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  1. There is a long standing issue i have had (and i think others) that if you have the xJet plugin enabled, which is needed for KAWO to work.. many aircraft constantly reprompt for activation.. IE: most Just Flight aircrafts.. such as the PA28 arrow/ warrior etc.. Has anyone found a workaround short of disabling xJet as of yet.. or for that matter.. anyone else also ran into this? Thanks in advance
  2. I've determined the cause of this error... It seems if you save a saved situation with a dash "-" in it, it breaks the lua engine on next load.. Just removing the dash from the file name isnt enough to fixed the saved flight though.
  3. I'm getting this error in the top left after i save a saved situation.. Cannot open resources/plugins/flywithlua/internals/flywithlua.ini no such file or directory The file exists.. i do not get this error with launching a fresh instance of xp11.. i do get it every time you try to go to a new flight configuration after loading the saved .sit file. I'm using the latest flywithlua complete.. this is on a bare bones install of xp11, no other plugins.. Does anyone know what could be going on, or do we just need to wait for a new version of the "complete" edition.. can anyone replicate.. ? (just launch xp11, save a situation, close xp11, reopen and load the saved flight).. I've tried to revert to a clean flywithlua (which it really was to begin with) but no luck. Thanks in advance
  4. I think one way to get around this might be to set the Detent toggle when at the bottom to "throttle decrease quickly".. meaning it has to be held in the detent position, so not really realistic as in flipping the reverser knob and using the throttle itself, but would work, maybe.
  5. Is there some workaround to getting the thrust reversers programmed into p3dv4.2 without the need for FSUIPC.. If not, oh well, I was just hoping to find something. Seems in the main system there is no way to set them. If its only FSUIPC, i assume i do it as i used to with the 3.x version, turn off controllers in sim and program everything via the FSUIPC interface (and calibrate there as well.. in my case ch elite yoke + ch pedals + two throttle quadrants and xbox one controller though i rarely use it or it need for assignments). And does using FSUIPC disable things like the FSForce plugin, which i use for helos when I use the MS Sidewinder? Thanks in advance
  6. So I opted to restore all the folders from the p3d root folder, pre update that I thought were involved. No change. These included gauages, textures, simobjects, sounds, fonts, etc Maybe I missed one unsure
  7. Thanks for the reply.. so this is a typical result of doing the content uninstall / reinstall though? I didnt recall this happening going from 4.0 to 4.1 before. I was trying to save several hours of reinstalling (i have a lot of aircraft etc).. also worries me that i did the scenery uninstall that maybe some files related to scenery that go in the main scenery folder are now lost/misconfigured.
  8. I recently went through and did the 4.2 update by removing the client, content, scenery etc.. then installing each. Prior to doing this i had all carenado aircraft working perfectly in 4.1x.. all the craft are v4 ready etc. I know that going through and reinstalling each aircraft one by one does seem to restore things, but i'm trying to recall what folder or files may have gotten removed that i could restore to save some added effort here? I'm fearing even non carenado aircraft may have random things wrong that i may not realize as well. I have a backup of the simobjects folder before the update.. i was thinking i could just do a replace all on everything into the newer 4.2 simobjects folder and maybe this would fix everything, however i think it might also be texture, gauges, effects and sound at least? Does anyone know off hand what would have been removed (IE: is it the simobjects folder and the others above), i'm guessing from doing the content uninstall? Thanks in advance
  9. Update again.. so i went with the 5 drive mobius esata (6gbps) / firewire / usb 3.0 (5 gbps) solution found here Very good results now a few days in.. getting consistent results with crystal benchmarks.. 242 MB/sec on reads and around 200 on writes (for a 2 run 1GB test).. On par or slightly better than the single drive performance test results.. no disconnections or lost drive issues.. i'm also using a startech esta 6 gbps 2 port card (pciex1) and its working great. Short term i also need to find a way to combine my two 8tb existing internal drives (storage spaces maybe) into one 16GB unit so i can backup the content of the 16GB mobius array (ortho4xp photoscenery). I think down the road ill probably get some sort of NAS solution and wire up fiber runs to a 20+ port gigabit switch which also has 10gbe ports (fiber).. i could either go dual ports on the server i already have in my basement (dual 10gbe) or maybe just 10gbe by itself there and up on my flight sim rig.. tied into the 10gbe capable switch.. this would give me the option of using this type of das solution on my existing media server.. or getting a bigger chassis + bigger raid card in the media server and going with more drives internally.. or just a nas external solution that can hit at least 10gbe.. longer term, but for now this workstation + das external 5 drive bay works..
  10. This turned out to be the Geforce Experience.. removed it.. problem solved .. i also then stumbled onto this thread showing the same thing.. unfortunately even the beta isnt a fix. This sucks as i had preferred using shadowplay for recording.. i might look at the built in windows dvr features or maybe obs
  11. Well now the terramaster seems to drop the drive regularly.. so i'm moving on to test the Mobius 5 drive 5gbps usb 3.0 solution (also has 3gbs esata).. hoping it will fair better. Though the more i look at this the more i think maybe i should go with a NAS solution.. get at least 10gbe ethernet on each end and on a switch.. though 3gbe would probably be enough to keep speeds at least single drive speed i think.. but my NAS media 2016 server is already physically out of space for new drives (using flexraid now).. i'd have to go to a larger case, get a switch that had spf x 4 for these faster gbe modules etc.. could be a tad costly in the short term but a better long term space fix.
  12. I already knew i could disable the hid compliant game controller in device manager (not a solution for me).. so i installed a fresh windows on another partition with some minimal installs.. v1709 of windows.. no issues with the lcds going to sleep. Therefore i knew this is software/driver/services related.. At one point on the problem windows partition, i went to reboot, it stalled for some reason, many things got killed.. suddenly the screens were powering off. So I know a process or service must be tying things up with those hid drivers.. i just cant figure out which. I could try msconfig and rule some things out, but i went through one by one killing processes.. no luck.. same deal with services.. hitting stop.. no luck.
  13. Update: so the issue with this terramaster i thought was just a glitch with the benchmark software isnt that.. at times it does drop to 20-40 MB/sec on the writes on the drive(s).. tried every usb port on the system, updated drivers you name it nothing.. what does fix it (maybe temporarily) is turning the unit off and back on, then its back to 200 MB/sec.. so there is a definite issue going on here.
  14. Update here.. i decided to go with the Terramaster D5-300 unit.. built in Raid.. so far i think its mostly a win. Again my setup is OS on SSD, my Xplane main directory / structure on SSD.. and the Ortho was on 8TB 7200.. which had very good read and writes to begin with (i think my basic windows large file tests were in the 200+ MB/sec range).. despite hwinfo showing Xplane loading the ortho at a max of 30 Mb/sec, i knew what my basic target should be.. actually, i redid some ortho load tests on the old drive using hwinfo and suddenly i did see 200 MB/sec, so maybe not entirely an XP bottleneck on loading. At first i had some troubles with the Terramaster.. i used their USB-C to usb 3.0 cable.. tried various ports on the computer.. CrystalDisk Benchmark wasnt showing great numbers.. i at first did a single drive in their unit to get a baseline read/write.. i was getting maybe 150 MB/sec for reads and writes only 34 MB/sec (the drive when tested on sata that is now in the unit was getting more like 217.6 MB/sec read and 214.9 MB/sec.. strangely a few of my 4TB drives were showing DMA errors (check cable etc) via the terramaster.. their reads were more like 170 and 148.. while the other 4TB units in the terramaster were showing lower numbers like 105 and 43 etc.. I thought maybe this was just a crystal benchmark issue.. so i tried some file transfers.. i was getting a max of 40 MB/sec when copying to the terramaster drive or raid5 (5 drives) as well.. in either case. I then decided to put the cable into a usb 3.0 to usb-c adapter i have going into my motherboards usb-c connection.. I was using all 5 drives in raid 5 at this point.. tested the file copy process.. it was giving me up to 195 MB/sec.. and when taking the same file From the raid array (reads) it was around 220 MB/sec or better. CrystalDisk Benchmark still shows low Reads (140) and super low writes (40) even via the usb-c, but i get those consistent windows file transfers So at this point i've left it at this.. happy with the results.. though i may consider a dedicated usb 3.0/ usb-c pcie card.. either using this usbc adapter or maybe getting a usb c to usb c cable and trying that.. The reason i'm wondering if maybe i need a dedicated card, is i swear i may be getting some fps fluctuations.. starts off lower for some things then a few minutes in sitting at the same scene jumps up, plus some stuttering.. not sure that its really usb c related (terraraid related) or not.. just a consideration. Overall happy so far. In terms of load times in the sim, nothing has changed much.. about the same.. so not as good as having a true blue hardware raid that would really boost the loads but at least as good or slightly better than single disk. I have two drives inside my tower that are 8TB.. i may do a storage spaces on them, combining into one big drive.. and use them as a backup for the ~15TB raid ortho data.
  15. I recall this issue in the past, in a previous version of Windows 10.. but I now know with certainty it exists in my install of Win 10 x64.. for those using the ch yoke (eclipse in my case) and pedals.. have you ran into this and ever found a solution? If these two are plugged in, the screens will never time out and goto power save or screen saver mode. It appears this bug has returned. I cant figure a way around it for now, short of disabling them in the device manager. What would be nice is, if there was a way to pro-grammatically, via batch file.. disable the two after an idle period is reached. I've tried everything to get around it otherwise.. different usb power save options in the power options, neither disabled or enabled works.. there is no power save tab for the devices themselves.. its an issue with the HID portion. Any experiences out there? Thanks in advance