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  1. Agree - FSiPanel is excellent with great support from J-P
  2. Ah ...... happy days. And I think I’ve got the FSX version somewhere. Diego - have you tried a clean reinstall?
  3. FOD


    Aviv Check your post on the iFly support forum JER
  4. Just installed X737 but none of the overhead or pedestal click spots are active. Everything is ok on the front panel but nothing works on the other two eg landing lights, pitch trim, radio selections etc etc. Default aircraft are all ok so must be something I'm missing?? Grateful for any ideas - many thanks
  5. NB Links for GEX FSX EU on the website are incorrect - lead to GEX World [P3D]
  6. Robert Both my win 10 are fully updated and with the above tweaks I am able to share across both pc (and a Mac). And going back to Win7 was on my mind!! However I noticed something on your earlier post “On the Main Server running FSX when i click network, i can see my server name (Wolverine) and the client name (Milkcrate). I can click on Wolverine and it will open all files shared. But when i click on Milkcrate i get this error. Network Error  Windows cannot access \\Milkcrate2  Check for spelling of the name.” Looks to me as though you have two names for you client pc - and your server is looking for the wrong one? Might be worth having a look at the client pc’s names john
  7. Do things change round depending on which computer you boot up first? I had this and found references to a Master Browser concept which was based on which system “led” in establishing the connection. And then, of course, there is the comment I saw that MS believe that as long as all drives are mapped, you do not need explorer displaying the network ......... John
  8. Hi Had exactly this problem when I upgraded to Win10 on both computers. Spent weeks on and off trying to figure out why I couldn’t just use explorer both ways as before. Eventually found the answer - MS have changed the system that we have been using in every other incarnation of windows as (they suggest) that system is now redundant! Anyway found a trick that worked for me here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4034314/smbv1-is-not-installed-by-default-in-windows See the section under Explorer Netwok Browsing Good luck John Rooum
  9. This is an odd simconnect issue, limited to problems only between programmes on one individual pc. I have 2 pc - both Win10 - a new one running FSX and P3D v4 with the latter my main FS. The second pc - my old “main” one is networked and runs client systems such as vpilot, littlenavmap, AS Next etc etc. All these programmes run correctly integrated with my main pc via simconnect. Today, to do some testing, I installed a clean FSX SE into the second pc. Install was normal, and FSX SE appeared to run normally until I started to try and load add ons. Fsuipc4 installed correctly, loaded as “trusted” and showed on the add on menu and could be changed as necessary. But any other add-ons seem to load correctly but did not appear on the menu. Applies to for example: In exe.xml - EZDOK In DLL.xml FSLABS 320 - loads with dark gauges and no gear iFly 737/747 - As above - nothing on the menu Etc etc Others using simconnect LittleNavMap - will not connect to FSX SE on the same pc (but will connect across the network to the main pc) The “standard” AITraffic.exe test from the SDK /Core Utilities Kit/..../Samples folder fails (as it does if I try across the network from the new pc) I have been using simconnect for years without problems but this has me boggle-eyed So far, as well as the clean FSX se install I have reinstalled all simconnect.dll etc and carried out a full repair reinstall of win10 - including all updates. As far as I can see (with my limited IT Knowledge) something in this second pc’s win10 installation is inhibiting simconnect between programmes within the pc. Only option seems to be a reformat and full clean reinstall - before that would be v grateful for any other suggestions Many thanks John Rooum
  10. Alex Many thanks - 2.0.3 has stopped the sim crashing. But, the original different coding is retained. As a result, when an fp is loaded into iFly, the departure and arrival airfields are displayed along with the first wp. All remaining wp are titled “-1000” . As I said above, when I look into the fp file, the lines of coding are longer and very different to the lines in an fp that loads and displays correctly. Tried in 2 new separate fp with 2.0.3 Otherwise a most impressive and professional programme. John Rooum
  11. Exporting an iFly fp appears to be in the correct format but as soon as the fp is selected, FSX freezes and has to be shut down via TM. Noticed that the LNM file I’d bigger than a normal iFly fp file generated by other programmes (using the same fp) and that the LNM coding for each wp is longer than in the “normal” file. Wonder if anyone else has tried the iFly rxport function? John Rooum
  12. Thanks for your help. Updated drivers certainly reduced the delay somewhat - then I remembered DX10. And with that selected along with Steve’s fixer installed, the problem disappeared with the mode changing almost instantly when selected. John Rooum
  13. Setting up a new 1079ti system and, once I installed FSX SE, I immediatly noticed it was very slow in changing from window to full screen and vice versa - the screen goes black for 3-4 secs during the change. This compares with an almost instant change with my 5 yr old Win 7 system. I have at the back of my mind that I had this sometime (years) ago with the Win7 system but the old brain cells are not what they were and I have no idea how I fixed it. So very grateful if anyone has any ideas? Many thanks JER
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