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  1. Seems at least if you try to launch batch files with ms addons linker, they dont show up (at least if you are already running the tool as admin), at least this has been my experience
  2. Things were working fine, so i did the recent update, copied the files over into the existing directory. Now it seems like some of the applications i have set to launch when the sim starts, arent launching, a few are however. I've tried removing them and re-adding them. Anyone know what might be the cause here? EDIT: i reverted to the old version folder, but seems to still be an issue, at least with batch files not appearing. I even unchecked all that were enabled except one batch file, same result, it never launches EDIT2: i think it may be running the batch files but they arent visible when it does, as i put a kill msfs in one and set to 20 sec timeout, it killed the exe.. which is strange because i run the tool as admin, you would think it would show the cmd windows as part of the batch files, i swear this worked before EDIT3: even if i run as NOT admin the addon linker app, the batch window itself never appears (i have a pause mid way in the batch file.. ) it does prompt for admin rights when it triggers the afterburner profile switch however, its how i knew it was at least running
  3. Here in this video were some reasons why the x3d wasnt the best choice: I think the best bet is to wait and see if MSFS 2024 offers multi threaded performance boosts or not, or for the 15th gens next year (intel).
  4. I currently have a 4090 + 12900k + 6400mhz ram.. I use this for VR primarily, still with a some stutters here and there with motion smoothing and the aero headset, though now with pimax crystal as well. Im wondering if anyone made a jump 4090 held equal from 12900 to one of these cpu's. I hear there could be some boost by going to the 7950x3D at least due to caching despite lower clock speeds (currently im at about 4.9 fixed). The 14900 is about 6ghz at most if it is able to hit that with those temps. Its possible to also boost ram to around 7200 from 6400. I tried before for days to get stable (with stress tests) at 5.1 and just couldnt do it without higher voltage and heat.. i now actually have it set to the box cooler mode in the msi bios, as water cooler setting wattage is too hot despite my 360 cooler. Anyone done this and did VR performance change at all? Probably not worth the fuss i'm guessing but if i could gain even 5 fps in VR overall that would be a boost. I do some rendering that really needs those extra cores, like the 16/32 combo would be great for instance, so less interested in the amds that have fewer cores. *i guess in some circles there is chatter about how the amd 3d cache doesnt always work right, so you sacrifice higher clock speeds for cache that doesnt always trigger and also memory stability issues with amd in some cases. Then there is msfs 2024, will it have multi threaded ability, that might make things better in and of itself. Thanks in advance
  5. This might be more of a general sim thing but its most noticeable on the aero in vr. For my tests i have the varjo aero set to 45 fps motion smoothing mode. I simply do a short route from laguardia in the a320, then slew slightly toward central park. At first i thought if i disabled certain scenery elements (and i have a lot, close to 1TB) that this drop i saw wouldnt occur. Basically as nearing central park from say 3000 feet, the fps goes from a steady 45 to 30 or 22 even, then back up. A few times after unselecting certain scenery i managed to have it not do the drop, so i thought i was narrowing in on a scenery related solution, but eventually i concluded its just how it is with the system. Sometimes you can get to that point no drop, make a turn and another one occurs. Yeah i chose the hardest hitting area, because i felt if i could get a solid 45 everywhere here it would be golden, if i could isolate the cause. I've concluded its just the current state of the sim and even going from say my 12900k at 4.9 to the new 14900k (6400mhz ram) at 6ghz (7000mhz ram) probably wont help with these known dips (i was considering the swap). I'm also on a gigabyte 4090 clock overclocked to plus 180 and memory plus 800 (which doesnt help much either). I spent a half day trying various things, disabling chunks of scenery, thinking i made progress only to come back to the same issue If anyones found the silver bullet to make these random dips go away i'd love to know more. (i also set the cpu priority to high for the exe for msfs)
  6. Some extra digging, it sounds as if hapticonnect might be the best all around solution, sounds comparable to simshaker aviators perhaps for msfs too; EDIT: maybe with some issues with helos, unsure?
  7. Anyone using simhub for buttkicker with MSFS? Have you compared it to Simshaker aviators? I use the simshaker module currently, but it sounds like from the dof group (have an h6 + buttkicker gamer + srs studio), people are largely using simhub to have something for other titles like racing and space (also do these type of titles)? I'm thinking unless simhub lets you tell it to not use simhub for msfs, that i couldnt do aviators + simhub without some messing around each time. I did see there was a simshaker driving module out there too though Thanks in advance
  8. It only provides 3 axes currently, i guess the others may be added later. I'm still going to mount the witmotion once the usb comes, but right now i'm trying to get the vive tracker mounted with anti vibration etc (the vive should be ok with open xr, you just modify an ini file)
  9. Im wondering what hardware everyone is using to make this possible with a motion rig. I guess there is an openxr beta with motion compensation. Witmotion isnt fully 6 axes (yet). I was thinking of going with the htc vive tracker, mounted to my seat top somehow (i also use haptic butt kicker so antivibration needed). There is a mount they sell out there for about $170 shipped, but i found one on amazon that may work for $22 https://fasetech.com/shop/catalog/accessories-c2/htc-vive-tracker-mount-p92 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DJ5XH4O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 What does everyone use and im still unclear if openxr how the vive tracker will be "seen" by the stations without steam. (prefer xr due to better frames)
  10. So as i dug deeper looking for others with the dust/mura effect, turns out that all aeros have the issue to a varying degree. Some said the psvr2 is way worse as one example. its like having a background “smudge” thats just beyond the view or dirt, barely noticeable but more so on white screens or clouds. So i’ve decided to NOT swap out the aero to try to reduce the mura, itll be a wild goose chase and too much time to do it. Overall, sidebar, the clarity (at 39ppd with 45 fps motion smoothing) and 115 degree fov of the aero just cant be beat, in my opinion.
  11. I have had the aero for almost 1 year. Until recently i hadnt noticed this issue. If viewing a bright area, such as a white background or even blue skies, you can see this background Mura issue, almost like dust particles, very faint but once you see you cant unsee. They form horizontal patterns i think. I'm wondering if everyone's aero is like this or not? One person in discord seemed to suggest they swapped theirs out and its gone, but i'm not so sure actually. i dont believe this is screen door either. Or i'm wondering if maybe its from forgetting to turn the goggles off (unplug) and lcd burn? To send the unit back would be about a month turn around. I'm not convinced this background "dust" pattern is mura though Anyone have any thoughts?
  12. True back on gen3. Currently using ddr5 6400 which is around 52 GB/sec which is 6400 MB/sec (vs the ram which is 7400 MB/sec), since the old nvme was around 3400 MB/sec now its fully on par and then some with gen4 7400. Perhaps that added bandwidth just isnt being utilized like it should edit actually the ram is dual channel so it should still be much faster (the ram).
  13. True, but when i went from a previous gen to gen3 at least, i saw a bit of an increase, maybe 40 seconds or more shaved off. But was prob not subject to a bottleneck then
  14. I was running out of space on my 2TB XPG 3400 MB/sec gen 3 nvme (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TY2TN64/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1) , so i opted to go for the 4tb 7400 MB/sec version upgrade. (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2FSKTHK?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1) I run the sim exe on the C OS drive, which is also a 3400 MB/sec nvme (perhaps a factor here, being the os is gen3). Su12 load times on the old 3400 drive are 2min 21 sec for what is basically 1.4TB of MSFS data on a fresh win 11 install. Su12 load times on the new 7400 drive are… the SAME. Nearly exactly the same. I guess its not surprising as often with simulators, the load times for files arent optimized to match the hardware (i think) or the ssd isnt the bottleneck. Has anyone else made the upgrade in this manner and seen the same? (I was able to verify with crystal diskmark v8 the 7400 speed on reads is accurate) **my hardware: i9-12900k at 4.9ghz, 6400mhz ddr5 ram, 4090 Gigabyte OC, mb msi z690 meg unify-x **or has anyone found that if you do both the OS and the area where MSFS files are located then the speeds jump (so the OS has to be the same speed)
  15. Yeah its super frustrating. I've spent maybe 2 weeks trying to determine if with my setup its just par for the course. All accounts now seem to suggest that as long as its not occuring every 5 seconds, i'm good, ie: just when aiming at a city or loading AI i guess and brief. Are you saying at less than 4k you never see a stutter or even a fps drop? I guess at those resolutions its probably the case. Also at one point i removed all addon KORD airports, ie: asobo and fsdt and the default didnt exibit this issue, or it was a fluke. So my guess its a combo of the fsdt/asobo kord + city landscape (also none if online features are fully off but whats the point of that haha) I have another pc to test the aero on, but it would be a bit of a pain to migrate the headset for a short test that almost certainly would be similar, i think.
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