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  1. antonmorse

    Black patches 4.2

    Hi, no I don't have global base. When I purchased England and Southern California, there was no other requirement listed. But I also downloaded Orbx libraries, I think that was direct from the FTX Central 3 software. I tried verifying the libraries but that didn't fix it. I'm uninstalling all scenery now to get to the cause of it. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. antonmorse

    Black patches 4.2

    Hi, I seem to have a very similar problem, but I'm struggling to understand what is causing it. I recently went to Luqa(Malta) LMML and the 'black' patches are all across the airport. Actually it is 'black with night lights' rather than black. So then I picked an Italian airport at random, LIBL, and that is exactly the same. Big 'night' patches all over the airport. I have Prepar3d 4.5., and my Orbx sceneries are EU England, and NA Southern California, plus the Orbx libraries. I don't have any of the other global Orbx addons. Apart from this, I have FSDreamTeam airports in USA, and UK2000 airports in UK. Do you think one of these is causing this, or could it be something else, changing the elevation in some way? I thought I'd ask before I uninstall them one by one. Any advice is appreciated
  3. antonmorse

    30% GPU and 30%CPU ?

    That's fair enough, and understood, thanks for the replies, I shall stop worrying and get back to the flying. Mind you, some good came of it - I decided to remove the cpu fan and reseat it with some new thermal paste and it does seem to have lowered it's temps by 5+ degrees. Thanks again
  4. antonmorse

    30% GPU and 30%CPU ?

    Prepar3d 4.5 is running ok on my system, most settings are high or even max, and I get around 30fps at even busy airports. If I lower any details, frame rate goes up accordingly. But still, I can't help wondering, why both my CPU and my GPU only use around 30% of their maximum. I have an Asus Z87K motherboard, i7-4770K cpu, EVGA RTX2070 XC gpu, and 24GB 2133speed ram. Could it be that the ram is too slow or the cpu throttling back due to temperature - (it does often go into the 80s)? I don't want to spend hours agonizing over it as it runs ok, but just wondered if anyone can suggest any other reason.
  5. antonmorse

    Air hauler 2 experiences

    Hi I'm just returning to flight sims after a break, now restarting with P3Dv4. I previously used Air Hauler 1 & I'm thinking of buying AH2 (should have done this when the upgrade discount was being offered, doh). I'm just wondering, is there now a specific 64bit version, i.e is there any noticeable drop in performance using AH2 with the latest Prepar3d? Thanks all
  6. I've only just seen this post so I don't know if the OP will read it 3 months later. I just want to mention, I have read of other people with eye problems that gave them no depth perception, and they had been very surprised to find that the VR actually worked for them despite their eye condition. As a new Oculus Rift owner, I would say, the fun of flying in VR is so good, that you really should find somewhere to trial one (for example, in UK, you can try them in Currys/PC World). You just might find it is useable for you. Also, there is a website, that produces prescription lenses, that clip into a frame, which in turn, clips into the Oculus Rift headset. If your prescription is not listed, you can contact them direct and they will tell you if they can assist. I have not used this company, as I can currently get away without my glasses in the Rift, but I will certainly try these prescription lenses when I need to. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts that just might help. Happy New Year to all.
  7. antonmorse

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    No Problem, but just to emphasize, I did not make the edited file myself, I posted the info given by 'bbogdansk' who posted it on the Steam FSX forum, so all credit goes to him for creating the file. 🙂
  8. antonmorse

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    'bbogdansk' posted this on Steam in case anyone has not seen it: Quote: "Incorrect home page fix for FSX: Steam Edition I fixed the error that was showing the wrong webpage when starting FSX:Steam Edition. The home page was directed to "" which does not exist. I replaced the file "gshome.spb" with a recompiled file which directs the home page to "" which is the new site that should appear. Here's what I did, this is what the new "gshome.xml" looks like : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="SimUIResource" id="gsnews" version="1,0"> <Descr>Microsoft Flight Simulator UI Resource Document</Descr> <Filename>gshome.spb</Filename> <SimUI.Dialog id="gsnews"> <Size>1024,768</Size> <Position>0,0</Position> <Descr>Flight Simulator Dialog Template</Descr> <Caption>HOME</Caption> <SizeToContent>true</SizeToContent> <Label id="lblBrowser"> <Visible>false</Visible> <Position>211,80</Position> <Size>805,585</Size> <SizeToContent>false</SizeToContent> </Label> <HtmlDocument id="urlFirst"> <Filename>../fsweb/gettingstarted/gettingstarted.htm</Filename> </HtmlDocument> <HtmlDocument id="urlXPackFirst"> <Filename>../fsweb/learningcenter/keyconcepts/whatschanged.htm</Filename> </HtmlDocument> <HtmlDocument id="urlLocal"> <Filename>gs01.htm</Filename> </HtmlDocument> <HtmlDocument id="urlLive"> <Filename></Filename> </HtmlDocument> </SimUI.Dialog> </SimBase.Document> Then using the "simpropcompiler.exe" in the FSX SDK, compiled it back to "gshome.spb" I have placed the original "gshome.spb" as "gshome.spb.old" as well as the new "gshome.spb" in the Dialogs folder If you want the new file, pls post or check avsim library! " end quote Hope that helps.
  9. antonmorse

    Gatwick Second Runway Confusion

    vololiberista, it is not confusing for you since you already knew the above information - since I did not know, then there certainly was confusion - media talking about a second runway when there is clearly already one there = confusion for me. Many thanks to you, and indeed all of you for the useful information, Keith.
  10. antonmorse

    Gatwick Second Runway Confusion

    ah ok, many thanks for the reply
  11. antonmorse

    Gatwick Second Runway Confusion

    Would someone please explain why I keep seeing all this talk about building a second runway at Gatwick - there is no mention of the already present second runway. Is it never used or unused for some other reason? In any case it seems strange that it is never mentioned. Keith
  12. Just a minor report about Jim, not sure if it is possible to correct it without some re-recording. When Jim first introduces himself, he says ' Hi guys, I'm Jim, Jim will provide you with your gorund services'. I assume he was supposed to say 'I will provide ...etc'. Just a minor one, but it sounds wrong. But as always, great job with the updates, thank you for this
  13. antonmorse

    Pro-Atc or Radar Contact?

    Going back to the original post, it depends exactly what you want, but I have another suggestion which might be of interest I don't know how it is with the default ATC, and it is still a work in progress. I have not had chance to try it myself, but it may be (or develop to be) a far better solution than AI Smooth, and can handle sids & stars, so it might be worth investigating. Keith
  14. antonmorse

    AI Aircraft SID and STAR Controller

    Thanks jambo & Roland, I'll do as suggested and try the sample airports for a while before deciding to subscribe
  15. antonmorse

    AI Aircraft SID and STAR Controller

    Thanks jambo, if they will definitely convert then I would be happy to subscribe, I did download some from navigraph and they were the ones I tried to convert and failed, so I am not convinced they will actually work.