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  1. Andreas Stangenes

    Windows update

    Checked, and nothing had changed.
  2. Andreas Stangenes

    Windows update

    I just updated my nvidia drivers (13th nov version). I don't know if it will help.
  3. Andreas Stangenes

    Windows update

    And when you say the same happened to you, do you mean you can't start the sim, or that it crashes after a while?
  4. Andreas Stangenes

    Windows update

    I came here searching for inspiration for a solution to my p3dv4 crashes that started happening overnight. I think I found it in your post. Windows update probably changed something that made p3d v4 unstable. I haven't installed or changed any configuration on my pc to warrant these crashes all of a sudden. However, I do not have any problems starting p3d - the problem shows itself only after a couple of hours when the sim quits on me.
  5. Andreas Stangenes

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    As a potential customer/user who haven't heard about Lorby before, could you please add a sticky to your forum that informs about what LLTX is? 🙂 Couldn't see that any of the stickies had a title about this.
  6. Andreas Stangenes

    Repair for streaming coming?

    Yeah thats what im doing too, but it detracts from my user experience since i cant watch it on my mobile like i could before when the 777 program launched.
  7. Andreas Stangenes

    Repair for streaming coming?

    I also don't get any sound when looking at the video on the web page on my pc (using chrome). Can you please acknowledge this problem?
  8. Andreas Stangenes

    P3D v4, 748F, Acars/dlink login?

    Thanks 🙂 That's all I needed to know.
  9. Andreas Stangenes

    P3D v4, 748F, Acars/dlink login?

    Hi. I have no problems using the login feature of the 748. I have a problem reusing the system after landing. How do I reset the login information? It keeps staying in a post flight page after landing, and I'd like to start planning the next leg. How do I do that?
  10. Andreas Stangenes

    Repair for streaming coming?

    I can see the video but it has no sound. This is on iphone with the latest ios.
  11. Andreas Stangenes

    Leaving Pearson

    For a brief second I thought it said: "Leaving prison" 😄 Good shots!
  12. Andreas Stangenes

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    I have set weights to kg in the external settings and internally in the info pages, yet a lot of the various weights still show up in lbs. The efb is pretty much unusable because of this unless i fly with pounds because i cant seem to change its units. Also the hdr effects on the efb display makes most of the text unreadable. Ive also had problems with vert navigation: setting a lower speed and altitude with flightchange makes the aircraft climb while chasing the lower speed. I have a hard time believing this is the correct logic. Ive also had sim crashes across the pond with qw789. I do 14hr flights many times a week and never crash with pmdg. I dont believe in coincidenses. I wont be flying qw788/9 untill these issues have been resolved, nor would i recommend buying it.
  13. Andreas Stangenes

    Auto fuel/tank config is not always working for me (748)

    Ok, thanks for your reply, Kevin! This issue, I guess, mostly comes into play on longer flights when more of the tanks are filled. This was my first flight that ever utilized the stab tanks. I start off with the overrides on so that all four engines draw fuel from the center tanks. With auto tank/fuel set to on, I am expecting the logic to automatically turn off the overrides. In this particular flight I also had fuel in the stab tanks, and I am assuming that the center tank, when empty, is to be turned off while the stab tank is transferred to center tanks. Then the stab tanks are to be turned off while you resume drawing from the center tanks. It's a pity that the auto fuel/tank feature doesn't handle this complexity because then I cannot leave the flight on it's on for long hauls the way I could on the 744. What is the point of the auto feature on the 748?
  14. I have the fuel/tank config set to auto because I mostly fly overnight longhaul flights when I sleep. Sometimes everything is fine when I return, but often it's not. Ie. today I was flying from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt (13,5 hours), and after several hours into the flight, the stab L R warning showed up (they were off when I left the cockpit, and should have been turned on (when ctr was empty?). Also the CTR L and R were not configured correctly (they were on when I left the plane, but should have been turned off). I guess this automatic setting of the fuel and tank system is supposed to be for people like me who leave their flights, but it seems it's not working a 100% of the time. At least in the sense that the 744 could be left unattended because of the pause on TOD + auto tank/fuel setting. Is this no longer the logic behind this setting?
  15. Andreas Stangenes

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    I have the same issue.