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  1. MSFS2020 is only gonna have some sort of monopoly if other developers don't step up their game. This is how the free market works, and it is hopefully going to be good for us consumers in the end. The other developers need to take big leaps towards future techs and do it soon unless they are going to be left by the wayside.
  2. This was on 2.6.4 version of PTA (latest), and using Matt Davies file that came with the program.
  3. After installing and using your product, I get this error where my p3d fades and then eventually turns black. I can hear the simulator, and my mouse pointer changes depending on what is underneath, but I cannot see anything. I have reverted the shaders to default, but still get the error. I never had this error before, and same evening as I use PTA I get the error. What is more troublesome is that the fault continues even after reverting back to default. Is there a solution to this?
  4. Is it possible to get some information on the work on JS41 for P3D v4? 🙂
  5. I just updated my nvidia drivers (13th nov version). I don't know if it will help.
  6. And when you say the same happened to you, do you mean you can't start the sim, or that it crashes after a while?
  7. I came here searching for inspiration for a solution to my p3dv4 crashes that started happening overnight. I think I found it in your post. Windows update probably changed something that made p3d v4 unstable. I haven't installed or changed any configuration on my pc to warrant these crashes all of a sudden. However, I do not have any problems starting p3d - the problem shows itself only after a couple of hours when the sim quits on me.
  8. As a potential customer/user who haven't heard about Lorby before, could you please add a sticky to your forum that informs about what LLTX is? 🙂 Couldn't see that any of the stickies had a title about this.
  9. Yeah thats what im doing too, but it detracts from my user experience since i cant watch it on my mobile like i could before when the 777 program launched.
  10. I also don't get any sound when looking at the video on the web page on my pc (using chrome). Can you please acknowledge this problem?
  11. Hi. I have no problems using the login feature of the 748. I have a problem reusing the system after landing. How do I reset the login information? It keeps staying in a post flight page after landing, and I'd like to start planning the next leg. How do I do that?
  12. I can see the video but it has no sound. This is on iphone with the latest ios.
  13. For a brief second I thought it said: "Leaving prison" 😄 Good shots!
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