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  1. I made a quick tutorial video if anyone is on the fence and interested:
  2. Same in Ireland, you know the land of sheep and cows, but nada...baaaaaa! Only some horses in Connemara National Park and nothing else. I don't really understand their selection of location either and it seems rather limited. I would prefer if they spent more time placing animals in more locations than the 'educational' voice overs which I think virtually no one will bother with. It would be great if they even provided a tool where the user could place animals themselves, a bit like Parallel 42's Camping App allows you to with camping gear. At least then we could apply animals to wherever we want and populate the world.
  3. That is a good point. I played around with so many things as I explained in my post. I also deleted Accuseason Advanced and Aerosoft's CRJ 550 (though it is unlikely it was them causing any issue). I tried repairing my files twice. I turned my internet off, tried loading the sim (as suggeseted by Antipodeslonghaul) which wouldn't load because I wasn't connected to the internet but at least broke the cycle of CTD'ing on the 'checking for updates' screen. The bottom line is it could be many things that caused the issue and this in itself is the frustrating thing about MSFS as such things seem to happen quite a bit to different people. It often takes a lot of troubleshooting and multiple users having the same issue at once for these things to be figured out and even then there often are different potential reasons.
  4. Nope, this was not at all what was happening. The update came later and I checked and nothing was downloading the background. My problem persisted for 3 hours. I have a 500mb/sec internet connection so it was not due to a slow download in the background. As I said, the 'checking for updates' screen froze, then minimized itself and then crashed to desktop each time I started MSFS either in safe mode or normal mode. I am no expert but I know enough to know it wasn't just updating in the background. We all know MSFS is contrary. Anyway it is fixed now.
  5. I tried the offline method but it wouldn't let me into MSFS as I was offline. I think I needed to turn it offline inside the game unless there is another way (I think I once saw a way to do this in the Xbox app but I didn't get that far as you will see below). I was about to try orchestra_nl's suggestion when I attempted to load the sim again after 3 hours of trying, and low and behold, it finally worked for no apparent reason. It wanted to download 327mb of data and then load to the main screen as normal. I have no idea what is in the 327mb as I had not deleted anything. Unless this is a standard update and for some Asobo based reason, their update didn't like my computer and took some time to work. Weird, frustrating and a big waste of my morning. Anyway thanks guys for your help! Much appreciated.
  6. I have been using MSFS on my new PC (7800x3D / RTX 4090) for the past few weeks with no issue. Today I suddenly encountered a CTD once I reach the 'checking for updates' screen whenever I load MSFS. It searches for updates for a few seconds, then the screen minimizes, freezes and the CTD occurs. I tried the usual things, emptied my community folder, started in safe mode, run as administrator, restarted my PC but the problem still persists. I also tried verifying and repairing the MSFS files both in the Windows 11 option to repair Apps and also in the Xbox App. It did strangely download 8kb once I hit verify but it made no difference. All my Nvidia drivers are up to date. Since the last time I had MSFS working I had installed the Aerosoft CRJ. I installed it yesterday but did not load the sim. Prior to that the sim was working. I have since removed it from my community folder but wondering could this have corrupted some other files? Following its manual removal, MSFS still won't start though. I searched the forums and internet and can't find anyone who has CTD on checking for updates. All I can find are people who have had an issue of freezing on that screen but not crashing. Any ideas on what's happening here, and importantly how I can fix it preferably without reinstalling everything again (I have been doing that since the past 3 weeks so reinstalling again would be very painful and data consuming). Cheers, Steve P.S. I am not using the Beta version.
  7. I finally got my new rig. Specs: 7800x3D, RTX 4090, 32gb DDR 5 6000, two 2gb NVME drives. For those interested in how this hardware combination handles AI traffic, addon airports/landmark addons etc. this might help. I tested the PMDG 737-600 with a ton of addons doing a full circuit of MK Studio's EIDW (full list in video description). P.S. Don't judge my flying skills, my joystick isn't set up yet!
  8. Okay. Thanks. I have solved it now thanks to the help of someone on here's recommendation regarding the Orbx product ID which should be used as the 'order number'.
  9. Having issues here. I have set up my REX AXIS account, downloaded and installed Accuseasons Advanced but on the registration page after install, it says it does not recognize my account when I try to login using the AXIS method of registering the product (even though I have set up my AXIS account, logged in on Chrome, and can see the product as available). So I tried registering the product instead using the other option, however I have no idea what my order number is or where I find it (it's not in the my documents folder for REX as per the serial no. which I have). I bought Accuseasons on Orbx which gives a receipt ID in an email, not an order number. I tried putting that in the field but it didn't work. Any idea where that 'order number' can be found? Also, any idea why my account with REX AXIS say 'not found' when I try to login to AXIS within the program? I have to say this a very time consuming and annoying rollout of an update. I have now spent wasted 2 hours trying to figure this out.
  10. I'm not sure this statement is correct. Where did you see that? From my understanding it uses AI to figure out from satellite imagery where a building should be, not only the rooftop colour.
  11. "An Asobo trailer is worth a thousand words"...if we only had a decent replay system to create our own!
  12. The amount of VRAM is too low on the 4070.to make it a good value proposition. MSFS loves VRAM and NVIDIA purposely made it poor value because of details like that so that we buy the more expensive 4080 or 4090.
  13. I've been meaning to pick this one up. Thanks for reminding me. Consequently your work on here as a flight sim addon influencer has been successful 😂
  14. I'm Irish, not Swiss although I do live in Switzerland. I can tell you that I didn't get where I am today by blowing $12 on cappuccinos anywhere. I believe in value and not being ripped off. I don't mind paying for anything that is worth it but I'm a man of principle and don't like people who try to pull a fast one.
  15. 30% off is such a joke. V1 was a portover cash grab. Now so is V2 on the dime of V1 owners. Insulting is a word that comes to mind.
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