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  1. Dear Mr. Allensworth, I have read with dismay the news on the front page of the site. I don't know you personally only through your site and occasional messages on the forums. Your site is magnificent and has always been my first choice for information on Civil Flight Simulation matters. Any forum messages have been firm and fair when needed, informative at other times. You have in recent times provided space for X-planers to discuss matters away from the sometimes overbearing moderation of other sites. You have one last great challenge ahead of you. I wish you personally and those nearest to you all the best and whilst I and my fellow X-plane simmers, and every other platform the site caters for, have functioning memory cells your spirit will be remembered. TIM (PS moderators if this is incorrectly posted please move as necessary)
  2. Looks the bored true so true!
  3. thepitts

    ATC Hold short

    Is it possible to drive through them (I don't think there is a aircraft to aircraft crash detectionbuilt into the program unlike say a combat sim.) Again not exactly adding to the "plausibility" factor but better than sitting 20mins waiting for the plane ahead to move. TIM
  4. thepitts

    ATC Hold short

    Sometimes the point where the " Cleared for take-off" call is triggered doesn't tie in with where you would expect to hold short. Try following the helpful taxi guide markers (yellow) to the end even if it puts you almost onto the runway, DEFINATELY NOT something you would do in real life !!! The triggered call should come quickly (2-3 mins max) if not enter the runway take-off head for the first way point and get a Pop-Up Clearance; all you need to know is the Centre Frequency. TIM
  5. thepitts

    Weather generator

    Why not just self generate the weather ? There's easy access to relevant Metars ; in addition if you're attempting to replicate the weather at your home base look out the window. Obviously if you're one of the long haul simmers who rejoice in recreating the boredom experienced by real crews you aren't going to get an evolving weather pattern as you move through time zones. For others like me who have a 30-45min simming window the weather is unlikely to alter significantly over the period. Tim
  6. thepitts

    AI Aircraft

    And don't forget to use Morten's simplified AI airliners for heavies and basic freeware Version 9 GA airplanes (preferably 3-5MB max file size0 for the lighter end of the spectrum. TIM
  7. Dear moderators, Can the above paragraph be saved. Then rapidly copied and pasted into any of the inevitable threads themed "X-plane is rubbish compared with......(insert name of alternative flight sim) " Cheers TIM
  8. For the technically ignorant (that;s me), how do you remove the water scrip? I've looked in the plugins folder FlywithLua file and couldn't find it. Thanks TIM.
  9. I have just discovered the gem that is Real Terra Haze. In admiring its' potential I am also slightly daunted by the number of options and their combinations. Mindful that people's graphics cards, monitors and tastes vary; I'd still be very interested in knowing your preferred settings. Given that in my version there are four saved states; do you have different ones for summer, winter, clear, cloudy etc. Any tips gratefully received.....Tim
  10. Can anyone help ? Whilst starting to investigate the stock x-plane aircraft / equipment failures tab i noticed an entry on the opening page bottom right hand corner....."Brown-Out". What the hell is that.? First thoughts were some cataclysmic total failure leading to a major accident in the trouser department ! Any words of wisdom gratefully received. TIM
  11. thepitts

    IXEG Failure modes

    Thanks for the replies one and all;. exactly what I wanted to hear. Merry Christmas to all involved in the IXEG 737. Looking forward to the release of your labour of love whenever that maybe . TIM
  12. Does anyone know if the upcoming IXEG 737 (and for that matter already available LES SAAB) have realistic failure modes with correct subsequent effects on aircraft / remaining systems and correct response to non normal checklists, Thanks TIM
  13. thepitts

    B1900 is out!

    "I haven't heard of any aircraft pitch up when flaps are deployed" CESSNA 152.....Now you have. (Particularly dangerous in a go around situation if the application of full throttle isn't matched with marked forward pressure on the yoke.) TIM
  14. thepitts


    Only true and only ironic if your "A Child of the Magenta Line" TIM
  15. thepitts


    "Personally I hate flying the heavies or anything else with an FMS it's just like flying a ........eeerrrrrhh......."