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  1. Thorsten, There' s a separate thread about that already - the OC downloads its files from Amazon AWS's global CloudFront distribution network. This issue is specific to German CloudFront edge servers somehow and we're going to have to get in touch with Amazon's support to figure out what's going on most likely. Every report we have of it is from Germany.
  2. Yes, those issues are fixed. The cockpit/airframe shaking feature is new to the 747v3 - we haven't backported it to the 777 or NGX yet - it's on the list for the future. The point of these updates happening right now is mainly the P3Dv4 compatibility and performance, not adding new features to the products.
  3. Everyone - this issue appears to be confined to the German Amazon CloudFront edge servers somehow from what we're seeing. We just re-pushed the update files out to all of the edge servers worldwide - please try again now and let us know if it still fails. If it does, we're going to have to get in touch with Amazon's support - the issue is not happening elsewhere in the world from what we've seen.
  4. The NGX is an older product code-wise than the 777 and 747 are and it's taking longer to update than we initially anticipated. It's also a more complicated product in terms of building the installers and such - the P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 versions have totally separate models, gauge dlls, texture, panel and model cfgs, etc - multiply that across the 7 variants of the airplane in the NGX product line and it's quite a lot of work. We're working on it.
  5. This was a mistake in one of the older versions of the airplane - there's no such thing as an LCD digits option for the pressurization panel on the real airplane, it's always the orange LEDs regardless of what the MCP or radios are. Just an old screenshot that we didn't replace on the website - I'll mention it to Jason to change.
  6. Yep, people are missing out if they don't have full range sound reproduction. We include the entire spectrum - sub bass all the way up to stuff that you'd almost have to be a dog to hear. That lower frequency stuff is really important though - there's a lot of sound on a real jet that's a resonant thing like that where it's something you "feel" moreso than specifically hear. Another thing we do that many skimp on is making sure all the sounds are in phase coherence - if you've ever had addons where there's that weird swooshing sound in the engines that cycles in a regular pattern, that's phasing artifacts where the amplitudes of the waveforms for the two engines get out of phase and either reinforce or negate each other. It's used as a deliberate effect a lot in music recording, but it's not something you want present in a simulation of an airplane!
  7. While our soundsets have certainly advanced since then, I'm still partial to the NGX I think - we spent a crazy amount of time getting that right (including precisely matching the pitch frequencies of the soundset to recordings of the real engines stopping at each 10% of N1) and I'll never forget sitting up near the front on a real 737NG for the first time after we'd developed ours and hearing the engines come up at takeoff. It sounded exactly like the NGX does and I had this huge grin on my face - the passengers next to me probably wondered if I was nuts haha.
  8. Also, in case anyone asks: The 300ER has some odd issues in v4 currently related to the ground movement camera system that weren't there in v3. We're trying to get LM to take a look at it and fix. As soon as that's resolved we'll release it for v4.
  9. Paul, There should be log file for the updater in C:\Users\<your account name>\AppData\Roaming\PMDG Operations Center - attach that to a support ticket for us.
  10. A 64-bit version of the RAAS dll doesn't exist yet - we're waiting on FS2Crew for that. What's there right now is just a placeholder, it's not causing problems because it can't even load.
  11. Completely different graphics engines that aren't even using the same basic API (DX11 vs. OpenGL), I wouldn't try to compare them like that.
  12. I've flown out of MBS in real life on a 737 a long time ago (United to ORD), so it was at least realistic at some point, but yeah it's probably all RJs today. I'm shocked to see this airport get done as a major payware scenery honestly, never would have expected it.
  13. Should have nothing to do with it - they're independent installations, v3 can't affect v4 and vice versa. I'm not sure precisely what's going on with all of this - we saw more than enough reports today that removing the FSUIPC dll fixes the problem to think there has to be something to the reports. I tried myself and I'm not seeing any issues with both the 747 and FSUIPC5 installed however. We'll keep an eye on it.
  14. You can install to either one separately or both simultaneously, just like the FSX/FSX:SE installer. You don't have to deactivate to reinstall a sim, just if you're formatting your HD or adding major new hardware. You should be fine and not even have to reactivate in v4.
  15. No incompatibilities for liveries.