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  1. Sorry should have been more precise, I have Nano ON but the replay tool settings always resets each time I boot up the sim. Maybe try it yourself?
  2. doesn't the experimental options all default to OFF every time you boot the sim? I know for sure I have to turn the replay tool ON each time which is a pain in the backside.
  3. Hope you enjoy your new rig as much as I have! Absolutely pleasure to fly now in pretty much all scenarios!!
  4. I commend the author for the effort this must have taken but I've posted this in the comments Great video thanks for posting, some feedback though. I've recently upgraded from an i7 4790k + 1070. Can see you have a 1060......the FPS at the end is not indicative of real performance. No 1 you outside the cockpit, no 2 you aren't in a detailed payware aircraft like the Fenix or PMDG, no 3 you don't show what settings you get with AI traffic which is a framekiller on a low end system. I know this because my old rig really struggled with settings MUCH less than recommended here at anything close to an international airport. So yea sure flying the TBM with no AI traffic from external view will yield good results but it isn't a true representation of expected or above optimal performance in a heavier scenario. Great video though must have taken forever to put together!
  5. Hi guys Always wanted to dabble into some YouTube production, I’m using Davinci Resolve as my video editor and recognise my skills need a lot of work. Anyway posted this one yesterday was appreciate some views and feedback to loosen up the old YouTube algorithm ha!
  6. Uploaded the file for you, its on my system https://ufile.io/psq9ljmb
  7. Took me 0.25 seconds to type "KATL GSX Profile" in Google 🙂 GSX Profile - KATL Atlanta (Asobo) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS Oops - its unavailable. Hahaha - consider me bummed out.
  8. yep! But then if you restart the flight at your destination airport all is ok?? Happens from time to time, never figured it out.
  9. One of the best supported products for MSFS by far.
  10. With how gorgeous the sim is we need a really decent replay system, yes I know we have the experimental version and some 3rd party tools but I want a decent inbuilt replay system to relive those awesome landings and approaches. Oh and tower view and flyby pretty please.
  11. I made this video just last night to talk about my experience upgrading to a 7800X3D + 4090, I talk a little about FG on and off and also share my settings. Personally for me, flying into the big hubs at 4k its a must if you are looking for greater than 30FPS.
  12. After 2 months I knocked up a rough and ready YouTube video to share my experience on the upgrade 🙂
  13. EGCC Massive Update Planned! The time has come... After liaising with the MAG team at Manchester Airport for some time now, we are ecstatic to announce that we will be visiting the airport with an all-access pass to areas like the aprons, runways, and ATC tower (to name a few)! Our visit to the airport will be this month, meaning that once we have all the footage and reference imagery, we will be in a position to start planning the big update for EGCC! Why do we need to visit the airport? From the very beginning, we wanted to make the airport as real as possible. Granted, EGCC was developed very soon after the launch of MSFS2020, it is now very much due for an update, but this time using actual reference imagery. This visit will allow us to fill in the gaps which were previously unknown or a mystery, see progress on any construction work, and accurately depict textures and models. The revamp isn't going to be a small endeavour... 90% of the current airport will be thrown in the bin and will be modelled and textured from scratch. As sad as this is for us, we want to do it properly. Due to the sheer amount of work that is going to be done, we will be pushing updates on a regular basis, rather than waiting until we are finished. Once we begin the massive project, we will be posting more information and dev shots on our discord server, so make sure you join our community there! We will also send email newsletters when we publish a 'bigger' update. Small patches and updates won't be sent via email (as to not SPAM you). Anyways... enough with the plan! Here are some of the things to expect (No particular order. List not finalized): - Custom satellite imagery throughout the entire airport and surrounding areas - Real airport textures, and increase in texture detail - New ground textures, making use of PBR, adding more detail, edges, repairs, weathering, and more accuracy - More custom Jetway variations - Land-side ground textures (materials, painted lines, roads, car parks etc) - Long stay car parks with custom vehicle models - Full optimization of every 3D object and building - 5 LODs (levels of detail) for a much better performance - Addition of new multi-storey carparks - Full re-modelling and re-texturing of all terminals - Full re-modelling and re-texturing of ATC tower, ATS (formerly Thomas Cook) hangar, fire station, hotels, Signature - Addition of Train Station, train tracks, and animated trains - Addition of other landside buildings (warehouses, offices, etc) - Fully modelled interiors - Animated passengers - Fully modelled landside - Fixing and adding new remote stands (north of airfield) - New immersive lighting - Major increase in ground-level details (signs, people, dirt, fences, bollards, posts, doors etc) - New fire training area - RVP (Runway Visitor Park) to be fully modelled - Add-on to have optional 'less ground clutter' version - Full AI traffic integration - GSX profile to be maintained, and distributed in add-on download - New, more immersive night lighting - Smaller objects to be scanned from real world airport object Once we have a finalized plan, we shall share with everyone. Safe Flight! From the team at Macco Simulations
  14. Ha me too, I'm on the hype train. I saw the official 2 min trailer the other day out of Gamescon and I was like take my money. However this is on the basis that Bethesda are reputable and make quality games, I love a good space "game" and my new 7800X3D + 4090 is going to make this game sing like a budgie. 🙂
  15. Yep thats my config of choice as well. TAA + FG = gigantic FPS boost and no blurry displays.
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