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  1. I've been away for a while, and haven't stayed up to date with recent news. Has there been any news at all about the dash 8 for msfs by Majestic? Alternatively, are the any other dash 8's available? Thanks! 🙂
  2. I'm sorry, but how come we are almost a year after "launch" of the experimental version of the replay tool, and it is still this awkward to use? Why can't they steal the ideas from ie. xplane that just simply works? It's too convoluted for me to use right now, and the "added features" (like how you cant change views unless you check the box) doesn't make any sense. Sorry to be grumpy about this, but this feature obviously isn't getting enough quality dev attention, and hasn't been getting it for a year.
  3. Ah, sorry I haven't kept up with the news. In what way doesn't it work very well with 3p addons? Edit: from reading above I guess it is mostly to do with 3p airports?
  4. Ok, so normally GSX would be a product I would be picking up on launch day, but this time I've been sitting on the fence. I've heard that the launch was a bit rocky, and mainly that GSX caused CTD. Are there currently any known issues with GSX that a potential buyer should be aware?
  5. I also noticed this release, and I'm interested to hear what others have to say about it before I consider making a purchase 🙂
  6. Ah, I remember back in the day of the dino... I mean my youth, when I didn't have navigraph and everything related to charts and navigation data was a big hassle. Yes, there are free charts out there, but they can be a big pain to navigate to. For example, AIP Norway is a big mess, and you need to be an archivist to understand the logic behind it. Navigraph is simply put the only one of its kind to have the complete package with seemless integration with multiple addons and, last but not least, Simbrief.
  7. I forgot about Aerosoft's navdata package. I'm not very fond of that company, and try to avoid it as much as possible. I don't have any experience with that product. How does it work? Can you, as someone implied here, buy the nav charts from Aerosoft and keep them forever without a sub?
  8. Current standards are based upon current market conditions. There isn't any real competition for Navigraph. The moment that changes, the rules change.
  9. FSUIPC doesn't play well with my pc. It might be because I'm using spad.next for my saitek panels. I'm trying to find a virtual airline (VA) that doesn't depend on fsuipc for their acars and pirep system. Any recommendations? 🙂
  10. Personally, I'm not that wild about the 73's at all, so I got the 737 because the 378 won't release till August. Now that I've gotten the Fenix, I think I'll just skip the 378 and wait for the 777 and the 74.
  11. @Fiorentoni You're a life saver! Thanks! That fixed it 🙂
  12. Ok, so I was parked at a stand in LEBL prepping for departure, when someone else spawned on top of me. His cockpit was blocking my cockpit, so I had to move. Strangely enough, he didn't turn transparent like they use to. So I slew myself over to the next free gate. When I exited slew, I had a IR failure and the rat deployed. However, there is no obvious way to fix them in the MCDU. Clicking on LSK 1L and 2L does nothing. This image is from the failures page. If I go to ground service under maintenance menu, it just gives me simple features like pushback or GPU.
  13. I would love to know this as well. I mean, I love the concorde, but seeing it populate most of the stands around the world is a bit too much >.< I ended up uninstalling it just to not have it being used by AI.
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