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  1. Looks good but I still prefer to buy from Devs that actually have customer forums for support. No desire to use a discord page. Call me old fashioned!
  2. Lol... I bet most of the posters here won't have the patience to wait 6 months to a year to fly a PMDG AC in this sim!
  3. Hmmmm now that you said that I'll give it a go! Thanks!
  4. $1,199.00 USD.... I could build another great gaming PC for less than that! Hard Pass for me right now!
  5. Cause the ridiculous obtrusive Game Bar was obviously designed for the XBox console version. We need the old FSX PC menu at the top of the screen which was LESS OBTRUSIVE AND HAD A LOT MORE OPTIONS!
  6. Freeware one looks great but I don't see any Jetways in the screen shots... 😞
  7. So there's two now on Simmarket...? Hmmmm confused now. Which one do you all recommend? I'd like to integrate it with the other Samscene3D scenery and still have VHHH active. Thanks!
  8. Hmmm doesn't this one disable VHHH and have cars driving on the AP and runway or have those issues been fixed? Also, does it work with SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times on Orbx...? Thanks!
  9. Anyone know if anyone is doing old Kai Tak for MSFS? I saw one that came out recently but it doesn't look nearly as good as the P3D version by FlyTampa... This is one of my favorite AP's to fly approaches into and really hope a good developer releases a new version!
  10. I got exactly 1.035724 more FPS with this Driver!
  11. Nice!!! Been waiting for my home AP for awhile now! Instant buy and nice job to the LVFR Team!
  12. Are you streaming the terrain data via the internet and is your cache on or off... These could be your issues due to bandwidth and latency and server load and not the update!
  13. Well they had to shrink the textures for the Xbox release so...
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