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  1. Please, Please Please... any Heavy for XP11 more modern than the DC-6...! I have so much money to burn for XP11 and no AC to spend it on! :-(
  2. Kilo60

    Anyone want to try your PMDG skills in 777 simulator

    Know exactly where you are going and it's an excellent facility... Been there quite a bit myself... Had to do an emergency landing with the 777 in Brazil with one engine out! Re: My profile pic... Looks very similar to yours ;-)
  3. Kilo60

    Major Issue with FS Global 2010 FTX

    Many FSX Default Airports are at the wrong elevation which causes this issue all over the place with this add-on. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to individually alter the elevation of every effected airport with an editor. It's why FS Global 2010 is currently inactive in my library. Eventually FTX Vector is supposed to fix this but it's still got many issues and bugs to resolve.
  4. Is this the much anticipated UPDATE to FSX and will a new version be as good or better than P3D? Will Dovetail finally get rid of the OOM's? Thoughts?
  5. Kilo60


    Have this one on my list as well... Great user vid of BOS here:
  6. Kilo60

    Is Ftx Global Worth The 100 Bucks?

    Really, I still prefer the UTX areas over the Vector areas... Besides UTX containing LC data... Roads look much better you get accurate secondary roads and tons of options to change UTX to your specific desires... Not enough in Vector alone (is no secondary roads) to get me to dump UTX currently. Although that may change with Orbx LC data...
  7. Kilo60

    01APR14 - Quick PMDG 777 SP1 Update

    How is it that the Majestic Q 400 has a working weather radar and one doesn't have to have ASN for it to work. Are the Devs at Majestic better than the devas at PMDG...?
  8. Kilo60

    Northern California/Oh My!

    Nice! How's the FPS?
  9. Nice! The water looks great are you using DX10?
  10. Kilo60

    FTX Vector with FlyTampa VHHX

    You need to post this on the FTX website under the Vector support forum as a BUG report...
  11. amazing..!!! How's the FPS hit there with all that detail?
  12. Kilo60

    PMDG 777 and DX10

    I was wondering if I'd see a significant Performance Benefit on a 3.06ghz I7...? But I guess if it helped at 2.4ghz, I just might have to give it a try!
  13. Kilo60

    PMDG 777 and DX10

    And you're doing this on a 2.4 Ghz processor...?
  14. Kilo60

    Rain Drops in VC?

    Regarding raindrops in VC and performance why not just simulate rain drops while on the ground taxing at low speed? The raindrops could then run up the windshield at takeoff speed and disappear once in the air? My FPS is always better on the ground than in the air anyway and at higher speeds the raindrops wouldn't be noticeable on the windshield anyway...