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  1. I've been running some tests with update 10 and the 1.2 version of the openxr toolkit, seems i discovered this issue with the 310 at least. This is with the aero goggles. If im using the baron default aircraft, i cant replicate this issue. With the toolkit enabled, i load up the 310 at 2nC0, daytime overcast setting, i note the frame rate in VR is 49.. i toggle VR and come back in, the frame rate is at 41 or so.. Putting the goggles on, there is horrid head turning lag, real bad, it never stabilizes. If tried this with scaling and fov rendering turned off in the kit (so i could use post processing), same issue. If i uncheck in the toolkit, the fs2020 exe to disable it, this issue does not occur. So far i only tested this 3rd party addon aircraft, there may be others affected. I did this with the community folder empty except for the 310. Anyone else ran into this? 3080ti ftw3, 12900k at 4.9ghz/ddr5 6400 ram, windows 11 (not the new update), 512.77 nvidia driver (yeah its a slightly older one), DLSS at quality, 100% sharpness. EDIT: as far as the horrid head turning lag is concerned, even after i restarted the sim and disabled the toolkit, i had this issue still, so im not sure what is causing it. (update, restarted the varjo system from within the app and it cleared, the issue of fps drop and toolkit are still there, so no post processing ability at least with the 310 for now) Also: changing the custom render scale in the standard openxr settings has no affect on the sim in either situation. At least not above 100%
  2. edit: i think to use the TC, in sim set to OFF, ground traffic zero and match generic models to Off. EDIT2: and to use other injectors or the sim but use AIG traffic, set to realtime online + ground traffic zero + generic models OFF? In TC: However, inject does nothing, nothing shows up, but i looked in the log file, i see alot of these: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. and Unabale to load databases Could not find a part of the path 'V:\Program Files\AIG_TrafficController\Resources\Database\AIG_ModelsDB.XML'. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) In the AIG manager there are some errors too with missing things in the one screen. edit: looks like i had the databases folder renamed and a zip in that folder set to off, i think somewhere it was mentioned to do this for some reason, undoing this cured the error at least.(i think), but its stuck on performing update check. after restarting tc yet again its loading further at least I run TC as admin, i've tried the -MSFS2020 switch and without.. i run the sim as normal, not admin. UPDATE: finally, im getting traffic with TC, taking forever for a 44GB aig folder, frame rate dropped by 40, but its still loading.. no name plates but i guess none with this mode of traffic set to "off"
  3. So you dont renable the traffic.bgl file by removing the .aigoff portion then?
  4. Still unclear on what matching aig models means, i guess enabled in community folder.. I tried this on my system.. i loaded up with traffic.bgl enabled and aig folders enabled, did klax at night, showing 80 fps.. then i used enhanced live traffic to load in traffic, the framerate tanked by 20+ fps and stayed there for me. If i just let "realtime" traffic do its thing in the sim itself and not used ELT, then there was no real fps drop. Also, i repeated with disabling the aig folders in community, same issue.
  5. Real strange but at least at KLAX i see traffic now, i also reinstalled navdata etc, i have no idea whats going on.. Then i load up EGLL, i have NO traffic. Nothing in the AIG Controller either (map). Something might be overriding live traffic at some airports (addons) however i dont have an EGLL addon, i have orbx london city and a few regions there, however (EDIT: turned off all addons and same issue, no traffic at egll)? Also, aig controller crashes after only 30 seconds after doing injection. Also AI Offline never shows traffic not even when injecting from AIG My previous question still holds though, if renaming the bgl (renabling it) and having the aig in community means built in sim traffic will use those models. The other thing is, i dont see any traffic at any of the gates (at KLAX for instance, though after some time maybe 1 or 2), i do have ground traffic at zero, but i thought the sim or the aig controller was supposed to populate that with real traffic set to on.
  6. Curious on this again, so if the models are left in the community folder and then the bgl is put back in Official\OneStore\fs-base-ai-traffic\scenery\world\traffic (trafficaircraft.bgl) then the built in traffic can at least use the models and would if enabled in community? And now with Final update 10, im still not seeing any injection. EDIT: with realtime online or ai offline and leaving the aig in community and renaming the bgl (renabling), im not seeing any traffic. I do notice there is a new aig-aitraffic-oci-beta_CVT_ in community plus the regular one, test is EGLL (something is really amiss with my setup i think) I have AI traffic density at 100 and ground aircraft density at 0 Might have something yo do with Navigraph navdata needing reinstalled, from another thread Also, content.xml seems to be missing
  7. are we talking about files in fs-base-ai-traffic/scenery/world/traffic? If so i see 3, all dated 8/22/2022 (nothing newer since i installed aig interestingly) fs10aircraftypes.csv, trafficaircraft.bgl.aigoff and trafficboats.bgl Still unclear here, so if its disabling built in sim traffic bgls (i guess it renamed the one), then without traffic controller running how could traffic get injected? (also, with traffic controller running on hitting inject, should a bgl suddenly appear here)? Looking for ways to verify its even working.. i have ms traffic on ai offline or whatever the name was, but i've tried realtime online, both never load up anything. I have about 45 common airlines/flight plans in the traffic manager, im assuming thats enough Traffic manager is as of now Traffic controller is
  8. Im confused on this, how does the sim know to use AIG assets, is something put in the actual sim config files to use those, if so where would that be? I tried realtime online instead of the AI option and saw no change, no traffic. EDIT: i never had this working, so maybe my timing with a possible server issue is coincidence
  9. i tried this, no change as far as traffic actually showing up.. also, the zip file and database directory didnt get recreated for some reason I tried both sim setting of realtime and the other, ai option (ai is what i had it on). How do i know if its got the flight plans and simobjects created properly, perhaps something there is amiss or i missed a step even. I do see a slight amount of traffic on the map in the controller though.
  10. i've followed the tutorials online for the aig, downloaded flight plan info for various airlines, set the directories correctly (i think).. had to run the manager as admin (win 11).. running beta10 as of now too. I run the sim as regular non admin, but i also tried running it as admin. The only way i can get the controller to appear is to run as admin, its version is I click inject traffic but nothing appears (using kpit as an example).. i have a few static aircraft already there from a freeware addon though. I noticed some tutorials showed launching with -MSFS2020 at the end, either way doesnt help. I tried renaming content.xml to .bak and letting it recreate as one suggestion had. Any thoughts or suggestions? logs wise: i see throw exception: 7 a few times, says 9987 scenery files collected and 41444 airports, aigfp data 66 files I see it injecting traffic .aigfp, i see a few like: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at AIGTech.TrafficController.Classes.Manager.Moduls.AIGFP_TrafficManager.AddNewPack(AIGFPPack pack)
  11. I believe the issue was actually due to using a saved flight.. i guess maybe one cloud set template i had went missing and may have been the cause.
  12. Im suddenly having an issue where i cant get into real 3d vr mode, it takes me to a grey room with dual screens. Im not sure why this is suddenly happening. Im running su10 beta, but i dont think this is related to that, i’ve had this happen before but this time restarting etc, hasnt helped. Seems sometimes if i reset the vr settings to default and relaunch it comes back, but once i make changes from "low" mode in vr settings its back to dual eye. Anyone ran into this?
  13. That was very helpful thank you. Yeah i guess pros and cons with each. I do have some other chart tools on hand, like sky4sim, fskneeboard and sim efb. Since its my first go round with charts and charts in VR, i dunno which makes the most sense given all the choices. I'd primarily probably do usa charts, but there are a lot of nice areas to do elsewhere. I dont like any of the manual labor in making charts on the fly with those other tools though. I am also trying out the ultimate navigraph license for a month and if i could get enough sim time per year, i'd do the yearly i think, everything is right there, no legwork needed, i could just do manual pdf files for manuals on planes and add to one of the other tools. I also like the usa charts in the TDS too, but not sure compared to real life, how often people use the GPS for those vs having them on another device or tablet, i'd bet another device anyway.
  14. Can you elaborate on the realism side this is really my first dive into the charts and gps side of thing so I'm curious the difference
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