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  1. This is Opa's son and I thank you all for the wonderful comments. These last few days have been very difficult, but reading your wonderful posts have helped the healing. He is deeply missed! Daryl
  2. Hirgab

    My post below was written before Opa passed. I shed a tear knowing I wrote it right before he passed, I wish he read it. R.I.P. Opa. We will miss you.


    R.I.P Opa

  4. Use the word "library" - without the quotes - and limit the search to FS2004 Scenery Design. That will bring up many, many library packages which EZ can use. Remember that EZ can use all of the RWY12 object libraries, all of the so called EZ style libraries and all of the default objects which come in FS2004.
  5. I am still on vacation for another 5 or 6 days but when I get back home I will look up the info and can send it to you. (assuming I still have it after all this time). Please PM me with your e-mail address and use Tallin as the subject - as a reminder.
  6. What is your "Scenery Complexity" slider setting?Some objects such as buildings and jetways do not show up when it is set at "Normal" - if that is where yours is set, try setting it to Dense or Very Dense.
  7. Yes, as far as I know the effects files are the same in either version of FS. Give it a try.
  8. I believe that is basically correct.If memory serves, there may be several smoke effect files in the library which you can download and install in your effects folder to get additional colors.Good Luck!.
  9. I assume you are aware that the fx_smoke_w etc. is referring to the actual name of an effect file in your effects folder.As an example, if fx_smoke_r (it most likely will have an .fx extension also) does not exist in your effects folder then it will not display.
  10. Try this:In each "window" in the panel.cfg file there should be a line which says - visible=0Change it to read visible=1 (1 meaning yes - 0 (zero) meaning no)The window in question should then be visible when you load the aircraft.Hope that is what you were referring to.
  11. Nothing adverse to report - all works well for me in either version.I did fail to mention that after completing the installs as I described, that I did turn UAC back on and have left it on.
  12. Installing FS in a location other than under "Program files" will avoid many of the permission and security check issues which abound in Win7.Spend some time in the dedicated Win7 forum - there is at least one "step by step" post there showing how it is done.
  13. I would double check the "location" of the SCEL afcad which you say you can open uisng the "by location" option.It sounds as if it is not in an "active" scenery subfolder. If that is the case, then the normal afacd search would not find it. Try putting it in an active scenery subfolder and see if that works.Note: If there is a scenery entry for SCEL (which has been added via the Scenery Library dialogue,, put it in the scenery subfolder of that entryKeep us posted.
  14. With little bit of work you can also create a "reserved" parking spot, just for you - and ATC will direct you properly to it. This illustrated Tutorial will show you how.http://library.avsim...isc&DLID=125172I have such spots reserved at most of the airports where Southwest flies - as that is my favorite airline.
  15. We are still in the wrong forum but here is a little feedback - for what it may be worth:The file description indicates the aircraft was designed for FSX with Acceleration or at least SP2 installed. Does your system meet those requirements?I have both SP1 and SP2 installed (No Acceleration) and it displays just fine for me (the aircraft and the 2D and VC panels).There is an "extra" zip file buried in the model.300 folder named Challenger_300_update.zip but that is not required as far as I can tell.The only other issue that I noted is that the panel.cfg calls for icons which are apparently supposed to be in a file named New_Icons (a cab or folder I assume).That does not exist in my gauges folder or in the panel.ws folder so the icons on the panel do not display. Perhaps those icons are a part of an Acceleration installation - I just do not know.A quick and dirty "work-around" for the icon issue is to place a copy of the default SimIcons1024.cab (from your gauges folder) into the panel.ws folder and rename it as New_Icons.cabUseable icons do display on the panel if you do that.Otherwise the aircraft and panels display properly for me. EDIT ADDED: Also be sure to scroll down through the panel.cfg (using Notepad) and comment out the sections indicated if you did not install Garrett Smith's Honeywell FMS as recommended in the documentation. The sections in question are clearly marked. SECOND EDIT ADDED: I just discovered there is another download available which contains the missing icon cab file:http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=new_icons.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search
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