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  1. Dan, Not sure what EMT is, but haven't flown in regular FSX for several years now. I switched to FSX-Steam Edition and all of my PMDG aircraft (737NGX, 777 200LR and 777-300) are there and properly operating, but they are not listed in my Ops Center. Only the FSX version is listed in Ops. So, I am able to operate, I'm just concerned about any future updates that might pass me by.
  2. After downloading and installing ORBX Scenery package (The FTX Global Series), it took many days to get FSX-SE to work properly. However, once it worked, my Operations Center Updater was gone. I looked up the reload process and got the OPS Ctr back (some of it). Now, only the PMDG FSX series is listed as available (737NGX and 777) no FSX-SE versions. Any suggestions?
  3. Kyle, Still recovering programs after my ORBX FTX LC installs. Have yet to recover the RAAS. Now I've discovered that the Operations Center is missing my PMDG aircraft information. I have tried deleting the information in the PMDG Operations Center Folder - with the exception of the OpsCenterUpdater.exe and it downloads many files, but my specific information is not among the files apparently. Also, I am able to login to the PMDG website for my account information, and I can log in to Avsim for the forum, but, for some reason, I cannot log in to the support for PMDG to submit a ticket about this stuff. I have written down my passwords for everything, but cannot log on. When I tell it that I Forgot my password and enter my email address it says that it sent me a password reset, but I never receive it. I have checked my Junk Mail options for anything that might resemble a PMDG address and find nothing. If I try to Register with my email address it tells me that address is in use. I would like to stop bothering you but you appear to be the only person I can get in touch with on any basis. Thanks for any help!
  4. I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear. When I installed the ORBX scenery several items that had worked stopped/vanished. RAAS for the PMDG777 is one of them. When I run the "C:\Users\Joe\Downloads\FS2Crew_RAAS_PMDG_777_Update\FS2Crew RAAS PMDG 777.exe" program it claims to have successfully installed, but it is NOT in the aircraft. I have tried both of the FSX installer variations (FSX & FSX-SE, side-by-side) and neither accomplishes the task. I'm lost.
  5. RAAS was working fine until I installed ORBX scenery. Several things disappeared which I have recovered, but RAAS installer says that it was successful installing in FSX-SE but it is NOT in the aircraft. I have tried both FSX and FSX-SE and side-by-side with no joy.
  6. Kyle, Back again - the Operations Center works fine, but I still can't get the PMDG777 RAAS system to work. I have downloaded and run the MakeRunways program several times, downloaded and run the FS2Crew_RAAS_PMDG_777_Update program immediately after, and still no RAAS. It says it installed (blink of an eye install), but it never asks for permission to Run when the 777 loads. I have pointed it to my Steam directory and it acknowledges that it will install there, but no joy. Puzzling? Thanks for any help!
  7. Great! You are the man. Got the Ops Center. I have followed your advice and uninstalled Norton and enabled Windows Defender. Thanks!!
  8. Hey Kyle, I tried to install ORBX Global scenery recently and now my PMDG Operations Center and the RAAS system has vanished. The OP Update remains, but no Center. I have downloaded the FS2 PMDG 777 RAAS from their site, but even though it runs, I stall don't get it installed in the aircraft. Any thoughts?
  9. I previously purchased the Captain Sim 777 and had all sorts of problems with the sim. They would upgrade and create another set of problems, and sometimes not fix the original ones. My brother is still trying to make the CS 777 work, but is very frustrated. I uninstalled the CS 777 and purchased the best sim product that I have ever owned in the PMDG products. I currently own both the 777-200LR and the 737NGX. I have many thousands of hours between the two aircraft and have absolutely no complaints. Best Buy, not the cheapest, but the money I spent on the CS 777 was wasted. Good Luck!
  10. I have the RAAS as part of the PMDG777 aircraft and I received a notice that RAAS was out of date, so I downloaded the correct file: RAAS FOR THE PMDG 777 (LOCKED VERSION - ONLY WORKS WITH THE 'PMDG 777') Current version : Last Updated: 11 May 2016 IMPORTANT: Only install this version if: You OWN the PMDG 777. You do NOT own RAAS PROFESSIONAL (UNLOCKED). (If you own RAAS PROFESSIONAL install the update as described above.) Click HERE to DOWNLOAD! I downloaded the update several times and ran the installer, but FSX Steam continues to say that the program is out of date??? Any help here? Thanks,
  11. SimBrief.com will create .rte routes.
  12. PMDG offers setup information in their product manual "PMDG-777 Introduction" starting around page 22 or so. That manual was included in your PMDG purchase. You should definitely read and follow the instructions about the FSX.CFG file beginning on page 24/175 through page 30/175. Also, I have found other good instructions on the PMDG Website here, you have to look around a bit. Just make sure you try to stick to some of the PMDG staff people, like Ryan (can't think how you spell his last name) Miarritz?, or Kyle Rogers (I think he goes under Scandinavian13) and people like that. Also, after saying all that, some of the other suggestions above were on track. After following the tip I made above, if you're still having problems, I suggest changing your FSX settings to the minimums. If it works with those settings then begin to increase them. But, if all else fails, read the directions. That is my biggest fault.
  13. Well, here is a real "Nit" to pick. The icon on my Windows unit shows the choice as "PMDG Ooerations Center" (missing the "p" in the word). It has been like that since I received the program. I have looked to see where the icon is getting that name, but haven't been able to find it. Not a big deal, but I was an English teacher in my other life.
  14. Why don't you just use the hidden button on the Glare shield (dashboard if you will)? Seems so easy. It's just to the left of the pilot F/D (Flight Director) button and just below the Course Heading dial. Move your mouse around that area and you'll see it change to a hand. Of course, I'm not sure what LINDA is? I used to date one, but I doubt it's the same.
  15. Well, if this is the same issue I faced with "transparent" undocked guages, I received a tip from a fellow simmer to "Uncheck" the Anti-Aliasing tab in the settings section. For whatever reason - it worked for me. MSWS
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