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  1. Excellent post cavaricooper! I could not have said it better myself for the aforementioned FBW mod. I absolutely love this mod, and the a32nx is pretty much the only bird I fly. It is akin the the zibomod 737 in XP11, which I also loved, but alas -even with MSFS' growing pains, I have veered away from XP11. It will be interesting what XP12 will have in store upon its release, but at this point, being able to have actual maps, be it bing, or "otherwise" will be a tough act to follow by any other sim. Since the release of MSFS 2020, I remember how disappointed I was, when there was no 737 to be had. The Bredok 737 which came later- let's face it. Its bad. So I started familiarizing myself with the Asobo A320, and in almost no time at all, FBW went to work on it, and this is what we have today! FBW have done a remarkable job with this bird, and it takes my breath away, every single time at cruising altitude.
  2. I just finished it two days ago! I liked it so much, I'm having another go at it. Amazing and immersive storyline! The graphics are mindblowing, and the subject matter of mental illness of Senua and her struggle are spot on! Also great care and attention has gone into the audio of this title. The experience can be a bit unsettling as the whispers and voices literally seem to live in your head- especially with headphones. IMO it is worth every penny!
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