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  1. Apparently not so many people flying on Vatsim with Xplane 12 ?
  2. I switched from p3d to xp12, but the way to vatsim is not so easy as in p3d… i installed Xpilot (version that mentions XP12) but i get error about wrong client version ?
  3. Very Happy to see FSLabs announced yesterday their updates for Airbus family !!
  4. Your guess is the truth i think.... indeed ; in a while... MSFS will rule flight-sim world.... after all, no one can beat their assets...
  5. Thx for reaction Ray, i respect their focus on Concorde, but i am not a fan, many persons bought the FSL airbus so i think the airbusses were a good selling and lucrative product for the company and as even the best cars need a regular service, so does this product in my opinion... otherwise i get the irrepressible feeling of an EOL , discontinued product with minimum priority...
  6. For starters, not complaining about FSLabs airbus as i am a satisfied user, although still a bit confused and worried about the fact that it has been a (very) long time that i saw any updates for the Airbus series... no need for worries ??
  7. Due to a crash and new PC i have to redownload different versions of FS crew i bought and payed for in the last 4 years, i had FS2crew voice for airbus aerosoft and also for FSLabs and also ground crew X, In the marked shops i do not find these products in my history. Maybe there is a shop that ceased to exist where i bought the products ? If the shop does not exist anymore, how to redownload ?
  8. Right Ray, but not on my question how to restart or update AI manager at a later moment, perhaps you know how to ?
  9. I am installing AI traffic with Alpha India AIM manager that is re directing to old flightsim.com link for FP and models, but the link doe not work anymore, there is a new one... nothing to find on Apha India Forum.... anybody knows how to solve ?
  10. Hello, where to find info about switching from P3D FSDLabs Airbus to MSFS Airbus ? After 5 yrs i decided to swap from P3D to MSFS but i am not happy with the results, how to arrive in a setting where i can use Simbrief, Vatsim, Vpilot, GSX ground handling as i was used to, i feel very unfamiliar and regret my switch... ;-(
  11. Splendid news from Andrew ! looking forward !
  12. Concorde ? OK nice, looking out for it. But no airbus updates the last months ?
  13. I ve been ''offline'' for quite a while, so i am wondering how about FSLabs nowadays ? I can see here the the latest news is a long time ago... may 2022, in 5 months nothing to share from FSLabs ? updates ? news ?
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