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  1. Well yeah that works (from the desktop), not from the p3d icon however, oh well, there are workarounds at least.
  2. Has anyone ran into this error before: Caught exception: Ortho4XP_v130.exe: RegistryKeyLookupFailed `CoderModulesPath' @ error/module.c/GetMagickModulePath/665 Seems to be after it attempts to run resample.exe (i have the correct path, but now since i upgraded versions of ortho4xp it seems its not popping up and running)? At least on the error above, i think its because i didnt run the ImageMagick setup first (new clean OS) edit: after resample(s) ran for a while it gave me this error : invalid command name ".!ortho4xp_earth_preview.!frame2.!canvas"
  3. Finally digging into this portion, but, is the replacing of the @o@ like this with the at symbols and no quotes or does it need quotes..? This folder also has subfolders in it: @P:\Program Files (x86)\Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\OSM_data\+40-080@ EDIT: i changed it to this style: IMPORTOGR|P:\Program Files (x86)\Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\OSM_data\+40-090\+40-081\*|*|building;landuse;natural;leisure|NOREPROJ (and afterwards no texture files are in the folder) Same thing with @1@ is it like this : @P:\Program Files (x86)\Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\Orthophotos\+40-080\BI_17\ADDON_SCENERY\texture\@ And this must be modified for each tile? Or has that changed in recent versions?
  4. I do run it as admin, i put the same shortcut on the desktop and it prompts for admin rights and loads, it then puts a shortcut on the pinned taskbar icon, but that one blows up these days, odd.
  5. Has anyone compared the scenproc generated autogen with that of this product? https://store.flightsim.com/product/nuvecta-landscapes-usa-pennsylvania-for-fsx-p3d/#prettyPhoto
  6. In the past, when i pinned p3d to the taskbar, i could relaunch saved fxml files from the icon after they were initially launched from the prepar3d v4 files folder in my documents. Now for some reason after doing an update to the latest p3dv4.5, it errors out and says "the item you selected is unavailable" and offers the choice to delete it. The file exists, it can be launched from the desktop (shortcut to the saved situation), but just not from the taskbar p3d icon. Minor difficulties here but im trying to figure out why. Anyone ran into this before? Thanks in advance
  7. Interesting, i just stumbled onto this youtube video from a few months ago: Looks like they had some good results?
  8. The thread has gotten kinda large.. Can someone point me to where the instructions are for doing the autogen with scenproc?
  9. I was pretty sure i saw somewhere a possible cure for this, or at least where in the file system to verify settings arent lost. Every once in awhile i load p3d and all the assigned buttons are mixed up/lost. Does anyone have any tips on where to look to keep this from occurring? Thanks in advance
  10. Still cant login to forums here (tech alpha too) as well, get the error or refresh and get the error about not authorized.
  11. Exiting to see some 3d overlays are now possible. Curious for everyone using the ortho in p3d though.. have you found any way around excruciating load times for the ortho. I just had about 15 tiles or more from one region and this made my load times go from around 4 minutes to at least 12 minutes for the same test. My main install is on SSD but the ortho on 7200.
  12. Good points.. but as far as the zoom of 16 goes.. i havent experienced this (in my case).. i'm able to generate tiles greater than zl of 16 and i can also use the batch build option and it seems to work, aside from the known issue of the command windows sticking. The tiles are generally 20GB+ which are quite a bit larger than the ones dedicated for XP at say 8GB roughly.. when you load up 20-30 of these tiles or more into P3D, the load time gets dramatically long as a result.
  13. Yeah thats what i've done, set exclusions.. here is the twist.. no change off vs on with xp11 load times.. but p3d has issues with it on my system (i'd already removed it and reinstalled ended up in same boat).. i simply do a warm test with it on then a warm test with it off.. i repeat a few times to verify.. at least 1 to 1.5 minute decrease in load time with it off.. i guess i might tinker with turning certain portions off and trying again. I'm not sure you really realize its slowing things down unless you do a side by side comparison on something that already takes a "long" time to load.
  14. Wondering if anyone has ran into this.. I've set exclusions to exclude my entire p3d SSD drive, etc.. despite this.. if eset nod32 is on.. one load time might be say 5 minutes, turn it off it becomes around 3min30 sec.. I cant figure out why the exclusions arent working unless there is another part of the AV that is causing this.. Has anyone else ran into this? Thanks in advance
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