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  1. This has bugged me for a while not sure if it affects others, even with AI traffic OFF I still get a lot of AI spawned at every airport I spawn at or fly over. This is very noticeable because I use LittleNavMap and can see the aircraft spawned on the map. Maybe I should provide screenshots but I usually fly with MP off and Real time online traffic. My understanding is the only traffic I should see is based on real airline data (which is sparse usually) but this should not include AI?
  2. yep never works for me, have to restart the sim every time.
  3. Yep I know this has been there since day 1 but its really annoying. Just happened again now for me, it is intermittent but I would say 70% of my 2nd flights don't load live weather in. Have to kill the sim and restart which is a pain because it takes so frikkin long to load! Loading in with clear skies and then switching to Live weather never works me either. Hey ho moan over hope they fix it soon!
  4. CRJ by Aerosoft is the only noteworthy one I think. Beyond that you have the WT CJ4 (freeware) and the excellent FBW A320 (again freeware)
  5. Have to agree about the JF Arrow, I've literally just took her for a spin after latest update. I don't know what it is, but it just doesn't feel right compared to the other aircraft. Its very very twitchy and will go all out and say this isn't my sensitivity settings which are now (I would say) pretty dialed in and quite comfortable with a lot of other aircraft. I'm not about to start fiddling with my settings for one aircraft tbh. I dunno maybe I've not flown it that much but it just feel like it handles very well at all.
  6. Busting through the clouds and breaking out early evening, especially in an airliner (usually FBW A320)! Oh man the immersion is awesome! 🙂
  7. When you click My Downloads on Flightsim.to and there is another version update 😀👍
  8. Your in for a treat tons of fantastic free stuff - fill your boots! You can organise content by most downloaded and most liked, best way to see all the good stuff!
  9. Agreed you would think we could look at some documentation to understand how the word not allowed thing actually works and then make a decision whether to enable it or not. Too many unanswered questions and lots of guessing games.
  10. I used the Enhanced Ground vehicles freeware from flight sim.to - does a good enough job for me although it doesn’t cater for continents outside of Europe. What’s the advantage here?
  11. Have you got Multiplayer turned on? If so, turn it off and try again.
  12. Turn off multiplayer if on - since WU4 stutter fest for me with MP on where the FPS would tank for mins at a time. Did a flight last night from EGJJ - LFMN in the FBW A320 and no stutters or at least very minimal.
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