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  1. Pluto7777

    How about Aerosoft airbus 64 bit ?

    No further help wanted here, i found good answers elswhere that took me to super !
  2. Pluto7777

    Airbus 64bits + Saitec: with FSUIPC or not ?

    Poor help here...
  3. Any help where to find the best settings to use Saitec dual throttle ? with or without FSUIPC ? I have troubles to program flaps and reverse thrust. For Aerosoft airbus 64bit or FSLabs airbus
  4. When will there be news about a new version for AS airbusses 64bit ? According to the posts here virtual avionics is waiting for aerosoft, but Mathijs from aerosoft his reponse is that they provided the necessary info and further on nothing happens ? I have a payed version of Virtual MCDU for airbus wich i can no longer use - when both parties seem to wait for each other, then nothing will change for ever... how about it ? Quote Mathijs : I have no idea, as explained we have replied to all their posts and simply have not seen any other questions. Others seem able to handle it though like Remote CDU and our own build in the system.
  5. Pluto7777

    Left MCDU

    disregard post, obviously the flp map has changed in 64bit version...
  6. Pluto7777

    Left MCDU

    Hi, i am using aerosoft latest airbus and simbrief now. Then saving a flp into P3Dv4 folder (my pc/documents/aerosoft/airbus/flighplans) is OK, but when trying to load to MCDU it is not working. I found the cause as P3Dv4 flightplans map is referring to a map inside P3Dv4, and not the map above... when trying to change the FLP map in P3Dv4 flightplan tab, it stays grey... i can only cancel not save... any help ?
  7. Pluto7777

    Nav aids

    OK guys thx for info, so i better keep Navigraph and take fsaerodata instead of Navdatapro ? these will also update FSLabs airbus then ? In the past i had some issues with ILS not working at some airports because of incorrect frequencies...
  8. Pluto7777

    Nav aids

    Quick question, with my P3DV4 i use Aerosoft airbusses and also FSLabs 320, i pay a subscription to Navigraph AND also i pay to NavDataPro, is it a kind of silly to pay for both or not ?
  9. Is there somewhere info how to use FS2Crew Voice together with GSX groundservices ?
  10. Pluto7777

    How to create more traffic ?

    Thx , i will try this
  11. In my new pd3 v4, PSXseecontraffic is working OK now, but with the previous version in P3dV2, i had much more traffic at airports, for ex at KJFK, there was a very realistic huge cue building up at the take off RWY, now i have a max of 2 or 3 acft to this runway... is this because the AI file is not containing enough liveries ? or is something wrong with captation of real time traffic info ? (in FSUIPC5 max traffic is off)
  12. PSX seekontraffic is working fine now with the help of Simstarter NG, altough it is nice to have the airliners taxiing towards the runway, but many of them suddenly disappear after 30 to 40 seconds, and most of acft taking off, do dissapear in the first 100m of runway. I did put this program in priority, but i cannot seen any difference, ok, probably it is just following the real traffic situation where this traffic also dissapears, but i do not understand why these dissapearings happen to so much acfts too early...
  13. Pluto7777

    FLAI compatible

    Nico, as mentioned in ur manual, i went for the solution via simstarter NG app. Aircrafts are showing up now. Can you give some settings for simstarter NG , in order to automatically select items as FLAI, realtraffic, etc... where to put these instructions ? Not necessary a question for Nico only, maybe other more skilled users (then i am) also can answer this question ?
  14. Pluto7777

    FLAI compatible

    Nico, can i also get an answer from you please ?