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  1. Darn...just read over at the Org forums that it will probably be delayed until Monday There goes my Saturday afternoon plans.
  2. Agreed...I will not install it anyway for ...apart from crashing X-Plane 11, it also still doesn't work. Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully they update that soon but it will likely work in the native version of VR in X-Plane 11 anyway and hopefully not crash the sim in any case. Anyway...back on topic.... My latest experiences to blow my mind have been American Truck Simulator and Project Cars. I also tried webvr via Firefox which is interesting and free, and pretty impressive. I still think the Rift is the best thing since sliced bread 4 weeks after purchase. I am using it almost everyday and prefer VR over my 4K tv in most cases if given the choice. In fact, I would say VR is dangerous....dangerously good that is. I worry for the future of society a little with these kind of innovations. If we eventually have photoreal graphics, better headsets and control interfaces, we will need to be careful not to spend too much of our free time in the virtual world. It could seriously become dangerously addictive for some people just as facebook and the like is today. I can see it happening...mark my words 10 years from now
  3. I've just seen that the Quick Start guide has been published in the last couple of days. This looks amazing. I can't wait until the release date (21st September)...X-Plane 11 will be an entirely different experience with this.
  4. Slightly off topic but does anyone know if Xenviro 1.07 which has just been updated works in VR or it is still not compatible?
  5. I hope that when Laminar release the native VR update, it will look somewhat clearer. Right now for me there is a lot of aliasing especially when on or close to ground level. It still looks awesome but would be nice if the image were a bit cleaner like in DCS world. I haven't tried Prepa3D with VR yet.
  6. XP11

    Nice pictures of 'the rebel county' as Cork is fondly known as. In fact they even have their own 'rebel' passports in Cork lol -

    Anyone flying X-Plane 11 be careful. All the planes in the sale are X-Plane 10 only. Probably they still work in XP 11 but without the XP 11 features (That's purely a guess based on the fact the Caranado planes work).
  8. Very interesting to read your experience. I have Prepar3d 3.4 but held off on Prepar3d V4 for similar reasons. For me X-Plane 11 is my main sim and I have FSW to dabble with as it's been developed. Each to their own though. I know many on here love Prepar3d V4, warts and all. I suppose ultimately, it's based on a very old engine and not a consumer targeted product so therefore will be less user friendly to some degree. Anyway, this type of post unfortunately often turns into a contest of 'which sim is best'. The answer is really simple...none. Everyone has their own preference based on his/her own needs and wants. Let's not go there :)
  9. Ditto. I had read so much negativity about resolution etc. that I was surprised how clear it was when I tried it.
  10. On a different note, I tried American Truck Simulator last night in VR. Now that was a blast. Especially as I was on a road trip in that region a few weeks ago. Was awesome to recreate some of the routes we took.
  11. I have DCS World and it has great VR implementation but there is a weird bug that causes the mouse cursor to disappear (and the oculus headset directed cursor) in multiplayer making some of the planes difficult to use (unless you know all keyboard commands). Also the mapping of my joystick has always been temperamental. In multiplayer the throttle works fine (but with no mouse cursor) but in the training missions and general offline missions, the throttle lever refuses to be remapped and simply doesn't work on my joystick. I also find it a little difficult to learn if I am honest, certainly compared to X-Plane or Prepar3d. I can fly it like a 'normal' plane but when it comes to combat and advanced systems there are so many complexities that I feel a little lost. I have watched a few tutorials but like many that I have read on various forums I cannot get the same result due messed up keyboard mappings etc. I wish I had the time and patience for it as it does look great if you know what you are doing and get it to play nicely with your joystick.
  12. I tried War Thunder (free to play) for a laugh last night and it's VR implementation is truly excellent. Of course, it is more of a game than a simulator but the graphics and performance are really amazing in VR. I hope Laminar can pull off something similar with their VR implementation in X-Plane. The dials are really clear to read and everything looks great. Give it a try. Its pretty good fun too.
  13. X-Plane 11 uses Open Street Map so the buildings are literally in the exact place they should be and also the height is mostly correct too. You should also download Simheaven's VFR and Aerial landmarks which adds additional buildings such as churches, powerstations, wind turbines etc. to the correct place they should be for the whole globe (you will need to also download OpensceneryX for this to work). Its really straightforward and adds even more immersion. Links: Just make sure you place both folders in your custom scenery folder though I am pretty sure opensceneryx installs by itself there once you point it to your X-Plane 11 folder. Are you using Ortho4XP for photo scenery. If you are having difficulty, I would suggest you watch this great tutorial video. It helped me get set up - Maybe you have it already but if not MisterX's Boston Logan airport and city scenery is a must -
  14. You should ask Thomas Rassmusen or Redpiper1 to make you a promotional video. It would be a shame not to promote such a great and important product that will likely see a lot more people move to the X-Plane platform.