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  1. We are not so terrible as you might think. Im sure someone will come and help answer your questions. Unfortunately, I cannot.
  2. Thanks Pm, I use addonlinker for that. It has an automatic function to search through bad modellibs and correct them. I dont know what exactly it does, but I got that advice from a friend 🙂 It might have helped a little. Come to think of it, it might have been a while since I used it, so I shall try again.
  3. That's great! I am having the oposite experience. I often get crashes and it is spoiling my enjoyment.
  4. Funny how all the aerosoft threads are getting locked because they always end up discussing the terrible customer service. At least we regularly get to see their pratices on display pretty often so newcomers may be adviced.
  5. PMDG has said they are using the default garmin unit, and that means that as long as the navblue database has the ils info in it, you will be able to fly a gps route including the ils waypoints.
  6. AFAIK the CRJ isnt rnav capable. You can fly rnav approach, but you do that in lnav mode with the vs speed selected.
  7. The ignore function saves the day. I can finally focus on something else.
  8. And what day is it today? What holiday do you guys have now that lasts a whole week?
  9. Everytime I open a new session of the sim i have reapply the filters. I dont think it used to be like this? I have applied the filters and quit the game normally after so to make the filters stick but it didnt work. Normally I quit the sim using alt f4.
  10. There is no sense in me continuing this argument. You are obviously pro aerosoft's way of operations on the support forum, while I'm obviously against it. The first thread I made was made on a wednesday, and for every troubleshooting step I made a post. I didnt get a single reply, from either official or unofficial channels, and even to this day M.kock, Hans or sheriffs have made a reply acknowledging me at all. I'm sure they are sitting there in their chairs and getting annoyed by me because they know I'm also reporting about my experience over here at AVsim. Today is a week since I opened the ticket, and other than JRRBarrett's reponse (who is a supernice person, and "just" a tester), I have not gotten an official reponse. I think Aerosoft must find communication very difficult. And talking about the principles of difficult communication, your points are more justified when being flipped around to the customer's point of view: Since it is difficult, people who cant be nice even when receiving multiple negative feedbacks should not be front-end dealing with customers.
  11. Somewhat, but not all the way. Instead of constant s-turns after a turn at a waypoint, it now only turns 3 times.
  12. I hope taking up issues by the customers isnt perceived as "bashing". I guess that can explain the "sheriff" and hostile attitude at times in the aerosoft forums. Honestly, I dont find more issues with Aerosoft planes than I do with most other developers. And yes, fair is fair - when I voice an issue and it turns out to be something else, it is fair to bring that back to the table. The "dead on arrival" issue I was having turned out to be some conflict with another software, but the drunken sailor tendencies on the lnav in turns still stands. I guess many people, my self included, wouldn't want to voice any issues over at the "support forum" unless it was really needed. Because of the (lack of) customer support and the terrible tone with which they answer their customers many times (well documented right here on avsim). However, my main gripe with Aerosoft isnt their plane. It is their customer support forum, which is more supportive of Aerosoft and directly oppressive to the customers (unless you always find a diplomatic way of voicing your concerns, which isnt a realistic expectation considering they are selling their product world wide, across many cultures and age groups). With that said, my most positive experiences with that company has been some of the testers.
  13. The last few days I have had some issues with Aerosoft's CRJ as some of you might know from reading these forums 😉 Well, after a long goosechase I learned a few things I was unaware of. First and foremost in relation to your topic, @Nyxx, I learned that FSUIPC is not stable. I was getting 18 second long freezes in the CRJ. From sending a command until it executed in the sim (ie change my view, or alt f4) it would take 18 seconds. When flying other aircraft I would not get this issue, but i noticed that I was getting small microstutters regularly. After looking more closely, it happened around every 18 seconds. After uninstalling FSUIPC completely, these matters have gone away. For those using fsuip it could well be worth investigating further into this if you are having performance issues. It might not be relevant to you, but I thought I would mention it 🙂
  14. hehe, no, I uninstalled fsuipc 😉 The throttles are working fine for the left and right throttle axis (0-100%), but I cannot assign them to the regular left and right throttle (without the 0-100%) because the sim thinks it is a button and not an axis. However, when checking my sensitivites, the axis are fine. I've circumvented the issue by using spad.next which is a hardware function assigning tool that I primarily use for my saitek panels, but which turns out is easily used to program axis and everything else. So in the end, I have my throttle quadrant unassigned in the sim, and use spad.next to assign it instead. I think the problem lies in that the TCA throttle has digital clickspots along the travel range of the throttle axis to coinside with the detents of the airbus. However, those clickspots trigger as buttons when I move my throttle forward to assign an axis. I dont know how to circumvent that issue within the sim. I would be eager to know how others have managed since I haven't found a single post about this on the net. Checked with a friend of mine who also has the TCA airbus set, and he has the same problem. He hasnt bothered checking before I asked him, so he was unaware of the issue. The reason I need to change the axis from 0-100 to the normal throttle axis is because the CRJ doesnt work with the default axis. But as I said, I have managed to fix it by using spad.next. Spad is however not free, and I guess not everyone will spend the money to fix it that way.
  15. Ok I'll bite. Regarding SU5: Info on dx12 please, and what we can expect from it IFR LNAV logic: what are the planned improvements, and will we see similar quality improvements to Working Title CJ4 (LNAV) to the general sim sometime soon? Replay function, when is it coming
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