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  1. a full reboot always helps, personally, no need to muck around with VPNs, completely flyable actually here, (on quality 40Mbps connection) reboot…
  2. Thinking of getting the HF8 haptic seat, Which are the best aircraft in MSFS to get the best haptic feedback experience?, It seems the Comanche does not work well with the HF8 because of its external engine software… Does this also affect the Fenix 320? & it sounds like the HFS bundled software is somewhat problematic, does Simshaker for Aviators do a better job now? any advice from HF8 users would be greatly appreciated…
  3. Quest Pro is actually a great HMD & good value, with EdgetoEdge clarity, don’t be fooled by the published resolution - it is fine, can be driven with a 3090 very well…
  4. Well, a big plus is that the A2A Comanche tablet now works again in VR!
  5. MSFS 2024 has obviously been developed to supersede MSFS 2020, we can hopefully assume progress will be made in key areas, time will tell! meanwhile, 2020 does a mighty fine job as being a useful flight sim for many... 🙂 (even on Xbox consoles)
  6. the simple fact is:- we get what we get, & we can also actively help with suggestions & Beta testing…
  7. Quest Pro blacks are very good with local dimming now, the Pro’s separate panels & overall optics are clearly superior to Quest 2, in MSFS there is a huge clarity difference between these two Quest HMDs…
  8. & a tip for when cabled Link works & AirLink does not, fully uninstall then reinstall the Oculus PC app - this does make AirLink work… (of course, you need good router setup)
  9. This is actually a good endorsement of what MSFS achieves from an IRL 737 pilot, & lots more active development coming to MSFS over the next few years, Pretty good $value for the base MSFS simulator! 🙂 (& VR mode is also very impressive with Quest Pro et al)…
  10. the Quest headsets offer a good alternative, can also be used wirelessly, & the software generally works well, plus the newest Quest 3 will be available around September 2023..
  11. from Wiki:- It uses LCD quantum dot displays with a per-eye resolution of 1800×1920, viewed through pancake lensesthat allow for its enclosure to be 40% thinner in comparison to the Quest 2. Meta stated that the displays supported a wider color gamut than the Quest 2, and had improved contrast via "local dimming". & these panels, from actual experience, have excellent colours, you should check the Pro out for yourself, to test…
  12. Why isn’t Asobo hiring all you geniuses whom seem to know better than them? & you don’t have the gig anyway 🙂
  13. Guess what? Not too too long before we experience the new weather system in MSFS 2024, & in the meantime, enjoy the weather we currently have, it’s actually what we have available right now, programmed by Asobo (not us), & can also be tweaked to our desired preferences via menus… 🙂
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