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  1. I haven't yet bought V3 but most definitely will. I'll wait until I can have at least some of my ORBX regions with proper installers and make sure that few other most important addons work as they should. It is also good to listen early adopter's opinions, so I'll gladly wait at least for a few weeks. Besides, I don't feel like spending hours for a fresh install ATM
  2. This. It is business after all. Besides, in the long run it is also a life cycle question. Windows 7's exended support is ending on 2020 and it is not in the Microsofts or end users interests that huge amount of legacy Win 7 OS's is floating around at that point. Releasing new features to only newer OSs pushes users to new platforms. EOL of XP was already a farce even though it lacked many features and was complete rubbish later years compared to newer OSs. And PC and Windows IS a gaming platform, and bigger than any of the consoles. Only mobile gaming market is growing more, but it more or less competes with console gaming as HC gamers stay and even migrate to PC. Also PC gaming is a profitable business for many gaming accessories and component manufacturers. MS perhaps isn't making that much money out of PC gaming directly, but still, many home users are using Windows just because it is by far the best OS for PC gaming. Only alternative would be buying the console as Linux (including SteamOS) and OSX are far behind, though OSX limitations are not the only hinderance for Apples success in gaming market.
  3. I didn't see this "case" on the P3D forums, but I suspect it was a bot spamming junk on threads. Bots are a very common issue on many forums these days.
  4. SSW makes awesome planes and I'd say they are on the level of VRS Superbug easily. They have extended the sal till the end of month.
  5. Man, it seems like Justin has really hit the bottom. I sure hope he can make a decent living again, whether it is with flight simming related stuff or otherwise. FSG was very well established and known brand in FS community and I also agree that he made bad business desicions by releasing cheap memberships. Subscription would be okay, but life time membership for a hundred bucks? That surely dries out the income sooner than later. I hope he can clear things up with the FSG sale and perhaps get the ownership back. I would really like too see Justin again on the helm of FSG, I have nothing bad to say about the products or customer service back in the day. I even miss all Justin's rants about the difficulties few years ago :wub:
  6. I'll test the new version next friday when I'm home. And yes, I had some problems with my surround with earlier releas. Big thanks for your work with this! :Applause:
  7. Great and big thanks, I'll test this tomorrow for sure! By the way, I was thinking that does this work normally with EZDOK?
  8. This. I was about to suggest the Fury too, but the name of the developer just escaped me and didn't include it to my suggestion. But definitely great choice too! This great to hear! AF Corsair was somewhat aged model at that point (although still very good looking!) and sales were probably quite low and if sales boosted up significantly, it pretty much sums up the quality of your work! If I remember correctly, you did some co-operation with A2A/AF developing your Corsair package, right? There might be a chance to do the same at least with Flying Stations regarding the Fury. For F8F sadly, I believe that Vertigo doesn't have any of the source files left for the Bearcat as the developer doing the work pretty much vanished and took everything with him. Of course air and cfg editing, paints and RE module are always possible, though.
  9. Exactly what I meant. I think you guys could do miracles with tweaking the air file and .cfg and perhaps adding proper RealEngine model for it. And not to forget bunch of beautiful paints, of course! A2A Corsair expanision is awesome and a nice challenge to fly, just like Corsair should be.
  10. Ditto. This is really beautiful package and not only the flight model, but all the paints are just top notch! Big thanks for all the effort! :Applause: How about taking the Vertigo F8F next to the works and putting some racing power on it too
  11. This sounds awesome! Yet so simple and clear as an idea and yet no one has produced anything like this before (not saying implementation is straightforward)! Unfortunately I'm abroad on business trip whole week and I can test this app just next saturday at earliest, but big thanks anyway!
  12. What a relief it was when I got to the end of the thread! PacSim sceneries are awesome (and mostly beautiful areas ignored by other devs) as is the support and it would be a loss for the community them to shut down.
  13. I find software developers vanishing into thin air pretty rare, so I think he just probably changed work postion somewhere else Qualified programmers and devs most likely can make better living by doing something other than flightsim addons.
  14. No need to do that. I have modified ezca.exe, which recognizes Prepar3D starting with no troubles. Marniftarr published that a while ago, you probably find it by searching EZCA support forums. It's great to hear that V2 goes forward! V1 is one of those "must have" programs for FSX.
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