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  1. I previously purchased the Captain Sim 777 and had all sorts of problems with the sim. They would upgrade and create another set of problems, and sometimes not fix the original ones. My brother is still trying to make the CS 777 work, but is very frustrated. I uninstalled the CS 777 and purchased the best sim product that I have ever owned in the PMDG products. I currently own both the 777-200LR and the 737NGX. I have many thousands of hours between the two aircraft and have absolutely no complaints. Best Buy, not the cheapest, but the money I spent on the CS 777 was wasted. Good Luck!
  2. SimBrief.com will create .rte routes.
  3. PMDG offers setup information in their product manual "PMDG-777 Introduction" starting around page 22 or so. That manual was included in your PMDG purchase. You should definitely read and follow the instructions about the FSX.CFG file beginning on page 24/175 through page 30/175. Also, I have found other good instructions on the PMDG Website here, you have to look around a bit. Just make sure you try to stick to some of the PMDG staff people, like Ryan (can't think how you spell his last name) Miarritz?, or Kyle Rogers (I think he goes under Scandinavian13) and people like that. Also, after saying all that, some of the other suggestions above were on track. After following the tip I made above, if you're still having problems, I suggest changing your FSX settings to the minimums. If it works with those settings then begin to increase them. But, if all else fails, read the directions. That is my biggest fault.
  4. Why don't you just use the hidden button on the Glare shield (dashboard if you will)? Seems so easy. It's just to the left of the pilot F/D (Flight Director) button and just below the Course Heading dial. Move your mouse around that area and you'll see it change to a hand. Of course, I'm not sure what LINDA is? I used to date one, but I doubt it's the same.
  5. Well, if this is the same issue I faced with "transparent" undocked guages, I received a tip from a fellow simmer to "Uncheck" the Anti-Aliasing tab in the settings section. For whatever reason - it worked for me. MSWS
  6. I don't profess to be an expert on any issues at this point in my life, but, having said that, I do not believe "anything" updates the FMC in default aircraft. One of the main reasons for purchasing add on aircraft is their dimensionality. They more closely approximate real flying. With the default aircraft, you get what you got. Please do not accept my explanation for this, but check it out on the search sites like Google. As I said in my original post, I use the PMDG aircraft. I have, at one time or another, purchased airplanes for CLS (Airbus A330/340), Embraer(JustFlight) (175/195) and Captain Sim (777), but I have uninstalled all of them in favor of programs that work as they should. The PMDG aircraft are more expensive than others, but are generally considered the top-of-the-line! One of their development team is Kyle Rodgers (scandinavian13). You can usually find him on the PMDG Forum at Avsim. He seems to be the most knowledgeable person available online. Perhaps, he could help you.
  7. Well, I can't talk about default aircraft, although I used to have the Embraer on my list, but I use only the PMDG 737 NGX & PMDG 777 now. If those are the aircraft you are using you can check the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\PMDG\NavData for the date of your NavData. If current it should be dated 11/9/2015. Unless you have updated your Navigraph Data Manager program it might be placing the new information in your old FSX data file. If so, just copy it over until you get the proper Data Manager. My program updates both places even though I don't use the old FSX anymore, only the Steam version.
  8. I was using Windows 8.1/FSX-SE and "Updated" to Windows 10 without a bit of difficulty. No more Joystick failures, no OOM's or CTD's. I have flown multiple 16-18 hour flights with my PMDG 777 and experience VAS usage of between 2.8 gig to 3.2 gig. Frame rates 26-32. Very pleased!!! What's not to like.
  9. I was ready for takeoff in my T7 Freighter last night when, out of nowwhere, I got the "stabilizer config" warning message also. I checked my settings , but saw nothing out of the ordinary. So, I went ahead and began my takeoff figuring it might be something to deal with, but after applying full throttle the message went away. Has not reappeared since. This only happened in the freighter version, and I made three subsequent flights with no reoccurance.
  10. Well, I have had this problem for several months and have written about it in the forums, but received no answer previously. But, I just unclicked the "Antialiasing" button and poof - problem solved. Thanks.
  11. I agree about many of the posts that I see (some have been by me) that further research about previously written information would solve most problems. I don't actually have Prepar3D. I'm using Steam and am very happy at the moment. Anyway, it just seemed that it would cut down on the number of threads that I have to skip. I try to keep up with what is being considered on the forum.
  12. Based on the volume of issues about Prepare3D it appears that a "new" section be constructed to help those people without having to look through all of the "normal" FSX items.
  13. Well, thanks for the condescending reply! All I can say is that after upgrading, I have completed 18 flights of approximatety 90 hours with no OOM's and no Joystick problems. Four of those flights were over 14 hours, including one flight departing from KLAX (which has always been an issue for OOM's). The long flights were with my PDG 777-200LR and the shorter ones with the PMDG 737 NGX. So, sadly, I guess I'm happy that I'm on a steady diet of placebos. I'm sure you have a deep understanding of the new Windows 10, so I wouldn't think of questioning your thoughts. All I know is what works.
  14. Here is my current deal: I was fed up with all the OOM's and Joystick problems, and figured Windows 10 couldn't be any worse. My problems have all been solved! (except one small detail) No more joystick problems. No more Out of Memory Errors. Windows 10 seems to have solved all of those issues. It was easy to upgrade and went as smooth as butter. Also, FSX Steam is a big help with the tools that are offered on the logon site. The game files verify feature is sweet. I just flew my PMDG 777-200LR 10 hours from OMDB to RJAA with the FSX default scenery .cfg and landed with everything on (Weather on Pilot side / Terrain on F/O side) looking out of the airplane from every angle. Used only 3.1 gig of the allotted 4.0 VAS. Previously, I would have run out of VAS at about six hours. So, for me Windows 10 and Steam is the way to go!!!
  15. What they said! My concept is that the most fun in "Sim" flying is the up and down. The 777 is great on longer flights, while the 737NGX is the short hauler extrordinaire. If you are joining a Virtual Airline (which I recommend) then you will find an abundance of shorter flights for the 737. If you can learn the 737 NGX you will have a head-start on flying the 777. Whatever PMDG aircraft you choose will be a positive experience. They are the Cadillac/Mercedes of sim flying. I have both.
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