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  1. I had a similar problem. This may sound dumb or obvious,but when you are testing are you unpausing? I was testing another area from a saved flight but never unpaused. I couldn't see buildings etc. After unpausing there they were
  2. No worries.. working great.. and the vr, i forgot how wow it is with AF2 after using FI with p3d/xp11... actually makes you a bit weak in the stomach at various points, fluttery.. anyways.. all good here now.
  3. Well, i reopened ftx central, saw the 1.2 for meigs.. ran the update.. now i see them both in the map.. either way problem solved and LOWI, wow, time to try the VR at lowi too :D
  4. Yeah when i open it i see them as installed (they also show under the steam af2 addons folder in two folders).. they were downloaded via ftx central originally. Ftx Central is up to date too.. the other Af2 sceneries show up on the map.
  5. Thanks.. ill do that.
  6. I'm trying to set the detents for thrust reverser with AF2 with these quandrants.. at least with P3d you can set the detent to toggle thrust reverser and then push it forward to gain engine speed (in reverse), then back down to toggle it off.. I tried setting the detent button as the toggle, but it doesnt seem to work.. sometimes the lever in the sim pulls up other times it stays stuck.. Has anyone had any success with this? Thanks in advance
  7. A month or so ago i purchased ftx meigs and lowi from ftx central when there was a sale.. i run aerofly via steam (not sure if this is why).. but when i run it, i dont see either of these on the map.. i've reopened ftx central and tried again, no joy.. What could i be missing here? Anyone ran into this? Thanks
  8. I have a thread as well, but basucally my i7 6700k 4.6ghz and 1080gtx it stutters but on turning. So I went so far as to do a clean windows partition vanilla p3d. I discovered once I added Utx (or any vector product) the stutters visible Mainly on hard turning so to speak, began. Lowering graphics and utx helped only slightly. This even at higher frame rates.
  9. Interesting ok.. interesting that we both run 4k and have the issue, though i dont think thats the cause.. I checked my gpu and cpu usage when this occurs.. gpu never exceeds 49% and cpu the same.. did you find similar results? I cant do locked frames it seems worse to me, whether locked in the sim or externally.
  10. another update: Reset and updated my bios all defaults.. same stuttering.. checked GPU usage during the basic test, never exceeded 49%, avg 35%.. ram usage around 2.7GB (vram).. cpu usage max 49%.. so its not a resource issue it would seem, has to be something else, or hardware interrupt issue, or possible ram fault somehow (added 16GB extra about 6 months ago, possibly related, may pull 16 of the 32 and retest)..
  11. I spotted your thread, as its an exact match to my issue.. add in UTX (or BM Vector) either way, stutters begin.. particularly if you do hard turning in a faster aircraft.. and even over barren areas with no addons.. where the frame rate might be between 45 and 53 (vsync on).. my situation is a 1080 video card.. but i tested this same install on a different machine with a 980Ti and i swear i'm not seeing the stuttering.. need to verify.. i found, like you, that if i make sure its unlimited and turn off road traffic, its minimal.. and maybe tone down shadows though i havent yet (and i should check my gpu usage).. so i'm curious how this held up for you.. still thinking it could be some weird mix of hardware on my box more than the software, but clearly the software kicks into issue mode.
  12. Im curious if the stutters have stayed away for you.. Similar issues i'm working out with my own issue..mine seemed to be tied to vector data as was mentioned in this thread.. soon as thats added to the mix, even default areas that still hit 50+ fps begin to stutter but only visible in hard turning.. curious how this worked out.
  13. I decided to repeat my test this time just making sure it was a bare bones p3dv4.1 and only BM Vector (base alone is only minor stuttering).. the same thing occurred, stuttering.. i then reverted to a clean install.. with just UTX this time .. UTX caused stuttering as well.. however if i turned off traffic and maybe one other feature (forget which), it was more manageable but still not where it should be.. So I'm thinking, or maybe incorrectly thinking, that maybe hardware is the cause here, though clearly the vector software in general may be inducing this condition.. i tried taking away the overclock by just setting the bios to 42x instead of 46 (4.2 instead of 4.6), same thing.. i also tested on another machine with a different non overclocked CPU and I'm not positive but i dont think i had stuttering (on a 70" uhd vs my 43" sony, though the 70 was hooked up via straight hdmi while the sony is using a display port adapter to hdmi (since my goggles are hooked up on hdmi)... i clearly have some trials to do here, maybe even bringing my other machine into the room and hooking it up to the sony just rule things out and verify there really is no stutter on that system.. and maybe even disconnecting all usb and even the usb card from the system to rule out weird irqs.. still though, it seems software induced but i guess it could be anything.
  14. Just to update my thread.. at one point i had cured all stuttering in my sim.. then i did a few things and couldnt figure out what was causing the new stuttering.. The issue i ran into, which may have been similar to when i started this thread.. was that turning at an angle, hard turning, was causing a stutter every 1-2 seconds.. the scenery would stutter. I decided to try a clean install.. worked fine.. then i went back to the full install.. and tried a clean scenery folder.. no stuttering still.. so then i put my mixed/full scenery folder back.. i came to realize the global folder sub folder scenery was the cause.. I figured out that files like BM_LT.bgl, BM_LTC.bgl, BM_LTSH.BGL, BM_PLTB.bgl were the cause.. these files belong to black marble.. So rather than just remove them.. i went into black marble and deactivated things.. The files remained but the stuttering stayed away (strangely).. So the root cause for me was Black Marble files/being activated (daytime or not).
  15. @w6kd Thats interesting, i didnt realize the outside (non cockpit) views didnt distort.. more than i can get into for now with hardware cockpits but that was good info thanks. Yeah those are the exe's i tried for global lights toggling.. the before and after shots i took showed there was no change on my system for some reason, maybe ill revisit that and see if i goofed somehow. Are you using trackir at all with the 55", id think there would still be a need for left and right views at 3840x2160 as opposed to some of the other wider angle options out there.