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  1. Ray Being an old fogey, I don’t like chucking anything away. So I still have a full FSX install on my PC inc UTX etc etc. Checked LIMJ and all the taxiways are there along with all the parking spots. Scenery files are the same FSX and P3D and from what I have seen between airfields showing taxiways and those not, I suspect a texture problem in the move fro FSX to P3D ...........? John
  2. Ray, Seems to be random - tried a selection across Europe - most have the taxiways but I found a couple with none or bits of taxiways. Guess it depends on who produced the afcads for the developers. Have you tried a new afcad for the defautt LIMJ - check the AVSIM library. John
  3. Hi Ray Never noticed that - because I always have UTX Europe airports "off" as they can interfere with payware AFCADS. Back "on" and the LIMJ taxiways disappear. Not sure its anything to do with the grass as the apn is stll there - suspect its something in those LIMJ files in the UTX scenery folder. I'll look into them when I have some time later. John Rooum PS Try renamimg the LIMJ exclude file
  4. Give me time to crank things up Ray - I can check it 😇😇
  5. I was flying at Coningsby when this was made - fortunately not on 41, Happy days
  6. Evil Pixie Do not be put off. I have always run AS Next on a client pc - it seems tricky (I know from experience) but if you follow the HiFi guidance and advice you will have no problems. At present, I am running FSX SE on server - AS NEXT for FSX on client P3Dv4.5 server - ASN P3dv4 client XPLANE 11 server - ASN XP client No problems injecting the weather across my network and I can interrogate the weather either via the dll on the server or via the client pc. I do not use AS Next SE but it should integrate in the same way. I recommend you again uninstall ASN completely via Steam - then delete any relevant folders from the server pc. Then search for the HiFi tutorial on setting up the sim connect network between server and client - an excellent guide. Then, after installing on the client pc, follow the ASNext manual to set up the shared folders and, finally, to install the as connect executable on the server pc. BTW agree HiFi support is excellent but this should get you going - good luck John R
  7. Agree - FSiPanel is excellent with great support from J-P
  8. Ah ...... happy days. And I think I’ve got the FSX version somewhere. Diego - have you tried a clean reinstall?
  9. FOD


    Aviv Check your post on the iFly support forum JER
  10. Just installed X737 but none of the overhead or pedestal click spots are active. Everything is ok on the front panel but nothing works on the other two eg landing lights, pitch trim, radio selections etc etc. Default aircraft are all ok so must be something I'm missing?? Grateful for any ideas - many thanks
  11. NB Links for GEX FSX EU on the website are incorrect - lead to GEX World [P3D]
  12. Robert Both my win 10 are fully updated and with the above tweaks I am able to share across both pc (and a Mac). And going back to Win7 was on my mind!! However I noticed something on your earlier post “On the Main Server running FSX when i click network, i can see my server name (Wolverine) and the client name (Milkcrate). I can click on Wolverine and it will open all files shared. But when i click on Milkcrate i get this error. Network Error  Windows cannot access \\Milkcrate2  Check for spelling of the name.” Looks to me as though you have two names for you client pc - and your server is looking for the wrong one? Might be worth having a look at the client pc’s names john
  13. Do things change round depending on which computer you boot up first? I had this and found references to a Master Browser concept which was based on which system “led” in establishing the connection. And then, of course, there is the comment I saw that MS believe that as long as all drives are mapped, you do not need explorer displaying the network ......... John
  14. Hi Had exactly this problem when I upgraded to Win10 on both computers. Spent weeks on and off trying to figure out why I couldn’t just use explorer both ways as before. Eventually found the answer - MS have changed the system that we have been using in every other incarnation of windows as (they suggest) that system is now redundant! Anyway found a trick that worked for me here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4034314/smbv1-is-not-installed-by-default-in-windows See the section under Explorer Netwok Browsing Good luck John Rooum
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