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  1. Xbox users could care less about accurate and realistic ATC so we are screwed!
  2. WOW! The best trailer for any flightsim addon I've ever seen. Instant purchase!
  3. Monitors | Multi-Monitors | Video Cards | Drivers - The AVSIM Community
  4. The HDR effect on that bottle is way too bright! Hard pass for me!
  5. I sincerely hope ABSO does some work on this or I’m afraid there’s only so much that an add on can address regarding this longstanding issue
  6. I gained exactly 1.2578 fps when I switched to Windows 11!
  7. Oddly enough I can’t completely eliminate the “Limited by Main Thread” no matter how much I lower every setting, and lock fps at 30, on my i9 9900k oc at 5ghz…
  8. Famous saying still applies: ”There’s and add-on for that”!
  9. Sigh… Typical MSFS update… breaks more than it fixes! Hope then can sort all these issues out before official SU 10 release and the “mandatory” update that follows.
  10. Thats what I've heard... Thanks for still confirming it's true.
  11. I remember this same issue in P3D where nose taxi lights were never bright enough.
  12. From what I understand AMD Chips are more Core based performance with more active cores working on a game/program and Intel Chips are more Mhz per core but less core intensive. If this is correct and MSFS doesn't really benefit from more cores I would assume Intel chips are better for this sim ATM... Would this be correct?
  13. Exactly, cause this game was developed to run on XBox hardware from the get-go!
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