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  1. Mark, probably stating the obvious here but the same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. The problem was that the radiator was choked with dust, I cleaned it out and the temps were back to normal. I was surprised how much difference the dust made. John
  2. enyap

    Falke over the Dolomites

    What scenery is this, it looks amazing? John
  3. It's available on Kindle very cheaply if that's any use. John
  4. I'll watch this later but I'm very interested having nearly finished reading Flying the Edge by Matt McLauchlin about his time flying in PNG. I highly recommend it, its a gripping read, I'll be getting the scenery to recreate his trips. Your video couldn't have been more timely as I'd forgotten ORBX had done PNG, thanks for posting it. John
  5. I had a OOM crash yesterday flying the PMDG 737 in ORBX Norway and when starting up the sim today I found through being alerted by AS16 that my exe.xml and dll.exe files had both been wiped. The files still existed but were completely blank when I opened them with Notepad++. Fortunately I was able to restore them from previous backups but I was quite surprised by this and have never experienced it before. Was it caused by the crash or could something else have caused it? John
  6. enyap

    PMDG 777 vs FSLabs A320x

    Just wondering what your specs are. I can run the 777 ok but I'm holding off getting the A320 for the moment until I upgrade. No criticism of the price, I'm sure it's worth it but it's a big risk if you think it might be a slide show. I'm still on an overclocked i7 930. John
  7. enyap

    Music while flying recommendation

    For long haul Parsifal John
  8. enyap

    Playsim VFR Scotland Central DVD problems?

    Well the new DVD player seemed to be working except it had only installed half of disc 1 after 6 hours. At one one point I was told there were 612 hours to go. Fortunately I revisited this thread and found Rob's tip. I started again and now it's installing like rocket. So many, many thanks Rob for your tip and null points for Playsims and Flightstore for their lack of help. At the rate the install was previously going it would have been quicker for me to get in the car and drive from south west London to Skye. John
  9. enyap

    Playsim VFR Scotland Central DVD problems?

    I still have not succeeded in installing this. My first attempt threw up several error code 13 messages. The install then had lots of default scenery areas. I then tried copying the DVD contents to a hard disk and installing from there, unfortunately I had the same result. I then checked the bgl sequence to see which were missing and tried extracting from the CAB files, this improved the coverage but was not totally successful. As I write I have just taken delivery of a new Samsung DVD drive, fingers crossed! John
  10. Does anyone else have this issue and am I right in thinking it incorrect? Shouldn't the IAS/Mach window blank out when in VNAV. I find that the FMS controls the speed in VNAV and ignores the speed dialled into the speed window but surely it should be blank. In this screenshot I have entered a totally incorrect speed which is ignored, changing to FLCH for example the speed immediately reverts correctly to the current actual speed. The autopilot is on in this shot. I submitted a ticket to Captain Sim but have had no reply yet.John
  11. enyap

    Digital Aviation Site Down?

    No problem.http://www.digital-aviation.de/l_html/main.htmlJohn
  12. If you look back in this thread to panel.cfg I posted previously, in the Main Panel you can change the last few lines to this:gauge60=../CIVA/INS!Config, 0,0,100,,B732insgauge61=B732ADV!hsi, 185, 795, 187, 167gauge62=../CIVA/INS!UpdateFlags, 947,881,100gauge63=../CIVA/INS!NavModeSingle, 1054,878,47,67John
  13. enyap

    PSS Airbus panel mod

    Is it Carsten Bl
  14. Jerrycwo4, I thought I'd do a quick experiment to see if was right.I loaded the default King Air, then opened the GPS followed by the Radio stack. From then on the GPS was always behind the Radio. I then loaded the default Cessna and then back to the King Air. This time I opened the Radio first followed by the GPS. Amazingly the Radio was always behind this time no matter in which order I subsequently opened the windows. Try it, it DOES work for me.John