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  1. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    I read that what you describe is a bug for people running on 'lower' resolutions. What defines a 'lower' resolution I don't know. I am running at 4k and don't have this issue. Did you completely uninstall 1.07 before installing 1.08? I read that if you don't uninstall 1.07 first, it can cause a range of bugs that some other's are describing. The only bug I have noticed so far is the zoom bug where you can't zoom in or it messes up the rendering. Apart from that not working in VR at this stage feels like a bug when 1.07 did albeit with poor performance.
  2. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    What I have seen of 1.08 so far looks okay. I only used it for 30 mins so have not yet seen the many bugs which appear to plague it based on the response from others. These bugs also seem to be system dependent which is worse. Some see the bugs others do not. The clouds need work and look a bit cartoony but the sunrise and sunset and sky is much improved. I have also read that it has a huge impact on fps. I can't really comment as I have been using only VR for months and was testing Xenviro in normal 2D mode and have no reference point anymore for standard fps as I simply don't remember. And that brings me to the biggest and related disappointment. It is not VR compatible. This is a shame as 1.07 worked in VR after not working until integrated VR was implemented in X-Plane. 1.07 was almost unusable anyway due to its crazy impact on VR performance. In any case 1.08 does not work in VR and would likely have an even bigger performance hit if reports in standard non VR mode are anything to go by.
  3. Albuquerque Inbound

    That plane is well polished! Great shot.
  4. Very nice. Heading there this summer on a road trip.
  5. Ultra Weather XP 2.2 anyone?

    Ultra weather XP looks decent enough for the price, certainly when compared with the Xenviro 70 USD fiasco. I would hold on though. Whilst UWXP looks good, I don't feel it is exceptional enough to buy right now. X-Plane 11's default clouds in comparison are okayish (though still don't bring a smile to my face) especially if you use the free plug-ins. I think the point is that there is nothing mind blowing or even very good available due to limitations of X-Plane's existing atmospheric engine, and a lack of big players in the add-on market. Active Sky may well change that as I believe they have a bigger team and a lot of experience in this area. However, it seems that most of the existing sky and cloud add-ons are made by one man teams which whilst admirable, limits what can be achieved. To summarize, if I were you, I'd wait for now and use the freeware in the meantime. Maybe, just maybe, Xenviro 1.08 will blow our minds if it is released this side of the 21st century but I wouldn't hold my breath. I have been burnt too many times with X-Plane weather add-ons (well actually twice...Skymaxx Pro and Xenviro....but being burnt twice is enough ).
  6. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    Quick review of the New York DLC from me. It is okay but not great. I enjoyed the route in general and the train included looks beautiful if you have a good PC. However, it does not really bring NY to life. It feels almost like it could be anywhere. Like the other content released so far for the sim, it feels lifeless which is a real disappointment considering NYC is anything but lifeless. There are no moving cars or pedestrians on the roads. No birds in the sky or other little details that immerse the user. Also there are no voices either in the tutorial or announcing the stations on the train. The timetable is literally a train every 10 minutes even at 3am which is a little unrealistic. There are also some weird graphical bugs and not all the scenarios are included yet. They will apparently add more freight scenarios. I reckon this release was rushed out which for the full price is not really okay. I got it at 40% off as I pre-ordered. No way would I recommend paying full price unless you are flush with cash. It is enjoyable in some ways as its just good fun to drive an Amtrak train in NY. However, it does not feel like NY should feel or look from an immersion point of view at the price they are charging. The track length is also very short. Please keep in mind I know very little about trains so there might be a load of other stuff missing I didn't notice.
  7. Xplane11 at Capitol Reef Utah

    I stayed in Torrey, Utah last summer on a road trip. We arrive just at nightfall after driving for several hours from Bryce Canyon along the Million Dollar Highway through Escalante National Park and the Grand Staircase. The drive between the two places is one of favorites with some truly epic vistas. When we neared Larb Hollow Overlook, a bunch of wild turkeys ambushed our car running out in front of us (as did nearly every other deer and elk seem to threaten to do with so many grazing by the road. Fortunately we saw them coming and slowed down. A truly incredible wilderness. When we finally got to Torrey around 8.30pm we were quite famished after a day of hiking in Bryce Canyon. To our surprise, the two or three restaurants were either closed or closing up. Fortunately I managed to grab a sandwich for both of us in the one convenience store along with a couple of cans of beer. So we picnicked in the basic Days Inn where we stayed and had a great night in the end just picnicking and recounting our day. Don't go to Torrey for the nightlife. There's not a single bar in town However, more importantly do go to Torrey for the fantastic nature, hiking and really nice locals. Capitol Reef is amazing and if you ever go there, I highly recommend the 4 hr round trip hike to Butch Cassidy's Arch. We headed on to Moab after that. I could write another paragraph on how awesome that place is :) Sorry for the digression. Your screenshots brought back fantastic memories for me and I wanted to share.
  8. Ultra Weather XP 2.2 anyone?

    +1 After my Xenviro and Skymaxx experience I am very skeptical of such add-ons now. They seem to promise a lot but deliver less than expected, especially from a performance standpoint. The default X-Plane clouds have improved significantly but I still find them lacking. I long for ActiveSky.
  9. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    Just pre-ordered after watching bits of the twitch developer play through video just posted by Dovetail- I was a bit on the fence but this is my kind of route and I have many fond memories of taking the train in places like Newark, Secaucus and Penn Station. I just love those shiny metallic Amtrak trains and the graphics engine makes them look beautiful. Only shame is that as of yet there are no station announcements. Dovetail should really improve the ambience of TSW and bring some more life to it. It can be a bit sterile. All in all though 40% off is too good to pass up on and worth the risk for the price even if it is not mind blowing. It does look very good though so far. And even better, you can now take the train to Newark International, and then transition X-Plane 11 or Prepar3d and take a flight to where ever you want in your virtual imagination and vice versa This should keep me busy until Far Cry 5 is released later this month when I can then explore the dizzy heights of Montana's beautiful back country all whilst fending off fictitious cult members out to steal my soul
  10. Wow this is great. I was only thinking the other day I hope they do a version of Ireland, my country of birth!
  11. Matterhorn Park 3D

    I live down the road from this incredible mountain and I can say they did an excellent recreation of it as well the Zermatt/Cervina from looking at the video. Looks a good deal as well at 20 USD. Now if only someone would do I nice version of Sion airport
  12. I think it is great that Dovetail are continuously updating FSW but the length of time it is taking concerns me. At this rate the product will be dead before it even gets going which would be a shame. With not a single jet, no live weather, unfinished scenery, and considerable associated bugs, they have a long way to go before they can call it a fully fledged base package (which it needs to be to compete). I am big fan of what Dovetail plan to achieve and think Trusky has so much potential but in my opinion, it would have been better to have achieved some of these things before early access and certainly before release. Hopefully they provide some serious updates soon.
  13. Beta 11.20VR4

    ASW in the Rift is not working. Ben Sputnik has confirmed they are working on a fix.
  14. ToLiss A319 Released

    Just a heads up for the Airbus fans among us that there is a new kid on the block, the ToLiss A319. At first look it doesn't seem as detailed as the FF A320 but as I don't own it I can't comment apart from the description and trailer. I must say thought that it is a little worrying that our beloved add-ons are getting more and more expensive of late. I wonder if this is really worth 70 USD. I know there are arguments on both sides but I personally find with these pricey that unless you know the indepth systems of these planes and/or want to know them, then they are hard to justify the full price to ones self, which of late is more than nearly all AAA titles (yes, I know these are often one man teams etc who have got to earn a living but still). I think this is becoming an issue with flight simming nowadays that you have some simmers like me who love the graphical fidelity and are keen to understand the basics of flying each aircraft but don't have the time to learn about the likes of circuit breakers etc. and therefore do not purchase such expensive add-ons. You might say so what to do this and you have every right to, but I think its a shame to price so many out of the hobby who otherwise might get involved and help the various platforms evolve through sheer numbers. Maybe they should release pro versions and consumer versions or something if they want to go so indepth. Some might have a go at the Aersoft airbus but at least it was more affordable.
  15. I wonder if this is a sign they are not selling too well. I am not sure why anyone would buy one at their normal price when you buy a Rift for the same or less with far more content available. However for 220 dollars, they would be quite attractive.