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  1. And to set the record straight, PMDG via Kyle Rodgers and the ticket system did indeed refund my money. And also for the record, my apprehension in this thread was not because I wanted the product to become xp11 compatible when it is not. It was that I just paid 70 bucks for a product that had an ambigous text and PMDG staff not being sensitive towards me. They are an international company (at least in the sense that they provide their products to people all over the world), and that necessitates being able to bridge all the different cultures of the customers that they serve. Pointing out customer stupidity might work where Kyle comes from, but I'm willing to bet that is the exception to the rule of what works in most cultures. If Kyle would have given an inch in regards to the minimum spec being ambiguous and that my mistake is only human, then that would have made the entire conversation much easier. In the end, I guess he did say that in his last post where he says "I can see some of the confusion, provided you ignore just about any other use case, and also ignore the issue of supported versus unsupported. Even the reddit crowd (usually particularly keen to point out that I'm a bit abrasive and unhelpful, among other things, and that's using their nicest examples) seems to be understanding the fact that there was no implied XP11 support (even while some of them note that I'm still abrasive)." The conclusion is that I got my money back. I got it back quite quick too, so that is a bonus for the company. I would advice PMDG to spend some effort in customer dialogue in the context of a international scene.
  2. A couple of things: We are both into simulation of air transport, and as such we are both familiar with how ambiguity has lead to many a mishap. I did my due dillegence by reading your minimum specs that says "xp10.45" as a minimum spec. That lead me to investigate further to check if that excluded xp11. The first few hits on the google search "pmdg dc6 compatible with xp11" seemed to verify compatability. Where does it say that I have to understand the version history and how products are handled differently across multiple simulator and their respective versions on a per developer practice? Some products (from other developers) work perfectly well in xp11 even though they say xp10 on the store page. It is too much of a burdon to put on your customers, and I can hardly be the first one to make this mistake. I suggest that you even more clearly specify that the product excludes compatibility with xplane 11. It was a honest mistake to boot, and a kinder and more welcoming reply would have been better for me, you and PMDG. I have opened a ticket to resolve this issue.
  3. I dont know if you are trying to patronize me by asking such a question, but I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. I have bought every product PMDG has released, and I've done so across multiple simulators to boot. That makes up quite a lump of money, and as such I would like some respect in return. Your one-line question is at best pedantic and at worst quite insulting. It says 10.45+ which to me implies "Higher than" and not "excluding" xp11. I did a google search before purchasing and the top results were positive about the product working in xp 11 so I thought no more about it. If you are saying that your product is not compatible with xp11 you need to change your minimum spec description so it doesn't just say "xp 10.45+". 70 usd is quite alot of money and you should not be ambiguous about which version it is for. If it's not compatible I would like my money back since I dont use xp 10.
  4. 10.45+
  5. Xplane 11
  6. No, but all of a sudden it worked when doing the paypal method again. :) However, Im trying to activate the product, but the normal activation popup im used from other products don't pop up. When I try to click "activate your product" under plugins-> pmdg, the option is greyed out. All options in the pmdg menu are greyed out, including the product activation. Tried reloading the sim a couple of times but it doesn't change. What shall I do?
  7. ...but the shop cart keep saying it's empty. I did write "yes" in the confirmation box, and verified that there is 1 qty. When I click "checkout" Im taken to the next page that says my cart is empty. When I click purchase via paypal, im taken to my paypal account. After I verify the purchase im taken back to pmdg shop that says my cart is empty... Ive tried with both Chrome and MS Edge, but neither browser does any better. Btw, I already purchased the dc6 for p3d. I don't know if that messes things up?
  8. No, i havent used any saved flight. And as i told you they work fine but stop working after using the cold and dark state in the checklist.
  9. Ok, thanks for your input, gentlemen, but unfortunately my problem persists. When I start the airplane in the default state with engines running, I have no problems tuning VORs. However, when I use the Cold and Dark state on the checklist window, the RMI needles are no longer operational. This is what I do: 1. Start engines 2. Plane battery 3. Generators on 4. Radio master on 5. Turn on the comms and NAV radios (both) 6. Turn the ADF on On the monitor window I can see that the correct VOR station is tuned (identifier is displayed), but in my VC the RMI needles are not picking anything up.
  10. Thanks guys :)
  11. The inverters? They are both on and no signal is received.
  12. The radio master - is that the one on the left side of the captain seat? The one with the mic switch?
  13. I seem to only get old threads scattered around at various forums when googling this topic. I have a couple of issues with the autopilot and fuel&weight. Where exactly is the support forum for this great addon?
  14. Im using the DC3 from Manfred Jahn in p3d V4. When tuning a vor I dont get any signal on my RMI/VOR display. I tried around several airports around the world, and made sure to use p3d's own map to tune VORs, but no joy. Anyone know if there is a certain trick to this in this particular aircraft, or just that it simply doesn't work in p3dv4?
  15. Pardon me if I posted this in the wrong forum. I couldn't fine a carenado b1900d support forum for xplane 11 here. I recently purchased this product for xplane 11, and my question can be related to my inexperience with the aircraft. This is my issue: The autopilot is behaving irratic. When I set the heading bug straight ahead and engage the AP in hdg mode, the airplane turns about 90 degrees to the left or right of my actual heading. It's like the visible heading bug and the actual bug that is read by the AP are 90 degrees apart. When I set it to NAV mode and set the garmin unit to GPS, the ap seems to be steering towards something, but it's certainly not the gps track. I can get the ap to engage alt hold so that part seems fine (though I didn't test the ias or vs modes yet).