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  1. Frank_Kunath

    (Trust Failure) message when launching

    Dear VFX Team, your side is down and we get a error message "TrustFailure" Please fixed asap thx Frank Kunath
  2. Frank_Kunath


  3. Frank_Kunath


    747-400 [image] 747-8 [image] MOD: Do not post copyrighted images here - most specifically from
  4. Frank_Kunath


    Hi PMDG guys, I know you have a lot to do. Is the 747-8 still a topic? Will it still exist? Thanks and regards Frank Kunath
  5. That's my reason. The Alt Swich is not working.
  6. He Guys, how can I hold the FL? The Autopilot Knop for Altitude iss not working. Thx for your help.
  7. Frank_Kunath

    600/700 wich 16th July did you mine?

    Ryan, that was no reproach. Just a information...nothing more, take your time ...don´t worry ;-) I know PMDG release quality...all fine.
  8. Frank_Kunath

    600/700 wich 16th July did you mine?

    Kyle, I understand your reasoning, but please understand mine. I bought a product which should be released on purchase on 16/07. I paid the money on time ... but did not receive the product.
  9. Frank_Kunath

    600/700 wich 16th July did you mine?

    I bought the add-on yesterday as the info on the page was "available from the 16.7.2017." Shortly after my post here the date was changed to 2059 .... this is a questionable policy!
  10. Frank_Kunath

    600/700 wich 16th July did you mine?

    thx for the update
  11. Frank_Kunath

    600/700 wich 16th July did you mine?

    On the Shoppage PMDG wrote: Will be Prepar3D v4 compatible on 16JUL17. But today is the 17th July...and the 700/600 is not working in P3D V4
  12. Frank_Kunath


    RAR words: PMDG 777-300ER Expansion: This product requires a Prepar3D v4 hot-fix from Lockheed Martin be released in order to enter testing. This product will enter testing within hours of Lockheed Martin publishing the hotfix. The current expectation is to release this product during the week of 26JUN, concurrent with Lockheed Martin updating Prepar3D v4. When???????
  13. Frank_Kunath

    Operations Center Update Failure

    i have startet the uodate now from the folder direkt, not from shortcut. Problem now solved
  14. He Guy´s... pls see the Failure, whats wrong?