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  1. Sorry again to ressurect an old thread, but I have a saitek x52 joystick and throttle setup without reversers. Calibrating in the fenix cdu by leaving my throttle at idle at reverse max, reverse idle and idle positions leaves my in-sim throttle at idle reverse when my hardware throttle is at idle. Following the link from the post above doesn't really help me since my numbers don't match the post. My idle position is recorded at 34.4543etc: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Calibration xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <throttleCalibrationLeft> <double>34.454345703125</double> <double>34.454345703125</double> <double>34.454345703125</double> <double>77.8594970703125</double> <double>88.9801025390625</double> <double>100.003051757813</double> </throttleCalibrationLeft> <throttleCalibrationRight> <double>34.454345703125</double> <double>34.454345703125</double> <double>34.454345703125</double> <double>77.8594970703125</double> <double>88.9801025390625</double> <double>100.003051757813</double> </throttleCalibrationRight> <nullZonePercent>2</nullZonePercent> <nullZonePercentSidestick>3</nullZonePercentSidestick> <nullZonePercentRudder>3</nullZonePercentRudder> <realisticSidestick>false</realisticSidestick> </Calibration>
  2. Alright. That's great for us. Seems like a wasted economical opportunity, but I'm not going to complain 🙂
  3. Mine was stuck at 100% decompressing fs-base-soundbanks-0.1.54.fspatch. After about 30 mins of no progression, I restarted the sim, and the patcher is still working on that file without any obvious progression. 😞
  4. so im about 35%, and I see I can select between 3 different packages to upgrade (standard, premium and deluxe). The download speed is 0.0mb/s, and going up to 0.25mb/s from time to time. I cant really select the packages. I click one, and a white border is visible, and then goes away.
  5. The reality is that PMDG is playing catch up to their competitors, and they are making big posts increasing the anticipation - and on the very delayed release it is very basic and not anything innovative at all. I'm sure it is a milestone for PMDG, but for the rest of us it is last years' news. I still need to use the FMC to operate the fuel, the doors, the chocks etc, and as it stands now the PMDG EFB doesn't really bring much new at all. I understand that they say it is coming. That's great, but as it stands now it doesn't deserve much attention, and certainly not 20 pages here.
  6. Am I the only one who cant get the pmdg operation center to work? It just says it failed to connect. Running the op center updater from PMDG doesn't fix it.
  7. I've been away for a while, and haven't stayed up to date with recent news. Has there been any news at all about the dash 8 for msfs by Majestic? Alternatively, are the any other dash 8's available? Thanks! 🙂
  8. I'm sorry, but how come we are almost a year after "launch" of the experimental version of the replay tool, and it is still this awkward to use? Why can't they steal the ideas from ie. xplane that just simply works? It's too convoluted for me to use right now, and the "added features" (like how you cant change views unless you check the box) doesn't make any sense. Sorry to be grumpy about this, but this feature obviously isn't getting enough quality dev attention, and hasn't been getting it for a year.
  9. Ah, sorry I haven't kept up with the news. In what way doesn't it work very well with 3p addons? Edit: from reading above I guess it is mostly to do with 3p airports?
  10. Ok, so normally GSX would be a product I would be picking up on launch day, but this time I've been sitting on the fence. I've heard that the launch was a bit rocky, and mainly that GSX caused CTD. Are there currently any known issues with GSX that a potential buyer should be aware?
  11. I also noticed this release, and I'm interested to hear what others have to say about it before I consider making a purchase 🙂
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