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  1. Hi Reinhard Many thanks for your reply - very pleased to hear that I will still be able to fly in full screen mode! Regards Jont
  2. Hi I am considering purchasing the simPlugin cockpit instrument software, to run with FS2004. I always run the sim in full screen mode - can I still do this with simPlugin installed - or does the sim now have to be run in windowed mode to allow for the two programs to communicate? I am planning to have one computer and monitor for the sim and one computer and monitor for simPlugin. My OS is Windows 7. Still love FS2004 for its extreme, maxed-out fluidity. Many thanks for your help. Jont
  3. FYI - I (still) use FS9. Absolutely stutter-free and silky smooth with any scenery, weather or aircraft. - all maxed out. Tube-liners approaching and 'over the numbers' - FOV set to 50% - gives a fantastic sense of speed. Peripheral vision and smoothness do it for me. Flying the Level-D B767. Cheers Jont
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