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  1. Thanks for letting us know the price. Cool story, bro.
  2. I agree with this comment, but not necessarily about the rest. Their (PMDG) biggest problem is making "promises" they can't keep. I knew when they released the -700 and they made the future release timelines that it would never happen. They're wildly off by what they originally planned. I know things happen and that's ok, but they should plan for that. Its August and there's only 2 variants out and no EFB. Managing expectations isn't PMDG's forte.
  3. You could fly this from San Diego to Los Angeles if you wanted to. It's a simulator.
  4. That means you can grab the -600 for 26 bucks! Pretty good deal, considering what you're getting.
  5. Which account? I just checked their official twitter and their last post was in June.
  6. Hi All, I just wanted to share my experience doing a long haul in the PMDG BBJ, as the title suggests. You can add a bunch of auxiliary fuel tanks in this variant that will give you about a 6,000nm range. Currently, this is by far the longest range available from any good payware aircraft. Today, I did a flight from BIKF (Keflavik, Iceland) to VRMM (Male, island in the Indian Ocean). The route was about 5,000nm and I needed about 70,000 pounds of fuel, which is just enough in this variant. The trip would take about 11 hours, however -- I opted to do a 4x time compression, which works flawlessly in the PMDG 737. It was the first time I've done a long haul like this in MSFS and I really enjoyed it. With the time compression, it took me a little over 3 hours and every worked super smoothly. I'm not sure if you guys are doing flights like this in this plane, and if so, would also like to hear what you guys think.
  7. How is your internet connection? Edit: Sorry, went back and reread your post and saw that you indeed did try "better internet", which I'm assuming is "faster internet".
  8. Thankfully, all these negative responses to this most current beta build are being documented well across the board. This is the whole reason why we have betas and I'm glad MS/Asobo have implemented these SU Betas. It allows them to get a lot more test points and then have a smoother rollout when it finally happens.
  9. I've got a fairly beefy setup and I still get pretty crummy performance with this app. It also has huge weather shifts which obviously kills immersion pretty badly.
  10. Great! Everyone can enjoy three 3 different aircraft with all their variants and I'm sure everyone would welcome a PMDG 787 in 4 years. After all, MS said that MSFS was a 10 year project which, after all its success, will likely go on longer than that. Im not saying it would be easy, but it would be nice to see PMDG finally make something new and innovate again. Think: NGX. But - modern days.
  11. I've been hoping for this for years. I just don't think it'll ever happen. PMDG is quite comfortable just re-releasing 737's, 747's and 777's again and again to ever go back to the drawing board and actually start innovating again.
  12. I don't think I've heard of this setting before. Is it in the "general settings"?
  13. The wonders of autopilot allow you to step away for most of the boring parts. Sometimes I like to do a long haul flight because planning them is fun and I check back every hour and see where I am. If I'm sitting at the computer, I look up and read about places I'm flying over. It's a really interesting way to learn about places I would have otherwise skipped or not cared about. I'm planning a PMDG 737BBJ flight from KLAX to LDDU, about a 6,500nm trip. Most of that flight will spent downstairs hanging out with my wife watching movies.
  14. This stinks to high heaven. It seems Mathijs is just trying to save his a*s by making this whole story up. As someone else mentioned, this is a financial issue. If he really wanted to record a Twin Otter, he could. The man makes more excuses than a politician and he's equally as rude to his constituents...
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