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  1. Thanks for doing the change Ray. Keep working on FS Labs - Concorde is still unique - I happily fly (and sometime beta test) Boeing and Airbus but nothing is really like the challenge of Concorde. Cheers
  2. Slight change of thread route. But as someone who first saw Concorde on a radar scope climbing away from me at 35000ft - and I was in a fighter capable of M2 at the time, - it has always fascinated me. First met it in flight sim with the PSS/Just Flight box. Missed the first FS Labs FSX version but voted to buy it in P3dv5 when FSLabs asked. Installed MSFS just to see what all the fuss was about and have to say DC Designs is in impressive. Spent a couple a weeks reading the manual, following Ray’s flying tips, and reading the Concorde Heritage site. It’s the ideal training vehicle in preparation for FS Labs (if that ever appears) and in the meantime, it is great fun. 10 out 10 for DC (just got back from holiday and looking forward to trying the update) (sorry about the font - how the heck do you change it ……)
  3. Great - and a v interesting video Chock. But, having seen all the news stories about EGCC, did you actually have any pax on board - or were they all still queuing? Fortunately I went thro’ EGNX last week - quieter than I have ever seen it. John R
  4. And nothing is written that says you can't have both... Well said Bob. I have FSL, Toliss and FBW and enjoy all three !,
  5. Steve Unfortunately I had moved on from Lightnings by the time Concorde was testing. But I do remember in the early Phantom days chasing this “blip” up the North Sea - he was climbing and a accelerating away from us - and we were supersonic 😂😂 Ray Looking at a virgin copy of the JF boxed Concorde release - complete with 2 dvd (one is Part One of those you highlighted) and a thick printed manual which might come in useful if FS Labs ever release. Interesting remembering how well PSS were doing in those days - Concorde, Airbus, 757 - a great shame. John Rooum
  6. Saw the title - took me back 15 (?) years ……..
  7. It means it works ……… Thanks Umberto 😃😃
  8. Bob Thats’s great news - my thanks to all three for picking up the baton. John Rooum
  9. B777ER I tested iFly thro’ lots of quite odd SIDS, STARS and Approaches over the last few weeks without any problems. If you have a particular one that gives problems to the NGXu, I can give it a try with iFly? John Rooum
  10. Totally agree with a Ray. Sadly, this thread reflects just how Avsim has changed over the last few years. John Rooum
  11. Ray P "Does it get Navigraph AIRAC updates? " As with all versions, you need a navigraph subscription to auto update the navdata - which also allows you to use the EFB in the latest version to the full. Now released - details on the Flight One site. John R
  12. Great film - thanks for putting it on.
  13. Showing here both Firefox and Safari.
  14. Petraeus I’m with you. 69 years ago I was given a pleasure flight in a Dragon Rapide at an Open Day at RAF Yeadon – or EGNM as we know it nowadays. When we landed, my only aim was to be a pilot! Many years and many aircraft later, I finally hung up my flying boots after a final farewell flight in a Mig 29. Happy Days
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