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  1. Thanks again for the reply. I actually just fixed it by just making an exclusion in ADE. Quite a simple fix! But thanks for the help, really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the replies. When I downloaded the Inibuilds file and installed it, nothing happenend. I reloaded the scenery but the problem still remained. I apparently had it in the following order instead: EDDM EDD-LC-ELEV EDDM-TERRAIN I later switched order so I put LC-ELEV at the top, and EDDM second, and that seemed to remove all default taxi way signs, however the default terminal buildings still remain...
  3. Hello, I've owned T2G Munich for almost a year now. It worked perfect in V4, but when I switched to P3D v5, it stopped working. Default textures are bleeding through everywhere. I know that there isn't a official compatible version for V5, but I've many other sceneries with out one that works perfect with V5. it would be nice to be able to keep T2G Munich instead of the new scenery, so any help is gladly appreciated:-) I have the following order in the scenery library: EDDM-LC-ELV EDDM EDDM-TERRAIN
  4. So, I bought MFS2020 for around a month ago. The download went smoothly, but for approximately 2 weeks ago I got a message saying that I was now using offline mode. There’s nothing wrong with my WiFi connection, Have over 150Mbps so that’s not the issue. Maybe the WiFi was was down for a couple of seconds, but it’s now working fine but I’m still in offline mode. Any ideas?
  5. I bought ESGG an hour ago, and when I install it via the Orbx central and when I enter the sim, no jetways are visible. Im using P3D v4.5, and I have S.O.D.E installed and registered any ideas?
  6. Hi! I´ve just bought Chaseplane 30 mins ago, and now when I try to launch the Central it says that there is a javascript error. unchaugt exception: SynTaxError: Error parsing appdata/local/programs/Orbx-central/resources/app.asar/n.../package-json:unexpected token- I´ve tried to do a complete reinstall of Orbx central, but that doenst seem to work. I use p3D v4.5 Any ideas? Wilhelm Prytz Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Javascript error
  7. Hi! Im thinking of buying the Fslabs 320 but I’ve heard that it has a huge performance impact. My specs: I5-8400K GTX 1070 8GB 8 GB DDR4 If someone with similar specs who also owns the FSL320, could you please let me know how many FPS you get when flying to a add on airport, for instance ORBX ESSA.
  8. Hi! To start, this might be the completely wrong forum and if so , I apologize. Also, I´ve already created a topic on the Aerosoft forum, but I wnated to see if anyopne here knew the answer. I was prepering for a flight from FACT-LSZH and when I, on the INIT page put in the DEP/ARR airports, I receive the message saying "Not in database". The same happened with other airport as well such as ESSA, LFPG and FACT. I checked if only LSZH wasn´t working, but all other airports also can´t be found in the database. When I first enter the FMGC, it shows that I have AIRAC 1913. Does anyone know the fix for this? Wilhelm
  9. Ok, it´s working now. The problem was that the right EEC was at ALTN
  10. LNAV/VNAV are both armed, FMC correctly programmed, the problem is that I can´t arm the autothrottle, the problem stays during the whole flight.
  11. Hi! I´m using the PMDG NGXu and when I try to engage the Autothrottle, it engages for around 3 seconds, then it disengages. It is not a command conflict ( as I can see in the P3D menu) and there are not any failures active. Anyone who knows a fix for this probem? Wilhelm
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