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  1. CumulusX works great in P3Dv4, and sofar didn't seems have obvious problem with ASP3D and RealTurb. It's clouds kinda stand out from ASCA one? In this picture it actually blend in quite better than what I actually feel when playing. Well that actually makes them easier to spot😅 Looks like I got some solid playground to export with, both XP and P3D, Reading FAA's glider handbook now
  2. Check if your standby attimeter is aligned
  3. XP11 The sad news is thermal doesn't connect to cumulus and wave not connected to lenticularis, making find them much harder
  4. As someone who have use FS9 until 2018 (and still on my system) it's not hard to image use P3Dv4 for another decade. I could say I'm "actively hate" MSFS for it's semi-online property, and ofc the overall appization of Microsoft in general.
  5. kida reminds me old flight sim tech that use a interact hanging camera "flying' around a model airport. Someone said in the steam comment that if your speed are not spot on, the movement would look weird and even lagging, as they are not implntring some reimplanting some sort of compensate algorithm
  6. I finally made some glider flight with some "Cheat code" to begin with. The Thermal visualization is not as elegant as FSX, but quite technical and detailed, I tried to see if it's something I can link by observe ground cover etc. but not to my naked eyes... Terrain rise is the only thing I can predict with some accuracy at least... And speaking of Cheat, ofc using a motor glider is the best way to do so🤪
  7. XP might be the easiest to do out the Market, it came with 2D panel editor so you don't have to use 3rd part editor or dive into manually edit cfg file like in FSX/P3D, and it's aircraft model is also much more editable to add 3D obj for 3D cockpit (I have add KLN90 for some aircraft, it's not that hard.) But unless someone have done these works (like define where to put the screen, what kind of engine data to show etc...), by LR or 3rdpart, it's not simply as flip a switch and boon, G1000 onboard. even FSX have this kind of thing like G1000 variate for C172/mooney, and it's ofc "hand crafted"
  8. I got HJG Mercure and by swap 2 dlls it works perfectly in P3Dv4 (except landing lights that illuminate the cockpit at night) And unlike other HJG aircraft, Mercure is payware level on system simulation and with full working VC! kinda bad it didn't get texture update this time.
  9. As I get disgused with "Applization" of Microsoft's strategy on OS with newer win10 and win11, and win7 is really stating to show it's age, I stating to think about Linux... At least X-Plane is a big title that mostly (but not some add-ons) runs well with Linux. I have heard that Steam Proton could managed to run MSFS on Linux, but not much information about it, and I'm really curious about P3D and it's tones of add-ons as well. Lack of those information hold me back on win7 still, would it be good to add Linux OS Forum for flight simmers to share such information? Thanks.
  10. You still need to plan your route before hand, not just hop into airplane and click that big -D-> For VFR flight, you at least need to check the weather, terrain and the airspace need to avoid, and better have a backup plan to pick up at least some visual reference just in case GPS goes wrong. For IFR flight, you still need to filed a FPL, even if your route is XXXX DCT XXXX, that's still a route, and in most cases, at least you'll need some sort of route (with SID/STAR) to navigate though congestion areals. and most likely you'll still have some waypoints along the route, so your flightplan might look more like XXXX SID WPA Lxxx WPB DCT WPC DCT....... STAR XXXX rather than old fashion XXXX SID WPA Jxxx WPE Vxxx WPG Yxxx....
  11. Do you mean tiller? My doubt would be the legend " steering tiller" function for FSX to make it's own blending for one common yaw axis, check FSUIPC.ini if there are problem with "Maxsteerspeed" or such (more detail on "FSUIPCx for Acfanced Users.pdf" also for v5/v4, check tiller is set to "AXIS TILLERSTEER SET" (maybe wrong, just out of my memory)
  12. On certain region above certain flight level, Jets have been allow direct or free route for decade. ATC still monitoring with radar or ADS-B, and route is still apply on SID/STAR
  13. RSR says they'll finish 737 for MSFS in 2 month, well, that's more reasonable that 2 years as my initial estimate. But highly doubt it'll be on time...
  14. Don't forget some previous entry: Blackbox Simulation Captain Sim
  15. Official licences is not exclusive licences, there are plenty of other Boeings around for P3D as well.
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