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  1. This was resolved by a recent FS Labs update - are you using the Public or Experimental version?
  2. Have you had it previously installed (eg on v5.4) - if so it needs a bit of a devious system to get it in both. I did it with a workaround found on the net.
  3. I have a similar gen pc to Ray and unless FSLabs say a firm “no” , I shall certainly go for it. (cannot resist something new - currently trying Toliss in XP12 - very impressive)
  4. Vonmar Thanks again but I would be intested to know if you can upload the route via the ATSU/AOC system? (Not from the routes folder)
  5. Vonmar, Thanks for checking but that is not the issue - that is the earlier way of loading the fp before FSLabs introduced simbrief integration. See the ATSU tutorial. You use the AOC init page to directly link to Simbrief to upload the OFP. No need for any downloading into the routes folder etc. It is this link to simbrief that now seems to be broken.
  6. Vonmar I have been using the Experimental for some time - all ok except that I cannot use the AOC to upload the OFP from simbrief. The public version is ok but the Exp version will not connect to simbrief via the AOC. This seems to have started with an update in March and still waiting for FSLabs to comment. Do you see this issue with the Experimental? Thanks
  7. Ralf Bitte registrieren Sie sich im iFly-Support-Forum - stellen Sie Ihre Fragen dort und sie werden alle beantwortet
  8. I don’t see the loop but the recent updates seem to have broken FS Labs integration - both refuelling and boarding - see the GSX forum. OK if you use GSX “manually”.
  9. après avoir retiré les cales, avez-vous appuyé sur "set" pour effectuer le changement
  10. [Traduction Google] Pour supprimer le message des freins, vous devez retirer les cales. Utilisez la page Services au sol EFB. Avez-vous résolu votre problème d'accélérateur ?
  11. In hand and ifly will be providing one shortly
  12. Agree John - a miserable situation now as I found recently when I met a young trainee hanging around waiting for a slot. My timing was the same as yours and from attestation to arriving on my first Lightning squadron, I had just one month delay (and I spent that sitting in the rh seat of a Nav training Varsity). Happy days! John R
  13. Also suggest you all have a look at the latest iFly “Advanced” release for P3D v5. Ten 737 versions in the package and I will leave you all to check the LNAV/VNAV SID/STAR performance for yourselves. John Rooum EGNX
  14. Thanks for doing the change Ray. Keep working on FS Labs - Concorde is still unique - I happily fly (and sometime beta test) Boeing and Airbus but nothing is really like the challenge of Concorde. Cheers
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