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  1. Hirgab

    My post below was written before Opa passed. I shed a tear knowing I wrote it right before he passed, I wish he read it. R.I.P. Opa. We will miss you.


    R.I.P Opa

  3. Hirgab

    Thanks Opa for being a very helpful member of the community!

  4. The ini file was saved into the same folder where the Panel store and restore files are on my setup.I tried it on my default 737 and the ini which was created was named 737_1.iniRemember this only works if the panel popups have been "undocked" first as per the detailed instructions in the author's earlier reply. http://forum.avsim.n...post__p__443003Also if you are running Win7, you probably need to Right click both exe files and under Properties and Compatibility set them to "run as adminstrator" - especially if you allowed your FSX to be installed under the default "Program files" location.Hope that helps.
  5. sorry, I have forgotten my mail: peter.arenz@nord-com.net

  6. After it did "take" in the Scenery Library dialogue screen, did you hit OK?You must do that and then after the screen comes up again you can exit FS2004 (which has always been required) and it should rebuild the scenery index properly when you restart it.It works just fine for me in Win 7.I do have UAC (User Account Control) turned off and have full permisssions granted to FS2004 and all it's subfolders plus I run FS2004 as "Adminstrator".
  7. Airplanes is FSX (regardless of the Operating Sustem) are normally placed here:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\AirplanesThat assumes you installed FSX in the default location on your C drive.Hope that helps.
  8. OOPS - minor typo -The last line should have read.........There is a "bug" in Win 7 which stops you from adding scenery like we used to do in XP or Vista.
  9. Go to this thread -http://forums.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?t=205432It will show you, step by step, with pictures how to add scenery in Win 7.There is a "bug" in Win 7 which stops you from adding scenery like we used to do in FS2004.
  10. Have you tried disabling (or uninstalling) FSGlobal ?Perhaps it is somehow supressing the display of Gibralter. :(
  11. There is an enhancement for the area which you may also wish to check out -It is gib04.zip at Flightsim.com.The missing "rock" is recreated and the airport and harbor area are detailed.This works well on my default setup. There is also a file which displays the long talked about (but never built) "bridge" over the straits.It is also available at Flightsim and is named gibralt.zipNote: Your Scenery Complexity slider must be set at Very Dense in order for all sections of the bridge to displayHope this is of interest.
  12. The stock Gibralter (LXGB) is located in this file:Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\Afri\scenery\AP946190.BGLIf restoring, you may wish to also restore all files in that subfolder which have the same number but a different letter prefix - example FL946190.BGLGood luck! TIP: To locate any default airport's file, just open the airport (using the ICAO code) in AFCAD and select properties. The complete path to the file name is displayed at the bottom of the properties screen. Remember however that many stock airports are stored in each APXXXXXX.BGL file - not just one.
  13. FYI - on my setup, totally default - the only Gibralter I see is LXGB (Gilbralter AB) and it is listed under Gibralter (as if it was a separate country) - there is no Gibralter in the United Kingdom listings.Does that help or confuse? :(
  14. These resources may be helpful:http://www.cat-tamer.com/flightsim/faq001.htmlIt shows where everything is on your install disks and how extract just what you need.I also recommend fs9cddir.zip - compiled by Brian Collins (available here in the library)This is an Excel format listing of all the files on your install disks. A great resource to keep handy.Good Luck! :(
  15. I installed this rather interesting scenery enhancement and did experience the CTD when trying to change airports from the drop down menu - I did not have any problem landing however.As to the cause - I suspect a texture issue, but that is just a guess.Sorry I cannot help - but at least I was able to confirm some of what you are experiencing. :(
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