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  1. Hi! To start, this might be the completely wrong forum and if so , I apologize. Also, I´ve already created a topic on the Aerosoft forum, but I wnated to see if anyopne here knew the answer. I was prepering for a flight from FACT-LSZH and when I, on the INIT page put in the DEP/ARR airports, I receive the message saying "Not in database". The same happened with other airport as well such as ESSA, LFPG and FACT. I checked if only LSZH wasn´t working, but all other airports also can´t be found in the database. When I first enter the FMGC, it shows that I have AIRAC 1913. Does anyone know the fix for this? Wilhelm
  2. Ok, it´s working now. The problem was that the right EEC was at ALTN
  3. LNAV/VNAV are both armed, FMC correctly programmed, the problem is that I can´t arm the autothrottle, the problem stays during the whole flight.
  4. Hi! I´m using the PMDG NGXu and when I try to engage the Autothrottle, it engages for around 3 seconds, then it disengages. It is not a command conflict ( as I can see in the P3D menu) and there are not any failures active. Anyone who knows a fix for this probem? Wilhelm
  5. Hi! I´ve just bought 2 BBI-32s from Leo Bodnar and some toggle switches. I´ve got some ON-OFF-ON switches and I will use those switches for switches that has 3 positions, like the battery switch, which has 3 steps: OFF-BAT-ON. My problem is that I don´t know if I should refund all ON-OFF-ON switches and get the same amount of ON-ON-ON switches instead. Will the On-Off-On switch work for a switch like the battery switch and with FSUIPC5 and with the BBI-32? This might be a simple question, but I´m a total beginner. Wilhelm
  6. Will post pics on Saturday, not home now:-) if you want, I can mail you the pics if that’s more convenient for you.
  7. I’m selling a newly built 737 overhead panel for X-Plane, P3D and FSX. It has 95% of all the switches compared to the real 737 overhead. It has no LEDs or working gauges, which gives it such a low price. If you are interested, write here in the forum and I will give you more details and pictures. The lowest price I can sell it for is 350$.
  8. Hi! I’m thinking of building a simple overhead panel for the PMDG 737 with no working gauges or lights. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this and if so, what cards and softwares do I need?
  9. Hi! Does anyone know how refunds from aerosoft will take place? 1.Will I get all the money back or 2.Will I get like a giftcard for the amount I bought for, let’s say I bought Aerosoft Mega Zürich and I should have bought Zurich Proffesional, will I get a compensated price for Aerosoft Proffesional Zürich? I´ve posted this question in the Aerosoft forums but no answers. wilhelm Prytz
  10. Ok I have Norton so will scan the computer for viruses and delete those files. Thanks for the quick response!
  11. Hi! I recently downloaded a few add ons from mega and later realized that those where pirated copies of payware add ons. I’m only fourteen so at that moment I didn’t understand the consequences of downloading those softwares but now I understand what I did was wrong. I am ashamed of what I did and I’m wondering if anyone know what I should do Ex. deleting the downloaded copies.
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