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  1. Try this:In each "window" in the panel.cfg file there should be a line which says - visible=0Change it to read visible=1 (1 meaning yes - 0 (zero) meaning no)The window in question should then be visible when you load the aircraft.Hope that is what you were referring to.
  2. The ini file was saved into the same folder where the Panel store and restore files are on my setup.I tried it on my default 737 and the ini which was created was named 737_1.iniRemember this only works if the panel popups have been "undocked" first as per the detailed instructions in the author's earlier reply. http://forum.avsim.n...post__p__443003Also if you are running Win7, you probably need to Right click both exe files and under Properties and Compatibility set them to "run as adminstrator" - especially if you allowed your FSX to be installed under the default "Program files" location.Hope that helps.
  3. No, you just add the line to any existing entries you wish to work that way - example:[Window05] //Digital Compass optionsize_mm=101,103background_color=0,0,0position=2visible=0ident=COMPASS_PANELtype=special gauge00=mag_compass!compass_popup_A,6,6,95,97In this example I am using a replacement compass which has a digital display added.http://library.avsim...gau&DLID=154834Hope that helps clarify the useage,
  4. Great tip - It also works in FS2004 too.Thanks for sharing! EDIT Added:I thought so much of the tip that I posted it in the Tips and Tricks forum also - hope you don't mind.
  5. Send me a PM (Personal Message) with your e-mail address in it and I will send it along. I have never tried iit in FSX but do know that it works well in FS2004.
  6. Can anyone confirm that the Autothumbnail utility for FSX (autothumbnail2.zip) does work in a Win 7 64 bit setup?I am trying to help another simmer who wishes to use the utility and want to be sure we are not wasting our time if it simply will not run under Win 7.He does have the revised autothumbnail.exe file (for 64 bit setups) available here: http://www.zshare.net/download/691719708cc75b0c/ - but is still getting error messages.I use it in a 32 bit XP setup with no issues. I do not currently have access to a Win 7 64 bit machine so cannot prove it one way or another myself.Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  7. Check your PM's at Flightsim.
  8. Try this:Check your FS9.cfg file for the presence of the following two lines:[OLDMODULES]FSSound.dll=1If they are not there, just add them to the bottom of the file and save your work.This also assumes you have placed the FSSound.dll file into your Modules folder.Let us know if that solves the problem please.
  9. Opa

    scenery issue

    Uninstalling is your choice of course, but for me I certainly would not do that just because the airport has no VASI lights.Have you checked to see if the real world airport has them? Just curious.
  10. Opa

    scenery issue

    I took a closer look at the scenery and the afcad - it appears you will not be able to add any lighting (VASI or otherwise) via AFCAD.The runway and taxiways etc. are not being generated by the afcad - they are instead a part of the "scenery".The only thing the afcad is doing is providing an unseen path (taxiway) to parking spaces for aircraft to use. It is not generating what you are seeing - as would be the usual case in other airprot enhancements.I expect only the author could add Vasi lighting using whatever design program he used to create the enhancement originally.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  11. Opa

    scenery issue

    If you are referring to the Afcad found in the package named mhtgv2af.zip by Henry Carcamo, they can be added using the free utility by Lee Swordy named AFCAD.Very simple to do.
  12. Opa

    scenery issue

    The Afcad I used is in a separate file from Flightsim - mhtgv2af.zip
  13. Opa

    scenery issue

    I simply directed the auto-installer to a temporary folder and then manually moved items where they should go.The "trees" file was one I already had installed in my Scenery/Generic/scenery subfolder so I did not replace it.Otherwise, it was a straighforward installation as best I remember.
  14. Opa

    scenery issue

    You can get V2 from Flightsim.com:FS2004 Scenery--Toncontin Airport[ Download | View ] Name: flytegv2.zip Size: 33,442,774 Date: 11-01-2006 Downloads: 4,749 FS2004 Scenery--Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras (MHTG), v2.0. Includes both the new and old terminals. By Henry Carcamo. (Previous version had 897 downloads.) (See also MHTGV2UP.ZIP)Hope that helps.
  15. It might - if I had ever seen an option to upload an image - but that has not happened so far.