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  1. So I have to buy it all over again? No upgrade option? Can it be reinstalled without deleting and reinstalling all my add-ons or do I have to do the dance again from scratch? Thanks!
  2. Just go straight to the REX customer support forums for all the help you may need... Opps... I forgot they deleted and closed all their forums awhile ago!!!
  3. Will I be able to see the lights if they are on/off at my house when I fly over it in real time? If I’m away on vacation and my house lights are off it would be a real immersion killer to see them falsely illuminated at night!!!!
  4. Is this a visual update to the old FSX version I’ve been running in P3D? I don’t recall my bridges looking that good or the cruise ships!
  5. Well, stock P3D4.5 runs amazing fast! Lets see what happens when ATC, AI AC, complex AC are added etc.... I suspect we haven't reached the hardware capability of the new MSFS with all the add-ons we are used to and busy airports!
  6. Well, the new Xbox is going to have 16gb of system RAM and does not need to run a bloated OS like windows... Since they are making this with the Xbox in mind and plan on downgrading the visuals slightly for the new Xbox, I'd say 16gb of ram on PC would be the barre minimum!
  7. Yes, If you listen carefully you can even hear the farting of cows! Talk about screwing up our Ozone layer!!!
  8. Well if they are planning to accurately model worldwide migration patterns of avians based on seasons and time of year your question should be a piece of cake for them!!!
  9. The trees still look green though in Central Park...! Is it possible we have snow but no seasons? Like non-summer vegetation?
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