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  1. Hi Thanks Tried all that but to no avail Regards Ted
  2. Thanks Bob The scenery library is in perfect order. I have posted this issue on the Orbx forum. All I got from them as of now is that the FTXOpen LC & FTXEULC are landclass sceneries whereas FTXLOWI is photoscenery. Further that I need high filtering and antaliasing settings to see the best of photo scenery. But I am using high filtering and antialiasing settings. No further suggestions than that. Regards Ted
  3. My pc specs as under : i7-6700k overclocked to 4.5 Ghz KF2/Galax 1080Ti 800W Corsair PSU 16Gigs DDR4 @ 3200 Win 10 Pro on SSD P3d v4.3 on another SSD Single Seat Trainer with 43" single monitor @ 4K displaying P3D visuals (Virtual Cockpit view). Visual do not have any cockpit Settings : FXAA - OFF TF - 16x Texture Resolution - Tried both 1024 and 2048 AA - 4xSSAA Vsync - ON TB - ON Target Frame Rate - 31 (Monitor refresh rate set to 30) LOD Radius - Max Tesselation High Mesh Resolution - 5m Terrain Resolution - 7cm High Resolution Terrain Textures - ON Scenery Complexity - Dense All Autogens - Normal Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation - OFF Water Detail - High Dynamic Lighting - OFF Shadows - OFF No tweaks in P3D.cfg Rex Skyforce 3D - Not Installed Activesky for P3d4 - Not installed Started out with a clean install of Win 10 Pro and P3d v4.3. Installed FTXGlobal Base Pack and checked visuals from stock LOWS - All ok Installed FTXGlobal OpenLC Europe and checked visuals from stock LOWS - All ok Installed FTXGlobal Germany South and checked visuals from stock LOWS - All ok Installed FTXGlobal Digital Design Salzburg and checked visuals - Mountains blurred Uninstalled FTXGlobal Digital Design Salzburg and checked visuals - Back to as it was before installing Salzburg On the other hand Installed FTXInnsbruck and checked visuals - Mountains blurred Uninstalled FTXInnsbruck and checked visuals - Back to as it was before installing Salzburg After every install, the flight experience is absolutely smooth. Conclusion - There is something that does not allow rendering of the texture of Salzburg or Innsbruck. I am guessing that this Will be the same for all the other sceneries that I would install. However, it is strange that this is not the case with FTXGlobal Base Pack, FTX Open LC Europe & Germany South as the rendering is perfect and I could make out the difference between one layer and the next. I tried a clcean install of the drivers for the GPU (latest version installed : 416.34) using DDU. Tried a clean install with older drivers that came with the GPU but no improvement. One thing maybe worth noticing is that the CPU usage is around 40-60% whereas the GPU does not move beyond 30% at any point of time (monitored using MSI Afterburner). All suggestions are welcome Regards Ted
  4. Have you considered AeroChart from Fabio Borelli. Fraction of the cost https://angel.co/fabio-borelli-2
  5. Holger, this is some relief for FSX users looking for a fix with most of them giving up that there would be one. EZDOK made a sneaky appearance lately and just when all users were looking up for a fix for all their problems, they sneaked out again. Will this fix work with the PMDG 737 NGX or is it aircraft specific? Would love to have it with the NGX as a lot more of us are with the NGX for the medium and short haul flights Ted
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