than follow a particular time or line." said in our SOP.
  13. Basically, if you are in the protection areal (notice FAA and ICAO have different definition on that). and above MDA, you can do whatever you want visually.. As your example, the left bottom corner have been cut, but I supposed it's PAN OPS? then that's ICAO standard, so as long as you are in the "racecourse" defined by two runway end, within 4.2nm if your speed is lower than 180 (like a normal 737/320 would do), and above 1110 feet, you are able to do whatever you want to lineup to runway. and visually descend below 1110' for landing. In some case, like RWY18 for RKPK, there are per-defined route and visual chart with visual waypoints and strobes to guide you.
  14. That justify why it took them years to "just add some winglets"... Non of my bushiness with win7 though....
  15. WFSS is surprisingly light on FPS, everytime, including the ZSPD. I don't have IS's ZSPD for comparison, but I have WFSS's ZPPP and ZGSZ, they are all smoother than some freeware I used before, and much better than some payware somewhere else.
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