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  1. I did some tryouts with my Oculus Quest, no stutters but resolution too low to read instruments. But now i use V5 with RTX2080ti (has VR settings), Oculus special cable and latest firmware for Oculus Quest. With this setup i am very satisfied, not 4K, but i can read instruments and its so immersive that you can ''feel'' the turns !
  2. No, always in my case, before i had GTX980ti, now i have new GPU and better fps, but this phenomenon has not changed now with this RTX2080...
  3. W10, i7 4.0 - 32 ram -SSD PC with P3dV4, i just upgraded to RTX2080ti. In FSLabs Airbus at gate, when switching over to outside view, there is no airbus... it takes about 10 sec for all te parts of the bus being assembled, and then, there he is... normal with this setup ?
  4. OK, GRFRY , but when paying about 1400 euros for a card, the least i expect is a correct and updated manual for this RTX2080ti ! Not to include a manual with drawings from previous cards without the 2 x 8 pole connector (see online manual MSI RTX2080ti) ... poor, very poor service !
  5. Problem solved. Very poor manual. MSI install manual shows drawing with only 6 pole and 8 pole connector. It speaks about connecting 1 x 6 pole cable and 1 x 8 pole cable. This is NOT correct as card is equipped with 2 x 8 pole and 1 x 6 pole connector. There is NO information in the manuals about these 2 eight pole connectors that must be BOTH connected, They do not use product specific manuals. Unsatisfied !
  6. I had put this post in wrong dept, so here again about issue of new RTX2080ti is not detected by PC. I had already GTX980ti on a MSI motherboard with i7 processor and W10. (PSU is 675 watts) - Due to slow framerates i upgraded to MSI RTX2080ti X Pro. Changed the card, the slot clicked and the PSU connected, i had a nice pink blue led show when starting up, but when checking device mngr i could only see the original GPU, not a new one with yellow sign...guys told me to use DDU without the card and then put it in, nothing, cannot install new driver as systems rsponds, no card detected for this driver... used MSI software to update BIOS to latest version; nothing - complete update for latest W10, nothing..., when i put the old GTX980 again for test, after 8 minutes of black screen (auto installing driver i guess) it is up and running again ! so i guess the 2080 thing must be DOA ?
  7. As suggested here at forum, yesterday i swapped my MSI GSX980ti with MSI RTX2080ti, the fancy colored led show in running , but my PC does not detect this card ! In device man, only the motherboard gpu comes up. I followed instructions to first run DDU and after that install latest NVDIA driver for this card, but this is not possible, download driver OK, but cannot install as system keeps on responding that installation is impossible due to missing card ?? So i am running in circles now. PC is W10 i7 PSU 650 watts. Any help pse ?
  8. Thx guys, so i ll look out for a better GPU !
  9. Ok, thx - as airbus lover i do not have too may addons ORBX - FSUIPC - FS2Crew - GSX - ASCA. and indeed some airports PC is W10 i7 - GTX980ti - SSD But when i fly on vatsim with my FSLabs airbus, my FPS sometimes drops from 20 to 7 - 8 fps then its difficult to stay connected on vatsim isnt it.. ;-( ;-( @DJJose: in scenery list i always check off the airports that i am not using on a flight - so i guess there are no negative fsp effects then ?
  10. Hi , i read on FB messages about better framerate when deleting ORBX. I have ORBX for 4 years now, has it really become old-fashioned ? I can read stories of better performance and not such a big differences without it when flying airliners and no VFR... opinions ?
  11. OK thx guys, i now use Panasonic 16:9 4K TV screen at 3840 and its nice. I consider changing to wide view 32:9 Samsung monitor, but i have my doubts about the small vertical view aspect. Actually i can obtain an outside forward view combined with view on PFD - ND (full zoom out). I guess this view will no longer be possible then without adjusting the view...
  12. OK, i was considering RTX2080ti in stead of my 980ti, but ill get the 32:9 monitor first then.
  13. Thx Marc, OK, but wider view means more data, so this must have a serious impact on framerate ? Same as when i split my view in 2 monitors ? Because then i remember having a drop of -40% fps
  14. Can i use a Samsung 4K gaming monitor super wide view 32:9 ? In settings you can select normal view 4:3 or wide 16:9, but this is the view of 2 monitors isnt it ? (32:9) how about proportions/ratio of this view ? Any experiences ?
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