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  1. Hi Thanks Tried all that but to no avail Regards Ted
  2. Thanks Bob The scenery library is in perfect order. I have posted this issue on the Orbx forum. All I got from them as of now is that the FTXOpen LC & FTXEULC are landclass sceneries whereas FTXLOWI is photoscenery. Further that I need high filtering and antaliasing settings to see the best of photo scenery. But I am using high filtering and antialiasing settings. No further suggestions than that. Regards Ted
  3. My pc specs as under : i7-6700k overclocked to 4.5 Ghz KF2/Galax 1080Ti 800W Corsair PSU 16Gigs DDR4 @ 3200 Win 10 Pro on SSD P3d v4.3 on another SSD Single Seat Trainer with 43" single monitor @ 4K displaying P3D visuals (Virtual Cockpit view). Visual do not have any cockpit Settings : FXAA - OFF TF - 16x Texture Resolution - Tried both 1024 and 2048 AA - 4xSSAA Vsync - ON TB - ON Target Frame Rate - 31 (Monitor refresh rate set to 30) LOD Radius - Max Tesselation High Mesh Resolution - 5m Terrain Resolution - 7cm High Resolution Terrain Textures - ON Scenery Complexity - Dense All Autogens - Normal Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation - OFF Water Detail - High Dynamic Lighting - OFF Shadows - OFF No tweaks in P3D.cfg Rex Skyforce 3D - Not Installed Activesky for P3d4 - Not installed Started out with a clean install of Win 10 Pro and P3d v4.3. Installed FTXGlobal Base Pack and checked visuals from stock LOWS - All ok Installed FTXGlobal OpenLC Europe and checked visuals from stock LOWS - All ok Installed FTXGlobal Germany South and checked visuals from stock LOWS - All ok Installed FTXGlobal Digital Design Salzburg and checked visuals - Mountains blurred Uninstalled FTXGlobal Digital Design Salzburg and checked visuals - Back to as it was before installing Salzburg On the other hand Installed FTXInnsbruck and checked visuals - Mountains blurred Uninstalled FTXInnsbruck and checked visuals - Back to as it was before installing Salzburg After every install, the flight experience is absolutely smooth. Conclusion - There is something that does not allow rendering of the texture of Salzburg or Innsbruck. I am guessing that this Will be the same for all the other sceneries that I would install. However, it is strange that this is not the case with FTXGlobal Base Pack, FTX Open LC Europe & Germany South as the rendering is perfect and I could make out the difference between one layer and the next. I tried a clcean install of the drivers for the GPU (latest version installed : 416.34) using DDU. Tried a clean install with older drivers that came with the GPU but no improvement. One thing maybe worth noticing is that the CPU usage is around 40-60% whereas the GPU does not move beyond 30% at any point of time (monitored using MSI Afterburner). All suggestions are welcome Regards Ted
  4. Hi Using pm with the pm aircraft model. If the altitude in the mcp is reset before the T/D, the aircraft begins to descent immediately. It does not hold the current altitude till the T/D. Any suggested fixes? Ted
  5. I have a 6700k with a ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger mobo. I have noticed that the default cpu voltage for 4200Mhz (turbo boost mode) was 1.312v. After reading many articles on the internet, i realised that the default is set high and most recommended that one should reduce it by setting it to manual mode. I set the cpu voltage to 1.25v. Even after manually setting the cpu voltage to 1.25v, when on load the core voltage went up to 1.38 volts at 4200Mhz. The highest reading was 1.43 v. I measured the voltages using XTU and HWMonitor. The second thing I observed is that the temp reading in the UEFI reads 42 deg C. And at idle load, temp on XTU reads 36-38 deg C. I think there is something wrong, but not able to figure out what. All suggestions are welcome. Regards Teddy
  6. From what I understand... 4 core HT off - No AM required 4 core HT on - AM should be 85 What you mean by addons on 14 and addons on 248? Ted
  7. Okay. I found the solution. With the Asus Maximus VIII Ranger and Hero series, there is no option to disable the xHCI as it is an integral part of the circuitry. It is probably the reason why the USB 2.0 is not really a generic USB 2.0 and is more like the USB 3.0 with lower data transfer speeds. It depends on the legacy option in the UEFA to be enabled or disabled to make it compatible with older hardware. However, this is not what the Saitek X52 Pro Controller is happy with and therefore does not work with the USB 2.0 of this mobo. The option is to use the ASMedia 3.1 USB connector. The ranger has 1 connection at the rear. It is a red USB connection. Please read the user manual of the mobo to identify this USB port. Using the ASMedia USB port solved my problem. But note that if you have already plugged in the controller in one of the USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ports at least once, the controller gets committed to that port and does not allow the system to install the driver if the USB port is changed. Happened to me but might not be true for all. Cleaning of all Saitek software and the registry did not help as well. The only way I could get it rolling was to reinstall windows. Safe Skies & Happy 2016
  8. Using the ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger with Skylake 6700K & GTX970 with Win 7 64bit Tried installing the Saitek X52 Pro and have the following issues : During installation, after prompting for the controller to be connected, the driver installer hangs. There is no choice but to force shutdown the driver installer. With the lights on the controller on, it seems as though the controller is installed and on checking from devices and printers all the movements are active. However, when shutting down the system, it get stuck indefinitely at the windows "shutting down" page. I have no choice but to force shutdown the system. When I restart with the system with the contoller connected, windows get stuck at the windows logo screen. The only way to start and stop windows normally is to disconnect the controller. Apart from this, there are strange things happening when the controller is connected. At times the mouse does not respond (wireless mouse) and sometimes the system does not connect to the internet (wireless card installed in the system). After looking around for a solution, I found that one needs to disable the xHCI option in the BIOS of the mobo. However, the option available in this bios is "xHCI hand-off" enabled or disabled. Currently this is disabled. But this obviously is not working for me. I dont know if I have missed something. Any help will be appreciated. Regards Teddy
  9. Upgraded my system to ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger Z170 with Skylake 6700K & GTX 970. When I try to install the X52 pro, the installer hangs. Physically the system seems to have recognized the controller. However, I have to force shut down the installer. Strange things happen thereafter. I am not able to connect to the internet anymore and sometime the mouse is jerky and at times not recognised at all. At times the system is not able to connect to the internet too. Furthermore, the system does not shutdown but is stuck indefinitely at the windows "shutting down" screen. On restart the system is again stuck at the screen with the windows logo. However, when I disconnect the X52 pro controller, the system shuts down and starts up normally. Tried finding a solution and most of the folks with similar problems have suggested that the xHCI needs to be set to disabled. However the only option that Maximus VIII Ranger offers is the "xHCI hand off" to be set either to enabled or disabled. Mine is set to disabled. But this is not helping me. Has anyone been able to resolve this problem? Regards Teddy
  10. Same problem. During installation the unit comes on with the lights. However, the driver installation doesnt complete and is stuck indefinitely. I have no choice but to force shut the setup. After this the joystick and the throttle seem to be working but the computer freezes at the logging off screen and when the computer is restarted with the joystick plugged in, the computer freezes on the log on screen and the joystick has to be unplugged and the system has to be restarted. I dont think the joystick is broken. Would also appreciate if someone guides me on how to uninstall the drivers completely. Ted
  11. Using FSX and Steve's DX10 Fixer. Started experiencing some stutters and the annoying white flashes in the sea especially when the aircraft is below 2500 feet. Noticed this after I installed FTX Vector. I deleted the sub directories in the Shaders folder so that FSX starts rebuilding them again. To my surprise FSX is not re-building the Shaders folder after several reboots of the sim. GRAPHICS section of the fsx.cfg file as under : [Graphics] D3D10=1 MultiSamplesPerPixel=8 MultiSampleQuality=8 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED_10=1693458434 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 NUM_LIGHTS=8 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=0 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=2 GROUND_SHADOWS=0 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 See_Self=1 Text_Scroll=1 HIGHMEMFIX=1 ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 //08/11/2013 //ForceWindowedVSync=1 Is there something wrong? Regards Teddy
  12. Have you considered AeroChart from Fabio Borelli. Fraction of the cost https://angel.co/fabio-borelli-2
  13. Will this have a conflict with Ezdok? Will I have to uninstall Ezdok to install Ezcam? Teddy
  14. I just got the licensed version. A little buggy though. I loaded a flight and my iphone connected to the server without a glitch. However, no matter what I did with the CDU on the phone, nothing was happening to the CDU in the sim. Then I tried resetting the app on the phone by closing it and restarting it again. This time when I checked the tray, connected clients were 4. Then I shut the server down and restarted it as well. When I made the connection this time. The inputs on the phone CDU were showing up on the CDU in the sim but not showing up on the phone CDU. Can you check this out please. Teddy
  15. A couple of questions : 1. I saw the videos and noticed kind of a weird movement during transition. When transiting from the Capt's veiw to the FO view, the camera first moves right, then up a bit and then to the right again to its final position. Doesn't it move from the start point to the end point in a straight line? (like in Ezdok) 2. I am a user of Ezdok for several years but am always looking for a better solution especially because of the shifting camera problem. The camera changing its position during flight. Though you have mentioned about the FSX problems in your first video, do you think you have been able to eliminate this shifting camera problem with Ezcamviews? 3. Do you plan to add the DHM and other dynamics that Ezdok has within their software or do you recommend any software for it? Sorry for the many questions, but as a flight simmer since many years, I see the potential in your software as a payware and would love to pay for it, if it addresses the concerns that are bugging me and my fellow flight simmers for a long time. Regards Teddy
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