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  1. I wonder if this is a sign they are not selling too well. I am not sure why anyone would buy one at their normal price when you buy a Rift for the same or less with far more content available. However for 220 dollars, they would be quite attractive.
  2. You can't go wrong with X-Plane 11. There is so much amazing freeware out there and the ability to quickly and easily make your own ortho scenery make it great value for money. Added to this it is being actively developed for with regular updates coming out every month or so. It's a very exciting platform. There are of course some drawbacks such as the weather depiction but this is being worked on with add-ons such as Xenviro helping to improve things and default weather has improved quite a bit at this stage with a variety of freeware sky colours and cloud textures to choose from if you so wish. Even if you also use another sim as well such as FSW; X-plane 11 is a no-brainer. Personally I use it 95% of the the time and dabble a little in FSW whenever a new update is released but in my opinion nothing else comes close to X-Plane 11 for the cost (even moreso now with VR which is really amazing). I also prefer the way the sim looks. I find that Prepar3d (I own V3) looks a bit too cartoonish for my tastes and is simply based on an older platform which despite considerable improvements to the engine, does not compare to the look of X-Plane 11 especially night lighting. For sure elements of X-Planes graphics also need improving but when it looks good it can look mind blowing.
  3. I would not agree with scrapping True Sky. Yes, it would be nice if we had live weather already or at least clouds that didn't stick to the ground in mountainous areas but True Sky is visually the best I have seen in terms of cloud and sky visuals. I for one am willing to wait a bit longer otherwise we may as well just stick with FSX or Prepar3D!
  4. I absolutely agree with FlyJSim being a very important contributor with excellent quality. Please don't get me wrong. My concern is regarding the trend in pricing which is going up and up. Even though the flightsim market and particularly the X-Plane market is still rather niche and therefore costly in terms of time invested and development costs, I do also believe that law of diminishing returns must kick in at some point. Surely more people would purchase an add-on priced at 50 USD than 70 USD. Overall they would probably generate more income at a lower price point. Anyway, it's just my 2 cents. I see add-ons being more frequently charged at a price point that is becoming less and less affordable to the average Joe or Jill (especially when you consider many users are also retired etc. [not me]). Again affordability is all in the eye of the beholder (or what their partner allows).
  5. I personally think the price is a bit on the steep side. We seem to be entering an era of higher and higher priced add-ons since PMDG started pricing their Prepar3D addons so high (xEnviro...cough). I fully appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it but I believe that 50 USD would have been a bit more balanced as a pricing point. Of course, this is only my opinion and everything is relative to many factors including the size and willingness of your wallet. For me, it is not about the cost of whether I can afford it or not but more about the principle. We seem to be living in a society of rising costs while salaries remain static. We are told inflation in most western countries is virtually zero hence why we don't see so many pay rises these days but this is still based on the price of bread and milk which is pretty crazy when every other product or service is shooting up in price including our add-ons. Everyone appears so used to paying more each year, be it for their new iPhone or their house with a lot of people in serious amounts of debt due to this consumerism society of the 'here and now'. If you don't have the money, don't spend it. This is true but not what many people do. I really like supporting developers for all their hard work and I know it pays their bills. I just wish that the jump from the price point three or four years ago to what is today was not so high (like many other things).
  6. And when can we have the brilliant REX for X-Plane?...Hehe
  7. XP11

    Great shots. Now you better call saul!
  8. I think that's an excellent point and example. Its all about what each one of us expects hence the subjectivity and complexity of us flight simming folk
  9. X plane 11

    Excellent pictures. You are making me homesick! I must pick up that DC 3. It looks great in the Aer Lingus livery.
  10. For the price they charge, I would prefer if Aerosoft included some local landmarks such as the Frankfurt skyline. For me what makes an addon worthwhile purchasing is not just the airport detail but also the surroundings to give you the sense of immersion when you are landing and taking off as well as for VFR.
  11. I have a gtx1080 and run Flyinside with high settings pretty good. I average between 24 and 40 fps in VR depending on the scenario and it is smooth even at 24 fps. I can't recall the exact Flyinside resolution I am running at but recently I lowered from the highest to the second highest resolution setting and it made a huge difference to performance and aliasing. Frankly at the highest resolution it looked pretty ugly with a lot of jaggies when HDR is turned on. Now at the 2nd highest resolution it gives me better aliasing and better performance. Of course there is a slight trade off in sharpness due to the slightly reduced resolution but this is marginal in terms of reading dials at least for me (and my eagle eye vision ) . I have my anti-aliasing set at x4 both in X-Plane and in Flyinside (with FXAA turned off). I would have imagined with a 1080ti, it would be even better. I run with scenery set to high and HDR on. Reflections are set to minimum. I have my 6700K CPU overclocked to 4.5ghz and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. Not sure if the amount of RAM makes much difference but overall I am relatively happy. I would certainly much prefer at least another 10 fps especially in heavy weather to make it that bit smoother but I generally don't get many stutters. Mostly I fly in clear conditions to save on fps. I momentarily got xEnviro to work well with VR but started getting issues so uninstalled it. I was able to fly with very little impact in fps with heavy weather using xEnvrio and at times it looked amazing (when it worked properly). I hope they make it compatible soon as it saves on a lot of processing power compared with default clouds. Hopefully the native Laminar VR solution will be a lot better in that regard. It all depends on your expectations. VR is incredible for me but I started using it knowing that it is not going to be anywhere near perfect. Therefore I was actually impressed with just how good it is and how 'well' it ran on my desktop. If you have huge expectations you may well be disappointed. If you are like me, I think you will be impressed. I can't however compare to a 780ti and how much extra performance you would gain other than tell you my settings and average fps. My recommendation is to go for it if you have the cash (probably a 1080ti would be better) (and especially if you use other 'games' and want to play in 4K) or wait until Laminar release the beta with native VR hopefully in the coming weeks. That way we can report back to you our findings and if it is indeed any better than Flyinside.
  12. Anyone know how to get X-Plane 11 to run with standard settings without Flyinside? I can get it to run but the scale is completely distorted as it seems Flyinside changes some settings in X-Plane. Even when I change the resolution everything remains stretched.
  13. Glad to hear you made it safely. A close call indeed.
  14. Ah sorry, my mistake. I read too fast. I need some
  15. There's also a huge DCS sale on at the moment until Nov 26 (I think) with 40% off most of the downloadable content -