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  1. Thx Willy, interesting ! Can you inform me how i can put EBBR lights on all the time as you did ? How to in SODE ? Thx
  2. i quote a post that i found on this forum... is it really this poor situation with RWY lights ? The strange fact is that we did some tests and the result is rather weird: with default airports, no RWY light issues, only with payware as LFMN, KJFK, EHAM, EDDF, EGKK, EBBR...it is as the sim does not detect the approach of my airbus, or it does, but way too late... it detects AS Airbus better then FSLabs airbus. Very annoying to have no lighting in approach...also poor comment here under where it states that nobody seems to care about this ? The good old runway light popping bug again... The answer is no, there is not. The runway/taxi lights draw angle/distance bug has been present since the very beginning of this sim. It was even reported and discussed when ACES was in charge and they said it was an old optimization feature that should some day be fixed. It never was. It has then been reported to LM for years. At some point they confirmed that they would look into it but they never did. This was P3Dv3 or v4 I think. It was in P3Dv1 an it's still present in the latest P3Dv5. Amazingly enough most people don't seem to care about this issue. Some even still to this day deny its existence
  3. Anybody experienced with latest Tobii eye and head tracker ? I installed it and works OK with P3Dv5, but i want to fine tune
  4. I had PSX and FLAi working OK in my P3Dv4. Now i have V5 and FLAi has stopped. I bought Traffic Global now, its working but when using Vatsim, still too many AI planes are white....even at big EU add- airports... My folder with FLAi acft is still there, but i cannot add this folder anymore to Vpilot Can i use PSX or AIL generator to generate more AI acfts ? Will V pilot accept the acft files ? How to avoid BGL issues ? PS; I tried already (and deleted) AIG, as too many troubles with not downloadable airlines (many manual download issues)
  5. Did update of my 2019 ORBX EU, i got far more files in scenery.cfg as before but start of P3D now takes + 6 minutes and my FPS dropped -10. Should a de-activation of some eu-zones with Lorby addon bring any help ?
  6. After installing EGKK i get message of corrupt scenery cfg, as installer was unable to activate, i did manual activation and EGKK is running but i keep on getting messages / unable to find scenery area 146, unload or not ? I used Lorby already but no effect... for info: In my scenerry.cfg area count goes only to 145... any help ?
  7. Finally this morning i got a link from BMT micro that solved my problems, thx to the guys ! But i regret the fact that i needed to spread my complaints untill help came... the quote: '' if issues with our products, go help yourself at our forum'' is not a good solution... i did this for hours and hours in the past 4 weeks and i messed up my complete sim by following different advices from forums concerning bgl files, xml files etc... luckilly i had a restore point to turn back and used the link now from the BMT guys....
  8. my mistake 30 not 50, but still a high price for an airport with lots of installing issues. I accept to mess around with bgl files and etc... in case of freeware airports, but NOT for airports at these prices. Just bought my 5 th mega airport EDDF at 30 euros, big airport, but installing as a charm, no strings attached, not comparable with all side issues you get with FlyTampa !
  9. Yes, mine is still unboxed, i dare not to change my actual settings before someone can convince me that they are doing OK with reversers and engine switches included ! So yes; very interested to read your settings...
  10. Throttles are here, fluffyflops, yours also ? did you install them ?
  11. Same issue here in P3Dv4: elevations, no buildings etc... i have had it with this addon; expensive addon and zero support ! Lost many hours in adapting and folowing guidelines at forum posts. Never had such an expensive airport addon with so many issues for the customer to solve. Change files, adapt xml. etc... for this price i want a self installing, no strings attached addon ! I installed LOWI, LFMN, EBBR KJFKv2, EGKK , EDDL etc... never had so many issues that apperently are to the customer to solve ?? i accept this for freeware airports, but NOT after paying 50 euros ! Anybody knows where to ask refund ?
  12. Within FSLabs my Thrustmaster joystick is doing OK after installation with settings via FSUIPC, but my Thrustmaster TCA Throttles stay unboxed untill i can find good working FSUIPC settings for this type...any help where to find ?
  13. Last week arrived my Airbus Thrustmaster set of joystick and throttles. I can see lots of posts (issues) spread over the different forums, but can anyone lead me to a good (actual) setup for using these sets with P3Dv4 for FSLabs (and/or Aerosoft) busses ? A good FSUIPC setup somewhere to find ?
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