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  1. I've been in the PMDG for a good few flights, hopped in the Fenix and had a few niggles like my joystick and throttle wouldn't work in the plane, AP panel not coming on. I've noticed the Fenix app automatically loads when you choose your airport and the sim is loading. This time I run the app first but made sure it was "run as administrator" via a right click before the sim launched. This seemed to do the trick. You can also right click the fenix app and go into properties to always force to run as an administrator. Seems to have cured my niggles by YMMV.
  2. Its like "Doctor, I accidentally lost my leg can you help"
  3. How do you accidentally delete MSFS? 🙂
  4. I flew into OKBK - OKBK KUWAIT INTL AIRPORT AND CITY » Microsoft Flight Simulator Highly recommended scenery, includes the city as well.
  5. So as I fly out of Cairo, now at my cruise of FL370 heading to Kuwait I marvel (and forget) at just how much of the world I have never seen (simulated). My hops usually are focused on UK, Mainland Europe, Scandinavia, New Zealand and USA. But honestly the view out the window as I fly over the desert just reminds me how beautiful this sim is, and how much there is to explore!
  6. Have you got everything switched on in General Options > Data like Online Functionality, Bing Data World Graphics and Photogrammetry?
  7. Sorry I was referring to some posts earlier on, not you specifically I should have made that clear.
  8. See my post above, if "limited" is the whole western seaboard of the US then I don't know what limited means. Coverage is huge, not every single airport in that area is covered because that would be ridiculous. In LA every single Class B, C and D are manned but further out the main international airports have coverage and some larger Class C airports. This may have changed for the better, I've not flown on the network for a while now.
  9. Well its free so how entitled must you be to expect a controller to stay on just because it suits you - ridiculous. When it works it works, but its free and the controllers don't get paid, you don't pay a bean so you take what you can and can't complain about it. If you want guaranteed top down ATC coverage your only solution is PilotEdge. You pay a monthly fee and it covers LA and/or the whole entire western seaboard of the US from the Pacific Northwest down to San Diego and stretches as far out as Phoenix (roughly). The downside, its only US but it is highly professional and I believe its only Christmas day that coverage isn't provided. I flew on PilotEdge for about a year but I'm from the UK - loved it. Staffing times are Pacific time but for me this meant the service was online from about 4PM GMT until the early hours, this suited me perfectly because I work during the day.
  10. Very good video welcome to the Big Iron! 🙂
  11. Any idea what this means? I've had this last few flights - I don't have failures running everything appears functional during flight.
  12. Improvements to the harbor area or not, I'll take the free version thanks.
  13. Thanks for reply, NZAA isn't a handcrafted Asobo airport unless I'm mistaken. I might do that though, just delete reinstall. Why I'm thinking about it I'll rename content.xml and let it recreate.
  14. https://www.alpha-india.net/2021/11/19/400/
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