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  1. This looks like a nice gesture. Orbx are offering a freeware Taipei scenery with a number of POIs in colloboration with NVIDIA.... https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/207899-nvidia-and-orbx-bring-you-the-taipei-xinyi-district-freeware-pack/
  2. Really? That is weird indeed why my copy would be different.
  3. Interesting, I have never once heard such an announcement triggered when climbing (or indeed at any other point). Would be great if others could weigh in on their experience with this feature.
  4. Thanks for the info. It mentions about PA and FD announcements for low cost carriers such as "no coffee" etc. Maybe a stupid question but how do you get any of these PA/FD announcements to play during a flight. I have only ever heard the 'please remain seated' after landing announcement. I have flight attendent announcements turned on in the options but never heard any of these in flight announcements. Is there something I must press or do to trigger these during a flight?
  5. Thanks for the update. I guess we can also use the Aerosoft update tool which came with the CRJ. I think it's in one of the folders that is installed with the aircraft and is likely the easiest way to update. Edit: Just checked the Aerosoft forums and can't find the patch notes. Any idea where they are?
  6. Does anyone know if the 787 HX mod is fully compatible with the latest update or if it breaks anything? I too wish that Asobo would fix the premuim planes or at least open them to proper modding after paying the extra for things that don't at all work as they should.
  7. I can confirm on my rig performance close to the ground has become worse by about 10 to 30% depending on the scenario when compared to late 2020/early 2021. As I am running at 4k and was scraping 24fps, this is particularly annoying. Scenarios that were barely playable before have now become stutterfests. If I am flying at altitude I get around 30fps similar to before. This makes sense at altitude as one of the changes they made several updates ago was to quickly lower the resolution of ground textures as soon as you gain altitude which is less taxing for your GPU/CPU but makes the ground textures look meh especially at airports.
  8. That's very subjective. For many reasons.
  9. I fully agree. I just think even from their position they could make a heck of a lot more profit in the $50 to $60 price range. I am lucky that I 'could' afford to pay more but as much as I respect their great quality and reputation, I just can't justify it to myself out of principle as it's just too much (assuming it will be considerably more expensive relative to lets say the CRJ)
  10. Sadly I cannot justify the PMDG sales price if this or any of their offering is priced much higher than $50. I understand for some money is no object but I would have thought PMDG would be targetting the mass market and sales volume like Aerosoft has done with the CRJ. I am sure they would make considerably more money with an attractive sales price given the vast number of MSFS users. Tens of thousands of sales at $50 makes eay more sense than a thousand sales or so at $90 or even more (which I guess thr 737/777 might be). And most average sim users will never justify spending large sums of cash for an addon no matter how detailed it is. Not all will agree but I know many will feel the same.
  11. What a great story, Noel. As an Irishman who has traversed much of your great country on many an eventful road trip, these types of stories make me smile. It makes me of Stephen King's 'Stand By Me'.
  12. Alan, as always the voice of reason and helping us all stay in touch with a much needed dose of reality. Well said!
  13. If proper particle effects are not in this update, I give up on ever mentioning it again. They've been promising it since release.
  14. +1 on this question. If certain other things are missing or 'borrowed' from the default 747, the one thing this must surely have are original 777 sounds especialy as the developer surely has the sounds already from their FSX and Prepar3d versions. Unless of course this is being set up for a 'shake down' with future paid addon packs.
  15. Actually, that could be a very cool idea for VR and hypothetically even easier to implement than being a pushback tug operator. Imagine in multiplayer, you choose a role to guide planes to their parking spot and then eventually level up to pushback tug operator. Is it any different from those acting as ATC in Vatsim? They are all essential elements to an aircrafts operation.
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