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  1. Hi guys, Milviz t-38 advanced trainer has also the flight dynamics engine outside of FSX. It flies like a one from DCS. Best Michael
  2. I have the oc 8350 (4.3 GHz) together with an oc 780 gtx and while the graphic card is bored I will for sure switch to an Intel processor. My last Intel was a p2 450 so I should be an AMD fan, but this processor is slower than an Intel one at all. If you are able to, take an Intel.
  3. Irony on I already spotted a rainbow, but I had to set the date back a few thousand years, go to middle east and rename my profile to Noah. Set historical weather in ASN and of course I had to have a float plane loaded.I took the goose then. Irony off A rainbow effect would be really cool, especially together with the cloud shadows and rain zones.
  4. Because the Q400 was already mentioned I would suggest A2A Civilian Mustang. It is very performance friendly and very fast.
  5. Thank you very much! This helps. I also have the gtn integrated. I also see now that I really need an intel processor instead of my amd one. I have problems reaching such a high fps at all. Reason I do not want to refund again, because I did it already two times for a flight1 product.
  6. This would be really great, I'm used to be served, so lets go! BTW: I ask not to troll around, I already ordered the B200 as it came out for FSX and had to give it back despite my system so I simply do not want to do it again.
  7. fps is very system dependent. This is why I would like to ask you guys to give me a comparison value so I can extrapolate it to my system. Could you please also provide me the value for i.e. A2A 182?
  8. Any chance for these two fps numbers please?
  9. Hi guys! may I ask you to do me a favour and load an a2a c172, c182 or piper and then the king air and post the fps for the two? So I could compare how high is the performance loss due to the complexity. I would really like to order but I do not know if my system can handle it. Thanks Michael
  10. I'm new here and I want to know if my new math coprocessor 387 will be supported like it does in my new Falcon3?
  11. PM to PF: over the runway PF to PM: set parking brake PM to PF: parking brake set Scnr
  12. The same on my machine. I assume it is normal. Usually 3d engines draw only things which are or will be very soon visible. If you look at the seat within the cockpit there is no need to draw the outside world anymore. The fps goes up. If you look up again and see through a window the world has to be drawn again, in addition to the cockpit.
  13. There is an extra simobjects.cfg file so I assume you have to add the appropriate lines there. I'm not at home so I cannot exactly say where this file actually is. Take a look at other topics regarding this file.
  14. that's right, thank you Rob!
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