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  1. just hand flying - starting with engines running on runway & with standard default GNS, sometimes it has a mind of its own & goes into a kind of enforced climbing mode - I don’t know how to return to normal flight…
  2. got the updated version, this aircraft is very unstable/erratic for me - unusable, is there anything simple I can do to fix?
  3. all fairly smooth now, using G-Sync Ultimate monitor with NCP limited to 60fps, in very heavy scenarios on Ultra settings getting generally above 30fps reliable results, using stock 9700K CPU…
  4. latest SU10 Beta with DX12 Beta with latest Nvidia driver, using 14GB+ VRAM with 3090 in different scenarios, no artifacts, using Windows 11, MFS Beta actually working really well here 🙂
  5. like so many other happy users, got a truly amazing next-gen QD-OLED & ready for the Strix 3090 OC to drive it!
  6. absolute nonsense conclusion, the results of your so called ‘tests’ are very confusing, the new QD-OLED Alienware does a mighty fine job of 3440x1440 - latest GSync Ultimate tech in a proper monitor form factor - & 1800R curve!
  7. the Alienware QD-OLED is your friend - best performance & visuals!
  8. Retina Display = pixels per (say) square inch = pixel density, then apply viewing distance...
  9. the Alienware QD-OLED is stunning! superb colour accuracy & gamut, has an inbuilt pixel refresh system, is a proper monitor with tilt & swivel & DP input, G-SYNC Ultimate, 3 year warranty, 34" ultrawide fits comfortably on standard desk with room for flight controls...
  10. seriously, we VR fans just have to admit we are wearing ‘bricks’ on our heads, just look at the Pimax, for example, this is why I’m hoping for the ‘pancake’ lens solution from Project Cambria…
  11. there is quite a learning curve to correctly adjust the various software required for VR HMDs - lots of tweaking, & some good guides like VR FlightSim Guy on YouTube… personally, use the Quest 2 because of its excellent value & its ability to run wirelessly plus standalone mode for other experiences, waiting to see what the Project Cambria HMD offers later this year, VR is something you have to dive into - it’s a bit insular compared to using monitor/s - & adds a different dimension of immersion…
  12. have been using 32” Dell full 4K Ultrasharp for past 5 years - worked really well, after flying with the world’s first QD-OLED with MFS - Samsung’s first next gen OLED monitor panel technology - I’m gobsmacked with the quality, crystal clear MFS, zero problem with mildly curved screen - geometric accurate visuals, & the SDR & HDR colour performance is truly next level, 34” Ultrawide performance with G-Sync Ultimate, cinema grade… 🙂
  13. no one would want that, & my new subtlety curved screen shows accurate geometry, fyi depends on the integrity of the actual monitor design…
  14. absolutely worth it, still problem though if have LVFR Static Aircraft pack - get dual Concordes this is an HDR image,
  15. was pleased to purchase the Kodiak from Orbx this weekend - at a higher $price, good to have it available & took a quick flight around Byron Bay, did not purchase from SWS on sale, one of their developers took direct issue with me that I thought a developer should have an actual Xbox, if developing for the Xbox as well... & we know that developers cannot test their products on Xbox before they are released in the Xbox Marketplace... good to have the Kodiak now!
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