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  1. The program itself is complex enough to keep you engaged for a good while. It gives you a sense of direction within your sim. However i find the visuals of the program to be bland and reminding me more of playing a spreadsheet than anything. Because of this i am eager to see what Rex’ Simair will bring to the table when or if it eventually comes. Right now AH2 is definately the best in the market for what it does.
  2. An update from me: Ok so over at Majestic forums they suggested to me that I reinstall the q400 because windows update could indeed render the addon in a non-working state. The last two days have been a major PITA with either the ailerons or the nosegear not working (proper operation of the aircraft is carried out (gust lock removed and gear pins are in the basket behind the FO). Strangely enough, I seem to be the only person with this problem over at Majestic so they haven't been able to help me (they have been very forthcoming and nice to deal with though!). Furthermore the Q400 is the only aircraft behaving badly after the update. I didnt use to have this problem earlier, but you see - I just recently upgraded to p3d v4, and even more recently upgraded my Q400 to the 64 bits version. I have about 2 years experience with this aircraft in p3d v3 and never had any issues. I dont know if my issue is with the 64 bits version of the aircraft in general, or if it is due to the windows update that happend 2-3 days ago. If there was a more systemic error on the part of my pc I would have guessed that more addons would be showing symptoms.
  3. My windows got updated yesterday. I noticed that windows wanted me to update when I shut it down last night. Today I notice several irregularities: - My Majestic dash 8 isn't starting in a cold and dark config. Instead it starts on battery, and none of the switches do anything except move from one position to another when I manipulate them. FMC dont come on, and the radio stacks dont turn on. Turning the battery off doesnt do anything. Restarting the sim doesnt help. - Prepar3d v4.1 just hangs when I shut it down. It's window dissapear, but its on the taskbar showing as active. It's been 5 minutes now, and it still hasnt gone away. - My windows task bar shows up in the top of the screen instead of the bottom where I want it when I first boot up the system. I get alot of app crash messages when initially coming into the desktop. Subsequent startups during the day leaves the taskbar in its normal position in the bottom, and I get no app crash messages. I am using Nvidia surround on 3 screens btw. GFX driver is updated along with geforce experience. These are just three of the most glaring issues I had because of this update. Anyone else noticing any not normal things with their pc/sims?
  4. ah is that an option in p3d? I have mine disabled and run everything through fsuipc 5.
  5. I dont know what that means..? I have a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro (piece of word not allowed really - getting new one for xmas), thats all I know :)
  6. Might I just add that I currenly dont have any antivirus because of another addon that I want to use gives false positives on my Bit Defender. Meaning, it cant be my antivirus that is interfering.
  7. I have the dash8q400 installed for p3dv4. It was working great for many hours, and then all of a sudden out of no where the ailerons wont work any more. Gee wizz I wish I had been more stringent with my pre-flight checks so I didnt crash into the Innsbruck mountain side... :) In any case, all my other airplanes are fine. I can move the elevator and rudder as normal, but the ailerons dont work. I have checked the config app and reset any faults that might have been. I've also checked the config app to see if my joystick aileron axis is registering, and yes it is indeed showing up and moving just fine there. I have sent Majestic an email asking for an invitation to join their forum (kinda posh isnt it?), but untill then I'd love for any one with some experience with this issue to chime in :) What I did so far: * Numerous restarts of the simulator * Numerous reconfigurations of the aircraft through the config app to set nose wheel steering to mouse and to ailerons. * Uninstalled the aircraft and used CC cleaner afterwards and then a reboot before reinstallation.
  8. It might be correct for them to drop VR but I do think VR is the future and companies that have the foresight to see this and the financial muscle to back it up position their product now for viability further down the line. If you ask me.
  9. Ok thanks for that.
  10. Its still not on the "planned" list, right? The official list of future planned features.
  11. Hmm I have two reactions to your reply, Keven: 1. I wish FSFX had said that when I first asked right after I purchased Chaseplane and it didnt work for me (I fly with Flyinside exclusively) 2. The VR community in Flightsim isn't very large, but from what I understand (and my own experience) the native VR is sub-par to what Flyinside is able to do. I dont know how many, but I guess a very large part of the vr community prefer Flyinside. That might change if P3D develops the native VR solution further. On a side note I have done further research into the issue with Chaseplane and Flyinside compatability, and it looks like there is a fix to making them work together: Simply change the heading of the chaseplane camera.cfg entry to [Virtual cockpit] and it should work. I will look into this. If that really is the solution then I hope FSFX will be able to update their product so it is compatible out of the box. Too early for me to say since Im not able to test this at the moment.
  12. A few months ago I asked in this forum whether or not Chaseplane would have VR support. The answer was that it is planned after release. On the product page there is an overview over planned features, and VR support is not on the list. Why?
  13. I dont really use the native vr support of p3d v4 since im using flyinside, but I'm interested in learning the answers to your questions.
  14. But that makes me wonder how I will get to it if its not in any of my databases in the sim..? :)
  15. Thanks for the reply. So from what you are saying I gather that some of the smaller airports will be visible in the database if I select NA in the GTN750 config utility. But what about the Majestic q400, or the Twin Otter? The former is updated to current airacs, and the latter uses p3d native database as far as I know (at least I havent updated it with Navigraph).