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  1. XP11

    Nice pictures. I must buy the DO
  2. I'm sure I spotted Saul Goodman in one of the those screenshots.
  3. 1) The link is as follows: 2) I haven't used X-Plane 11 in normal mode since buying my Oculus so can't answer that (VR is just too much fun to go back!). However since I updated to XP 11.10 Beta 8, the fog wall is back in VR even with the shader replacement added. Now I have reverted to turning off the lower atmosphere again which is a bit annoying due to how it looks. Furthermore, with lower atmosphere turned on, my fps have again taken a plunge and are down to the low 20s. With lower atmosphere turned off, I am averaging in the mid 30s so something really weird is going with the lower atmosphere turned on. I will avoid turning it on for a moment. In any case, I have read quite a lot folks complaining about the fog representation even in normal mode so I think that the developers need to fix it in general. I think I read they are working on it for xEnviro 1.08 so let's hope that also removes the issue in VR. 3) I have a single gtx1080 so no SLI here. As far as I am aware, X-Plane 11 does not support SLI at all so it is probably why it is not implemented in Flyinside.
  4. Excellent news! I really hope they create regions like PNW etc. with landmarks and regional autogen etc. Exciting times ahead!
  5. I recently had an 11 hr flight (economy) from Las Vegas to Zurich with Edelweiss and whilst they have a great IFE system and nice food, they have the most cramped economy seats you could imagine. I literally could not sit normally without my knees painfully pressing against the seat in front. And when that person pushed their seat back it became impossible to be anything near comfortable. I am 189cm in height which is tal,l but by no means exceptionally tall. Of course they advertise that if you pay 200 dollars more each way you can have a premium economy seat which gives you a couple more inches of space. They'd have us standing if they could get away with it. And for 1400 dollar flight, it's not like its cheap. I'd rather go without IFE and have more leg room.
  6. Fair point. I suppose because they already have the flight plan map which is pretty decent, I had hoped they would somehow make this accessible in flight. And also X-Plane has a moving map (albeit a rather poor one). Anyway, I think this topic can be viewed in different ways. Let's hope that FSW continues to grow and become a success!
  7. True but when people pay for early access they expect basics to be added to the core game like a basic moving map and not sold as DLC during this period of development.
  8. I agree and thought of that fact when I wrote my post. However, the difference is that this is an early access release, something that didn't exist at the time with FSX and earlier flight sims. I appreciate thought that X-Plane in a sense is in early access on an endless basis which is now seen as one of it's key strengths largely due to the freeware market and the respect that Laminar have with simmers. Releasing content like maps and camera slew when the base sim isn't finished just confuses the average user. Bare in mind the average user is not you or me but more the average gamer on Steam who takes a mild interest in flight sim or sims in general (of which there a loads). For better or worse, these are the customers that will make the difference through steam sales in whether flight sim succeeds or not, at least at first until it gains momentum and popularity amongst us simmers. There is still a long way to go in that regard based on the level of interest in these forums. If you look at other games/software that is in early access there have been similar points raised by Steam users when paid DLC has been released whilst a game is still in early access. I think it's a reaction to be expected. People are often impatient by nature and when they are eagerly awaiting the next 'big' update but instead see paid DLC there tends to be a backlash. It's just human nature. People always want more and early access just exasperates that. In any case, this of course is an over reaction based on some of the comments which are clearly at little too strong and unfair to say the least. But in the end its to be expected and DTG need to be aware of that and the spiraling effect it can have.
  9. I think DTG need to be careful here. I worry that if they give the wrong impression as this appears to be, the sim could easily end up like another Flight. This is an early access release and it can easily give the wrong impression to customers to start releasing the likes of moving maps and basic camera controls as DLC at this stage of development. I have no problem with DLC aircraft and airports but the core sim needs to be finished before we start seeing the likes of moving maps for sale. Otherwise it just comes across as a money grab. And nobody likes a money grab even if we are all aware that profits need to be made. It's not only about the debate of what should be included in the core sim and what should be DLC, the danger is that it's more about the fact that it sends completely the wrong message to supporters like myself who really want this sim to succeed. I have enormous respect for DTG's engagement with the community just as I have with the guys at Laminar. It makes me happy to see DTG's employees actively engage with us and it in turn, it makes us feel like we are a part of something and that our opinions and our custom matters to them. This is something that is generally lost in today's world in almost every industry and it is great to feel this is sincere from the likes of Cryss and Aime. However, the tide can turn pretty fast or maybe even faster given the perceived sincerity when poor marketing and sales decisions are subsequently made. It makes people feel a little betrayed for putting their trust and believe in the hope that this time things were going to be 'different' and that we somehow matter as the end user. I am not saying I feel hard done by in anyway here as I a little more understanding than that, but this is more of an observation of how I believe many people consciously or subconsciously feel; and often why great products fail. I truly hope that this is just a misunderstanding and that the roadmap for FSW is completed in a way that gives us a solid core simulator without the need to have to purchase absolute basics like a moving map and basic camera controls. My two cents.
  10. Just in case anyone is interested in getting xEnviro 1.07 to work in X-Plane 11.10 without having to perform magic tricks, I tried replacing one of the plugin's shaders based on what I read over at the org and it works a charm. Here is the link to the download the shader - Just copy it into the shader folder in the xEnviro plugin and replace the file (back up the old one first). You can also now turn the lower atmosphere on without the weird wall of fog surrounding your aircraft. There are still a few weird behaviors like low lying fog retreating as you near it (if there is a fog bank) but you can at least see through it unlike the wall of fog before which made it impossible to fly no matter where you were. This will do nicely until Laminar release native VR. Happy VR Flying!
  11. Having read that Flyinside is now updated to work with X-Plane 11.10 b6, I updated both (and xEnviro) and had my first Oculus Rift experience last night with the new updates. Firstly I should add that when I got Flyinside, XP 11.10 and xEnviro to work together, the result was hands down my best ever simming experience. I flew at sunset with overcast conditions over EIDW (Dublin) and it was breathtaking. Added to this I had World Traffic v3 running and was circling around EIDW in my Baron just watching planes land. Wow...the lighting of xEnviro blew my mind. I can't wait until it all works properly in VR (especially having to pretty much do voodoo to get xEnviro to work in VR). We are so close to these different factors coming together to give us a complete experience but it just needs a little more polish to make it a trouble free plug'n'play experience. Regarding performance...I had updated xEnviro and attempted to get it to work in VR using the 'trick' of first pointing your headset at the sky. I am not sure yet if it is placebo but it appears that for me anyway the shimmering that was present with HDR turned on is somewhat diminished (but still slightly annoying when compare to how good AA is with HDR off). With my 1080 GTX and i76700k 4.5Ghz, I was hovering around 34fps over payware airports (e.g. Aerosoft Dublin V2) using default aircraft (HDR on, 2XAA, High Objects in X-Plane settings and 4MSAA with the highest native resolution set in Flyinside). Strangely the fps didn't increase once I was away from the payware area. I also noticed that xEnviro is causing strange behavior with the lower atmosphere turned on and off in the xEnviro options. If you leave it on, you get a wall of fog surrounding the aircraft which makes it largely unplayable. Leaving the xEnviro lower atmosphere on also decreases the fps from 34 to 17 (again no matter where you fly). When you turn it off, it jumps back to 34fps. I read there is a shader that you can install that fixes this but gives you lower resolution clouds or you can revert back to xEnviro 1.04 to avoid issues. I am guessing that xEnviro is causing some of the strange behaviour I reported with my fps so I might uninstall and test without it. Also, for anyone thinking of updating Flyinside to work with XP 11.10, make sure you turn off 'VR Optimizations' in the Flyinside menu if using HDR or the sun disappears! I have high hopes for what native VR will offer. May main wishes are for better AA with HDR and higher fps. Hopefully Christmas will come early and we won't have to wait too much longer. If you have any questions, thoughts or tips (especially with xEnviro), please do share!
  12. Looks great. I remember when this was first teased a few years back. Looking forward to it's release.
  13. +1 I am patiently waiting for VR implementation
  14. The truth is out there! Step away from the tinfoil hat...