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  1. I would like to setup 3 x 32inch monitors; would it be better to use Matrox triple head, in stead of connecting directly to GPU ? with 2080 GPU my FPS drop was high, now i have RTX3090, but the triplehead could reduce the FPS drop as it behaves as 1 screen ? or not ?
  2. I switched from P3D to Xplane 12 with Toliss airbus, works OK, but still using one main monitor, i want to add 2 monitors for outside views. Can someone point me to how-to manuals ? In P3D i had more view options, but i think also in Xpl12, but i only find a few interior/exterior views in menu.
  3. My Saitek rudder pedals are OK with FSLabs, but not working with Xpl12 (Toliss), i did configuration; the blue lines are indicating the pedal movement, i assign this to YAW, but rudder is not moving. Toe brakes on top op pedals do work OK, but not the yaw. On sidestick i have no assignment for rudder, only on pedal unit. I saw similar issues on forums that needed config files to adapt ?
  4. With my previous PC i was not able to use multiple screens due to low specs.. but now i upgraded to i9 with RTX4090. I do not want to overact, i just want to use 2 wide screens, one above each other: one high and the second low. Is it possible to obtain settings so the upper screen just shows the (fixed) frontal outside view (airbus) and the low screen i would like to show (mouse-moveable) cockpit of instruments , pedestal etc...
  5. it s working now, thx guys !
  6. Just installed KJFK V2 from FSDT, after installation, at the gate with FSlabs airbus; beautiful buildings, nice scenery... i do a flight and back to JFK and when landing on RWY, all of the buildings are gone ! Just vanished...only a grey runway, some other acft taxiing, but the airport is gone... any help ?
  7. Would this be a good solution, i would connect an external RTX3080 (i9 version i would buy) https://www.geekom.de/geekom-mini-it13-mini-pc/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=adcpc&utm_campaign=facebook&utm_content=0913&fbclid=IwAR3wdI8X-a6xd51TFAtW0lO_8u5SAmH54Hol16tcfg1WQFLStQ6hYJ2XH2o
  8. Apparently not so many people flying on Vatsim with Xplane 12 ?
  9. I switched from p3d to xp12, but the way to vatsim is not so easy as in p3d… i installed Xpilot (version that mentions XP12) but i get error about wrong client version ?
  10. Very Happy to see FSLabs announced yesterday their updates for Airbus family !!
  11. Your guess is the truth i think.... indeed ; in a while... MSFS will rule flight-sim world.... after all, no one can beat their assets...
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