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  1. The graphics are amazing but I find the TSW actual 'world' dull and lifeless. Its a pity they don't invest more to bring it to life with some traffic on roads, birds, animals in fields, station announcements etc. It has great potential but at 38 Swiss Francs a pop (about 38 USD), its pricey to buy the add-ons unless one is a real train nut. I have 2 addons apart from the base pack and whilst decent enough, I rarely go back.
  2. Fair enough. I just don't want to blow more money on an another weather add-on if Xenviro is as mind blowing as the 1.10 test videos show. After all it cost 70 USD.
  3. steve310002

    Photos available on my site

    Really cool collection of photos. Thanks for sharing!
  4. steve310002

    KLAX planespotting :-)

    Very nice. What cloud add-on is that and sky textures?
  5. That's good at least that it includes some form of texture replacement. I only wish Xenviro (which I own) would hurry up and release version 1.10 before Active Sky is released with their promotional introductory price offer. It's going to be a tough choice to decide if its worth it over waiting for the next Xenviro release (which I am seriously losing patience a geeky kind of way😎).
  6. steve310002

    Pilot in Australia Fell Asleep,Overshot by 50kms

    Fairly sure from the article he was alone.
  7. steve310002

    Pilot in Australia Fell Asleep,Overshot by 50kms

    I can imagine when he woke up....."Struth" 😂
  8. steve310002

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    I have been following this for a while. As an owner of Xenviro and a lot of unfulfilled promises associated with that add-on, I will believe when I see it on my own PC. I am not sure how much longer we are expected to wait.
  9. steve310002

    [REAL ATC] Several aircraft witness a UFO OVER IRELAND

    The Aliens were making their way back having just stopped off for a pint of Guinness at a local pub in Shannon. Its famous across the galaxy you know.☘️
  10. steve310002

    In 1984.....

    I remember finding some interesting home made videos on youtube featuring interviews with 'Wild' Bill Guarnere who fought in WW2 and whose character featured in the TV series Band of Brothers. He sadly passed away in 2014. If you are interested in WW2 history and the stories of the soldiers, I recommend taking a look -
  11. steve310002

    My Sims...and gotta love Steam

    In my sim collection (that I can think of) in no particular order, I have the following (and how much I use them): X-Plane 11 (almost everyday, time permitting) FSX Steam Edition and Original (used to my main sim up until 4 years ago, now never used) P3V V3 (temporarily became my main sim after FSX for about 1 year but got too expensive and I got into X-Plane at that time) War Thunder (I use it VR from time to time but very rarely these days) American Truck Simulator (use it fairly regularly - a great sim for reliving road trips 🙂) Goat Simulator (picked it up for next to nothing in a Steam Sale. Was fun for 5 minutes experimenting with the physics) Gary's Mod (not a simulator per se but sort of a physics simulator - mess around with mods from time to time) DSC World (great in VR but I find the learning curve a bit to steep and my interest is more in civilian flight sims) Train Sim World with some payware add-ons (use from time to time, great graphics but soulless world and I am not so interested in trains as planes) Project Cars (not really a sim but sort of I suppose. I play it from time to time) European Truck Simulator (I haven't used it since American Truck Simulator was released) Flight Sim World (have not used it since Dovetail ditched it but was enjoying its evolution up until then) Out of the list above, for me the clear winner is X-Plane 11. Best 60 USD I ever spent. American Truck Simulator is the only other sim I would see myself going back to in an 'interested' way as they release new add-on states.
  12. steve310002

    Everest Park 3D

    Fingers crossed! It looks great.
  13. steve310002

    Passengers lying about weight

    It sounds like a scene from Monty Python 😀
  14. Fair enough. I'm Irish living in Switzerland, also a neutral country and our air corps looks like this.... As you will see pretty useless for any military defense prupose. We'd be as well hurling a few spuds at any would be invaders 😂 They are a valuable asset though. They are mostly used for patrols of our huge ocean territory (mostly in terms of fisheries) which is actually much much bigger than the country itself. Several times the size in fact - I know quite a few Swiss who voted against the purchase of new military aircraft in the recent referendum due to the billions it would cost (and it was a no vote for everyone else not living in Switzerland). Anyway, I enjoy watching the fighter jets when they fly low and loud over my workplace or when I see them in Sion. I just hope Switzerland never has any reason to use them which fortunately I don't imagine they will.
  15. steve310002

    Anyone around playing War Thunder ?

    And this is the most important. That you enjoy it!!