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  1. Those are some pretty big CONS! Especially the first one and the mention elsewhere that AC will not use the correct "Active" runways with wind direction etc...
  2. I have this and it's very good! Hoping FLY Tampa does a new version at some point! My favorite approach of any AP in both sims!
  3. Simple.... MSFS Nerfed the max graphics performance for the benefit of battling climate change! A 4090 has way too high of a carbon footprint!
  4. Tried to open my PMDG Ops Center App just now and getting a message that says, "Unable to reach PMDG". Are their servers down currently? Thanks!
  5. Is DX 12 better for those with newer cards with lots of VRAM? Does anyone have less than 8gb VRAM on their card and seen an improvement? For me this is the million-dollar question?
  6. I have the exact same setup as the OP and am 50% CPU and 50% GPU Limited at 2k and everything on "High" and LOD at 125. I'd say your CPU is still going to hold you back unless you just want to increase your rez....
  7. Apparently to Xbox crowd is getting frustrated again with the realism! 🤣
  8. What's the current status of this Mod is it now working without any major Bugs?
  9. Hmmm.. or you can just go VR and save a ton of desk space and have a much better 3d view than having a dozen monitors!
  10. Does AIG cover small regional Airlines like "Cape Air" and cover smaller commercial flights in prop driven Cessna's?
  11. This... and I find everything, in RESHADE, is too dark compared to real life, where terrain, buildings and structures blend more softly!
  12. True and Good to know! Still gonna hold off on this one till some of the issues are ironed out! Wonder if it’s going to eventually sell in the Marketplace?
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