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  1. What is the native resolution of your monitor? If it is greater than what you posted, you are good to go. The resolution of your video driver should be set to the native resolution of your monitor.
  2. Apparently he is well. His latest post to Facebook was yesterday. He is active in the FB Prepar3d P3D Users Group and P3D / X-Plane & FSX Flight Sim Group.
  3. I think you may want to keep the MS linked account in case of a Windows activation issue, reinstall or a hardware issue. I think your Windows key/activation it tied to your hardware and that MS account. I don't know what happens if you delete that account or if you can uninstall/delete Edge. But if you don't regularly use either, no data goes to MS that is related to the MS account or Edge.
  4. Here is how to setup a local account with Win 10 1909 https://www.howtogeek.com/442609/confirmed-windows-10-setup-now-prevents-local-account-creation/
  5. You're welcome Rick. To be clear, my license key is linked to my MS account, same as yours. The only reason I did this is so my license is store digitally on the MS servers. But I don't use that account to log onto the computer unless I have an issue I can't solve otherwise. I use the secondary account for day to day operations. This is on my old Win 7, upgraded to Win 10 system. On my new system, I purchased a Win 10 Pro USB stick and used the following to install Win 10. https://windowsreport.com/install-windows-10-without-microsoft-account/ Just scroll past the advertisements....... I do get a nag after login that there is a problem with my MS account, which I ignore. Small price topay for not using an MS account.
  6. Similar to this: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/create-local-non-microsoft-account-windows I know it works with Win 10 Pro - not sure about Win 10 Home
  7. I certainly agree with you about them having too much of our info. But I did use an MS account when upgrading from Win7 to Win10 as MS then stores my activation key in their system. I then created a second computer sign in that isn't tied to an MS account. I signed out of the MS linked account and use the second sign in for daily use. If I ever need to access the activation key for any reason (reinstallation or an activation error), I can sign in to the MS account.
  8. Did you tie your Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 to a Microsoft account? If so, are you logged into that Microsoft account? You should be abletoreactivateWin10 that way.
  9. Would it be best to do a clean install or is updating through the program a good option also? Thanks
  10. Yes - I will have a look this weekend and send to your email. Hopefully Google will make the translation easy.
  11. Hi Mickael I have had a quick look through your application. It seems very useful and I will be exploring it more in the coming days. One suggestion is to have the option to use English and French in all the menu items throughout the program. If that is not possible, can there be a separate English version in addition to the French version. I think your user base would be greater with an English language UI. Looking forward to seeing you continuing this development. Thanks
  12. Thanks Chris. It's been over 8 years since I even looked as AM. Time to read up on it again. I think I may want to reserve 2 cores for ancilliary programs. I will also try your suggestion of reserving a single core. As for FFTF, I remember it will cause blurries if set too low. I guess it's about finding the right balance for each individual and their system. I will look into the dynamic FFTF tool.
  13. Well, coming from an 8+ year old i7-930 w/6GB RAM and mechanical HHD, I am impressed so far. This is my 3rd Gigabyte board and I have had zero issues with the two previous board - hence why I stuck with them for this build. Still lots of addons to install. Looking for a baseline for AM and FFTF to start - and any other input is most welcome too.
  14. Thanks Alex. I will have a detailed read thru that article tomorrow.
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