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  1. The OP has no evidence of this whatsoever. Pure click bait. Not even conjecture. Based on nothing other than thin air.
  2. Now is not really the time for much other than looking after one another.
  3. It's a little late for all those who spent 70 USD on xEnviro when it was first released with its elaborate timeline of since unfulfilled promises. In my opinion, it was a waste of money with the devloper promosing the impossible. And believe me, I was one of the patient ones out there. I have no respect fot developers like that to be honest. I once had time and patience for such things but there have been too many half finished add-ons in recent years, and too many excuses for my liking.
  4. I had been losing interest in X-Plane 11 at the time when MSFS was announced. Normally I go through up and down phases with X-Plane where I would get really into for a few months and buy some new addons and then not touch it for some time (for a variety of reasons). Knowing that MSFS is on the horizon makes it hard to get back into X-Plane 11 and certainly makes the idea of spending more on addons less appealing (unless something amazing is released).
  5. A way of walking around your aircraft or a scenery would also be really cool. Something like the avatar mode in Prepar3d. With such beautiful aircraft modelling and scenery, it would be a shame not be able to get out and explore.
  6. I see some fairly crazy ideas being floated here. Paying for insurance for a flight sim plane? The dystopian future I fear is perhaps closer than I thought. Be careful what you wish for.
  7. I read in one of the translated Asobo interviews that they had achieved around 45fps in 4K on their 2080ti demonstration machines with max settings (of the build at the time) which they were using at the various showcase events. The fact that it is being built for PC makes me believe that it will be considerably better than any converted console game. Also when you consider how good bing maps and google maps look in 3D, (try google maps in 3D in VR...it looks incredible) and can run in browsers (not VR), I reckon that with today's systems they can pull off what they are aiming for in terms of environments and physics. In any case, the sim has already being played by selected YouTubers who all gave amazing feedback and quite a lot of video shown. I do not understand why there is suddenly a conspiracy theory being floated here. Yes, you might need to have a good rig to enjoy it at its finest but the sim exists, is real, and looks absolutely stunning so far. These are facts. Of course we won't truly know until we all get our hands on it. But the signs are all pretty good so far.
  8. Anyone doubting the graphics should try Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4K on PC. These type of graphics, textures, vegetation, weather and lighting are all very possible. And before anyone says how badly RDR 2 runs in 4K on PC, it is worth noting that it was developed for console and is very poorly optimized for PC. If it were the other way around I am sure it would run more than 60fps in 4K instead of 'only' 48 fps average on full settings on a 2080ti. In any case, it shows that everything we have seen is very possible if you have a good PC. I believe the new MFS will look out of this world. I think some people here have been spending far too long playing the decades old graphics engines in our current flight sims. I also think some people are getting bored waiting and showing frustration. Hopefully all our expectations will be soon met.
  9. That's a very sad story about John Elvis Harlin II. It must have been awful for his wife and family and everyone involved. The old Aigle cinema is now closed I believe (or what I guess was the cinema). There's a new one open behind the train station since a number of years. I have lived in Switzerland for almost 9 years (Irish originally). Skiing down to Aigle must have been quite the experience when you studying there. The old cog trains still wind it's way hourly up to Leysin and Les Diablerets. There is a hotel management school there so it's usually carrying quite a lot of international students (and skiers :)). I do quite a lot of hiking and am regularly near Leysin on my walks. Last week I walked from Aigle to Sepey (about 3 hours) through the forest which sits almost directly under the town of Leysin which got its first heavy snowfall just over a week ago. If you happen to come back and visit, please look me up and we can share a glass or two of Aigle white wine from one the many local vineyards!!
  10. Leysin is right next door to me! I live down the mountain in the town of Aigle 🙂 Such a small world.
  11. From my recollection of all the interviews I have watched and read, when asked about seasons they said they couldn't confirm or talk about it. In the recent FSelite interview on YouTube, I think Joern says something along the lines of if they do seasons, that they want to do it properly and not something half baked. Everything seems to indicate that they are taking it seriously based on community feedback but with no firm commitment for release. I'd be surprised if they are not working on it. Why come so far with amazing real world weather and lighting but then not be able to depict seasons on the ground in some way.
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