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  1. Didnt have a chance to look at that one yet, i wouldnt mind debugging, however the new Airbus H135 wont link either: https://flightsim.to/file/8970/airbus-h135-helicopter-project?fbclid=IwAR154AqDW2hR-tz4qH03y6LVgLJqS8Mcn6hvDV4VwEGLwlPBCKm2T5mHmlA I placed it in my custom directory for aircraft, i try to check it off but it never links. (i was able to manually add it as a junction outside of the program, looks like once you junction or symb. link it manually you can then toggle in the app)
  2. another update, so i thought i had found a workaround, appears it was a fluke, engine still dies after 30sec or less on a fresh flight.
  3. update, so i initially had no luck just switching aircraft using the dev menu, but, i went all the way to main menu, loaded up a situation with another, then back to main and its working
  4. Its not keyboard related, its state or similar related i think: From what i can see the batt volts is dropping to 0 after 30 seconds, even in a fresh state, even after switching aircraft. I initially had it on 'state saving' so i thought that was the issue but toggled it and restarted the sim, same difference
  5. I've disconnected all controllers/quadrants, same issue. I also reinstalled.. same issue.
  6. I guess the utility is working per say, but some things i'm not sure why they are showing up with errors.. For instance, i have the Aircraft Carriers Oceans - superspud folder, and it says could not read the manifest.json file.. not sure why (cant enable that one).
  7. Having some issues with the JF Arrow.. when i start up warm, i often find the gear is up (no double binds on my ch yoke or the quadrants, i have gear set to a switch on the one quadrant, up and down switches). Then if i take off or just power full sitting with brakes on, after 30sec it shuts off and no degree of making sure pumps are on and cranking magnetos fixes it. I removed all community folder content to rule that out. If i go back to the main menu and relaunch, its no longer warm started and wont start. I also lost the tablet and not sure how to get it to reappear. If you let the AI control the plane it tries to turn it on unsuccessfully as well. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks, workin out fine, the only thing is, some 3rd party installers auto install to the community folder, i guess you either just have to remember to move to the custom folder after updates/installs or just link to it using a hard link perhaps, after the installer updates/runs? IE: the justflight arrow III has an installer with no choice on location. Also.. all the orbx stuff tends to end up in here in the real community folder, i would think those would need to be hard linked for sure or their updater wont work? EDIT: nm i guess the whole idea is your tool links in there on the fly by checking them haha 🙂 got it..
  9. The solution was as follows: Go to the c:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\ folder (you can get to this by entering %APPDATA% in the file explorer address box) Look for the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” folder that will be in there and then remove it. I hadnt realized this folder was the non windows app location, as i had seen it earlier and didnt think to just remove/rename it.
  10. I thought maybe in the userdata section under windows profiles it was maybe linking to that area, but I couldnt see where.
  11. So as a brief test I was using the steam version after having installed the windows app version (win store). Now for instance, when i go to use the just flight installer for the Arrow III, it auto installs to the former steam packages location i had set (even though i checked in steam, removed the old location, made sure it was uninstalled), even if i remove the folder it recreates the folder as it installs it. I checked the registry and can find no other references to this former steam path. Does anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks, So it sounds like there may be a good reason to Not put the folders and files inside the community folder? I guess thats why you use addon linker to link to a folder outside? So tree structure can work then? Say I create V:\MSFS Addons Then under that V:\MSFS Addons\Aircraft And maybe v:\MSFS Addons\Scenery But further down under scenery maybe group by country (or will the app group things based on content, so no need to have sub folders by country)? IE: V:\MSFS Addons\Scenery\World\UK V:\MSFS Addons\Scenery\USA\California etc? I hope to actually work on this this eve finally
  13. I only had a short min to test it initially It wouldnt let me proceed without specifying "my addon" folders in that section. As of now i've been putting folder after folder in the community folder as they come. I wasnt aware you could break that area into subsets? IE: Aircraft, then Scenery, then maybe under scenery country folders? Perhaps? I guess I should test that out and reorganize
  14. Thank you! I was poking around on there before but probably didnt use the right keyword 🙂
  15. Does anyone know of a tool similar to xorganizer or scenery config editor for msfs 2020 that can be used to disable addon scenery? Not seeing anything at first glance as of yet? Thanks in advance
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