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  1. Alright will do, Thanks everyone!! 🙂
  2. I initially made a full installation of P3D v5.2. When I decided to install v5.1 I uninstalled the v5.2 client and then installed the v5.1 one. Yuval
  3. Hey, After having issues with the FSlabs in P3D v5.2 I decided to downgrade to v5.1 Where It did work. I uninstalled the 5.2 client and then downloaded the older one and installed It. ( When loading into airports some textures don't seem to load properly. See this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/1dl9d5t I also get about a 1000 errors about effects and textures not loading in the content errors file. I tried uninstalling the P3D.cfg and shaders folder but that did not seem to help. In terms of visual add-ons I use: - REX sky force - Reshade Thanks! Yuval.
  4. Hey everyone, When I try flying the FSlabs It loads and after a few minutes of being loaded It just crashes to desktop. I don't click anything specific and there are no error messages. I also don't see anything out of the ordinary in the P3D error reporting .txt file in Prepar3D v5 Files. Any help appreciated!
  5. Actually, I don't know how but now it just works, I guess P3D Just felt like being annoying to me, thanks anyway everyone : )
  6. I'll try that, thanks No, I did not. Thanks everyone, hopefully P3D will work again 😄
  7. Alright, I'll do some testing and get back to you with the information in about an hour, cannot do it right now. Thanks very much 🙂 Yuval.
  8. Hey everyone, I was experiencing a very annoying issue with P3D v5, Whenever I load a flight (an aircraft is loaded and I can go ahead and fly) FlyChrono as you know waits for the sim and when it finally loads it knows where you are in the world and changes the time accordingly. the problem is that whenever the sim loads again after the flight has already been loaded it gets to 63% and then crashes, (no error just closes), this doesn't only happen with FlyChrono, it happens when you load the sim after it has already been loaded (examples: Change the position, change time, change aircraft). Why is this happening and how can I resolve it?
  9. That did it, great!, thanks everyone for helping!
  10. Hey, thanks from replying. I verified all the files but still nothing...
  11. Hey, My P3D kept crashing so I referred to this post - https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=115756 Sadly like I always do, I didn't really think before doing anything and deleted all the files that the post told to deleted and now my Orbx sceneries won't work. their installed in the orbx library in my /:D drive. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling them but nothing will work. only the addons with an addon.xml file located in the P3Dv5 addons folder work now. what should I do? Thanks! Yuval
  12. Hey everyone, I boiught the new sim today and stated installing it, after about 70 gbs installed my internet cut out and the game crashed, when I relaunch the sim It acts as if the sim was fully installed but some parts are missing cause it wasn't fully installed. If I go to content manager I can see that essential packages aren't installed and I get the massage: relaunch game to update. what do I do?
  13. Alright thanks everyone we'll have to wait.
  14. http://prnt.sc/tr222i Found this here https://realsport101.com/misc/flight-simulator/microsoft-flight-simulator-release-date-gameplay-trailer-graphics-xbox-next-gen-news/
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