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    I design movie posters, billboards and digital art that you see filling up your Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc user interfaces. As a Senior Art Director at an ad agency, I spend hours and hours behind a computer coming up with creative just so I can go home and spend hours and hours behind a computer pretending to fly airplanes.

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  1. That doesn't even make sense. Go troll somewhere else.
  2. Fair enough 🙂 You'll love it. It's so well done. Make sure (if you have the subscription) to update the Navigraph G3000 so you can use the charts feature.
  3. It's such a shame they're closing that airport. Which, sadly is a rising trend in this country. People knowingly buy houses next to airports, then complain about said airports which then they petition to have closed.
  4. I've been enjoying the Navigraph update to the G1000Nxi, which now has charts enabled as well as the ability upload flightplans. Navigraph is the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. You guys are the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for your efforts on this incredible freeware plane. I fly it often and it's incredible. Don't forget! They have a donation section available for all those that can give. https://opencollective.com/flybywire
  6. Day 1 purchases for me. I know a lot of us are quite fond of the Dukes, because of the time we spent in the near-perfect RealAir Dukes. The TBM is going to be cool because I love Stevo's YouTube videos. Will be cool to recreate some of his flights. Counting down the days!
  7. They fixed this issue in the most recent Beta Sim Update. If it's super aggravating, join the beta. It's completely fixed now.
  8. I completely agree and I never meant to say that PMDG's EFB will be a make-or-break for future planes. Their reputation is secure in that regard. They make great planes and a great product. I was purely speaking to the EFB alone and that amount of discussion around it and the time it has taken to produce. I certainly want them to succeed and I hope their tablet is a home run. I was only saying that after all this time and it turns out to be a dud, that will hurt their reputation.
  9. As strange as it may be, I can see the PMDG EFB being a sort of make-or-break situation for the company. They have, and as many people have mentioned, taken a considerable amount of time to produce this feature. The fact that there has been this much discussion and hype regarding the tablet, what happens if it releases and it's just a sort of bland version of an EFB? What if it's devoid of any new innovation? After all this time, it is possible that what they release leaves much to be desired. Many people would see this as proof to their argument that PMDG has lost its "shine". On the flip side, maybe they are taking all this time to produce something truly amazing with features we haven't seen in any of sim EFB. It's possible we'll all say: "ah, thats why it's taken this much time to produce". Either of these results will allow people on both sides to say that they were right. So, when I say that this could be a make-or-break situation for PMDG, I certainly hope it's a home run, because we all would benefit from it.
  10. I am in the beta. I am able to add my simbrief info in the CDU, however the EFB doesn't turn on. Are you in the beta? Have you been able to access the EFB?
  11. I read that as TOM Bergens. If you live in LA, you know...
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